Disclaimer I don't own any thing if I did Kurama would be voice by H. Jon Benjamin and Naruto by Johnny Yong Bosch using his Vash voice

Washington dc July 4th

Cadmus labs not too long ago three young heroes enter the facility in order to investigate a possible arson as well as to prove to their mentors that they were no longer children.

That was at least an hour ago since then the afternoon sky had changed to black. No doubt a sign, that the evil Wizard Wotan was achieving his plot to block out the sun.

Our story begins with a boy well not a boy more like a teenager, ok he is a teenager being 16 and all. He stood at a respectable five feet and four inches. He had spiky blond hair and ocean blue eyes. He wore a red hoodie jacket over a black t shirt with the symbol of his home village on his chest stitched in orange, he had a pair of orange track pants and to complete his ensemble he wore the strangest pair of black sandals you'd ever see on a person, Well from here back home they were like the only brand his country had.

Naruto Uzumaki looked at the sign that stood near the building and back at the building again looking up he saw an open window obviously the best way of entering without the front door key. Naruto put his hands on his hips took a deep breath and turned around and walked away

"NARUTO" a loud voice said behind him Naruto turned his head with a frown on his face

"This is stupid I want to go see the fireworks not go into some weirdo building just so you can find some kid and eat him"

Kurama aka the nine tailed fox aka the Crimson Typhoon aka Sergeant Party time stood behind Naruto. About the size of a pony that rich parents rent for their children's birthday party's he glared back at Naruto his long pointy fennec fox like ears pointed straight up as his long nine tails swished back and forth beside him , showing his anxiety.

"I don't want to eat him fuck face I said I want to meet him"

"And you love meat ergo you want to eat him, ok let's go before animal controls brings you up on charges of conspiracy to eat small children dressed like bats."

"ahhhh" Kurama let out a frustrated breath "he doesn't dress like a bat he's supposed to be a robin"

"Yeah that makes scene"

"Shut up! And if I met him and make a good impression he'll introduce me to batman" Kurama held his claws together as if praying as his eyes sparkled in hope.

"pfff what's with you and your batman fetish"

Kurama had a tick mark on his head and angrily pointed at his blond friend

"What's with you and all those Wonder Woman posters in our house" Naruto didn't even bat and eye "because she's gorgeous and the first chance I get I'm asking her out for ramen"

"Yes I'm sure it's Wonder Woman's dream to go out with a funny looking, short kid like you"

"HEY I might be short in this world's standards and funny looking but I'm an excellent listener and attentive when it comes to foreplay so there! HA"

Kurama just shook his head "I want to meet batman cause I respect him he's one of the few human's I respect it goes my old man the Rikudou Sennin, Batman, and then your grudgingly"

Naruto lowered his brow "why am I last"

"I said grudgingly your lucky you're in my list at all now come on it's already night it might already be too late"

Naruto looked up the night sky "actually it's only three thirty in the afternoon the Wotang Clan blocked out the sun. I heard on the radio that the Justice league went to stop them but I don't think your precious batman and friends are up to the challenge"

"…..the Wotang clan?" Kurama asked


"The justice league are fighting Rza, Ghostface Killah, Masta Killa, that Wotang clan"

"Yeah?" Naruto replied

Kurama rubbed his fox like temples with his claw paws and let out a frustrated breath "are you sure you don't mean there fighting Wotan. The immortal Viking sorcerer who we beat up last month when he broke into the Library of Infinity and stole the Amulet of Aten from the Egyptian Wing?"

Naruto put his arms behind his head and closed his eyes, making his fox face "why would that blue guy want to make it dark all the time"


"24 hour def. jam" Naruto said without a doubt

Kurama honestly had no defense against that answer "so are you going to help me meat Robin, there by getting me one step closer to meeting Batman"

Naruto scratched his chin after all their adventures together and battles they fought this was the first time Kurama asked him for anything he owed him that much at least.

"all right but let's hurry this up I want to go home in time to watch the rest of the 24 hour twilight zone marathon."

Kurama nodded to his request and looked at the building trying to find the best way to enter the facility. "I think that open window is hour best bet don't you agree Naruto….Naruto?" Kurama turned around to see his blond friend was gone.

"Hey Kurama up here!" Kurama looked up at the window to see Naruto was already up there and in the building.

"Wait for me!" Kurama held out his paws toward the window as they stretched out and grasped the high open window. The second he did his arms started to snap back to their normal length pulling him up the building till he was able to leap right through the window.

