Jumping on the bread bandwagon.

The deck rattled as Law quickened his pace, trailing along the edges in a high-speed chase from Luffy who were not far behind from him, carrying a piece of bread in his hand. He was at it again; trying to convince Law to eat bread, with a bucket of list of facts about bread, mostly along the line of 'You should try baguette, it's delicious!' or "You should try anpan, it's great!' This was all to point out what he was missing out on. But Law couldn't care less. Thinking of his position as a guest in the Strawhat's ship, he refrained himself from dissembling Luffy into small pieces and hide his legs for the next two days.

It wasn't his luck to outrun the strawhat captain that day. Chasing him all the way behind the main mast, Luffy stretched his hands around Law's body against it, sandwiching him between the tall piece of wood and Luffy's body. A sudden jolt of movement caught Law fazed, feeling a split second of soft sensation against his lips before it was gone. By the time he gained his usual composure, a small piece of bread was halfway in his mouth. Striking a deadly gaze at Luffy, he spitefully chewed and swallowed it.

"Revenge is sweet, Traffy," chuckled the strawhat captain with a grin on his face. "But it's delicious, isn't it?"

Sanji lured Luffy aside with a big chunk of meat later that evening, speaking in hushed tone in an empty corner while everybody else were busy having their dinner. He knew he couldn't get Luffy's attention from dinner without something rewarding, so he did what he had to do to get an answer out of the ship's captain.

"Luffy, I saw it. I accidentally saw what you did to that shitty doctor today. Do you even know what you did!?" the blonde cook raised his voice in his whisper.

"I feed him by the mouth, right?" snickered the captain. "It's revenge from two years ago. After I woke up from Ace's death, I refused to eat, so Traffy did that to me. I'm simply doing it back to him, giving him a favour of letting him know the goodness of bread you made. Now where's the meat you promised me, Sanji?"

"That's not feeding by mouth, that's a kiss! And you don't kiss people you don't like!"

Dumbfounded for a second, a cheerful smile from one ear to another appeared on Luffy's face a second later.

"A kiss?I see. It's not a problem I like Traffy!"