This fic is made up of short drabbles revolving around Law and Luffy and other crew of Strawhat pirates. Enjoy! :)

"Chopper! Chopper!"

"What's wrong, Usopp?"

"Punch me."


"Just punch me!"

Knowing that further question wouldn't solve another one of Usopp's antics, the little reindeer morphed into a bigger version of himself to punch the long-nosed sharpshooter right on the cheek, sending him flying across the deck before shrinking back into his adorable form. Usopp groaned in pain as he rubbed the injured area.

"That hurts! So there's no way I could be dreaming, huh," muffled Usopp low.

"What's wrong with you, Usopp? Are you sick? Do you need medication?" worried look stamped all over Chopper's face.

"It's – it's not me. It's Luffy. Look!"

Pointing at the direction of their captain, sitting atop of Sunny's head, the ship's doctor took a step back with his eyes widened in disbelieve. Luffy who was immersed in watching the sea noticed the commotion that his crews had been making, turning side way to look at Chopper and Usopp.

"What are you guys going on about?" excitement exuded from his words, undue, always seeking for fun.

"NO – NO – NOTHING! We're just practicing a gag for dinner, right Chopper!" stammering, Usopp reason out their action, knowing that Luffy would be too simple-minded to doubt them. He then grabbed Chopper by the shoulder and whispered with urgency into the little one's ear. "You see it too, right? I'm not dreaming, right? Luffy has never let any of us sit on his favourite spot, yet – "

"Is that so? Shishishi, I can't wait to see it," cut the strawhat captain as his trademark grin plastered across his face, shifting his gaze at the man sitting next to him. "Isn't that right, Traffy?"

Turning away from the sight of orange horizon ahead, a genuine smile tugged by the lips of the captain of Hearts pirate."Yeah… you're right, Mugiwara-ya."

It was an overwhelmingly startling dusk for both Chopper and Usopp as they were unable to comprehend the intimacy of the two powerful captains, the most wanted men in the new world as they shared the special seat that was meant for the one and only Strawhat captain.