"normal speaking"


Dr. Drakken's Carrabin lair

"Ron, push the self-destruct button, and I will go deal with Shego!" Kim Possible, teenage cheerleader/Hero yelled.

"Got it KP" Ron Stoppable clumsy sidekick saluted with a goofy smile. Kim nodded and went to fight with Shego. The raven haired woman lit her plasma empowered fists and leaped forward burying the princess under her flurry of ferocious punches.

"This time I will win Kimberly Ann Possible!" Drakken yelled "You and your buffoon won't stop me! My new mega enhanced weather machine disruptor will give me absolute power over the weather!" The deranged mad scientist ranted.

"Oh come on you so ripped that off from me!" Ron yelled ducking under a sloppy slash of one of Drakken's henchmen."Can't you be little more original?"

"Silence you buffoon! I will be as much original as I want after I conquer the world HAHAHA!" he laughed manically. Ron sighed and started to dash towards the big red button. He avoided the henchmen attack with ease. The over-weighted and undertrained men weren't much of a problem. He thanked God silently for Drakken being such a cheapskate when it comes to henchmen. He was just about to reach the button when one on them managed to get a lucky shot on him. The man stumbled and swung his stick hitting Ron in the face, sending him flying back. He tumbled backwards and rolled few meters. Unfortunately for him he landed right in Kim's path making her loss her balance and fall on Ron.

"Well well princess I didn't know that you liked that buffoon that much?" Shego laughed as she was accompanied by Drakken's henchmen. Kim's eyes narrowed in anger as she turned her sight towards Ron.

"Ron…." She growled. Seeing her expression he gulped. Recently a small tension stared to build between them, mostly over Kim's new boyfriend; Josh Mankey. They already had few arguments about him.

In Ron's opinions the 'Pretty Boy' was totally unsuitable for her. Then she accused him of 'Jelling' and being petty. To further add oil to the fire Josh himself made it very clear that he didn't approve of their friendship. So now Team Possible was facing a mild crisis.

"Why do you have to be such a loser?" The auburn teen spat. Suddenly the whole base fell quiet, as a few gasp could be heard from the crowd of henchmen. Drakken's jaw was hanging loosely while Shego was looking at the pair with shock. None of them could believe what they just heard, but no more than Ron.

"What?" He asked weakly as Kim just shook her head.

"I said why do you have to be such a loser? You were supposed to distract them but even this seems too much for you to handle, even worse you constantly get in my way!" She seethed.


Ron's P.O.V

It hurts, it really, reeeallly hurts. I felt tears swelling in my eyes. Normally I can take any insult from anyone, but when your closest friend that you've known since pre-k calls you a loser it really hurts.

"I'm starting to think that Josh was right about you" I looked at her incredulously. I really hated that Monkey bastard. From the first day he started dating Kim he constantly scorned and ridiculed me. Every time I brought this matter to Kim, she replied that he just need to know me better or that I should just ignored it because it was really important for her. And I endured it for her like every wound I get from a mission. I could really do everything for my best friend and hearing such words from her really cut me deeply.

"But…" I tried to argue.

"No buts, Ron I tolerated your poor performance for a long time but now you starting to become a hindrance to me and making Team possible look bad."

A Hindrance It took all of my will power to not cry. How can she be so cruel to me? Wasn't I there for her every time she felt bad or had problems? To console her and tell her that she can do anything. Always supporting her and letting her shine while standing in shadows? I felt something is building inside of me. A feeling I hadn't felt for a long time. 'Rage' I could feel it spread like a wild fire, consuming more and more of my mind. But I tried to keep it under control. I was sure that she would soon see she how much she hurt me and apologize.

"Maybe…I should ask Josh to come with us next time" That was the last straw, but to my surprise I didn't start to yell back. Instead I felt a sudden rage overcome me. It was like something snapped inside of me, something that was there for a very long time.

"Fine" I replied back with a cold tone that I wasn't aware that I possessed. I calmly stood and walked to the self-destruction button and leaned on the wall next to it. To my surprise no one stopped me; they were all too shocked "If I'm such a hindrance to you, destroy the base by yourself, after all you're a girl who can't do 'Anything'."I argued with as much sarcasm I could muster up.


Shego's P.O.V

"Wow just wow I never thought that the buffoon had it in him to stand up to princess…I wonder if I could muster so much sarcasm. But on the other hand it is no wonder." Shego thought to herself. I cringed a little when I recalled the pain on his face what Kimmie chewed on him about, it had to hurt to be told such things from the one you consider your best friend forever….it really must hurt.

