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Chapter Seven

Chloe was the first one to wake up. She heard the muffled thump of a bass drum pounding in through the windows. She groaned as she sat up a little, her head starting to pound in time with the banging outside. She felt the stiff plastic of a pool tarp covering her naked body and rolled her eyes at herself. Of course she'd slept with some random in a pool shed. It wasn't until she heard a quiet moan and the arms around her waist tightening that she realized she wasn't alone.

As the red head tried to stealthily move out of her partner's grasp, Beca mumbled again and continued to tighten her hold on the older woman. Chloe turned her head back over her shoulder and looked at the sleeping brunette. She let her eyes travel across the woman's tiny frame, admiring the definition of her stomach and arms until her gaze landed back on Beca's face. The brunette seemed so peaceful as she slept. For once, Chloe didn't see any contempt in the young DJ's face, all Chloe saw was beauty and a little bit of a smile playing at the corners of the young girls mouth.

Chloe sighed as memories from the previous night came crashing back into her mind's eye. The heated kiss on the dance floor, the lustful glances Beca gave her as they continued their encounter in the little shack, the way Beca begged her. She shook her head, trying to physically rid her mind of the images. Last night was a very drunken mistake and it was time to face reality.

"Beca." Chloe half whispered as she pushed at the brunette's shoulder. "Beca, wake up."

Beca rolled her head to the other side wrapping her body more firmly around the red head's waist. Chloe smiled at how cute the soon to be sophomore was being but quickly replaced her smile with a frown. She continued to push the brunette and chant her name quietly until her targets eyes slowly opened and took in their surroundings. As soon as Beca's eyes focused on the redhead's state of undress she jumped up, jerking the tarp that was previously covering both of them up with her.

"Chloe, what the hell? Why are you always naked?" Beca groaned out, the fast motion of her jumping off the table caused her headache to run to the forefront of her mind. She grasped a hand to her temple, trying to massage the pain away.

"Always naked? That was one time in a shower and you brought it on yourself. Also, you have no room to talk since you're currently wearing a tarp as a dress."

Beca groaned again, finally looking at Chloe's face to ask the question she already knew the answer to.

"Chloe… Did we…?"


Beca collapsed back onto the table holding her head in her hands.

"Fuck. I had sex with Chloe Beale." She ran a hand through her hair, trying to make some sense of the situation.

"Hey, there are plenty of people who would love to be in your position. I can't believe I had sex with Beca Mitchell." Chloe responded dryly, starting to move around the small shed.

"Oh, God." Beca slapped a hand over her eyes, trying to block out Chloe's naked form.

"Oh, shut up. It's not like you haven't seen it. Besides, I would cover up if I knew where someone threw my bikini and dress." Chloe snapped, picking various items up and squinting through the semi darkness to try and locate her clothing.

Beca peaked through her fingers in time to see Chloe bend over something. Her eyes danced along the long and slender form in front of her. She felt her body flush as she remembered that body leaning over her last night, she could still see the woman trailing kisses up her neck as her fingers moved.

"Found my dress!" Chloe exclaimed, bringing Beca out of the memory in a snap. Chloe looked over in time to see Beca's fingers quickly slam back together to remove any gaps that Beca could have seen out of. Chloe raised a single eyebrow at the peculiar brunette and straightened herself.

"Were you checking me out?"

"What? No." Beca flushed and stood up again, letting the tarp drop as she started to look for her own clothing as a distraction.

Chloe rolled her eyes and turned back adding quietly, "Yeah, okay. Whatever you say, Bec."

Beca scowled and turned around to face the ginger.

"Seriously, Chloe. Why would I check you out?"

An equally annoyed Chloe turned to face the brunette once again and bit out, "Oh, I don't know. Maybe because we had sex last night?"

It was Beca's turn to roll her eyes as she grabbed her bikini top of the floor and put it back over her chest.

"Why do you have to say it like it's such a big deal? I was drunk, you were drunk. It was a one time thing."

"Oh I'm glad it was a one time thing. I was planning on sleeping with Erick, not you." Chloe shot back, pulling on her own top and stepping back into her dress until she could locate her bottoms and shorts.

Beca felt her anger boil when Chloe brought up the meathead from last night.

"Well, if you wanted to sleep with him, why did you wake up next to me?"

There was an almost tangible silence filling the air between them. Beca didn't realize how much of a loaded question she had just asked and Chloe was not about to say anything stupid.

"Alcohol. Bad judgment. Bad timing. You name it, it's an excuse for last night." Chloe mumbled, feeling a little hurt at how crass the younger woman was being. "You know, I wish I had been with Erick last night. He just seems like he could … satisfy a girl." The ginger threw a wink at the flustered brunette.

