"Hey, Sweetie." Tumble said to Electra, kissing her on the cheek.
"Tugger, what day is it?" Bella asked.
"Monday, why?" he said
"what time is it?" she asked, worried.
"School!" Bella and Tugger shouted in unison. Bella quickly spun, turned human, kissed Tuggers cheek and ran out of the gates.

Bella arrived at the school and ran towards main reception. The receptionist started to drone,
"Name, form an-"
"Mollie, there you are." Bella turned around and saw a smiling Miss Taylor, standing with a woman with violet eyes. "This is Violet."
"That's a bit of an ironic name. You're a counciler. Miss Taylor called you because I was acting strange. She acts as if I'm a pollicle." Bellas laughed. Miss Taylor awquardly said
"Yes, Mollie, that is the reason Violet is here."
"You have a strange aura. You like nature, you wanted to get married and have 2 children called Isobella and Micheal. You had 2 cats who were mates. They both drowned in a river after your 7th birthday. You became a counciler after your parents left you when you were 9." Bella cocked her head a little. "That's why you have scars on your wrist. You keep subconciously scratching your left arm where you were burnt when a bully scraped a spliff against your arm."
"See what I mean? She makes things up, making them sound as if they are true."
"But that is true." Violet said. She lifted up her sleave and showed them a large burn on her arm.
"Mollie, what did you do?"
"I didn't do anything. You're the one you thinks I'm crazy. I'm not crazy, I'm just limited edition. Now, if you'll excuse me, Violet wants to go talk in another room, away from you." Mollie walked towards a door on the other side of the room, opened it and walked in.

"Everlasting cat, she was so boring. She talked about her childhood, about her two cats."
"Mollie, come in now. It's dinner-time." Bella turned and looked at Shelly. She got up, walked away from Electra and walked towards the backdoor with a blank expression on her face. She walked towards the fridge, took out a packet of ham and walked back out again.
"Where are you going? I need to talk to you."
"Ok then Shelly. What do you want?"
"Your teacher said you were acting strange."
"She isn't my teacher. Miss Taylor is my head of year."
"You're moving schools. Tomorrow, you are going to London academy for disorientated children."
"No! I can't move! I promised her that I would look after her! I said I would see her GCSE's! I'm not leaving my sister!" Bella screamed back.
"Your sisters aren't even interested in you!" Shelly shouted, appalled at her behaviour. Bella picked up a vase and threw it at the wall near Shelly's head and ran out.

"Tugger!" Tugger turned around and saw a sobbing Bella running towards him, still in her human form.
"What's the matter, sweetheart?"
"She's gonna make me leave her! I can't leave her, I promised her I would look after her. She was going to name one of her kids after me. I can't leave her!" Bella sobbed into his fur as he held her close.
"Nancy! Mum's made me move schools! I need a clone or something... Misto!" Bella ran off, towards Misto's den. "Misto! Are you in?" Bella banged on his door.
"What's the matter, Bella?" Misto asked when he opened the door.
"I need a clone."

"Why do you need a clone?" Misto asked, once in the room.
"I can't live as Mollie Keates any more. None of the humans love me. Not like the Jellicles. Please?"
"Tomorrow, 4 am, they will find you dead. Stabbed in the chest 7 times and shot in the temple. No fingerprints. They will never know who did it. You will live your human life as Bella-Tiana Somiforn. You can stop trying to stop your real hair colour and take out your contact lenses." Misto explained.
"Thank you so much. Just got one more person to talk to."

"Nancy? Are you in?" Bella shouted through the letterbox of her best friend/sister's door. The door opened.
"Hey Mollie, how are you?"
"I'm going to be found dead tomorrow morning at 4 am."
"What? No! You can't kill yourself! You promised me that you would look after me!"
"I'm not going to kill myself. Misto made me a clone. Just know, I will always love you. You are always going to be my sister. I just can't live with them anymore. I need to show you something. Close your eyes." Bella turned into a cat. "Open them."
Nancy looked down at Bella.
"You're the cat who was sat on my wall."
"Yes, and I know where that missing cat is. Lilly is in your trees. She stuck in between two branches." Bella said after changing back into a human. Nancy hugged Bella.
"Thank you."
"No, thank you for being my true sister. I have to go now. Send any letters by giving them to Lilly. When you save her she will trust you." Bella ran away after kissing her sisters forehead.

"Mollie, I'm sorry." Shelly said to the door of Mollies room. "Mollie?" She opened the door and screamed.

