The secret life was going to be ruined. I realised that we had made way too many slip ups over the last couple of weeks.

She had found out. We let ourselves down by being ourselves way too much around her.

I guess all I could think to say to her was..

"Welcome to the Secret Life..."

Chapter 1: First Day Of School


"Are you ready for tonight?" Alice asked me.

"I sure am" I smiled at Alice while walking out of her walk in robe.

Maybe this is jumping a little ahead of the game here. This needs to be explained from the very start.

Alice and I are best of friends since we were born; both of our fathers were in a band and were well-known. Since we were born we had been destined to sing together. But we will talk about that later.

Alice and I had lived next to each other for years and we even had a hall joining from one house to the other so we could get into each other's rooms.

We are completely different from each other; opposites you could say but at the same time absolutely the same because of a secret we shared.

I'm a pretty average height, fit and slim. My hair's a mixture of dark chocolate brown and red tinges. I have deep brown eyes that stand out to my paper white skin. On the other hand Alice is short, pixie like almost. Her hair is a dark brown almost black, short and cut into pixie like spikes. Her bright green eyes, speckled with amber flecks. Alice could be described was loving and fun, wild and sarcastic, annoying and loving. She believed in being herself no matter what other people had to say.

"It's our first one, since the new album" Alice smiled walking to her cupboard to get ready for school.

"I know, but we need to go to school first" I laughed at Alice's enthusiasm for our first concert.

"Right school, do I look alright?" Alice suggested to her clothing. She was wearing midnight black skinny jeans that looked painted on, a simple thick strapped singlet top which over the top she had on a mini black jacket; she wore enclosed red heels with it and red accessories along with a red schoolbag.

"Gorgeous as always" I complimented, "How about me?" I asked as I stepped out to show her.

"Oh my..." Alice didn't even have anything to say. She approved on my attire completely.

I was wearing dark blue jeans that fitted at the thigh and wearing knee high brown boots. With it a creamy coloured singlet top that fit snuggly and wrapped tightly around my neck was a brown coloured scarf. My hair fell in loose curls and accessorised it with a cream coloured knitted hat.

"I'm speechless, Bell" Alice finally answered me.

"That's always a good thing" I smiled widely before going over to give Alice hug, "Let's go knock some guy's dead and make most girls jealous".

"I second that motion" Alice hugged back then linked her arm with mine before we headed down to my BMW M6, that was black and a convertible.

"You girls behave now" Alice's mum, Esme waved us off.

"Don't cause trouble or tonight will be cancelled" my dad, Charlie warned before giving us a quick wink.

"As if! We will see you this afternoon" Alice said goodbye and then we were out the driveway and on to our first day of school.

I parked the car in the next possible park I could find while Alice had the visor down, looking into the mirror and reapplying her make-up.

"Ali you look fine let's go" I grabbed her hand, walking up to the entrance of the school and pushing the doors open making a grand entrance.

I walked in first seeing as Alice was taking her time, I dragged her with me and I blushed a little noticing all the attention we were getting.

"Nice entrance" Alice whispered.

"I can't argue with that" I looked at her and laughed loudly, making some girls look up to us with disgust.

I shrugged my shoulders and walked over to a table where a teacher was sitting.

"Names" was all he said.

"Bella Swan and Alice Brandon" Alice chippered. The teacher looked through a folder and passed us our timetables.

"What do you have first?" I asked as we looked over our timetables.

"I have" Alice paused skimming her fingers over the piece of paper, her lips pouting slightly, "English, with Mrs. Markus, you?"

"Same, let's go put our books into our lockers and head in their early" I suggested and she nodded in agreement.

We walked down the hall together and we noticed our lockers were directly across from each other.

Ali had started to sing under her breath as we walked the halls together to get to our English class.

"I'm waiting for the night drifting away
On the waves of my dreams to another day
I'm standing on a hill and beyond the clouds
The wind's blowing still and catching my doubts".

I took my go, tapping my fingers against my folder and nodding my head along,

"I'm hunting on the night the slave to my dream
An illustrated scene descends in the sleep
We're playing for the fights emotional games
I'm turning off my eyes and hiding my shame".