"Excuse me, I satisfied you plenty." Beca indignantly huffed.

"Hmm," Chloe hummed making a disbelieving face, "Maybe not as much as you think, babe." Beca scowled again, putting on her bottoms and shorts, looking around for her button down.

"At least I'm not the slut who practically blew a guy on the dance floor."

Chloe's jaw dropped as she slid into her own bottoms and picking up her shorts. So this is how they were going to play it?

"I'm the slut? I'm not the one who got trashed and cut in on someone else's night just to fuck. I'm also not the one with a hickey." Chloe smirked.

Beca clapped a hand to her neck and rubbed, hoping to find the spot through touch.

"I can't believe you gave me a fucking hickey. Who does that?"

Chloe just smiled and walked over to the door. She turned and blew Beca a kiss before throwing the door open and letting the light stream in.

"Bye, Beca." She wagged her fingers and smirked down the path when she heard a muffled "You bitch," come as a response to her departure.

"Gave me a fucking hickey, what the actual fuck."

Beca grumbled as she stomped past Chloe. The ginger paused her action of unlocking her door to watch the brunette walk by, noting the way Beca pulled her hair over her shoulders in an attempt to hide the bruise on her neck. Chloe smirked when she caught the younger girls eye, throwing a wink into the mix before turning back to the task at hand and opening the door into her suite. Once she was in she heard the alarm clock screaming that it was 6:00 followed by a few thumps against the nightstand until someone hit the snooze button to shut it up.

"Okay, Bree, I know you're gonna-"

Chloe stopped abruptly in the middle of her sentence when she looked at her best friend's bed. Aubrey jerked the sheet up and around her naked body while Howie scrambled to find something to cover his junk. Yanking the pillow out from behind himself, he secured it around his midsection before looking at the shocked girl standing at the foot of the bed.

"Hey, Chlo…" Aubrey said in a voice that was attempting to be casual, but the body language she was showing and the general mood was anything but calm.

"I'm gonna go to the bathroom!" Chloe clapped her hands in front of her and turned quickly to run into the room. As soon as the door was shut behind her she burst into a fit of giggles, trying her hardest to stifle them with her fist as she pressed her ear to the door.

"I had fun last night."

"Me too."

A silence followed that Chloe could only assume was being filled with an intense lip lock until she heard the door close. Aubrey knocked softly against the bathroom.

"He's gone. You can come out now."

Chloe threw the door open and pounced on her best friend who had thankfully found some clothes before telling Chloe to come out.

"Somebody had fun last night!" She giggled as she tickled the blonde. Aubrey maneuvered away from the girls twitching fingers and rolled her eyes.

"It was nothing. I was drunk, he-"

"He was drunk, it was a one time thing. Yeah, I know." Chloe finished for her. She crossed to her bed and felt a slight twist in her gut as she remembered that Beca had used the same line on her when they were hunting for their clothes.

"So… You know where I was last night. Where were you?"

Chloe stiffened noticeably and turned to face her friend with a guilty expression.

"Promise not to judge?" Chloe held out her pinky to the woman.

"Chlo, have I ever judged you?"

Chloe just stared into the other woman's eyes, silently refusing to lower her extended pinky until the blonde complied. Aubrey rolled her eyes, but crossed over to the girl, placed her own pinky against the ginger's and curled it.

As soon as Chloe felt Aubrey wrap her pinky around, she blurted out the truth.

"I was with Beca."

Aubrey's jaw dropped once she registered what exactly Chloe had said. She quickly recovered and tried to sport an unphased face as she waited for the rest of the story.

"It didn't mean anything." Chloe quickly continued. "We were both drunk and it's never going to happen again. We're just two straight women who happen to have slept together." She scrunched her nose. God, that even sounded stupid to her.

Her mind drifted briefly to the night before. Beca had actually been really good in bed, even better than Chloe would have assumed. It was the best sex she had had in quite a while and she wanted more. Of course, she would never admit that to anyone, least of all Beca. Maybe she wasn't as straight as she thought.

There was a knock at the door, jerking Chloe out of her train of thought. Aubrey released her pinky from the other girls and went to answer the door.

"Good morning!" Cstanly beamed, holding out two shirts, headbands and a bottle of Advil.

"It looks like you two had fun last night!" He said, noticing the girls run down appearance. "I brought you the team items you'll need for today and a bottle of Advil. The others are already at breakfast and asked me to come get the two of you. The activities will be starting in an hour and a half, so I suggest you get ready."

Aubrey thanked him, taking the items from the man before turning back to her roommate and closing the door.

Beca opened her door to find a note taped to the bathroom door.