"This morning at 4 o'clock, Mollie Keates was found dead in her bedroom. She was stabbed 7 times in the chest and shot in the temple. Police have found no fingerprints or any traces of dna, therefore they are considering it to be a sui-" Tugger turned the TV Bella had conjured up off.
"Are you sure you did the right thing, Bella?"
"Yes. Jenny, can I still go to that school Shelly was going to send me to? I can't go back to the Academy. Please?" Bella asked her mother, who was sat holding Skimbles hand.
"Of course. You need some new friends, not just kittens. And they won't recignise you as you'll have white and black hair and orange and purple eyes, for everlasting cats sakes." She smiled.
"Well, to get into a school, the headteacher needs to have a meeting with you two."
"Well, that's a predicament if I ever heard one." Skimble said.
"I can make you into humans but only for about 2 hours."
"That's alright. That'll be enough for a meeting."
"I'll have to conjure up my levels and grades for them to see."
"Don't lie and say you've got strait A*'s in everything."
"I won't. I've got strait A*'s in everything except... Yeah, I got strait A*'s in everything. Shelly was the one who got all my report cards. " Bella laughed as a wad of papers appeared in her hand. "Right, pictures of my trampolining competition, my gynastics competition, my football tornement, my horseriding rosette, everything I need for a perfect school life." Bella smiled.

"Well, hello Mr and Mrs Somiforn."
"No, our name is Tronagle. Somiforn is just Bella's name. We adopted her when we found her on the streets." Jenny explained to the teacher sat in front of her.
"Oh, sorry. Well, from her report cards, I can see that she is a very intelligent girl but why do you wish to send her here? This is for kids who aren't on the right path."
"We wanted to send her here for two reasons. The first, she said that her mother told her she wanted her to come this school because she was a... well, strange child. And the second, she has some...habits that any other schools don't like. She loves high places, but if she falls she doesn't get hurt that much. She can tell a lot about people just by the way they act." Skimble said.
"That's alright. We have lots of differant facilities that can help her. She can stay here for a week, then if she doesn't like it we can see about differant schools she would like that have better facilities that suit her."
"Thank you. Is this meeting done?"
"Yes, it is. Thank you for letting me see you. Oh, I am Miss Rae. I teach P.E."
"Then you will love Bella. She one of the most energetic people in our family."
"Brilliant. Bye." The teacher let Jenny and Skimble leave.

"Hello kids and welcome to this new and fantastic week. We have a new student to our school. Bella, would you like to come forward?" Bella walked forward and smiled.
"I'm Bella-Tiana Somiforn but everyone can call me Bella." Bella said to the large group of kids sat on desks infront of her.
"Hiya Bella, I am Iradessa and I am the guiddance counciller. You will be taking lessons with me every week on Tuesdays. I am also head of Phynix which is the choirs name." A woman in her 20's said to Bella.
"Well, I got my last counciller in tears during our first session so be afraid." Bella said in a joking voice.
"Hi! I'm Olivia. Your hair is awesome!" A very tall girl came over, smiling. Bella smiled.
"I was born with white hair. I just added the black myself. You look like you can do gymnastics pretty well."
"I do. I'm, apparently, the best in the school."
"Well, not for long." Bella said teasingly.
"Bella, I have your timetable." Iradessa came over and handed her a sheet of paper.
"Thank you Iradessa." Iradessa walked off. "She is so pretty!" Bella said to Olivia who was fiddling with her hair.
"She is. What do you have Thursday, fourth period?" Liv asked, curiously.
"Free. Why?"
"No reason."
"So, why are you here?"
"I used to...I used to cut myself."
"Then why are you still here?"
"I love it here. The whole school becomes your family. I'm an orphan, you see."
"I am too. Jenny and Skimble adopted me when I was 7."
"Skimble? That's a strange name. Why are you here then? Too much for the other schools?"
"Yeah. I like to be high."
"As in...taking drugs?"
"No, as in high places. Watch." Bella walked out into the courtyard, Olivia behind her. "Watch this." Bella ran at one of the walls of the single story building and climbed it. She stood up on the roof.
"Woah! That's wicked! Me and ma homies were just watchin' ya sweet moves, sista'." Bella looked down and saw a group of boys. "Oh, boys, ain't this new girl fit?" All the boys nodded in agreement. Bella smiled and jumped off, did a front flip and landed on her feet, in front of the boys.
"I guess you are the gangsters of the school." Bella said, walking round him. He turned around with her, staring at her chest. Bella noticed this and pushed him to the ground. All the boys laughed. Bella pulled him up. "I don't think you know what manners are. Stare at my chest again and I will personally rip off your...privates." Bella said seriously. The boys eyes widened.
"Really? You think you could beat me and my pure skills? Bring it, sista."
"Ok. You choose 3 topics you could beat me in."
"Dance, singing and...flirting."
"Well, I can multitask. I will do two of those things together." Bella brought out a radio from her bag and started the same music she played when she danced with Plato. She danced around all the boys.
"Oh boy, am I getting hot. I think I'll take my jacket off." Bella said and took off her thick jacket. She was wearing her small, tiger-striped tum-top. She continued to dance around all the boys. Olivia was laughing in the background. The music stopped and Bella stood still.
"Bella, you are officially a legend." Olivia said.
"Thank you. Now, what should I sing?" Olivia whispered an answer in her ear. "Perfect."

