Chapter Before –

"Can you believe this?" Alice shrieked again.

"Barely" I smiled at her and she smiled back.

"This is just the beginning of our careers" I nodded with her in agreement.

"Just the beginning of our lives" I corrected her.

"Definitely" was her reply.

Chapter 9 –

After Alice and I finally read through our interview article and gushed about our cover photo a million times we decided to call up Jasper and Edward to ask if they wanted to hang out. On the brilliant side it was a yes, I got to see Edward and Alice could pursue her relationship with Jasper. On the not so brilliant side we had to go to Edwards, don't get me wrong I wanted to see his place and of course him, but I wasn't so sure about meeting the parents just yet. I mean I have nothing to worry about right? We aren't anything; we've just had a date; one date.

"..okay Bella?" I must have dazed off to only here the end of Alice's question.

"Huh?" such an intelligent response could have pretended that I heard everything.

She crossed her arms angrily across her chest and glared, "Sometimes I wish I could hate you!"

I cracked a smile, "Alice? Hate me? That could be a lovely holiday"

Her glare intensified before she gave me a brief smile and a hard push, "You're so lucky I love you Bella, so damn lucky"

"You're lucky I love you too Alice"

Alice basically had to drag me out of the car once we reached Edwards place, I don't know what happened but my nerves had taken me hostage and wouldn't let me function my own body. Alice had practically pulled me from the car and dragged me to the front porch of the house.

I did get a brief glance of the house as we drove up the driveway. The house was like a mansion, not quite as big as my house or Alice's but it was still pretty big. The porch we currently stood on wrapped around the entire house from what I could see. Alice looked kind of shocked but shook it off and lifted her petite hand to the timbered coloured door and lightly knocked.

"Bella close your mouth before you catch flies" she nudged me hard in the stomach with her elbow. I snapped my mouth close before whimpering slightly from the pain, I rubbed my stomach and shot her a glare.

"I'm shocked too, but do you see my mouth wide open ready for any insect to create a nice cosy home?" he quirked her eyebrow.

I stared at her, eyes wide before we both found ourselves in a fit of giggles, tears rolling down our faces.

"Um.. Hello?" we were so busy giggling that we didn't even hear the front door open. We both stood up and wiped our eyes, staring at the handsome blonde that was standing at the door. I struggled not to let my mouth hang open again.

"Oh I'm sorry" Alice said, are we at the right house? Who was this handsome man? "We must have the wrong house"

"You sure don't little lady" Jasper appeared behind the blonde before opening the door more to let us in.

I think Alice swooned at his gentleman ways. I followed Alice inside as the blonde closed the door behind us. Alice and I both stared wide eyed at the beautifully presented house in front of house. Everything was in place just like a new display home, but it was lived in. It was nice, big and cosy, a perfect house.

"Such a nice place" I muttered dreamily.

"Thank you, you must be Bella" the blonde said, giving me a brief hug, "I'm Carlisle, Edward's and Emmett's father"

I saw Alice's head whip around to stare at me and then Edwards's dad, I mean, was he old enough to be someone's father? As I looked closely though, I could definitely see where Edward got his handsome features from.

"Nice to meet you" I smiled shyly.

"Oh my, such beautiful young ladies" a small bronzed haired woman gave Alice and I a quick motherly hug each, "I'm Esme"

Edwards's mother, he definitely had her beauty, her green eyes and hair. She was stunning, like she was photo-shopped into reality.

"It's so nice to meet both of you" Alice gushed; "You have such a lovely home" I nodded in agreement.

"Thank you" she replied a bright smile on her face, "It's so lovely to hear that, I'm an interior decorator, I always love to hear people's feedback"

"You're really good, your house is fit for a celebrity" I stated and Alice shot me a look, I just smiled it off.

"Edward" Carlisle called from the bottom of the stairs, "Girls are here"

Edward was straight down and by my side, giving me a quick hug. I blushed at the contact in front of his parents.

"Wow, I think that's the quickest I've ever seen him move" Esme laughed lightly, grabbing Carlisle and leaving the room, "Was good meeting you girls, don't be strangers".

I glanced up to Edwards face to see a red blush disappearing from his cheeks.

"I'm going to take Alice down to the water for lunch, we'll be back in a few hours" Jasper explained, grabbing Alice's hand and leading her out the door, I gave her a quick thumbs up and a smile as she disappeared.

Edward gave me a confused look and raised his eyebrow like a question for me to explain myself, I shrugged and he gave me a small smile.

"Tell me Bella" he said with a soft stern voice.

"Tell you what?" I taunted back, hands on hips.

"Tell me why you gave Alice a thumbs up" he stalked towards me.

I gave him a fake gasp and put my hand over my heart, "Me? Give Alice a thumbs up? Never"

He gave me a half smile and I gave a real gasp quietly as he approached me, his face just inches from mine, "Tell me" he breathed across my face.

I melted, closing my eyes briefly, "Wishing her luck with Jasper, she likes him"

I waited patiently for his lips to press against mine; I so desperately wanted to feel his warm lips against me. It felt like hours, but it was only mere seconds, I opened my eyes to see him backed up from me and a dazzling smile on those lips, laughter playing in his green eyes.

"He likes her too you know" he kept smiling; I crossed my arms across my chest and plonked myself down onto the couch. I mustered up a smile, hoping he wouldn't see how disappointed I actually was.

"That's good I suppose, I think they'll be good together" I nodded, running my hand against the smoothness of the couch.