Hey Beca,

Went to get breakfast, feel free to join. Cstanly dropped off the shirts and headbands as well as some Advil. This guy knows his shit (hangover wise) I dragged Stacie, Lily, and Cynthia Rose out of bed. I knocked on Aubrey and Chloe's door but they didn't answer.


P.S. I promise Luke and I didn't have sex on your bed.

Beca openly breathed a sigh of relief. Amy didn't know she had been with Chloe. She kind of wish she hadn't read the bit about her and Luke having sex, the mental image making her cringe a little. She popped two Advil into her mouth for a dry swallow and figured she might as well take a shower.

Once she was standing under the water current she could smell the faintest hint of roses on her skin. She smelled like Chloe. When they were squashed together on the plane ride over Beca noticed what she smelled like. In all honesty, she smelled like a multitude of things last night, but the underlying hint of roses was still there.

What the hell, Beca? You're thinking about what she smells like? Get a grip.

Beca internally chastised herself, shaking her head a little and grabbing her body wash.

Beca had always been sound in her sexuality. She didn't need a label. She liked who she liked and that was that. But liking Chloe Beale? That was just asking for trouble.

Oh, you like her now?

Beca shook her head again. No, she didn't. Chloe was a bitch; she didn't need that in her life. Chloe annoyed the shit out of her.

Are you sure she annoys you or are you just attracted to her?

Beca smiled a little at the thought of the two of them together, pushing any and all other thoughts from her mind as she continued to scrub her body.

"Well, well, well," Fat Amy called out when she saw Beca walk in. "Looks like the little Yank finally dragged herself home!"

Beca just smirked and took the only seat left at the end of the table. She observed that all of the girls were wearing their appointed shirts and headbands as well as sunglasses. It looked like she wasn't the only on nursing a hangover this morning. She fiddled with her own headband, which she decided to let hang loosely around her neck until she absolutely had to reveal her hickey.

"You know, Cstanly is going to be pissed if he sees you wearing that thing like a necklace. Is it just me or is that guy kind of uptight?" Cynthia rose gestured to Beca's headband with her fork.

All of the girls stared at Beca. Chloe lowered her sunglasses slightly, smirking knowingly at the brunette when they made eye contact. She was going to enjoy watching the younger girl squirm.

Slowly Beca raised the headband up to put it where it belonged. The reaction was immediate. A few catcalls and wolf whistles later, they settled down enough for Amy to ask where she had gotten it.

"Just- um… just some guy I met." Beca awkwardly answered, averting her eyes and staring at the plate in front of her.

"Right…" Aubrey muttered quietly enough for only Chloe to hear. "OW!"

Chloe slapped the blonde hard, clearly not wanting any of the other Bella's to find out about the drunken tryst she and Beca had shared. All eyes shot over to the pair to see Aubrey furiously rubbing her arm while Chloe's gaze switched between looking awkwardly at Beca and shooting daggers at Aubrey. The rest of the girls slowly caught onto the fact that they were missing something between the three.

"Isthere something going on?" Cynthia Rose asked, shifting her eyes between Aubrey, Beca, and Chloe.

"No!" Aubrey recovered quickly. "Just a cramp."

"Okay!" Chloe cut in before anyone could discuss the tension between the trio. "Beca, could you hurry up and eat? We kind of need to be somewhere."

Beca flipped the girl off and started to dig into her plate.

"Did you…" Amy hesitated as if she wasn't sure how to finish her question. "Have sex last night?"

Both Chloe and Beca sat up straighter and locked eyes, fully prepared to start throwing out denials when they both realized Amy was talking to Aubrey. Beca blushed furiously and stared down at her plate, hoping no one noticed their reactions.

"I did…" Aubrey muttered, suddenly very interested in her silverware.

"Awesome!" Amy exclaimed, extending her hand in a high five. "Me too!"

Aubrey rolled her eyes and refused the high five.

"Is this what our breakfast conversation consists of? Asking who got laid and offering high fives?"

"You mean you don't usually discuss one night stands?" Amy asked incredulously.

"Speaking of one night stands, where's Luke?" Beca queried as she dug into the fruit on her plate.

"Funny story, actually, involving our favorite ginger." Amy responded smirking over at Chloe. "We were just about to get started on round three when Erick came banging on the door complaining about how Chloe ran of with some girl. Luke had to walk Erick back to his room, but that's not really important right now." Amy shifted in her seat so she was completely facing Chloe. "So, who was the girl?"

Beca choked on their water, sending fluid spraying across the table. Cynthia Rose patted Beca's back as she cough and spluttered. Amy's gaze landed on Beca and widened suddenly in realization. She looked back at Chloe with her mouth gaping open.