I hate on traffic just as much as the next guy
I try to bypass them
if these basturds would just drive
Rush hour traffic, stuck in hell
bumper to bumper, such a fail
Stuck in jail, my trucks a cell
I'd rather stab my brain with a rusty nail

And when I'm driving, I'm driven
And every ride that I sit in
I lose my mind, I admit it
And I'm quick to trip and lose my grip
And flip you the bird
and I'll rage
Just like the nerd

Yeah, I see you in your lexus
Rubber necking, checking messages
Texting for directions
while you're googling
nekkid breasteses

These other drivers, they're all brain dead
I swear the traffic lights see me
and they all change red.
I thought driving was basic
but I aint got no patience
This old lady needs Latex
I think I'm going ape-shit
'Cause my lane's looking like a line
at the chinease drive through
Why's everyone gotta drive at the same time I do?

"Well, now we all know you can rap, Bella." Bella turned around and saw Iradessa smiling at her.
"Hi Iradessa. I was just showing the boys not to mess with a girl."
"What? You showed them not to mess with you! They are gonna be crying tonight." Olivia said, giving Bella a high five.
"Well, come Phynix tonight. They'll love your voice." Iradessa walked off.
"There you are, Bella!" Miss Rae came over. "I just wanted to ask if you would show us how good you are at gymnastics. I have a lesson in a few minutes. Would you like to do a demonstration?"
"I have P.E next, anyway Miss. I would love to."

All the students (and a few teachers) gazed in awe as Bella flipped around the room in a graceful style.
"She's so good"
"She's even better than Liv!"
"How do you think she can do that, Miss Rae?"
"I don't know, Kaleb. She's olympic grade. She's so casual."
"Miss, are we going to learn that?" A small girl asked Miss Rae, who was staring at Bella.
"Ask her, she might want to teach you, Charley." Everyone cheered as Bella stopped and bowed.
"Thanks. I'm not that good." she said modestly.
"Yes, you are!"
"I also know magic."
"Hey, that's my job!" One of the teachers stepped forward.
"I do real magic, like taking this." She held up a blue watch.
"Hey, that's mine!" said Miss Rae.
"And I can change colours. Miss, throw me that ball."
"The blue one?"
"Yeah, that one." She caught it. It was now pink! "I also can climb really well." She ran at a wall, climbed up it and jumped and swung onto the doorframe.
"Ok, you are..."
"I'm limited edition." Bella said, dropping down. "Now, I think I heard someone wanting some lessons. Can anyone here do the splits?"

"Oh Tugger, It's amazing! They let me climb, they don't make fun of my eyes, they just love me!" Bella was in cat form on the school gate.
"Brilliant. I heard what happened to Isobel."
"She said she say a half man-half cat thing hugging you. She got sent to a mental institution."
"Poor Isobel."
"Well, I heard that Miss Rae phoned a coach from the olympics who saw a video of you. He wants to see you!"
"Holy shit! This is brilliant but...I'm only 12. I have to be 16 to go into the olympics." Bella sighed. She couldn't let anyone know her secret. She looked up at her dorm window and saw Olivia staring at them with wide eyes. "Shit."

"What the hell was that?! A cat with exactly the same hair and eyes as you! What's going on?" Olivia said to Bella, whispering.
"I can't tell you."
"Why not?"
"I can't t-tell yo-you..." Bella slurred. Suddenly, she fainted.

