I was freaking pissed. Yeah, that perfectly describes how I was feeling. I was sitting at the top of Zeus's Fist, lamenting my luck, destiny, whatever.

I had just found out that Annabeth had been cheating on me. With who? David Walker, the new Apollo guy. And she had just made it official that we weren't together anymore. She'd been sleeping with him for a month. I accidentally walked in on them doing it; doggy style. After all we'd been through together. I felt tears rising.

"Percy," Chiron ran after me, "It's okay, Annabeth didn't deserve you, don't worry about it. After all, there are other women."

"I've gone to Tartarus and back with her, I fucking loved her; I thought she did too." I half-sobbed, half-yelled at my mentor.

"Can you just leave me alone for a bit?" I asked.

He turned and galloped off, back towards camp, leaving me thinking.

When I finally got up and leaped off Zeus's Fist, I was ready. I had a plan.

I had a heart full of cold hatred for Annabeth. I had learned the hard way that love meant nothing.

I walked toward camp, an evil grin on my face, determined to get revenge and I knew exactly how to get even with that blonde bitch.

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