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Buffy is afraid of drowning.

Afraid of the water, of the cold, of the sensation of her head going under, and of the angry burning in her lungs. The choking and sputtering and just of the wet in general.

She's been thrown in a few times. It lead to panicking and, once, a wet and panicked night beneath Angel's naked body.

She doesn't swim anymore. Just stands up on the sand and lets the others flop about in the ocean in her place. She's a little cautious of the bathtub, even. It's silly and dumb but she died and that has a bit of a lasting effect on people.

She figures she should be afraid of heights now, too.

She should tremble and go weak at the knees at the thought of climbing onto the roof of the Sun Cinema for a better view of the vampire that gives her the slip downtown, and she should freeze at the thought of climbing a ladder, the way her feet stop working when the water gets to close.

But she never does. She never is.

She just stands close to the edge and wonders how much higher she'd need to go to make the jump worthwhile.