What really worried me more was what came after that, the look in Stoppable's eyes. For a moment I could swear that I saw a faint blue glow in his eyes as they reminded me of someone else. I felt shiver go down my spine as I recalled who. 'Zorpox the Conqueror' I wouldn't dare admit it in thousands hells but it was the only person I was truly afraid of. And now the goofy sidekick has the same look, minus the madness and maniacal laughter…..the silent types were always the scariest. Princess I hope you know how much you screwed up now. I really wouldn't want to be anywhere around him, when Stoppable snaps.


General P.O.V

"What the hell Ron push the damn button already!" The teen heroine yelled, but Ron ignored her completely checking his nails in a nonchalant manner. Kim growled and was about to go over there and give him a piece of her mind when a green plasma ball flew right next to her head.

"Trouble in paradise princess?" Shego taunted.

"Shut it Kermit" Kim replied as she jumped at her arch foe, and delivering few hard blows.

"Owww did I strike a nerve? I'm so sorry." The raven haired woman replied quite sarcastically. "Guess your little sidekick finally developed some backbone to ignore lil miss 'Perfect'. Maybe mentioning your boy-toy wasn't such a good idea"

"At least I can have someone dating me, unlike a green freak like you" Kim laughed at her, as Shego's eyes narrowed with anger.

"Owww did I strike a nerve I'm so sorry" Kim looked at her smugly as she mimicked and mocker her. "Face it Shego, you're freak, no wonder you couldn't fit into a normal society….oh wait I remember Motor Ed wants to date you! Cheer up you already have found a fellow freak to date after all!" No sooner as the words left her mouth a fist collided with her face. She flew a few meters back and hit the wall painfully. She quickly collected herself and looked at Shego. Her face was now a new dark form of anger and her plasma burned more brightly and maliciously than Kim could ever remember.

"Not good" Kim thought, as Shego charged at her with a primal roar. Doing a back flip she barely avoided her furious jabs and kicks. Thanks to her cheerleader training she was fast and agile so she could avoid almost all of Shego's attacks. The raven haired woman was more a stationary fighter while Kim's tactic was mainly hit and run. But in the end her style of fighting was much more tiring than Shego's style.

Meanwhile Ron was looking at the battle with a mixture of saddens and anger, but by now it was mostly sadness.

"I wish Rufus was here." Currently his rodent had been ill for some time, so his assistance on missions had to be put on hold.

"Excuse me" One of Drakken's henchmen came closer to him.

"Yes" He replied casually

"Aren't we like going to fight?" The rest of the red dressed men nodded in agreement.

"Nan I'm not in the mood" Ron shook his head "Can't we just stay here and watch the fight?" The men looked at each other. After a moment shrugged their shoulders and lowered their weapons.

"Sure why not." Ron turned his head back to the battle. Burst of plasma were everywhere and Kim seemed to be having more problems with Shego that usual.

'Tsk is this Kim gets under everyone's skin day?' The blonde laughed humorlessly drawing amused stares from the henchmen."Guess it's not a good idea to piss off Shego" Ron commented with a choir of yeses that came as reply from the henchmen.

As the battle continued Kim movements started to become sloppy and slow. Shego still empowered by rage started to gain advantage. Despite not hitting she was getting closer and closer. Any moments she would land a fatal blow on the princess.

Ron deciding he was having enough of this decided to push the self-destruct button. He was still her friend after all or so he hoped, as the lair started to crumble.

"NOOOOOOOO, damn you KIM POSSIBLE you ruined my plans again!" Drakken cried, as Ron Stoppable snorted from Drakken's cries.

"Typical" he muttered under his breath. "Of course Kim stopped him and I did nothing."

"RON LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!" Kim yelled and dashed to the exit. Ron nodded and walked calmly, since the self-destruct had such long interval that the prisoner could walk out of the base and still had some time before it actually exploded. When he reached the exit Ron could feel someone gazing at him. Turning around he saw a pair green emerald eyes locked firmly onto his dark chocolate orbs. The raven haired women smirked coyly at Ronald.

"My Stoppable I wasn't aware that you had such backbone." That little remark earned a small grin from Ron.

"The Ron man is full of surprises Shego….oh and Kim didn't mean it. She was just angry at me and sort of vented the anger on to you." He rubbed back of his head sheepishly, while Shego on the other hand was awestruck.

"What the hell are you playing at Stoppable!" The green villain snapped. She was suspicious; no one had ever this nice to her…at least without an ulterior motive before.

"Whoa, no need to go all atomic on me!" Raising his hands in defensive position, "It was low blow and you didn't deserve it." Now it was official her jaw hit the floor.

"And why do you even care?" Ron looked at her surprised.

"Well I thought you were sad so I wanted to cheer you up" He smiled,

"Ok now you are being creepy, we are the 'Enemies' for Christ sake, you shouldn't give a damn about my wellbeing and likewise." She replied.

