Chapter 9

Carlisle's Point Of View

"Dr. Cullen," My secretary's voice floated though the phone receiver. "Your five o'clock is here, would you like me to send him in?"

"Of course Stacy," I replied.

This was my last appointment of the day; the patient I was seeing today had called all over the world, looking for me. Apparently, he was given information that I was a spectacular doctor with excellent credentials; I will admit that I found it a little flattering.

When I had gone home the day the phone call came in; Esme had chuckled and agreed with the gentleman. "Well of course, you are the most handsome, intelligent, brilliant doctor in the world my darling." She cooed to me, while we lay in bed, just holding one another.

"Feeding my ego...what did I do to deserve such a spectacular wife?" I teased, kissing her temple.

A low hiss was heard from the Edward's room.

"Forgive us son," I pleaded in my thoughts. My son was suffering, intensely so; his only love was thousands miles away, doing go knows what, with god knows say it scared me to death, was a severe understatement.

But I would respect my son's wishes; even though I, nor anyone else—asides from Rosalie—didn't agree with them. He was so stubborn, and not up to changing his mind for any reason. Bella's safety, Bella's humanity, Bella's fragility, and Bella's happiness; was all that mattered to my son.

I was pulled from my thoughts when I heard Gary's voice from outside my office door. "I'll meet you in the cafeteria in a while." He sounded nervous, I guess under the circumstances, his nervousness was normal; I knew only the information given to me his medical file. A few bumps and bruises, a broken arm, a sprained ankle; nothing to worrisome to overlook—I found it a little odd, but maybe all of his information wasn't in his file...for what ever reason, I had no clue.

Taking a deep unneeded breath, I caught a scent that was all too familiar to me; but almost impossible that she could be here in Ithaca! I was suddenly desperate to call Alice; to check if she had seen anything out of the ordinary with Bella. With a quick shake of my head, I expelled the thoughts from my mind; if Edward or Alice caught these 'visions' in there mind, all hell would break loose.

So when I heard the door open swiftly and close just as swiftly; I held my breath in order to keep my thoughts from playing tricks on me; that was until I heard her voice, for the first time in what felt like a hundred years.

My heart nearly beat in my chest.

"Hello Carlisle," She said smiling—alone. "I'm terribly sorry for the mix up with Gary...but I couldn't let Alice catch wind of my plan; before you ran off again."

I was utterly speechless; Bella Swan was standing not even ten feet away from me; looking as though she had just walked straight out of one of Alice's fashion magazines.

Bella had grown into a beautiful young woman; her hips were slightly wider, she had curves where her slightly boyish figure had been, she even looked a few millimetres taller—even without the six inch heels—her hair was longer and darker, and her cheek bones were a little higher. She did look a little bit older, but only by body changes; Bella's skin was just as blemish free and utterly flawless as the last time I had seen her on that fateful night.

How much had changed in the seven months we had been gone?

"Bella?" I managed to choke out, after what felt like an eternity; I had done nothing but gawk at her as she stood in front of me. For one of the few times in my existence...I was utterly speechless and shocked to my very core.

"The one and only," She chuckled walking forward. "Still as sweet smelling and radiantly beautiful as the day you left me!" She hissed at me furious; her normally expressive chocolate brown irises were nearly black and filled with nothing but fury, hurt and loss. "It's truly amazingly what can happen to one, when her family abandon's her in the middle of the night, her human father dies not even a month later, her beloved truck a week after her father's death and ridiculous amount of money falls into her lap."

I was utterly frozen. I didn't know what to say. I didn't know what to do. Edward was going to have a fit when he found out—that is if he didn't already know.

"You see my therapist told me I needed to confront the person who utterly destroyed me." Bella sat in the chair directly across from me; while I sat in my own chair, still as stone. I was terrified of moving too fast, towards her; frightened that my youngest daughter would disappear in the blink of an eye. "You," She spat, jabbing a finger at me. "You are responsible for my life falling apart around me; the person responsible for my phobia of paper—to consume my life, leaving me totally and utterly isolated and alone!"

"Bella..." I whispered feeling so guilty; I feared I would choke on it.

"NO!" She shouted.

I was momentarily stunned. I didn't want Stacy running into my office to find Bella here and my supposed patient gone from the room—I had to calm Bella down.

"You don't get to talk until I'm finished! You let him leave me, you let the hundred year old vampire take control and make choices..."And she was right... "If you had just parented the seventeen year old boy he is forever frozen as...he may have seen things a little differently. But you didn't; you didn't care that I was left alone and didn't care that Charlie died in his sleep of a heart didn't care that I was the person to find my father dead on the couch!"

"I needed you, and you just left me; I needed my other father, I needed the only doctor I have ever trusted, I needed my family! I needed my vampire father to hold me while I grieved, I needed my father to hold me through my bouts of nightmares, I needed my father to help me though the most ridiculous phobia on the face of planet! I couldn't even look at a piece of paper without hyperventilating for fuck sakes!"

My god! What had we done to this poor sweet girl?

"I isolated myself from everything and everyone for weeks; my friends, my mother. Gary is the only one person on the face of earth that has stuck by me though all of my bullshit. To help me along the way; I had to hire him as a personal assistant just to touch anything paper...because I couldn't! Do you know how utterly pathetic I have felt."

"Bella..." She pushed out of her chair and walked towards the door to my office. "Don't...go...please!" I begged her, trying to wrap my mind around what was happening.

