Mystic Love

A small, tanned girl. 12 years old. Born on the day the moon shines bright.

Bella woke up in her small bed. The sun shone through the window, unusual for winter-time. She quietly grumbled to herself, aware that her villages' nurse was awake next door. She walked out of her room to a

quiet house, which frightened her. Usually her 'mother' was bustling around, fussing over her patients. After a recent attack, she wasn't taking any chances.


"Poor Alonzo. Big gash down face."

"What's gonna happen to the others, mother?" Bella's' skin crawled at the thought of some of her friends being hurt.

"They're going to be alright... I hope."


"Now, quickly change. You'll have to walk to school today. You can't run in the state you're in." Bella moaned then spun. She was now wearing a school uniform and carrying a rucksack.

"Right, when will you be back from the tribe tonight, Mother?"

"After 12. Remember, you promised Tugger you would go hunting with him. Don't do anything I wouldn't do, don't let him do anything...inappropriate and have fun."

"Wait, so be mature? What about the fun part?" she quickly kissed her mothers cheek, "Sorry to admit it, Jenny but you're boring." She quickly ran out. While jogging to school she suddenly fell to the ground. She turned to find out what she had tripped over and saw a black and tan cat. She smiled as the cat twisted around her legs and purred.

"Tugger, stop flirting with her! You're supposed to helping to find the herbs Jelly wants!" A red and black cat came over, hips swinging. "Hey Bella."

"Hey Bomba. I thought-"

"He was my mate, yes. I guess Jenny didn't tell you about our divorce." Bomba walked into and alley, followed by Tugger and Bella, who started looking round, worried if any of her human friends were around. After walking into the dark, gloomy alley way, the two cats turned and turned into half-cat half-human creatures called Jellicles.

"He started acting like a pollicle after the last attack and started to annoy me. And I also found out one of his secrets." She smirked at Tugger's face.

"You dare tell anyone I'll-"

Bella interrupted. "You'll what, Tugger? Flirt with her? Try to mate with her? I already know you like me. Why do you think I'm..." she stopped and looked at her watch. "Oh everlasting cat, I'm gonna be late for school! Wanna run with me?"

"Sure. I've never seen inside a human school before." Tugger imagined all the teenage girls fawning over him, just like the kittens in the junkyard.

"We'll run with you but we can't go inside. We need to get these herbs back to Jellylorum or she'll kill us."

As Tugger moaned Bella turned into a cat and ran towards the school, unaware someone was watching her.