"Well I'm just that kind of guy; I can't help when I see a sad woman." Instantaneously his smile turned into a goofy one, "Anyways we should get out of here, this dump will soon blow up."

"Yeah you're right" Shego responded with the faintest of blush. It was some time that someone referred to her as woman. As they both jogged out of the base, they ran in silence yet there wasn't any tension between the two of them.

"So, Stoppable what got the princess all ballistic today?" Shego asked, earning a sigh from Ron.

"It was just our argument over her boyfriend" Shego raised her eyebrow.

"I knew you had hots for her" Ron blushed.

"It's not like that!"

"Really then what about your prom night didn't you two kiss?" Now he was beef red.

"It was just the spur of moment kind of thing. We're just friends but back to the topic, her boyfriend Josh Mankey; aka Josh Monkey started yet another argument in school over me. Aside from the name calling, he told Kim that she should just stop being friend with me because it really had a negative effect on her position in the food chain." Shego nodded remembering similar stuff from her high school, "Guess her being the highest and me being the lowest posed some problems." He chuckled humorlessly for God who knows what time today, "After he went to his class, I confronted Kim about that, and guess what? It was like, 'He still needs some time', I told her that two months is plenty of time, and then she snapped on me telling me I was an inconsiderate person and that a true friend would help her to be happy." Ron finished telling the story with a heavy sigh.

"Wow pretty egoistical for her." She felt a pang of pity for the boy.

"Yeah but I didn't pointed it out, and thus avoided a morality lecture." They momentarily shared a laugh at his joke.

"That was a good one Stoppable." Shego smiled, "Anyways that's the exit." Shego pointed as Ron nodded.

"Ok, thanks for letting me get this off my chest…it was nice of you…Shego" Suddenly the raven haired women froze and looked at him darkly.

"I am not nice got it!" Shego growled, making Ron start to sweat with fear.

"Sure, you're the meanest, strongest, and toughest chick in the town!" She smiled smugly.

"...But that doesn't change the fact that it was nice." With his last smile he dashed madly to the exit, with Shego hot on his heels.

"Damn you buffoon I will get you for that" She roared but without much malice, but Ron not knowing that ran to the helicopter and grabbed the rope ladder quickly making the pilot take off.

"See you next time Shego!" The blonde yelled.

"I will remember that Stoppable!" She yelled back smiling. Ron did the mock salute and began to climb up.

"SHEGO I NEED YOU KNOW!" Her smile quickly fell from her face.

"Coming Dr.D!"

Inside the helicopter

"Ron what the hell was that?!" Kim yelled/asked, yet Ron remained impassive as he looked out of the window with faraway look, "Oh so you are going to ignore me, very mature Ron!" Still Kim received the same effect. Kim decided to take another approach. "Ron tell me what's bothering you?" Kimberly asked gently. He looked at her and she saw the sadness in his eyes.

"The fact that you're pushing me away, KP." Kim gasped.

"I'm not…" She replied instantly, but to only to be cut off.

"Yes you are, when was the last time we spent a day together just us?" he asked as Kim bit her lip.

"I was busy…" Ron shook his head from her excuse.

"So much that you couldn't spare your best friend an hour or two?" Kim was about to say something but Ron was faster, "And you called me a loser and hindrance today!" Kim looked down ashamed from her earlier words.

"I didn't meant it"

"Yes you did I saw it in your eyes!" Ron responded quietly, "I can take insults from everyone, but from you it hurts….it hurts a lot." Kim felt like he just slapped her. The amount of pain in his voice was devastating.

'I'm so stupid' Ron looked at her "Ron look I'm so sorry about that, please forgive me" Kim quickly hugged him. Ron stayed still for a moment, but soon hugged her back.

"Forgiven" Kim smiled.

"So how about we go to Bueno Nacho, my treat" Ron grinned wolfishly.

"You will regret it."

"I know."

Bueno Nacho

The pair entered the sombrero-like restaurant. The inside of the building was painted in light brown with Mexican themes.

"Hey Ned, I want four Super-supreme Nacos." Ron ordered with big smile.

"Coming Ron, and what about for you Kim?" Ned asked. He was quite tall, brown haired man with glassed and blue eyes. Like Ron's face his face was freckled as well.

"Just a chicken salad" Kim replied, as Ned smirked.

"Why so gloomy?" Ron answered for her…

"Cause it's her treat." Ned eyes widened from his remark.

"Whoa, her wallet is so going to get It." They both shared a laugh, while Kim huffed with her arms crossed.

"Not funny guys, ok let's sit." The duo walked to the nearest table and started to chat. At some point Kim remembered a question she wanted to ask.

