A/N: Everybody seems to remember Gwen and Courtney as enemies, but what happened to their cute friendship? ( TD DOESN'T BELONG TO ME!) (And, I may have switched up what happened in different episodes) Before Duncan came and ruined everything... So this is a little one-shot about it.

Courtney cried in the confessional so much, it seemed like her second home. She cried about Duncan, she cried about Gwen. Mostly Gwen because of the friendship that Gwen had taken and crushed.


1. Broadway Baby

Courtney started to befriend Gwen in this, since they both shared a hatred of Heather. They started to gossip about the weirdest things, like how hot Alejandro was and if Heather should get with him. The thing that was etched in Courtney's mind though, was that picture she had found on the counter. It was a picture of Gwen and Courtney, smiling and holding hands, with a rainbow in the sky and flowers surrounding them.

Courtney started to cry again. Just thinking about that picture made Courtney's heart wrench and made her eyes well up with tears. Little did Courtney know, Gwen did the same thing about that picture. All because of a boy.

2. Slap Slap Revolution

Courtney had fun gossiping more with Gwen about Heather, and eating chocolates with her. She especially enjoyed singing her mini duet with Gwen, and poking Heather's nose.

3. The Am-AH-Zon Race

Even though Gwen had lost the challenge for the team, Courtney didn't care much. As long as she had Gwen to talk to in loser class. They ended up talking about the most randomest things, like whether Alejandro would be a perfect match for Heather, and if Owen was gay. It felt nice to have a girl to talk to.

4. Can't Help Falling in Louvre

That bear had scared both of them, so they clung to each other for protection, while Cody jumped into Heather's arms. Courtney had fun laughing about it with Gwen, and if Cody was crushing on Heather (not that Sierra would let him).

5. Newf Kids on the Rock

Gwen and Courtney were sitting together again, gossiping about AleHeather. That is until Heather came up and screamed at Court for making them lose. Gwen was nice to take the blame for Courtney, so Courtney hugged her as soon as Heather was gone.

6. Jamaica Me Sweat

Courtney was thankful to Gwen for trying to get the electric eel off of her, but it ended up shocking Gwen as well, which made them both giggle a little after.

7. I See London...

Courtney had real fun with Gwen, stretching Heather on the rack like that. It was also cool how Courtney helped Gwen get rid of the sunburn, just like a friend would do. Courtney was happy that both of them seemed to work as friends, and reminisced about when they made London projects back in Elementary school. They had a lot of chemistry together. Gwen was the first BFF Courtney didn't have to pay to be friends with it was funny how Gwen referred to them as the "nerdette dream team." That made Courtney's day, and even further so when they found Duncan.

*End flashbacks*

Courtney remembered all of the fond memories she had with Gwen. Courtney wanted to rekindle their friendship, but she couldn't bring herself to, especially since what happened with the eucalyptus leaves. Courtney had practically kicked Gwen out the plane, and she had sung a whole negative song about her, even when it wasn't Gwen's fault. Just another friend that had been lost for Courtney.

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