Chapter Before –

I quickly typed a message to Alice, 'Have date with E, Friday night at 7. May need your help! – B"

I instantly got a text back, 'Eeeep, how exciting! We'll go shopping tomorrow! ~ A'

I couldn't wait.

Chapter 6 –

Shopping with Alice, I always forget how much I dread it. We had been here for a few hours, pulling and dragging me through all the stores.

"Alice" I whined and she glared at me, "I just need something simple, dinner and a movie that's it"

Her eyes hardened, "You wanted my help, so you're going to get it".

I knew I would regret asking. Alice let go of me and ran off quickly, sighing a quick sigh of relief I went to sit down.

"BELLA!" Alice yelled before I had the chance to sit, "I found it"

I looked over to see her jumping around in the middle of the entrance to the store; I sighed again and rubbed my hands over my face hard before walking over to her.

"Here" she handed it to me, I looked it over. Okay maybe asking Alice was a good idea. I smiled down at her and she nodded at me.

"Perfect" I murmured and quickly raced over to the counter to buy it.

"See shopping isn't so terrible" Alice was quick at my side and laughed at my disgust facial expression.

"Come on" she dragged me again, "We need shoes and then I need to work out your hair and make-up"

Okay, I'm back to regretting that I asked.

It's Friday, date night. I'm so nervous and so excited. Nervous because this is going to be my first normal date, this is what a first date for any normal girl would feel like. I'm excited because its Edward.

I was dressed and ready fifteen minutes before he's due to pick me up. I had settled to pacing the floor, trying to get rid of my nerves.

"Bella" I heard a small voice, I kept pacing.

"BELLA!" Alice yelled and it startled me, making me jump a little.

"Sheesh Alice, what?"

"You're going to wear a hole into the ground if you keep pacing in those heels like that" she scolded me.

I shook my head at her and sat on the edge of my bed, playing with my fingers.

"What are you so nervous about?" she asked, sitting down next to me, "You've been on plenty of dates before"

"Yeah, but not a normal kind of girl date" I murmured and Alice shook her head immediately.

"It'll be the same" she argued back, "Just it won't be so much glam and wow, it'll be simple and sweet"

"Oh Alice" I sighed, "I could handle glam and wow right about now"

She gave me a small hug and pulled on my hand, "Come on Bella, I heard a car"

I froze a little.

"Don't keep Edward waiting Bella, it's not polite and he'll be just as nervous!" She scolded me again.

That got me moving, nerves left my body and excitement entered to know I was seeing him. A knock sounded at the door and I ran to it, throwing it open. There he stood, in jeans and a buttoned up shirt that fit snugly, a black jacket thrown over the top and he was smiling a crooked smile at me.

"Hi" I said, probably smiling like an idiot.

He laughed a little, "Hello Bella, you look amazing" he appraised raking is eyes over me; I gave him a little turn.

"Should we go?" he asked and I nodded fast, he grabbed my hand and led me to his car,

"WAIT!" we heard Alice screech and we both turned to her, she ran over and handed me my bag, shaking her head at me once again. I blushed a little; I am that excited that I forgot my bag. "You may go now" she walked off.

Edward looked at me and I gave him a 'don't ask' kind of look. He shrugged it off and held the door open for me as I slipped in.

Loving his gentleman ways, it's nice.

"You ready for this date?" he looked over at me and I just nodded my head.

"I sure am"

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