"Hey why Shego was chasing after you like a woman possessed?" Ron eyes quickly widened.

'Not good, how to tell your best friend that you basically laid your heart to her arch-foe' but yet again the Ron factor worked perfectly in the blonde's favor. "I kind of bumped into her, and we both fell to the ground and…."

"And?" Ron was slightly panicking.

' What will shock her enough to believe me? She can usually see through all my lies' Then the idea hit him "I accidently grabbed her breasts" Kim jaw hit the table with a loud thud.

"Ewww, so disgusting, I hope you washed your hands?" Her expression matched her voice.

'If I really did that I wouldn't wash them for a week' Ron nodded to her remark.

"Good I wouldn't want you to catch anything from her." Ron furrowed his eyebrows.

"Hey that's going to far don't you think?" Kim looked at him surprised.

"But it's Shego!"

"You seemed to enjoy her company when she was under the influence of the Attitudinator" Ron deadpanned with a smug.

"Oh come on it was a totally different thing I…" Kim was about to comment when a pair of arms wrapped around her.

"Hey sweetheart…" A blonde, blue eyed man, commonly known as Josh Mankey calmly said.

"Hey Josh" Kim replied with a blush, and melted into his embrace. Ron managed to keep the straight face yet inside he was boiling in the inside. Josh looked at him smugly.

"Oh hey Ronnie I hadn't noticed you there." He grinned; Ron managed to fake smile back.

"Well, being invisible is one of my skills." Josh laughed at him.

"I have to agree with that, you are really a master of being in the background."

"Now, now guys stop bantering" She said playfully not noticing the tension in the air.

"Oh Kim you won't believe what I just managed to get…" Josh produced two tickets for the Oh Boyz concert, "Those are for VIP seats!" Kim squeaked and jumped on Josh kissing him passionately

"How did you get it? I tried to get them for months!" Josh smiled pushing his chest proudly.

"I happen to know one of their managers so it was easy to get them." Kim giggled, "It's today in Upperton so we better get going…" Josh glanced quickly at Ron and felt a sadistic satisfaction at Ron's down casted expression.

"Oh my god I have nothing to wear! We gotta get going! See ya later Ron!" Kim dragged her boyfriend out of the restaurant not looking back. Ron looked at the still swinging doors from her hastily leave with a very depressed expression.

"Here you go, fresh and warm." Ned said proudly as he brought Ron his plate filled with food and one salad." Hey where did Kim go?"

"To the damn Oh Boyz concert with Monkey." Ron quietly answered, Ned only looked at him with pity, "Can you pack it for me? I suddenly lost my appetite."

"Sure thing…Ron." The blonde started to pull out his wallet, but Ned quickly halted him, "It's on house today, buddy."

"You're too good for me Ned." Ronald added as Ned smirked as his downed friend.

"Don't sweat it Ron." Ned gave him the packed food.

"Thanks again, see you tomorrow Ned." Ron stood and left the restaurant. He noticed that it was already darkening. He sighed 'So another Friday alone…Rufus won't be much of a company in his current state.' The blonde thought as he walked toward his house.

It was medium sized and had two floors and the garage, next to the main building. The walls were painted in light yellow color. And the roof had a purplish color. Ron noticed that as usual no one was home and there weren't any lights in the windows. Ronald guessed that his parents were on another business trip. He pulled off his keys and walked inside. He left the food in the microwave and took a piece of cheese form the fridge and walked to his room upstairs. He opened the doors to his room.

The place was a mess just like he liked. The clothes were lying everywhere, but most of them was clean. He might like to have a mess in the room but by no means dirt. His room was painted in light blue color. In the center of it stood the bed, at the opposite wall stood the wardrobe, a rarely used desk, and placed near the window with computer on in. Next to it was a book case with many fantasy books and some marauding school books.

He looked to his bed and saw the pink naked mole rat sleeping peacefully. He smiled at his second closest friend and decided to not wake him up. He left the cheese near him and went down stairs and crashed on sofa. Since he wasn't in a mood for TV, he decided to sleep. Yet the sleep hadn't come, what came instead were thoughts. In a times like that when he and Kim had a little hard time, those stray thoughts started to plague him.

"Why am I such a loser…maybe Kim's right? I am a just hindrance…." His heart ached painfully. Then he remembered the anger he felt when he felt that. "But it isn't like she like me when I am successful either."

Ron recalled his time when he bested her at cooking or how jealous she was when GJ was interested in Ron factor.

"But that doesn't change a fact that I am a loser" Ron thought about his school and weak grades, all those F's he got from the homework's "The homework's that I lost during the missions!" Quickly he furrowed his eyebrows, "Or every single time the Jocks beat me when I could kick the crap out of them!"

