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Colton was a brown unicorn colt with beautiful turquoise eyes, born in the Equestrian capital city of Canterlot. Born to rich parents who were also relatives to the royal family, he seemed to have a perfect childhood. However, the riches of his family was only shrouding the troubles of his life. Born premature, he was quite scrawny and weak in the first years of his life, it was actually questioned whether he would live through birth or not. It took him about two years before he learned how to walk.

His mother, a high class ex-socialite of Cloudsdale and a descendant of Commander Hurricane, had bore him at an age slightly old for ponies and had heart problems which Colton may have inherited. She loved him dearly, but was often surprised at what a delicate child Colton was. His father, an extremely distant cousin to Celestia, while never physically abusive, was intimidating to Colton and usually teased him for his weakness and frailty. But his father, by far, wouldn't even come close to the cruelty inflicted upon him by his brother, Blueblood, who was as spoiled as he was cruel. Aside from the usual bossiness that comes from being an elder child, Blueblood loved to take advantage of Colton's kind and naïve nature and trick him into doing things which usually got him in trouble. However this was only the tip of the iceberg.

Whenever their parents would leave for a trip or a political meeting that needed to be discussed in Celestia's court Blueblood would often verbally, if not physically, or even rarely, sexually abuse Colton in any way he could. Most of it was Blueblood asking him if he'd like to play a game, like hoofball or horseshoes. After Blueblood beat him at the game he would often call Colton a loser, or worthless, claiming "No one in the world other than mother or father would even think of liking you, you worthless brown bag of sobs! I bet you won't even have a cutie mark you're so worthless!" Colton usually responded with tears and sobbing, trying to run away from Blueblood. Most of the time Blueblood would catch up with him, he would hurt or touch him depending on his mood, and threaten to hurt him more if he told mother and father, this would force Colton to have to learn how to hide his sadness and keep them inside of him when his mother and father arrived, showing no visible sign of distress. He eventually became a master of hiding his depression. In the rare moments Colton was able to escape Blueblood he ran to his room, locked the door, and sobbed in his bed praying to Celestia that his brother would die. It was odd though, praying to someone who was technically a relative. Other times he would run into the plain near his mansion and hide until mother and father came back, he'd usually pick the plant which grew there, a plant which he called a blue poppy. One day when incredibly depressed and hungry, he ate one of them, it actually made him feel happy, something that was rare for him. On one of the incidents when Colton locked himself in his room, Blueblood was able to pick it open and raped him while telling him that besides being "A useless fucktoy" he was completely worthless. This abuse from his brother eventually led him into believing that he actually was worthless, and that no one would ever like him. He was not yet contemplating suicide though, as he was young and feared death much more than suffering. The pain from the rape and insulting caused him to cry harder than he ever had before. This was a main factor in Colton's reasoning for his hatred of most males, they were complete perverts. When his mother and father came home and he was not able to contain his emotions, he made an excuse that he had a nightmare during a nap. His mother would calm him down by cuddling up with him in bed and singing him a lullaby.

Nothing's gonna harm you, not while I'm around.

Nothing's gonna harm you, no dear, not while I'm around.

She would sing in waht seemed to be the sweetest voice in the world to Colton.

Demons are prowling everywhere, nowadays'

I'll send 'em howling,

I don't care, I got ways.

Colton usually thought of this song, whenever he was sad, to try and ease the pain. It sort became the melody of his life.

During this early stage of his life, he was enrolled to Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns partly because of his skill in magic, but mostly because of his royal status. It was a place of solace for Colton, he liked learning about new ideas and spells. He did well but had to study hard to do so. Although he was demonstrated great potential as a magic user his most favourite of subjects was alchemy. It fascinated him how reagents so small could have such a tremendous effect on the body of a pony. Unfortunately, not many ponies saw alchemy as a useful subject, even those who taught it, seeing magic as an easier way to cure ails, making alchemy a short class with only tiny details. He was teased at times for his frailty, mostly by colt boys who did not know how to make friends, but never by the fillies. The fillies were always very kind to Colton, as females are usually more sympathetic to the physically weak. They also admired how kind he was to people. He mostly sat with them when it was time for lunch, or played with them during recess. They played an essential role in Colton's life by keeping his self-esteem from dropping too low. In forth grade He had developed a crush on one of his friends, a filly named Blue Heart, but he never pursued her, from fear of rejection.