When Kurama and Naruto where both inside they started looking around but saw nothing out of the ordinary just an empty office

"hu not what I was expecting" Naruto said as he looked around the cubicles

"What where you expecting" Kurama asked

"Do you know who Cadmus was?"

Kurama stopped and listen "I thought it was just a name like Smith or something"

Naruto opened a few desk drawers and talked while still looking around "he was a legendary hero from Greek mythology"


"What?" Naruto stooped looking and gave Kurama a look

"You're a total otaku with legendary heroes can't go a day without reading some story about a hero or heroine who stopped an army of zombies or defeated a giant monster from destroying the moon or something"

"May I finish motherfucker?"

Kurama shook his head "proceed oh great oracle"

"Well he was the one who brought his peoples alphabet to the ancient Greeks who adapted it into their language. So I'm thinking this Cadmus labs is actually some facility that's going to brain wash kids into doing their homework or something."

"…or something, that's stupid!"

"Oh yeah why else would a bunch of kid superheroes breaking into a lab"

"Well did Cadmus do anything else?"

Naruto saw a desk top computer that was on and approached it. "Well there was something about him sewing dragon's teeth into the earth but I thought the author might have been hitting the sacrificial wine"

Kurama tried to tell if Naruto was joking or not "why would he do that"

"Well it was a stressful time you got the Gods fighting the Titians and trogon horses attacking your home that get anybody to start hitting the booze."


Naruto started typing on the keyboard. "oh don't know stopped reading after the teeth thing, oops it happened again" Kurama saw that the computer had caught on fire

"DAMN IT NARUTO!" Kurama grabbed the desk top and ripped it from the desk ripping out a few wires along with it. He then throw the burning hardware out the open window.

"Why is it every time you use any type of computer it catches on fire!"

Naruto looked down the window to see the computer fall to the ground smashing all of its parts on the ground. And still on fire.

"Don't know, alright let's go down stairs there's nothing here"

Naruto left the window and looked down the hall to see an open elevator shaft. As he got close enough he looked down the open shaft and saw that it was a lot deeper than an elevator shaft for a three story building should be.

Kurama ran up to Naruto and looked down the shaft. He then looked above and saw that someone had stuck a grappling cable to the roof of the shaft and that the climbing cord was dangling down the shaft.

"All right were going down"

"The hell we are" Naruto back away from the shaft.

Kurama looked back at Naruto "why not?"
"Because that elevator tunnel looks like it goes underground what if there Morlocks down there!"

"Marvel comic Morlocks, or H.G. wells Morlocks" Kurama said sarcastically

"H.G. Wells Morlocks" Naruto replied not catching the sass from his partner

Kurama angrily pointed into the empty shaft "Naruto quit being a pussy and go down the scary dark tunnel"

Naruto let out a breath got into a sprinters staring position and ran into the shaft and grapping onto the climbing cable dangling there while he secured his grip.

Kurama jumped into the shaft and shrank to the size of a house cat as he hung onto Naruto's back and climbed up his head and sat on top of it. Naruto looked down and slowly started to climb down the rope slowly as he could as to avoid rope burn. As they started their descend it look like it take a while to go down

"So Naruto what where you watching at three a.m. last night?"

"Philly Justice marathon" Naruto said

"Philly Justice?"

"Yeah it's this new legal drama starring Amy Poehler and Dylan McDermott"

"Oh I liked him on the Practice"

"Yeah that was a good show" Naruto agreed "hey; you ever notice that Dylan McDermott looks a lot like David Schwimmer"

"Who the hell is David Schwimmer" Kurama asked

"He played Ross on Friends" Naruto told him

"Oh, yeah those guys do look a lot alike, really alike"

"I know right McDermott could be like Schwimmer's evil twin or something because he's more muscular"

"Evil ross" Kurama added


"You know who look kind of alike Susan Sarandon and Julianne Moore" Kurama said

"Yeah I know what you mean I always get them mixed up, wasn't Sarandon in that movie Stepmom with Sandra Bullock"

"No that was Julia Roberts" Kurama corrected

"Now talk about look alikes Roberts and Bullock could be sisters in something"

"Totally I could picture it now Roberts being the older sterner sister while Bullock the goofy younger one"

Naruto stopped climbing down the rope to move his eyes up and look at Kurama "Wouldn't make more sense to make Bullock the older one?" He asked the age old fox

"keep going down, wait why would that make more sense"

Naruto started climbing down again and answered "Because she's older then Roberts"

"S...seriously! Wow I never knew that Bullock looks way younger then Roberts"

"Don't tell her that" Naruto warned

"Please the day I meet Julia Roberts in real live is the day you actually mange to get into a functional relationship"

"Yea... Hey! I've had functional relationships"

"Let's face it kid, whenever you get close to someone you away end up breaking it off because of one tiny flaw in them"

"Oh looks like we reached the end of the rope"

"Hey don't try to make excuses Naruto we… oh shit we are at the end of the rope"

Naruto looked straight ahead to see that an elevator door had been opened on the sub level 26.