Gritting his teeth, he didn't do that because Kim said it would make her look bad to be friends with delinquent. Again he felt rage build up inside of him…"It's always about her…"

Then Ron recalled the most painful experience. After the prom when he confronted her about that kiss and wanted to invite her to a real date she told him that she needed more time. He being himself agreed to it. A week later she told him that it wouldn't work. She started dating Josh a week after that. He never felt so bitter in his life, when he saw them together so soon after she rejected him, he felt like someone had stabbed him. But for Kim's sake he endured it in silence. He struggled on his sofa.

"She hadn't even fucking looked back!" He growled, as he stood and decided to burn out his negative emotions by training.

He continued practicing after his training at the Yamanouchi School. He went with his standard training attire, which consisted of white ninja pants and a white body fitting vest, tied with a black belt. He went to his garden in a back of his house. He went bare foot since it was June so it had been warm outside. He flipped the lights in the garden and walked to the pole he dug into the ground shortly after he finished the training in Japan. It was slightly higher than him and about one foot thick. It was made out of hard oak wood so it won't break so easily.

He skipped his usual warming up part since he had plenty before. He stood in front of the pole and slowly stared practicing his Monkey Kung-Fu. He followed this practice countless time so he didn't have to think, just go with the flow.

But because he was still furious, his movements quickly gained speed and power. He jumped the pole and literally buried it under many successions of jabs and kicks. Using his monkey style he attacked the pole form every side, feeling his bare skin crash against the wood. He ignored the pain feeling the fury powering his fists. He knew that he could perform much better at the mission but he didn't want to steal the spot light from his friend.

His hits became more furious, as the memories of his constant humiliation continue to grow. A faint blue glow could be seen in his eyes. At last the image of Josh Mankey smiling smugly at him came to his mind, in which Ron jumped into the air.

"HA!" Ron delivered a devastating kick to the upper part of the pole breaking it. He landed on the ground and hit the remains using a double-palm hit literally crushing it to pieces sending splinters everywhere. He looked darkly at the massacred wood panting heavily.

"Need to buy new training pole I guess." Looking closely he could see that his knuckles were bleeding. With sigh he had sat on his knees and did the breathing excesses to calm his nerves.

When he finally calmed down he moved to the second part of this excise, surrounding awareness. It was a ninja trick to discover someone's presence by feeling them. The ninja school taught him how to sense someone's aura. It was quite useful, there weren't many people taught knowing how to hide their presence.

He began concentrating on his surrounding and almost gasped in surprise. He immediately felt an aura nearby. Someone managed to sneak on him when he was busy venting his frustration and he knew who was it.


How do you ask he knew that? Well each person has a different aura While most is represented by various shades of white and grey, some unique individuals have a totally different one.

He had a cerulean blue one, Kim's was reddish one, Yori had a light gold one, while Sensei when he let him see his aura was pure, shining gold one like a sun. He confronted him about that. Sensei recalled that only people who had strong powers could have such a unique aura. And the only person he saw with aura like that was Shego.

Her aura was literally burning with bright green fire. At some point he thought that is was thanks to the meteor but hers brothers despite having similar origin hadn't possessed a quarter of her glow. Yet you could also see many black dots on her aura, some of them connected, that created black stains on her vibrant green one. Sadly he also knew what that was. Grief, pain and anger those were main source of those black stains. Judging from the amount of it she really had to have horrible life.

Yet she didn't break and still remained strong, not taking shit form anyone. Ron couldn't stop himself from feeling jealousy. He wouldn't admit it but he respected the raven haired woman and her don't fuck with me attitude.

"Maybe that was the reason why I apologized to her for Kim's words" Stoppable recalled her painful expression he saw it there even if it was quickly replaced by anger. Somehow sadness didn't sit well with her face, in his humble opinion. He sighed and looked to the direction where he felt that aura.

It was behind tree near his house barely six meters from him.

"Come out Shego I know your there!" Ronald yelled loud enough for her to hear. He smirked at the quick rustle of the leaves and bushes.

The green skinned woman jumped from the tree and looked at him with surprise.

"How did you know I was there?" Ron raised his eyebrow at her question.

"The better question is what you are doing here?" Ron Stoppable asked without hostility but also without any warmth or compassion.




Shego wriggled in her bed in the time-share lair. She and Drakken had to stay here till the reconstruction of their destroyed one was finished. But that wasn't the reason she was so restless, nor were the smell, cramped room, or sounds coming from the henchmen quarters. She just couldn't get rid of the image of certain buffoonish sidekick.