After six years of the elementary stage of academia he had still not yet earned his cutie mark. his father died in a construction accident he had of a corporation he'd invested in. While he was sad, this really didn't affect Colton as his father had no real emotional significance in his life. Blueblood moved to a university, now that he was done with Highschool. This may have been one of the best periods of his life. For the fist time ever, he was happy at home and school. This was also the year he met Twilight Sparkle, who had recently became famous for her amazing accidental demonstration of power. Up until Twilight came to the school, Colton was the top of his class.

Of course at first she was unapproachable due to the the crowd of fillies and colts around her during the first two weeks of fifth grade asking her questions like "How are you so smart?" or "Why hadn't Celestia picked any other student in history?", but eventually they grew disinterested in her as she didn't really have anything to talk about. Colton wasn't particularly interested in her until they were paired as partners in alchemy class. The brown unicorn was very surprised when Twilight had asked him to help her study for alchemy, Princess Celestia's student herself. She explained that she thought of alchemy as sort of a petty subject, which caused her to lack interest in it, but still wanted to excel in every subject. She invited him to her house to help her study, something no one had ever asked him before. He obviously would not decline such an opportunity and said yes. He was very excited, as most young ponies are during an invite.

"Maybe we'll become friends and she can tell me some of the secrets Celestia has been teaching her!" Colton thought to himself as he trotted with Twilight to her house after school. When they reached the door to her large, tower of a house, Twilight opened it with a key from her schoolbag and led him inside. As she was leading him into the living room, a teenage stallion of slender build appeared before them, he looked about five or four years younger than Blueblood. This caused Colton to immediately hide behind Twilight.

"Hey Twiley!" he said enthusiastically, "How was school today?" Colton was astounded at how kind he was to Twilight, he thought all siblings did was hate each other.

"It was okay I guess." replied Twilight, "I brought a friend over to help me study with alchemy. Come on don't be shy Colton! Shining Armor doesn't bite!" "Shining Armor?" Colton thought to himself, "Shouldn't they have the same last name?" Being called a friend by Twilight made Colton feel safer and came out from behind Twilight, no longer obstructing Shining Armor's view of him. As soon as Shining Armor saw that Colton was a boy, his look of enthusiasm quickly changed into a look of sternness.

"Oh, a boy." Shining Armor said sternly.

This immediately caused Colton to shake fearfully and then fall to the ground covering his head with his hooves, shouting "I'm sorry, please don't hurt me!" Twilight was shocked by Colton's sudden fear of Shining Armor.

Shining Armor felt confused as well as guilty for scaring Colton so easily "I'm sorry bro." He said apologetically, "I'm just being protective of Twiley, I don't want her to end up in a relationship with a jerk, you know?" This caused Colton to restrain from his fear and stand back up, feeling embarrassed of his cowardice. Twilight was embarrassed as well but for a different reason.

"I think I'm perfectly capable of picking friends who are nice to me Shining Armor! Come on Colton!" She stomped away, angrily upstairs, Colton followed shortly afterward, "Sorry..." he murmured to Shining Armor as he followed Twilight. Shining Armor gave him an approving gesture as he left the living room via the stairs. Once they were in her room, Twilight used her horn to telekinetically shut the door.

She groaned. "He's a nice guy most of the time." she said.

"I know." replied Colton in a sort of shy, "He just seems slightly protective over you, I over-reacted anyways. You're lucky to have a brother who's so kind to you, one who actually cares what happens to you. He's much nicer than my brother."

Twilight looked confused, "You seemed like an only child to me." she replied, "I haven't seen anypony that looks like you at school."

"He's much older than me, and attending a University in Fillydelphia." Colton said.

"Oh." Twilight replied, "Well, do you miss him?"

"HAY NO!" Colton yelled, "I wouldn't miss him if he died."

Twilight looked shocked, "Why? He couldn't be that awful."

"You'd want to kill your brother too, if he played games with you for the sole purpose of watching you lose and calling you worthless." he replied.

Twilight's eyes widened, they were now both sitting on the ground of her room. "That's kind of... cruel." she said sympathetically, "Shining Armor never does anything like that to me."

"That's not even the worst of it, sometimes he would beat me, and once he even... er, we... we should get back to alchemy." a single tear rolled down his left eye while saying this, although no distress was shown in his face, only slight irritation. Twilight noticed this but thought it was best she would not ask what he was going to say.

"You're... you're right, we need to get on subject." She pulled her alchemy book out, and they discussed what meant what, which plant was poisonous and which ones could save lives. This went on for about an hour.

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