We turned to each other,

"A never-ending dream, a dream of you
I believe I received a sign of you
Tonight I want to hide my feelings too
As you do and I wanna be with you

A never-ending dream, a dream of you
I believe I received a sign of you
Tonight I want to hide my feelings too
As you do and I wanna be with you".

"Girls, the bell has gone" a voice filled with anger flowed over to us.

"Oops" Alice bit down on her lip then winked at me.

"Maybe we should refrain from singing at school" I suggested and she agreed with me.

"Girls class now! The bell has gone" the voice yelled again making Ali jump and run with me attached to her.

We entered the classroom with our arms linked, a few guys lifted their heads to stare and some girls looked up to give us a glare.

"Bella and Alice, are our new students to the school" the teacher addressed "from being home schooled for their whole life, please make their welcome a good one" the teacher concluded to the class and gestured to the two spare seats in the corner of the room at the back.

The English class passed too slowly for my liking, Ali was occupied by being too busy thinking about our 'BIG' night. I let my mind fill with thoughts of what celebrity 'hot guy' I could get my hands on.

The bell rang and we headed to lunch. We sat at a table by ourselves seeing as none of the girls had invited us to sit with them.

"Looks like we'll be outsiders here" I laughed a little, stabbing at my food.

Ali laughed along with me, gently fixing her spiky hair, "Feels just a tiny bit odd"

"I must agree"

We ate in silence for a few moments, already noticing our next classes we didn't have together. We would have to survive school on our own.

I heard a chair next to me scape along the floor and then heard a warm voice, "Hope you don't mind if we sit here"

"Not at all" Alice replied as I looked up to see a pair of emerald eyes staring at me, I just nodded and waved it off that it was fine. I noticed he had bronze coloured hair, that was sticking in every direction and that he was pretty tall. His friend that had joined us was a bit shorter, blonde and had blue eyes.

"I'm Edward Cullen" he held out his hand, which I took a little too eagerly.

"Bella Swan"

"Beautiful" he whispered almost to himself, I felt my cheeks warm. "This is Jasper Whitlock" he gestured over to the blonde.

"I'm Alice Brandon" Ali piped in staring at Jasper.

"It's nice to meet you both" I smiled, "You two seem to be the only ones that have introduced yourselves today"

"Really?" Jasper looked shocked.

Alice smiled warmly at him, "The girls have been a bit cold towards us"

"Oh don't worry about them" a voice startled me from behind. I turned my head slightly to see a stunning blonde. Her hair flowed down to her waist. Her blue eyes shined against her slightly tanned skin, she looked amazing, "They're just jealous that you're getting all the male attention, Rosalie Hale by the way" she smiled sweetly and sat down next to me. Next to her a big muscled guy sat next to her, he had dark curly hair and emerald eyes like Edwards, "This is my boyfriend, Emmett Cullen" oh, brothers.

"Nice to meet all of you" I answered, "I'm Bella and that's Alice" I pointed at her.

Lunch talk just seemed to be about what classes we had next. It seemed like Edward and I had biology next and Alice and Rose had P.E. The lunch bell rang and Edward showed me which way to the class. He pulled me up to the back row of the classroom and pulled out the chair for me.

"So tell me about yourself" he winked.

"There isn't much to tell" I sighed quietly, "Alice and I are best friends, have been since birth. I'm not seeing anyone, I love to read and sing" I thought about every word carefully, "Yourself?"

"I'm not seeing anyone either" he laughed at my expression. Really, how could he not be dating anyone? He continued, "I play piano and Jasper and I play for the school football team"

"Nice" I bit my lip, "So I'm friends with two hot high school jocks"

"Friends?" Edward said sarcastically and continued "Now wait a minute, don't go thinking we're friends" we just laughed, before settling down and paying attention to the class.

School seemed to speed up from there on and before we knew it the school day was over. Alice met me by my car and we headed home.

"I think I like that Jasper Whitlock" Alice sighed, "And I barely said two words to him!" she exclaimed. I just laughed at her.

"Well don't over think it; we have a big night" I scorned her playfully, "Mind on tonight".

"That's right, tonight" she said dreamily.

Now all we had to do was get prepared.

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