"God damn it!" Shego could feel her fists flare up, "Why the hell can't I stop thinking about that damn buffoon!" The green villain growled, "It's not like I worried about him or anything!" She pouted to herself, but she had known that Kim probably gave him a 'Talk'…"About the mission and their places in the team…" Frowning a little, "Hope he didn't go all Zorpox on her…..better check it just in case so I can prepare for it…" She finally found the excuse for going to check on Ron. She walked to the main room and found Drakken arguing over something with Professor Dementor.

"No it totally stupid!" Drakken screamed.

"Nein! That is the greatest idea ever, ja!" The yellow skinned madman replied. Shego wanting to have nothing to do with their bickering interrupted them.

"Hey Drakken, I'm going out and taking the hovercraft, see ya later!" Blue man looked at her.

"And where the hell do you think you're going!" The blue scientist scowled at her.

"Want to play Drakken go ouch?" The man shook his head rapidly; "Good and it's none of your business!"

Shego marched out of the lair and went to the hangar, picking up the hovercraft and flying straight to the Middleton. She was lucky that the time share lair was in the neighborhood of the town. So about twenty minutes later she landed near Stoppables house. She crept closer and looked inside the house, through the various windows.

She saw that the lower floor was empty; She climbed up, and had seen the same except the pink mole rat devouring cheese at disturbing speed. She just sighed and was just about to get back to the craft when she head a hitting sounds from behind. She walked over the roof and jumped on the nearby tree. Then she found the person she was looking for

"What the fuck" It was the only though the raven haired woman could muster. Instead of the slacker she expected to see she saw a well seasoned fighter dressed in body fitting clothes and drenched in sweat making the clothes stick to his body even more, 'Since when did the scrawny brat become so muscular?' Shego wondered as she felt blush slip on her face.

He wasn't the bulky type, but a very lean one. His muscles were well defined and strong yet not overly big. He was built for speed not power. She continued to watch the blonde train and with every passing minute her respect for his fighting skill was growing.

'I really wouldn't want to be this pole now.' She thought.


Her mouth was agape now, as she rubbed her eyes, not believing what she just had seen. The buffoon, loser, slacker just literally obligated the wooden pole smashing it to pieces with his bare hands and feet. A feast she only saw that her brother and her could pull.

"Wow" She looked closer at him, and felt the familiar fear grasps onto her heart again. 'That look….those angry eyes really don't suit his face.'

She watched as sat on his knees and closed his eyes taking deep breaths. He continued it for few minutes.

Suddenly his eyebrows furrowed.

"Come out Shego I know your there!" Shego almost fell from the tree.

'I was hiding perfectly!' Shego screamed in her mind, as she took a deep breath and jumped down.

"How did you know I was there?" Shego asked.

"The better question is what are you doing here?"


Flashback's end

"Well..." Shego panicked a little, 'Think, girl think!' She looked at him, "I was concerned for you mental stability?"

"You were worried about me?" Ron asked with baffled expression.

"No, I was simply worried that you will go all Zorpox again!" Shego quickly yelled.

"Why would I go all Zorpox?" Ronald asked with a curious manner.

"I saw the look in your eyes when princess insulted you, and it just reminded me of him…" Shego replied thinking about his cold distant eyes.

"Nah you're exaggerating!" She looked at him blankly.

"The pole and I both seem to disagree with you." Shego deadpanned, making Ron laugh nervously.

"I just needed to vent my frustration that's all." She smirked mischievously at him.

"Then tell me one thing why do you hide your true skills?" Ron looked at the ground not meeting her eyes.

"I guess…I didn't want to steal the spot light form Kim…I'm a distraction after all and she's the real deal."

Ron whispered the last part, and for some unknown reason Shego felt really angry at the red-headed cheerleader. 'Great now he's going to be all mope again' Shego thought almost out loud.

"Hey stop bitching Stoppable, I will know you're a real deal or not!" She grinned at him, as his head snapped up in surprise.

"Wha? I don't get it?" He huffed back.

"I want you…" She pointed to him, "…to fight me!" She pointed to herself, and Ron paled up.

"I…don't think it will be a good idea Shego….you will beat me in instant." She grinned predatory at him.

"Since you were nice to me I will give you a handicap no plasma."

Ron still wasn't convinced, seeing his hesitation, she decided to act first. She jumped at him with her clawed hands and tried to scratch his chest. His eyes widen comically, yet he managed to duck.

"You're fast Stoppable but that's not enough!" Shego delivered a nasty kick to his side sending him flying. Ron hit the ground hard and grunted in pain.

"I should have kept my mouth shut…" Ronald stood and went to his low stance, almost crouching extending one hand to her and other keeping behind him. Shego looked at him with surprise.

