New story that I promised. It takes place in the modern era. Inuyasha is a human but he still had his silver hair, golden eyes and heightened senses don't ask me why...

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Kagome sighed. It had been about two years since her mom kicked her out of her house and put her into this apartment. She loved her adorable apartment but sometimes she got so lonely. Her job as a substitute teacher didn't offer much in the way of giving her comforting people.

She pulled her legs to her chest and hugged herself tightly, staring at the tv intently, not paying attention to what it was saying. She closed her eyes and allowed herself to fall into a deep sleep.

Hours later a banging scared her awake.

Bang, bang, bang.

Kagome almost cried she was so scared but then she realized that the noise was coming from up staires, in the apartment above hers.

She considered it for a minute then set her jaw and marched up the stairs to apartment above her. She relaxed her face peacefully and calmly then knocked on the door.

The door opened to reveal the most perfect man that she had ever seen. He was shirtless and covered in sweat. His long, slowing, silver hair lay out of array and in his face, his huge, golden eyes looked down at her expectantly, his perfectly muscled chest heaved as he panted from the work-out that she had obviously interupted.

A strange look crossed his face as her looked at her but he pushed away and asked,"Can I help you?"

"Ummm, I...that it..."Kagome snapped out of it and pulled her eyes from his musles to his forhead, the only place she could look without being mesmerixed."You were just being a little noisy and I was going to ask if you would be so kind as to quiet it down a little."

"Keh." He turned around and closed the door dissmisivly. He hadn't even said yes or no but Kagome somehow knew that he would try being quiter now.

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