"Hey I think that robin kid and his buddies might have gone this way" Naruto said while pointing at the open door.

"Alright then swing across" Kurama replied

Naruto instead looked down "Yeah or we could go all the way down"

"There's no more rope dumb dumb how are going to ahaahahahah…." Kurama didn't get to finish his sentence as Naruto let go of the rope and they both started pummeling down the elevator shaft all the way down.

Sublevel 52

The entire level was more or less identical to a cave covered in what looked like some organic material an idiot would probably thing he was in a stomach or something. On this level several creatures known as Genomorph Elves where checking various equipment, and doing various security statues updates. Out of nowhere a security alarm went off one of the elves ran to a nearby terminal and saw someone activated the motion detectors in the elevator shaft. A nearby Genomorph Gnome read his brother's thoughts and broadcast his findings to the rest of the Elves. They all stopped what they were doing and ran up to the doors of the elevator shaft.

"What the fuck dude!" an angry voice said from the other side of the doors "warn a Bijū before you let go of the rope Buzz Lightyear!"

"All right you cry baby, jezz I was just trying to make your little quest more interesting. Just open the doors already" a second voice said sounding like a teenage male.

"No, this was your bright idea to take a detour you open it!"

The Genomorphs prepared to attack the second the doors opened.

"RASENGAN!" a second latter the doors blow open and shot right passed the Genomorphs who all ducked just in time for the doors to fly over them. As they got up and turned they saw that the perpetrator was indeed a young man.

Naruto exited out of the elevator shaft and surveyed the area. Kurama hopped off his back and grew back to his pony size.

"We are now in the belly of the beast" Kurama said as he saw that the whole level seemed to be covered in in what looked like pink organic material.

"Naruto" Kurama turned around and saw Naruto was hugging the walls groping them as he did. "I'd saw where more likely in the intestines of the beast".

Kurama looked back ahead and saw a group of well they were ether a group of mutated monkey people or the ugliest group of kids he'd ever seen. Naruto when he saw them well…..


Naruto tried to hide behind Kurama as best as he could the group of Genomorphs stopped looked at each other and shrugged at each other trying to guess what the boy was talking about.

"You said there'd be no Morlocks!" Naruto pointed accusingly at Kurama. Kurama could only give one of his many sighs of good grief at his retort.

"Ok one I never said there is or could be any Morlock, Mole People or another subterranean people down here an second you've been to the center of the Earth we both have remember?"

Naruto let go of one of Kurama's tail's he was gripping and looked to his side recovering lost memories of what happened four weeks ago "duh" he said as he smacked himself with his palm "we were in Skartaris like a month ago"

"Right and there were no Morlocks there, and where like only 52 levels down so those freaky looking things can't be Morlocks right? Wait what's wrong"

Naruto's face was still scrunched up in fear and worry "I told Jennifer I was going to call here when we got back home"

"Naruto focus!"

Naruto looked back at the fake Morlocks who were now getting ready to subdue them well good luck with that before any of them could react Naruto pulled a small black ball from his sleeve and throw it at the Genomorphs. As the ball hit the ground thick black smoke blanketed the area. When the smoke cleared the Genomorphs all saw that the boy and talking fox where gone. Panicking the lead Genomorph signaled his brothers to split up and capture them. All the Genomorph took off in various directions except for two who stealthily tip toed out of sight.

The two Genomorphs broke out into a run as soon as they turned a corner and proofed out of existence and in their place where Naruto and Kurama. As they turned another corner they saw the hall lead to a dead end. But Naruto didn't stop running.

"uh, Naruto"

"Yes Kurama"

"At this pace where going to run into the wall"

"then we get rid of the wall" while not even slowing down in the least bit Naruto held out his hand and concentrated until a familiar swirling blue orb appeared in his left hand. As they got right into the wall Naruto slammed his fist into it yelling "Rasengan!" as he did. The portion off the wall exploded and Naruto jumped into the hole followed shortly by Kurama.

Project Kr.