"It looks just like the stance Monkey Fist does…" Ron snorted at her comment.

"Aside from the marital art we practice we have nothing in common…besides I'm better at that!" Now it was Shego's turn to be the surprised one.

"You beat Monkey Fist?" Ron grinned at her amusement.

"A few times against him and his creepy ninja monkeys." His little remark earned him a shiver at the thought of those memories of those monkeys. Ron really hated monkeys.

He looked at his opponent and saw that she was completely flabbergasted. He used this to his advantage and jumped at her. Shego snapped out of her daze just in time to block strong left hook. Just after she did that a spinning kick flied to her head. She used her own leg to block it, and was about to retaliate he jumped back with an acrobatic back flip.

"Really impressed here Stoppable!" She praised him…

"Now you're witnessing the legendary Ron-shine!" Shego chuckled at his comment shaking her head.

"So you really defeated the Monkey fist, because I fought him few time and he's no joke…actually he's pretty close to my league!"

" If he was close to your league, and I'm better than him ,am I in your league?" Shego scoffed.

"In your dreams Stoppable you'll never achieve my level!"

Shego leapt at him and tried to gain advantage form the momentum, but he swiftly nullified it jumping behind her back. She spun around with an open palm trying to back hand him but he managed to catch her hand. She tried to rip it out but couldn't

"How the hell are his hands are so strong?"

Shego considered flaring her plasma but she gave a word that she wouldn't. She closed the gap and tried to elbow him in the temple but he moved closer preventing it. Now their faces were inches apart. She could feel his hot breath over her face and likewise.


Her eyes widen when he kneeled her in her solar plexus. The kicked released all the air from her lungs. She moved backwards holding her stomach. Ron jumped at the opening but was surprised, when his face met her feet. He flew back and crashed with the ground again.

"You caught the bait too easily Stoppable!" she smirked despite the pain.

She was grateful that the meteor enhanced her body as well so she regenerated faster. Ron stood yet again and took his stance. Shego felt her heart starting to beat faster. The adrenaline was now rushing in her veins. "Perfect…" Shego purred.

Ron jumped at her and showered her with blows. Every swipe was precise and lightning fast. Shego would of lost easily, but her battle honed body and instinct let her avoid or block almost all hits. Yet he managed to land few solid blows on her but in only seemed to amuse her more.

"Yes this is it…" She yelled in her mind, "…the fight I've always wanted!"

Kim hit and run style always annoyed Shego, she could never fully enjoy the fight when the opponent constantly distanced himself from her, but in Ron's case the situation was completely different. He stayed close all the time, almost pressing his body over hers. He wasn't afraid to take a punch if it resulted in scoring one. She wanted to see how far he could go.

"It's better than I expected but still nearly not enough….no wonder Kim thinks of you as hindrance!" She felt like a bitch now it was a really low blow. Ron stopped in his tracks, and looked at her with hurt expression.

She was really tempted to apologize. She never truly apologized to anyone but she knew that it was totally undeserving. She was about to open her mouth when Ron jumped on her faster than she ever saw him moving. She barely managed to block his kick, as she felt her bone was about to crack. No sooner than this action finished in one fluid motion his fist collided with her face and she was sent flying to the ground. She hit the ground hard, rolling a few feet.

'Had I been just hit by the truck just now?' Shego thought as the world began to spin around her.

She was about to stand when she felt a pressure on her waist. She focused her sight and saw blue- a blue glowing aura surrounding Stoppable. She was now looking at Ron's icy blue eyes staring into her very soul. His face was turned into a furious snarl that paralyzed her with fear.

He looked at her in the same when he was about to throw her into a pool filled with sharks. She gulped nervously. He raised his fist still not taking those terrifying eyes off her. She started to breathe faster.

"Stoppable?" She chocked, "Ron?"

Ron brought down the fist with terrifying speed towards her face. She closed her eyes expecting pain. But it hadn't come instead she heard a loud thud on her left side. She tilted her head to the side and saw a visible dent in the ground where his fist hit. She looked carefully up and felt a wave of relief when she saw his normal brown eyes again, yet he looked at her with a sad expression.

"Sorry, I lost my temper there for a second…" Ron got off her, and started to walk back towards his home with a slumped shoulder, "Maybe she's right… I am just a hindrance."

"Hey Ron wait I'm…." She swallowed her pride, "…sorry about that comment…. I just wanted to get you to fight me seriously…and I got what I deserved." She muttered the last part, making Ron turn around surprised.

"Really you don't think I'm a hindrance?" He asked with hopeful eyes. She was about to give a snarky remark but stopped herself.

"No personally I don't think of you as a hindrance, especially after that….not to mention it was you who foiled most of Drakken's plans, by pushing the self-destruct or sabotaging his devices." Ron beamed at her comment smiling widely making her smile in return.

