It has been a while since Luffy run around the ship carrying what appears to be clothes in his hands; up, down and around the deck, to and fro the kitchen and then disappears into the men's dormitory. Sitting on the floorboard under the main mast, it's hard for Law to focus and ignore the thumping sound made by the ship's captain. He narrows his eyebrows, fretful because the peaceful afternoon he can use to think up strategies is being trampled all over by Luffy.

When Luffy run down the stairs to the dorm and hasn't resurfaced since, Law breathed a sigh of relieve. Not for long. The smaller captain goes up on the deck carrying a pile of clothes that his torso and above disappears behind the heap. Unbroken gaze, Law watches as the man approaches him, discarding it on the floor. He takes a closer look at the clothes, all of it is sweaters of all kind; thick, long, heavy, furry with ridiculous designs. He glares disbelievingly at the other male, looking up at the scorching sun above their head.

"Mugiwara-ya, what are you trying to do?"

"You'll see," chuckles Luffy. It further irritates Law as the other man continues to put on the sweater, one by one, layer by layer in silence. Beads of sweat formed on Law's face, as though the heat under the heap of clothes Luffy is wearing is transferred to him simply by looking. As a finishing touch, Luffy puts on the long sleeved furry coat on top of the multiple layers of insanely thick clothing. He smacked a fist in his own hand with a triumphant look on his face and waltz closer towards the dumbfounded Law.

He helped himself by sitting next to the surgeon, scooting closer until their body actually touches.

Luffy fans himself using his hands, tongue protruding out shamelessly. "Whew, it's hot – "

"Of course it does!" Law promptly smacked his head by the back of his hand. "It's afternoon. What do you think you're doing?!"

"Chopper said you misses Bepo. He overheard you calling his name when you fell asleep in the infirmary. I'm all thick and furry now, so pretend I'm Bepo for the time being," Luffy flashes his broad, sincere grin that left Law breathless. He palms his throbbing face, flushed and about to explode at the thoughtfulness he never expects from the airhead strawhat captain.