"She can't be, Jenny! It's just...She can't! She's too young!" Bella was awake but she couldn't open her eyes. She listened to Tugger argue with her mother.
"I didn't believe it myself but she is. Misto said that her magic must have felf her love and made it possible."
"Mum? Tugger? What's going on?" Bella managed to say. Her eyes fluttered open slowly.
"You fainted when you were in school. Miss Rae knew I was a nurse and phoned us. I was at the junkyard and Skimble was at the station so Tugger picked up. Misto turned him human and he picked you up."
"I was so worried about you." Tugger said, hugging her tightly. Bella winced.
"Why does my stomouch hurt so much?" Bella moaned. "Must have ate a bad rat. Either that or Tugger's food has poisoned me." She laughed. Tugger and Jenny exchanged worried looks.
"Bella, we need to tell you something. Just don't freak out, please."
"Sure. What do you need to tell me? Worst case senario, I'm a zombie."
"It's not that bad. But-"
"You're eating for two." Tugger blurted out. Bella raised her eyebrow.
"Yeah, funny. What's really..." Bella stopped talking and frowned. "You're saying I'm pregnant?"
"That's alright. You're the one getting up at half 2 in the morning." Bella said calmly. "I'd have done enough work for nine months."
"You really are calm about this? I almost had a heart attack!"
"Well, I didn't expect it but with how much you-"
"Bella-Tiana, you finish that sentance, you are walking out of her with no fur." Jenny warned her.
"Sorry mum, yeah, I don't care less. I think you might want to check Electra as well." Bella said before sliding off the table.

"Electra, Jenny wants you." Alonzo said to his daughter-in-law.
"Thanks Alonzo."
"Tumble, go with your mate."
"Yes dad."
Electra and Tumble walked, hand in hand, towards Jenny's den.
"Electra, Bella is pregnant. According to her, you and Tumble...well...You did the same as her and Tugger. She believes that there is a chance that you are as well." Jenny explained to the bewildered couple in front of her. A few minutes later Jenny spoke.
"Congratulations. You have 3 kittens."
"That's...Um...Brilliant." Tumble said nervously.
"Don't worry, guys. I'll make sure no one judges you." The couple turned around and saw Bella and Tugger standing in the doorway.
"Thanks Bella, but I'm not sure I'm ready to handle kids."
"Well, from what little logic I have, I think our kits are due on about the same date. Jenny can give Tugger and Tumble a scolding for getting her two 'daughters' pregnant and I can get us all the food we need."
"Brilliant idea." Jenny beamed. "You two," she said pointing to Tugger and Tumble. "You are on herb duty until the kits are born."
"Jenny, you told Electra how many kits she is going to have. Why didn't you tell me?" Bella asked.
"I don't know. I'll check now, if you want. Follow me." Bella followed Jenny into the other room. Jenny told her to lie down. When she did she poured a gel onto her stomouch.
"You've got about 7 kittens." Jenny smiled.
"That's brilliant!" Tugger said, beaming.
"You say that now, wait until they're able to walk. They'll get stuck everywhere and you'll be the one getting them out." Bella teased

"Crap, this hurts." Bella was 8 1/2 months on. She was trying to get up out of bed,
hoping to avoid squashing her large stomouch.
"Tell me about it." Electra said. Tugger and Tumble didn't come back from herb duty last night so Bella let Electra stay the night.
"Well, now that you're awake, we might as well get something to eat."

"Professor, the news has only just come in."
"Well, why wasn't it in 7 months ago?! I need to fulfil the prophecy! She cannot be pregnant. She is destined for..."

"Oh everlasting cat, you do hunt really well, Bella." Electra said, stuffed from the 20 rats she had just eaten.
"Well, I do know where all the animals live and I give them a lot of...well, lets just say that they are mating like crazy." Bella laughed. A rustle came from behind them. Bella's head turned and saw a pair of chocolate eyes. Bella and Electra backed away. "Who's there?"
"Me and three others have just arrived here. We're here to fight." A white and brown fox with nine tails walked out of the bush.
"Who are you?" Electra asked, protectively holding her stomouch.
"My name is Hermione Granger. You look extremely like Mollie Keates, that muggle girl who died about 9 months ago."
"Don't say that name. I can't stand that name." Bella said feircly. She shot a lightning bolt at the fox.
"So you're one of the mystics. Which one are you related to?" The fox smiled, turned and stood in its place was a teenge girl with brown hair and eyes. Bella and Electra both gasped. Bella smiled, turned and became human.
"Bella-Tiana Somiforn, at your service Miss Granger." Bella bowed but immediatly winced.
"Oh my goodness, are you Ok?"
"Why do people ask that when it's obvious that I'm not?" Bella asked furiously. "I'm pregnant, for fucks sake." She growled and turned back into a Jellicle.