"It was actually a guy with long hair. That's probably why Erick thought he was a girl." Chloe responded coolly, examining her cuticles with little interest. Amy closed her mouth and narrowed her eyes at the ginger as though she didn't believe her. She was alone in that regard, however, as all the other girls nodded their heads in acceptance of the explanation.

Beca smirked, saying, "I'm surprised you didn't just get with both of them, we know how friendly you like to be towards anyone with a penis."

"Says the girl with a hickey." Chloe shot back without missing a beat.

Beca opened her mouth to respond when Aubrey stood up and effectively cut her off.

"It's 7:45, we should get going."

The girls made their way out onto a field in the shape of a baseball diamond. They could see five figures standing around waiting for them. Once they were closer, Aubrey could see that Howie was one of the five men standing. She moaned quietly in frustration when she saw that he was wearing blue like her. She was never going to get away from him.

"Hey, Aubrey." He grinned, sauntering forward to wrap the blonde in a hug. Aubrey tried to avoid him, but his arms were already wrapped around her before she realized what was going on. When he released her, he turned to each of the women introducing himself and shaking their hands while he kept an arm securely around Aubrey's waist. Aubrey pouted at Chloe in obvious discomfort but the other woman just giggled.

"These are my friends Brett, Mike, Jason, and Phil." Each of the men raised a hand or nodded when his name was spoken.

"So…" Aubrey dragged out the word as she untangled herself from Howie's grasp and moved to stand next to Chloe. "What brings you guys to Eden?"

"College vacation, I guess." Howie shrugged his shoulders. "Eden seemed like the most fun. And they have a reputation for attracting beautiful women." He smirked at Aubrey who shifted uncomfortably.

"Yeah, but this idiot," The man named Brett, who looked a lot like a shorter Jesse, said gesturing at Howie, "Signed us up for group activities."

"Sounds like him and Aubrey are meant to be then." Howie beamed while Aubrey shot her a look that suggested she was thinking of very painful ways to kill Beca.

"Good morning, everyone!" An older woman who was well past 30 said as she walked over to the group. "My name's Jenna and I'll be in charge of the softball activities for today! First, I'm going to ask you to separate on to your teams. You two ladies on the green team can split up and join whatever team you want since there are only two of you."

Aubrey and Chloe walked towards the rest of the blue team, which consisted of Howie, Mike, and Phil. Brett, and Jason crossed over to join Beca, Stacie and Lily. Amy and Cynthia Rose stood awkwardly in the middle, not sure what team to join. Chloe grabbed Cynthia Rose and dragged her to their side while Amy shuffled over to stand next to Beca.

"Great!" Jenna exclaimed, as if separating on to the right team was quite an accomplishment. "Red team will play the field first while the blue team bats. I'll be the umpire for the duration of the game. You'll find all the equipment you need in the dugouts."

When no one moved, she clapped her hands as if to say, "Get a move on".

"I'll be the pitcher." Beca said as she grabbed a glove. All the others nodded their head in agreement.

"I'll be the catcher! I can hit their knees if they're too good." Fat Amy spoke up; rushing out to be behind home plate before anyone could stop her or tell her that assaulting other players was cheating. The rest of the red team placed themselves around the field and waited for the game to start.

The game had been going on for a while, it was the last inning, and everyone was tired. The heat from the sun beating down on them all morning was taking its toll on the group. Even Jenna was tired. She asked the teams if it would be all right if they ended after the blue team was done with their turn at bat, which everyone agreed to at once.

The score was tied at 7 to 7. They had two outs. The bases were loaded. Howie, Aubrey, Mike were all on base, watching and waiting for the next batter to get out there.

"Alright, Chlo. This is it." Cynthia Rose said, rubbing Chloe's shoulders in an attempt to give her a pep talk. "Strike out, and the game is over and we tie. Hit the ball, and Howie will power into home plate and we'll win. You've got this." She smacked Chloe's ass to get ginger out there.

"Take it easy on me, Mitchell." Chloe called, spreading her legs to her shoulder width and bringing the bat up to rest on her shoulder while swaying her hips back and forth in anticipation.

Beca swallowed, watching the way the girl's hips moved. She remembered those hips moving in a different way…

Damnit, Mitchell. She's trying to distract you. Focus.

Beca brought the ball and glove up to her chest, took a deep breath, and threw the ball straight down the middle. Chloe swung, but brought it up a little high, missing the ball completely.

"Strike one!" Jenna called when she heard the ball slam into Amy's mitt.

Beca caught the ball and got an idea. Smirking, she pushed the ball further into her glove and brought it down to her side. Taking her free hand she grasped the back of her neck, pulling it down the front of her body in a way that wouldn't seem sexual to anyone except the batter who had done the same thing the night before in the shack.