"I'm in town for the remainder of the week." She said standing by the door. "Do me a favour and tell your son; to get his god damn fucking, act together and grovel for the rest of his unnaturally long life!"

With that she left.

I sat at my desk still as stone, my mind reeling, until my phone rang. "I've called a meeting," Alice's voice sounded alive again. "She's angry, but she will forgive...everyone and she will be one of us, one day soon."

I didn't wait a second longer, I ran to my car, a little to fast for a humans pace and peeled out of the parking lot of the hospital; I made a record time driving home, in nine minutes flat.

"Carlisle, what's going...? Is I it's impossible!" Edward hissed furious, darting towards; pinning me to the wall. His senses all over the place, the burning pain in his eyes, nearly broke me completely. "What have you done?" He growled livid. "How could you..."

"How could I what Edward?" I replied, desperately trying to hold onto my calm. "Go against your wishes...I didn't; Bella found me! Now release me and I will explain everything." I explained; Jasper's wave of calm helped me regain clear head, and Edward's as well.

Everyone made their way into the living room, sitting together and alone.

"I was utterly speechless, when I saw her; she's grown into a beautiful young woman..."

"She always has been!" Edward hissed at my misuse of words..

"I know this Edward." I sighed. "This would go by much quicker, if would just listen to everything I have to tell you."

"Well...tell us then!" Esme squealed beside me, jovial that her youngest daughter was only a quick drive away from where we were currently living.

"She's angry...very angry; and rightfully so." I started. "But her anger isn't directed at Edward; it's directed solely at me. Bella is angry with me for letting the hundred year old vampire rule you and not parent the seventeen year old man that you essentially are. She's also had an extremely hard time from what she screamed at me."

"What happened?" Edward asked in a low agonized voice, his eyes blazed in agony and despair, his mate was suffering more than he had ever hoped. Edward had hoped that Bella would have moved on...pain free.

"Charlie died of a heart attack about two weeks after we left—she found him in his chair cold and dead—her truck died a week later and..."

"And what Carlisle?" Edward moaned looking utterly dejected. "What are you hiding from us?"

"Bella's therapist told her to deal with the person responsible for breaking her; it seems that Bella has developed a very extreme case of Papyrophobia, after the string of these events."

Pap...o...what?" Emmett asked confused; the others looking just as confused.

I nearly crippled when Edward's barely audible sob reached my ears. His siblings looked towards the noise as well; Alice and Esme flew to his side to comfort their son and brother, in his time of need.

"It's a phobia of paper." I informed them, not able to rip my eyes off of my suffering first born son. " Bella developed a fear of paper and anything paper related. From what I understand, she couldn't even look at a piece of paper for months; it's only very recently that Bella has gotten over some of that fear."

"Why paper?" Rosalie questioned. "And why so severe?"

"Her birthday party, the one action that caused her life to crumble around her, and spiral out of control so badly she developed a phobia; from what I understand of phobia's it can be extremely life altering. Some people never get over their phobia. She did have quite a few colourful choice words for you Edward; I am to relay a message to you." I chuckled; earning a death glare from my wife. "Bella asked me to relay to you that she will be in Ithaca for the rest of the week, and for you to get god damn fucking act together and grovel for the remainder of your unnaturally long life."

Of course Emmett burst out laughing, unable to help himself.

"She still loves you Edward; she wants you to seek her out. I think she is staying at the Statler Hotel, with her personal separate rooms of course."

"I...don't think..." He croaked; his voice muffled.

"Then I will," I replied with conviction. "Bella is angry with me because she needed me in more ways than one and I failed her—more than a father should ever fail their daughter— and she needs...not even needs; she craves a father figure, Edward. Someone who loves her; she has so much pent up anger and sadness."Bella's agonized and fury blazing eyes were forever etched into my perfect photographic memory; the adult in her was angry as hell. While the child within her was frightened and alone; though I could also argue with myself that Bella's wasn't helpless...she was in desperate need of guidance—my guidance—Bella had needed me and I had failed her.

I had failed them both...again.

"But in other way's she has changed so much. She said and I quote 'Yes, it's me Bella, the one and only...sweet smelling and radiantly beautiful as the day you left me.' The woman was wearing a dress that I am most positive Charlie would have killed her for wearing—a dress that I would never let her walk out of the house wearing—and six in heels...and she didn't even teeter."

"Room...nineteen, eighteen," Alice giggled with a smug look on her face. "A cozy and intimate, little table for two; in the back of the hotel restaurant and a rack of lamb for one." Alice sighed happily, giving her older brother a squeeze. "She's absolutely stunning and she's coming here tonight!" Alice squealed bouncing in her seat. "Ah...I thought that might happen; Edward dear brother, it seems you will have a change of heart..."

"No...Absolutely...not!" Edward thundered, glaring daggers at his favourite sister ripping himself away from her; Jasper hissed his warning at his brother's out burst at his wife. "It will not happen!"

"Ah...but you have already decided, and you know you have...she will be one of us. You won't be able to deny her anything again...ever! Emmett and Rosalie have a lot of competition coming their the very near future!"

"I enjoy a little competition." Emmett grinned, pulling his Rosalie closer to his massive body. "Especially; when it includes my Rosie," He boasted proudly.

I could only smile and shake my head in defeat.

I could only hope and pray that tonight went well enough for all of our sakes.

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