Chapter Before –

I pulled into Alice's driveway. We walked into her house and down into the basement. She plugged in our microphones and started our back tracks.

"Let's practice" she said.

"Oh, we need to write more songs, Charlie said so" I offered to her and she nodded.

We practiced way into the night.

Chapter 5 – Phone Number

I rolled over to look at my alarm clock. It was time to get up and get ready for school again. Alice burst into my room and was smiling widely.

"Oh my god, this cannot be happening!" she screeched.

"Huh?" I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes.

"Jaspers picking me up and going to take me to school!" she danced around happily.

"See, he can't resist you" I laughed at her, "Now shoo! Go get ready"

She nodded her head hard and ran out of my room.

"Looks like you're driving yourself to school Bella" I muttered to myself. I quickly showered and got dressed, grabbing my lyric book and school bag. I ran downstairs and past Charlie.

"Bye! See you after school!" I shouted as I ran out the door.

He shouted back, "Try not to ditch school today!"

I started my car and raced to school, I quickly walked into the library. I was at least half an hour early. I looked around the library and danced a little too happily when I found a secluded table at the back of the building. I raced to it.

I looked around and pulled out my lyric book, jumping into my thoughts.

I thought about my mum often, she nearly always inspired the lyrics I wrote, I scribbled down things that I was to say to her all the time, I was hoping to piece all this into a perfect song.

'It's hard to deal with the pain of losing you everywhere I go, but I'm doing it'
'was being so close and having so much to say and watching you walk away'

"Bella" I heard a voice behind me, it startled me. I quickly slammed my book shut and shoved it in my bag. I looked up in front of me and it was Edward.

"Oh hi Edward" I mumbled.

"What were you doing?" he asked me whilst eyeing my school bag.

"Oh nothing, just some homework, left it last minute" I stammered.

"You seemed to be very focused on this homework, it almost made you seem sad" he beckoned on.

I scowled a little, "Yeah well, doesn't homework make everyone sad?"

"Touché" he chuckled, "Alice said I would find you here"

"Oh did she now?" I asked and he nodded his head slightly, "Remind me to kill the little pixie" I seethed crossing my arms. She knew if I was in the library that I would be writing lyrics.

"Don't hurt Alice" he looked at me with concern, "I just asked so we could discuss our night out"

"Oh" was all I could think of. All thoughts of killing Alice gone, thoughts of Edward and me swarming my mind, I giggled.

"If you're too busy we can discuss it at lunch?" he offered to me and got up, my hand swung out and caught onto his wrist before my brain even registered that's what I did.

"Sorry" I said letting go, "We can talk about it now, I was almost done anyway"

"If you're sure" he searched my face and I nodded slightly, he sat down again.

"So.." I trailed off.

He smiled softly at me; I melted just a little bit.

"Friday night?" he offered and I nodded.


I nodded.

"Maybe a movie?"

I nodded my head harder.

"Excellent" he clucked is tongue and smiled down at me, "Going to speak?"

I shook my head and he laughed, I scowled at his power to make me speechless, I just poked my tongue out at him.

"I'll pick you up at seven" he reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone.

I arched my eyebrow, "Oh so you think you can take me out and automatically get my number?"

He looked a little disappointed.

"Sheesh Eddie" I snickered and he gave me the stink eye, "Take a joke" I took his phone and punched in my number, I quickly snapped a picture of me to accompany it, quickly pulling out my phone and taking a picture of him.

"Send me a message and I'll have your number" I passed his phone back, he immediately typed a message to me. My phone buzzed and I pulled it out, I opened the message 'Thanks for accepting the date Beautiful – E"

I blushed and looked up, he was gone. Swoon much.

I quickly typed a message to Alice, 'Have date with E, Friday night at 7. May need your help! – B"

I instantly got a text back, 'Eeeep, how exciting! We'll go shopping tomorrow! ~ A'

I couldn't wait.

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