"You here to finish this game, Beale? Or am I gonna do it myself?" Beca called out, trying to find a phrasing that wouldn't make people ask what she was talking about, but would make Chloe recognize it instantly.

Chloe's eyes widened when she saw what Beca was doing and felt her mouth go dry. She saw the sweat gleaming off of Beca's neck; right over the hickey she had placed there the night before. Suddenly, the brunette had the ball in her hand and was pelting it towards her. Without thinking she squeaked and jumped back.

"Strike two!" Jenna called out.

"What the hell, Chloe?" Aubrey called from second base, raising her arms up in exasperation.

"You're trying to distract me!" Chloe called out to Beca in frustration.

"And how exactly am I doing that, Beale?" Beca responded coyly, knowing that there was no way Chloe could say exactly what she was doing without revealing the events of last night. When Chloe didn't answer, Beca chuckled.

"All right, guys, bring it in! Beale isn't that much of a threat." Beca called to Stacie and Lily who were in the outfield. Chloe glared at the brunette, tightening her grip on the bat and narrowing her eyes.

Beca brought the ball up and mustered all the strength she had before throwing it with as much force as she could manage. Chloe swung her bat hard, colliding with the ball and sending it rocketing up and over the line of trees the signified the edge of the field.

"HOME RUN!" Jenna called out while all of those who had been on base bolted around. Chloe took her time running her lap, smirking at the brunette in the middle of the field with a dumbfounded expression on her face. Once she rounded third, she hauled off, jumping into the mass of people who were waiting at home plate to pat her on the back.

"Final score: 11 to 7 for the blue team!" Jenna exclaimed loudly. "You all played wonderfully!"

"Hey," Howie called to red team, "If all of you want to come to our suite later tonight we can have a party. You know, celebrate the win, rekindle some old flames…" He winked at Aubrey.

"No, Howie, I think we're okay. We should probably rest up." Aubrey quickly answered for the rest of the Bella's

"Aww, come on, Bree!" Chloe giggled, still a little high from her big win. "It'll be fun!"

"Okay." Aubrey said with a sigh after enduring the puppy dog eyes from all the men and a few of the girls. "5:00, your suite. What's the number?"

"201." Howie grinned. "We'll order room service, so don't worry about dinner."

The girls started traipsing back to their designated section of the hotel, Chloe still excited about the win and Beca seething from the loss. She was not going to go to that stupid party and celebrate a win for the opposing team.

"I can't believe you guys made me come to this." Beca grumbled as they piled up outside of the door.

"Well, you're here so stop bitching." Chloe snapped before turning back to knock on the door.

"Aca-awkward." Amy drawled while they waited for some to answer the door. Just then, the door swung open to Howie standing there with a very toothy grin.

"Hey." He greeted before stepping aside to let the girls walk past him.

The boys suite was almost the exact same as the girls with the exception of it being larger to accommodate more beds and them having more floor space. The group walked out onto the dock that hung over the ocean so one could just jump in. The other boys were already swimming around the when the girls walked up. Howie stripped off his shirt and waited for Aubrey to remove her top before he grabbed her hand and they both jumped in. The rest of the Bella's followed. Beca was in the middle of unbuttoning her shirt when she caught sight of Chloe.

The ginger had changed her bikini for tonight. Instead of the deep purple one from the day before, she was sporting a lime green one with flowers printed over it. Beca felt her arousal creep up when she saw Chloe bend down to get something out of her bag. Unfortunately, the older girl caught Beca staring and quickly stood up.

"What are you staring at?" Chloe asked.

"Um, just the- uh. Nothing. Just the other… things over there." Beca floundered, realizing just how stupid she sounded.

"Uh huh." Chloe smirked before turning and running off the deck.

This is gonna be a long night, Mitchell.

"Hey, guys!" Howie yelled to the group, climbing up the ladder to the deck with a bottle in his hand. "I found a bottle. How about we play a rousing game and spin it?'

"What are you, twelve?" Beca questioned, shielding her eyes from the setting sun as she looked up at the man. She and Stacie were laid out tanning before he got up and partially blocked their sunlight.

"Hey, no party poopers!" He said, pointing at the pair and motioning for them to follow him inside.

The girls followed, one more reluctantly than the other, sitting next to each other as they waited for the rest to dry off and come inside. Once everyone was dry and sitting around the bottle, no one really knew who to start with.

"All right, I'll go first!" Jason said, reaching for the bottle and giving it a strong spin. The bottle started to slow down and waver until it landed on Cynthia Rose.

"No way, I'm not kissing a guy. I had enough of that in high school." Cynthia rose said trying to avoid the man's eager lips.