Dr. Amanda Spence had just finished running a finale diagnostic scan of the specimen designated Superboy. She filled the data on to her digital clip board and was just about to go give her data to her superior Dr. Desmond when a small rumble stopped her from opening the lab's door out of nowhere the wall opposite to her exploded. Out of instinct she shielded her eyes as it did. But remembered that the walls as well as every other corridor in sub level 52 where organic thus didn't leave any dust or smoke residue if they succumbed to impacted.

Naruto and Kurama got up from the floor and dusted them self's off out of habit. As they turned around the wall began repairing itself.

"It's like where in the stomach of the fire breathing toad or something."

"Yeah" Kurama agreed "expect I don't remember any toad that had something like that in its stomach"

Naruto turned around and saw that in the room was some sort of glass chamber or something. As he and his nine tailed friend walked around the chamber they saw that it contained a boy. Or rather a raven haired teenager in a one piece white outfit with the letter S on his chest. Naruto looked over to his side and saw that dr. Spence had been inching away toward the only door in the room. But when Naruto noticed her she panicked and stopped in her tracks.

"Hey lady" Amanda was terrified at what he was about to do.

"How long does this guy have left in the tanning bed, cause I want next" if this had been an anime this is the part where she'd face fault, that was not what she was expecting.

"Naruto that guy is wearing some weird full body leotard what's he tanning" Kurama stated

"Duh his face maybe he's afraid of getting Mira Loma"



"Mira Loma is a city in California, Nonmelanoma is skin cancer"

"Well whatever, so how much longer….." Naruto was interrupted by the lights in the room dimming down and the sound of the door opening. They both saw Dr Spence exiting out. But just as the doors were closing what looked like an oxygen tank was place between the sliding doors preventing them from closing.

Just then a red haired teenager in a red but mostly yellow outfit jumped into the room, followed by an even younger teen with black hair and a cape following. Both stood still the second they saw Naruto and Kurama.

"Ha Nice costumes what are you guy's supposed to be an Aquabat's tribute band or something." Naruto laughed he looked over to Kurama for a high five but found the red fox glaring at him "one of them is Robin isn't he"

Kid Flash and Robin traded glances at each other. Robin gave a sly smile "that's right who are you supposed to be time warner cable man" he said why pointing at the hidden leave symbol on Naruto's black shirt.

Naruto laughed at Robins zing

The sound of Aqualad entering the room and kicking the tank out of the way causing the doors the close got everyone's attention. He walked over to his friends but was surprised by the presence of a certain spiky haired hero and his giant but not that giant sized fox bud.

"Hey look now Simon Phoenix joined the party all we need now is Sylvester Stallone bursting in for this to be a real blowout." Again Naruto tried to get a high five but his lame joke got another cold shoulder.

Kurama on the other hand was stroking his muzzle while looking at the Atlantean "Hey kid you wouldn't happen to be from a place called Kumogakure would you"

Aqualad, Robin and Kid Flash jumped a little in surprise to hear the pony sized fox speaking to them "I… I am afraid not I am an Atlantean" Aqualad said cautiously.

'Thought so, you" Kurama pointed at Robin.

"Me" the young hero replied

"Yeah you, me and Sargent no laughs over here broke into this place so I could ask you a favor"

"ah yeah ask away…. talking fox guy"

"Can you introduce me to Batman I'm kind of a fan of his"

Robin was a little stun at that but was brought out of it by Kid Flash "dude the lock!"

"Oh right!" robin rushed over to the opening and closing mechanism for the door and locked it through his holocomputer.

Kid then turned his attention to Naruto "ok who are you and what the hell is that thing"

"Hey!" Kurama roared growling at the yellow speedster "Naruto might be annoying but he is not a thing, you stupid little half monkey"

KF steep back a little from the growling beast

"Easy there Cujo, have a churro" Naruto said as he pulled a foot long churro from his pants and tossed it over to Kurama who caught it in his teeth.

"Naruto Uzumaki" Naruto introduced himself while pulling out his hand for a hand shack. Kid Flash hesitated for a second before shaking it.

Naruto then let go and pulled a business card from his pocket and handed it over to Wally.

Looking at it, it seemed like and ordinary card except for the fact that the words written on it looked like it was written by girls hand writing

Aqualad looked over Kid Flash's shoulder and read it

"Grace Choi … 116-89.." he was interrupted from reading the rest as Naruto yanked the card from K.F.'s hand blushing lightly as he did "ah sorry not that one ah it's this one" Naruto said as he handed Wally another business card

"Naruto Uzumaki Adventuring Ninja and Notary Public for all Fifty Two Sates Including Alaska and Hawaii…are you serious?"

Naruto folded his arms at his statement "of course I'm serous Hawaii and Alaska need notaries too ya know."