"I keep pushing him to ask her out, but he thinks she doesn't like him like that" he sat down next to me.

"That's so silly" I watched as he took my hand and placed it in his, "They should just realise they both like each other and go out already"

"I agree" he turned my hand over, as if he was studying it.

"Silly people" I muttered.

"Definitely" he agreed.

We sat silent for a few minutes; Edward finally placed my hand back against the couch and looked over at me with a brief smile, "So you called to hang out, what's the plan?"

"Oh.." I trailed off, I didn't really have a plan.. I just wanted to see him, can I tell him that?

He stared at me.

"I didn't have a plan.." I trailed off again, he smiled once more.

He shot up of the couch and I briefly wondered if I had said something wrong.

"Come with me" he took my hand and led me up the stairs and to his room. It was big, just like the rest of the house. A simple looking bed laid in the middle of the room, one whole wall was a giant bookcase with plenty of books and CD's.

"You're house is so nice" I sat down in front of the bookcase and ran my hand against the back of the books, studying each book.

He watched me as I looked over them, "You can borrow any book you like, but if you don't bring it back I will make sure to hunt you down"

"I guess I won't bring it back then" I was shocked that I had said that out loud, but it was like my mouth had a mind of its own, "I'd surely like the thought of you hunting me down"

Both his eyebrows shot up in surprise, I quickly hid behind my hair and went back to looking at the books, my face feeling hot.

He cleared his throat, "I would surely love to hunt you down" he moved to sit down next to me and placed his hand under my join, moving my face to look at his. I gazed into his warm green eyes.

"Good" was all I could mutter, he tilted his face to move slowly towards mine, I moved mine to match his. Soon enough his hand was against my cheek and mine was wrapped around the back of his neck pulling him that little bit closer until finally his lips pressed against mine.

It was slow, his mouth wrapping around mine, kissing me tenderly. I wanted more, more of his warmth wrapped around me. I moved up onto my knees to press more of an urgency against him.

'BANG' his door slammed open, making me jump up fast and across the room in seconds, Edward still on the floor in a daze.

I was scared. His parents just caught us in the middle of our first kiss. Scratch that I was petrified. Edward was looking at me with a quizzical look. But I was too anxious to care. A million thoughts running through my head, 'how can I explain this? I stopped breathing for a moment, he was helping me?' 'It was an accident, I swear!'

I really am an idiot; like they were to believe some girl they barely know and only just met.

"Bella?" Edward looked concerned.

Why was he coming near me? He should be concerned that his parents had caught us!

"Edward is she okay?" Emmett and Rosalie were standing in the doorway.

"No idea" he grabbed my hand, "What's wrong Bella?"

Not his parents.. Emmett and Rose.. Breathe Bella, breathe.

I let out a huge breath and instantly relaxed; I kept standing shakily and gave a small smile, "I'm fine, good, definitely good"

Edward gave me a look as if he didn't believe but I just smiled and shrugged it off.

"What did you so rudely barge into my room for Emmett?" Edward turned to his goofy brother, "I've told you at least a million times to knock"

"I am so sorry Edward, I tried to stop him but you know him" Rose rolled her eyes, "Once he has an idea or a thought he is pretty much deadest on it"

Emmett smiled proudly at the statement and Rose gave him a swift smack to the back of his head, he didn't even flinch, instead he was jumping one foot to the other with excitement.

"What is it Emmett?" Edward gritted out, his hand tightening around mine.

"Look what hit the shelves today!" he practically ran into the room, shoving a something in our faces, though I couldn't see because it was too close.

"Isn't it amazing?" he gushed out just like a little girl.

"I don't know Emmett" Edward sounded frustrated, "I can't see"

"Oh" he laughed, pulling it back a little.

I froze as soon as I saw it. There it was Alice and I staring back at me.

"Two! Die For! On the front cover" he kept talking.

I smiled but in my head I was worried that Edward would make the connection. Instead he just shook his head and turned to me, "My brother as a weird obsession to these two girls"

I nodded, "Oh really?"

He nodded with me, "He has every CD and DVD concert they've released, you should see his room, there's a few hundred posters hanging up"

I shuddered at the thought of my face hanging up all over a room, especially Edward's brother's room.

"Oh hey!" Emmett studied the cover and then my face, I froze again, "You could totally pull of this look Bella you have similar features to Renee"

"And why would I want to walk around town looking like a superstar?" I pointed out.

"Who wouldn't want to look like Renee, she smoking" he earned another slap from Rose. Once again it didn't faze him.

"I don't think so" Edward interjected, my heart pained a little, "I much prefer the natural look, not some bleach blonde hair, much like Bella, she's a natural beauty"

My heart didn't know what to do, it fluttered that he thought I was beautiful and it pained to think he didn't like Renee, my other half.

"Alice couldn't totally pull off Mary!" Emmett kept gushing, "You should totally dress up as them for the next dress up occasion!"

"Um.. I don't think so Emmett" he pouted, "I don't really like Two! Die For!"

His mouth dropped open and so did Edwards and Rose's, mine nearly dropped along with there's. I just said I didn't like myself or Alice; again I shuddered at the thought.

"I think you are the only girl on this planet that doesn't like them" Rose muttered, her eyes wide.

"Guess I'm not like other's girls then" everyone nodded.

Edward broke the silence, "Thank god for that".

Deep down inside he really had no clue how different from other girls I am. I had to warn Alice.

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