"Awww, come on, not even a tiny one?" Jason called encircling the woman in a hug before planting a sloppy kiss on her cheek, causing the others to laugh. Cynthia Rose shoved him off but a smile graced her features. She leaned in to spin the bottle, the end landing on Fat Amy.

They leaned in for a quick peck, which ended with Amy claiming she was still straight, waggling her eyes at Mike.

Amy spun Mike, who proceeded to turn their kiss into a groping session. The game continued like that until Brett's spin landed on Beca. Brett leaned in, a smile planted firmly on his face as he brushed his lips with Beca's.

The kiss was… interesting. Brett's lips weren't as soft as Jesse's (Or Chloe's) but it was nice. He was gentle. She didn't feel fire works, but what was she expecting with a game of spin the bottle. When they pulled apart, her smile mirrored his.

"Wow." He whispered looking into her eyes before sitting back.

Chloe looked like she had just bitten into a lemon. Her jealousy flared up at the sight of the two kissing so… intimately. Brett didn't even know Beca, yet here he was trying to put the moves on her. Whatever. She didn't care.

Beca leaned forward and gave the bottle a hearty twist. The bottle seemed to spin for hours until it slowed and slowed, coming to a rest on Aubrey… Until the bottle rolled slightly to Aubrey's right and stopped on Chloe.

All the boys whooped and hollered, waiting anxiously to see a girl on girl kiss. The Bella's all waited with bated breath, expecting one if not both of the women to object.

Chloe was the first to move sitting up on her knees and scooting closer. Beca reacted almost immediately, coming forward on her own knees so that the two were now at eye level. Chloe's eyes darted to Beca's lips before slowly leaning in pushing her lips against Beca's.

The kiss was slow. Beca brought her hands to rest on Chloe's hips, while Chloe's arms wrapped around her neck. Beca pulled back a little but crashed her lips back onto the ginger's, bringing her closer. This kiss was more sensual than the heated ones they had last night. These are fireworks Beca thought as her head started to swim from the heat of Chloe's lips against her own.

When they finally pulled apart there was complete silence filling the room. Amy coughed awkwardly bringing the girls out of their intense staring session.

"Well…" Chloe coughed and shook her head bringing the bottle closer to her before spinning it.

"What the hell just happened?" Cynthia Rose muttered to Lily who simply shrugged and watched Beca who was trying very hard to fight the blush that had creeped up her cheeks.

The bottle slowed to a stop in front of Phil, who crawled over people's legs to get to the red head fast enough. Chloe giggled and brought the man up into a fierce kiss that definitely included tongue. Beca watched the pair, feeling an angry monster awaken in her chest at the sight of Chloe going at it so intensely. When the pair fell on top of Beca's legs, though, that was the final straw. Shoving the pair off of her, she stood and grabbed Brett by the collar, dragging him with her to the hot tub.

"Let's find some music!" Aubrey said to Howie, trying to shake the Bella's out of their "What The Fuck Did We Just See" stupor.

The mention of music got Chloe's attention and she pulled out of her make out session.

"Let's dance!" She looked around and saw Beca and Brett in the hot tub. When she saw that Beca was in his lap with her fingers woven through his short hair, she felt her jealousy swell again. She pulled Phil up and positioned his arms around her waist, while she wrapped her arms around his neck, slowly grinding to the song of choice, "Drip".

Beca opened her eyes enough to see Chloe dancing with Phil. She tore away from Brett's mouth and leaned down until her mouth was next to his ear.

"Come dance with me."

He dumbly nodded and grabbed two towels for them to dry off with.

"They totally slept together." Stacie mumbled to Amy, indicating the two couples dancing.

"You think?" Amy responded just as quietly. She may be boisterous and loud most of the time, but even she knew they had to handle this conversation delicately. True, the kiss the girls had shared looked like it wasn't the first one, but something told Amy that there was more to this story than a drunken kiss.

"Yeah. Did you see Beca with any guys last night? Because the only time I saw her with a guy other than Luke was when she shoved between Chloe and what's his name."

"No, I didn't, but I was pretty drunk last night."

"I didn't see what happened after Beca got between them, but I saw that guy Chloe was dancing with sulking a few minutes later."

Amy nodded her head agreeing with Stacie's assessment.

"But they hate each other." Amy interjected. " They absolutely hate each other."

"Yeah, but they're looking at each other differently today." Stacie brought up a new point. "Beca keeps ogling at Chloe's ass, and Chloe is positively leering every time Beca bends down. It's like they want each other but refuse to admit it."

Suddenly Stacie had an idea.

"Being the music buffs they are, this song has to get a rise out of them." Stacie smirked, moving to the music player and plugging in her iPod. Scrolling until she found the correct song, she pressed play and waited.

