Franky gulps down the beer and shifts his gaze to look steeply at his captain. "Oi Luffy, you sure you wanna do this? He'll kill you."

"Shishishi it's his fault for passing out. Now don't disturb me. I'm trying so hard to be artistic here," Luffy's smile turns into a serious frown, gripping the marker pen in his hand tighter. He is like a five year old with a box of crayons and a white wall; scribbling and doodling at every room that exists on Trafalgar Law's face, with pictures of flowers and and fishes and skulls and circles and squares. He adds an enormous squiggly moustache at both side of Law's cheek as a finishing touch.

While Franky shakes his head at the event that unfolds in front of his eyes, Luffy claps his hand in satisfaction and wears a naughty grin up to his ears. "Done! Shishishi~"

"I'm innocent," claims the half cyborg, hands up to his chest. "And don't tell me I didn't warn you about it."

"Guys! Zoro is so drunk he's stripping in the male quarter!" Shouts Usopp's as he stands in the doorway leading to the quarter, with Chopper next to him giggling with excitement he can't even speak coherently. "And he's dancing with his swords as he coffesses love to it," Usopp continues. "Nobody should miss this!"

Usopp definitely manages to get everyone's attention, drawing one by one of the crew members who has ben sitting in circle with a barrel of the strongest beer from the the previous place they visited in the middle of the circle, of which almost empty by now.

"That marimo! How dare he cheats on me with those swords," a red faced Sanji stomps angrily all the way to the male quarter. "I'm breaking up with him!"

Robin puts down the mug and the book in her hands and walk towards the door with an unsteady gait. "A photo of this moment is an extremely valuable item for extortion purpose in the future," smirks the lady.

A tipsy Nami grabs her weapon and charges it with thunder tempo. "Uncivilized people that causes public indecency should be beaten to death!" She then scrams in the same direction as Robin and Sanji.

Brooke scoffs and continues to play the violin on his hands after a little hitch as the news reaches his ears. He almost play it cool, only that the fact that he's running in the direction of Zoro and cutting everybody else in the process gives away his excitement.

It's a given that such thing attracts Franky and Luffy too, being a part of the fun group on the ship. Both quickly rise to the feet and scrambles to leave one fun thing to chase for another. Luffy reaches for the door behind the tall cyborg when he noticed his hand is stretching, and it's about to bounce back. When he did, he fell face first in front of the Heart's pirate captain, with eyes narrowing dangerously at him and an amused smirk at the same time. Luffy realizes that Law's the one who has been holding his hand.

"Traffy, let me go! I want to see Zoro being naked while dancing and confessing love to his swords at the same time!"

He struggles against the silent man, still with a smug look on his face. With patience thinning out, Luffy uses the best of his ability to wrap his other hand around Law like a rubberband. "If you won't let me go, I'm taking you with me!"

Trying to walk with one hand being forcefully held while another one wrapping tightly along the length of a man's body proves to be a challege for one of the most wanted rookies in the New World too. He stumbles because of his own feet and fell on his back. He whines. Law smirks.

"This is what happened when you bully an innocent man with low tolerance of alcohol," Law breathes his words into Luffy's ear as he's sandwiches the younger male between him and the floorboards. Law reeks of alcohol. Luffy shudders, his pink dusted face is well hidden in the dark night. Law is totally wasted. Luffy squirms but not bothered to shriek for help as it'd be a waste, the other crew members are definitely not going to miss out on Zoro just because of his silly little wrestle with a drunken surgeon.

Enjoying the response that he gets from the other captain, Law slowly brushes his lips along the skin of Luffy's neck, nuzzling, settling at one sweet spot at the nape before burying his teeth there, marking his territory.
"And this, this young man, is your punishment only I can give for behaving the way you do around me."

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