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It had been my third week in therapy, since he left me alone in the woods; left me broken, forgotten and near dead. It had been six months, three days, seventeen hours, and fifty five minutes of pure agonizing hell; this is how much time has passed on without him.

Time had become enemy number one in my books; seconds passed like minutes, minutes passed by like hours, hours passed by like days, and days passed months. Every month that has passed—every month that will continue to pass by me—felt like years. They say—he said—that time heals all wounds. Looking back at all the time that has passed me by in dragging lulls and drowned out deafening silence; yes time was now my enemy—and one of my worst fears.

The time that I have been sitting here in my therapist's too cheery office for nearly an hour; I have been trying to convince myself that the three extremely inoffensive pieces of plain office paper didn't have any effect on me. The truth was, those three inoffensive pieces paper, were also one of my worst enemies; if it were not for the invention of paper, he still may have been here or maybe not.

After all I am nothing but human...right?

A/N: So...I literally pulled this story out of nowhere. I was just sitting in my room, reading some Bella/Edward Fanfiction on my cell and listening to music, when right out of no where, I came up with this story. I wrote all three chapters in matter of hours, and soon after that other chapters came flooding into my mind.

I am not going to make this story out to be a 'whoa is me,' or 'why did he leave me?' kinda story, I am so tired of that. This is a simple forgiving and love filled story. I do plan however to take things to a darker level and surprise even myself.

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