The beginning chords for "Gives You Hell" blasted through the stereo.

As the song changed, both Beca and Chloe turned instantly to look at each other. Chloe began to sing first. The red head advanced on the brunette, backing her into a corner and smirked when she sang, "You've never seemed so tense, love."

"Truth be told, I miss you." She crooned into Beca's ear, running her hands down the brunette's arms. Beca gulped and squeezed her eyes shut, trying to fight of the feelings that seemed to settle in her stomach.

"Truth be told, I'm lyin'!" Chloe declared as she pranced backwards, laughing madly.

Beca regained her composure quickly and exacted her revenge. Stalking up to the red head, she began to belt out the chorus.

"When you see my face, I hope it give you hell, hope it gives you hell." Beca used her eyes to scan up and down Chloe's body, adding a wink in as she continued. She saw the blush rise in the ginger's cheeks. Beca knew exactly what she was doing to the girl and she didn't care.

The rest of the group assembled around the two, watching as they battled for dominance in the music. Finally they both ended with the final lyric, breathing heavily and staring hard at the girl opposite them. The crowd burst into scattered applause, no one really knowing what came over the women.

Stacie leveled a knowing look at Amy who returned the gaze and nodded vigorously. Aubrey caught the glance between the two and walked over to them.

"You two did that on purpose." She said, pretending to examine a painting on the wall that they were next to. Both women looked at each other then stared back at Aubrey waiting for her to continue.

"Just-" Aubrey sighed running a hand over her face. She closed her eyes and continued. "Keep it to yourselves and no more playing with them. Okay?"

Both girls nodded, watching Aubrey walk back to the table where the food had just been set up.

"Was it just me, or were you worried she was going to blow chunks every where?" Amy whispered into Stacie's ear.

The rest of the group loaded up their plates with seafood and lounged around on the dock enjoying each other's company.

Eventually Phil and Chloe got up, walking hand and hand back into the suite as Phil whispered into Chloe's ear, watched very closely by Beca.

"What the fuck happened?" Aubrey screamed as she and the rest of the group rushed in to see shattered glass covering the floor and Beca, Chloe, and Phil on the ground gasping for air.

Beca watched the pair through the sliding glass door. She saw the way Phil ran his hands over the back of Chloe's dress resting his hand on the small of her back. She felt the jealousy seep back into her as she silently seethed.

The man moved his hands down to cup Chloe's ass, who gently placed her hands on his wrist and pulled them back up to a respectable positioned. He grinned, said something unintelligible and moved his hands back into their cupping position and squeezing. Chloe suddenly pushed at his chest, an angry expression adorning her features. Beca's grip tightened around her glass when she saw Phil grab her and try to kiss her.

Chloe struggled to fight free, but the man had too strong of a grip on her. When she finally managed to break free, she slapped him hard across the face. As she tried to storm off he gripped her arm tight and twisted her back to him.

That was all it took for Beca to bolt out of her seat and run into the suite, aiming her body at the man. She was completely prepared to tackle him to the ground and pummel him, when at the last minute he shoved Chloe in front of him trying to block the body blow. All three of them tumbled down together through the glass table, landing hard on the floor as glass rained down around them and crunched under Phil's body.

On instinct, Beca brought her arms around the girl beneath her and rolled them onto the ground. She felt the glass beneath her cutting into her shirt.

"What the fuck happened?"

"Help them up!" Aubrey yelled.

Mike and Brett pulled Phil up first and pulling him off to the side. Aubrey ran to Chloe to pull her off of Beca who was in turn helped up by Howie. As soon as she was on her feet she charged at Phil.

"You son of a bitch." She spat towards Phil as Howie wrapped his arms around her tiny frame to keep her form doing any more damage to the already bleeding man.

"Whoa, Little Bit." Howie said pulling her closer as she struggled to break free. Beca quickly looked around for Chloe and saw that the red head was fine. She felt a little wave of relief flood her but her anger quickly returned.

"If you touch her again I will beat the shit out of you." Bea managed to shout before she started struggling again. Howie refused to release her and she finally relaxed into his hold.

"What happened?" Aubrey asked again, looking only at Beca, as Chloe seemed too shaken up to say anything.

"That bastard is what happened." She spat out. "He kept touching Chloe and grabbing her when she was trying to get away."

"Chlo, is that true?"

Chloe slowly nodded her head.

All hell broke loose. Howie released Beca who immediately used her freedom to pounce on Phil. She hit him square in the face with as much force as she could muster behind her punch. Her hand suddenly screamed with pain from the point of impact but she didn't care as she pulled back to hit him again. Phil recovered quickly and retaliated with his own punch to Beca's jaw, knocking her onto her back. Phil tried to climb on top of her but Brett pulled him off and proceeded to beat the crap out of him.