"Hello, my Jellicle friends. I am Professor Dumbledore from Hogwarts. As you should know, Macavity is going to start a war. This time he has Voldemort on his side, an evil wizard. We are going to help you fight. I have brought 3 of my best students. Ron Weasley, Ha-... The other two must have wandered off." An old man stood in front of the tribe.

"Well, lets get goi-" Suddenly a large wolf jumped in front of the three animals. Hermione jumped in front of the two jellicles but then calmed.
"Harry, don't scare us like that! These two are pregnant!" Hermione shouted, annoyed. The wolf whimpered and spun. In its place was a boy with scruffy black hair and bright green eyes.
"Sorry, Hermione. I wanted to scare you. Sorry. I didn't notice you were pregnant." Harry apoligised.
"B-Bella..." Electra stared at Bella. "M-my water just br-broke."

"Help!" All of the tribe turned and saw 4 figures running towards them. Bella, a kitsune, a dire wolf and Electra, who was being carried by the wolf. "Tumblebrutus, get your fat arse over here and help your mate, who is about to give birth!" screamed Bella. Jenny, Jelly and Tumble ran towards Electra.

"Oh no. Please, Everlasting Cat, please let her live. I will give my own life to save hers. Please let my mate live." Tumble was outside Jenny's den, pacing up and down.
"You alright, mate?" Ron walked up to Tumble.
"Shut up, you stupid human. You don't understand. She isn't old enough! She's only just had her first ball! Oh Everlasting Cat, what have I done? My mate is 10 fucking years old!"
"So you're sort of married to a 10 year old?" asked Ron, confused.
"Fuck off and leave him alone!" A large black and white jellicle came over and pushed Ron to the ground. "You annoy my son again and I swear, I will kill you." Alonzo threatened.
"Alonzo, leave him alone! You're supposed to be on guard duty." Bella came over, eyes flashing. She grabbed Alonzo by the tail and dragged him away. "Sorry 'bout him. He's really over protective of his son." Bella smiled and helped Ron to his feet.
"Thanks Bella." Ron looked at Bella's eyes. They were two differant colours. Her hair was white and black, whereas her mane was the opposite. Her teeth were perfect white. When she smiled, her eyes twinkled.
"Ron, be careful. She's taken." A black and tan Maine Coone came over and kissed Bella on the lips. Bella giggled and moved his paw to her stomouch.
"They're moving! I think one's doing pelvic thrusts!" Tugger laughed.
"Well, if he is then you're going to be the one trusting him not to get a 9 year old pregnant." Bella said as she tickled him under the chin.
"Hey, don't blame me for your sexiness." Tugger purred and gave Bella a passionate kiss.
"Get a room, Tugger!" Misto shouted.
"Got over Cettie yet, Misto?" Tugger jeered back. Misto walked away, mumbling to himself.

"They're beautiful. What are they gonna be called?" Bella asked Electra, who was holding her 3 new kittens.
"Kida, Dewanto and... Belle." Tumble smiled at his mate.
"We were wondering...will you be their godmother?" Bella's eyes widened.
"Of course!"

"She's so pretty. She can do magic as well." Harry sighed as he thought of Bella.
"Number one, She's taken. Number two, she's 9 years old." Ron explained.
"Only in cat years. She's 12 in human."
"Still, thats three years younger than you."
"So? Tugger's 5 years older than her and he got her pregnant!" Harry spat/.
"Will you two stop it? Bella has gone through a lot and she doesn't need you two flirting with her." Hermione shouted through the thin wall.

"Bella, when's your birthday?" Tugger asked his mate. She was about 4 days away from her due date.
"11th August. Why?"
"What?" Tugger asked in disbelief. "That's the day of the jellicle..."
"I believe it is Old Deuteronemy." sang Coricopat and Tantomile. Old Deuteronemy walked into the clearing. He took one look at Bella and sank to his knees.
"You!" He said as he pointed at her. Bella stared at him as he sank to the ground. "No, you can't be here. Not yet. No, I promised him! She can't be pregnant. No, please no. He'll kill me."

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