"You never punch a woman!" He yelled, punctuating his sentence with another punch to the face.

Mike pulled him off with some difficulty while Howie called the hotel security. After that Beca only remembered flashes. Security detaining Brett. Paramedics wheeling Phil out on a stretcher. Everyone saying that she and Brett acted in self-defense. Brett asking repeatedly if she was okay. Suddenly, she and Brett were standing outside of her suite door and he was apologizing for Phil.

"I can't believe he did that. I'm so sorry."

"It's fine." She managed before placing her hand on the doorknob and turning it. He leaned in to kiss her but she moved her head out of the way.

"Sorry." She muttered, casting her eyes down to the floor. "I know I've been kissing you all day-"

"You like her, don't you? The red head?"

"What?" Beca panicked. "No!"

He smirked at her, leaning against the doorframe. "She likes you."

"She does not." Beca shook her head. "We actually hate each other. We have old family drama between us."

"I don't believe you." He simply stated. "You kicked Phil's ass because he was touching her. Kind of like how I kicked his ass for touching you."

He pulled Beca in and kissed her on top of the head.

"You're an amazing girl, Beca. And you like her, even if you won't admit it."

Just then, the girl in question turned the corner, missing the conversation by seconds. She coughed quietly to get their attention. Both of them looked up at her. Brett smiled softly and started walking off but not before muttering, "Remember what I said," into Beca's ear.

"He likes you." Chloe stated quietly after Brett had disappeared, following Beca into her room.

"Obviously." Beca smirked. "Throwing yourself on a guy for punching a girl screams true love to me."

Chloe bit her bottom lip and smiled. Isn't that kind of what Beca had done for her? She grabbed the brunette's hand to pull her into the bathroom. She pushed Beca gently onto the toilet lid and turned to the sink to dampen a towel before squatting down and placing it carefully against Beca's lip.

"You're an idiot, you know that?" She smiled sweetly. "Punching a guy in the face just for touching me." She shook her head a little and looked into the brunette's deep blue eyes. "Thanks for kicking his ass."

Beca brought her hand up to take the towel down. Her hand covered Chloe's for the briefest of moments before she clamped it around the cloth.

"Chloe Beale, are you being nice to me?"

Chloe smirked before saying, "It's the least I can do for my knight in shining armor who so graciously crashed us through a glass table."

"At least that ass hole got the worst of it. He had cuts every where."

"True but it still hurt a little." Chloe smiled pushing lightly at the brunettes shoulder. They fell into a comfortable silence until Chloe broke it.

"I ran into Erick on the way over here."

"Aca-awkward." Beca responded quietly. Chloe smiled before continuing.

"He was with Luke. They were looking for Amy. I told him what happened and he wanted to come see you, but I told him I was on my way to check on you. He just kind of smiled and nodded his head. Our activity is with his dad tomorrow, by the way."

"Of course he smiled." Beca laughed. Chloe tilted her head to the side and waited for further explanation.

"He may or may not have been the one who convinced me to sleep with you last night."

"Oh…" Chloe worried her bottom lip between her teeth.

"What is it? What's wrong?" Beca asked suddenly concerned.

"Nothing, you'll think I'm stupid."

"Try me?" Beca requested softly.

Without saying anything, Chloe leaned in and wrapped her arms around the brunette and buried her face into the crook of her neck. A little stunned at first, Beca wasn't sure what to do. She slowly brought her arms up to encircle the red head's back and pulled her closer, letting the scent of roses wash over her. Chloe placed the softest of kisses against Beca's neck before moving her face up and mumbling a quiet "thank you" into her ear.

Chloe leaned back and smiled at Beca before standing.

"Why're you looking at me like that?" Beca queried when Chloe giggled at her.

"Oh, you know. Nothing." Beca frowned.

"Well, now you have to tell me."

"Well..." Chloe began, backing away slowly to be out of Beca's reach. "Ever since I gave you that hickey, it's like you've been bitten with a bug that makes you be nice to me. I like it."

"Oh my, God!" Beca slapped a hand to her neck. "I completely forgot about that." Beca rose and rushed to the mirror to see if the color had changed at all. It did seem a little lighter. "You had to remind me about this? You always like to bring up things that piss me off."

Chloe quickly closed the distance between them, pressing into Beca's back and braced her hands against the sink. She leaned in close, ghosting a kiss over the back of the DJ's neck, watching her eyes flutter shut and whispering in her ear, "You love it."

As quickly as it had happened, it was over. Chloe was walking out the door and with a faint click she was gone. Beca let out the breath she didn't realize she was holding.

Shit. She liked Chloe Beale.