"Thanks Shego that was n…." Ron stopped when he saw her scowl, "…not a bit nice." Shego sighed at his incompetence.

"Whatever since you won't be turning psycho anytime soon my mission here is done, see ya!" She began to walk away.

"Shego wait!" She turned around and saw him blushing, "Maybe you want to come inside to…eat or drink something?" She looked at him mischievously.

"My Stoppable you really work fast don't you, and what if I decline your generous offer…" She really wanted to know the answer.

"Well, I have a pool filled with sharks...behind you…" Ron grinned, and Shego gasped and blushed furiously in embarrassment.

"Well played Stoppable, well played…fine." Ron cheered…


Ron motioned her to follow him. She obeyed and soon found herself in his living room. She looked around at the cozy furniture room. In the corner stood a stony fire place with a few logs of wood near it. The walls were painted in light yellow color with few paining handing on them. The floor was wooden with a carpet in the center of the room. On the carpet stood glass coffee table and a sofa if front of it a large plasma TV was placed.

"Nice place Stoppable!" She commented.

"Than…." He stopped in the mid-sentence and looked at her with blush.

"What? What are you staring at?" She followed his gaze and saw the condition of her jumpsuit. It was ripped in few places showing her smooth green skin. One rip was just under her breast, and showed a part of it. She smirked sultry and crept closer.

"Like what you see, Ronnie?" Shego purred, making the blonde swallowed hard. Then that was when she noticed the state of his gear. Like her it was ripped in few places showing off him well toned chest He centrally filled since they me, quickly shaking her head to chase away the thoughts. She noticed that his eyes were still glued to her chest. She shook her breast and laughed at his furious blush.

"K-knock it off Shego." He muttered.

"You don't like it?" She pouted. Ron looked at her with mouth agape

"Damn it just like Kim's puppy dog eyes…"

"I errrr…will go re-heat the food, the bathroom is upstairs if you want to re-fresh…." He ran to the kitchen. Shego laughed at him and went to the craft for her spare set of clothes. On her way she threatened him that if he peeked she will skin him alive.

She turned on the shower and felt the warm water all over her skin cleaning her form the dirt. She looked over her body and saw bruises form their fight. Especially big one was on her forearm.

"He really does have strong legs." Shego wondered massaging her arm.

Thanks to her healing factor all of her wounds healed at a rapid pace she could be at her best by next day after any hard fight. She turned the water off and dried herself. She left the bath room and saw Rufus. The pink mole rat looked at her with baffled expression

"Kyaaaaa!" Then the rat fainted. Shego looked at him unmoving form. She sighed at took the creature in her hands. She walked down stairs and found Ron, also refreshed pulling out a plate of steaming food from the oven. The kitchen itself was filled with a delicious smell that caused Shego's mouth watered.

"What's that?" Ron smirked.

"Only the best food in the whole wide world a 'Naco'!" Ron announced as he was about to hand her a place he saw a limp Rufus in her hand. His expression swiftly turned into a horrified one.

"Chill Stoppable the little guy just fainted when he saw me." Shego replied quickly, earning a relief from Ronald. She handed him the rodent and took her plate.

"If you want I have chicken salad too." She snorted at his suggestion.

"Please I want some real food, not some diet crap" she dug in.

"I am constantly telling Kim that, but she never listens!" He sighed, again as he felt saddened.

"So where is she now…" Shego asked awkwardly.

"At the Oh Boyz concert in Upperton with her boyfriend….she kind of left with him in the middle of our meal at Bueno Nacho…"

"I really don't get it Stoppable, she's treating you like that and you're still loyal to her, why?" She really wanted to know the answer.

"Because she's my friend since pre-k and I would do anything for her…" Ron smiled, "She has been my only friend for a long time….we might argue from time to time. And I feel some anger towards her but…I would take a bullet for her still." Ron finished, and Shego was now looking at him with mouth agape.

'The princess is taking that for granted…'Shego felt a wave of jealousy. She never had someone like that, even her own family, '…just another reason to beat her up' They both sat there in awkward silence.

"How do you do it?" She looked at him puzzled.

"Do what?"

"Being a badass, not taking shit from anyone?" Ron asked.

"It's…just the way I am, I don't care what other people think about me and I go through life in the way I like not the one that someone dictated me." Ron blinked at her answer.

"I don't care what people think about me." He replied.

"And what about the princess, hasn't there been a situation where you could have handled it differently but her opinion changed that?" Shego asked but she already knew the answer. His head dropped "Thought so….if you won't start living for yourself you will always be a loser and her lap dog, and no one will respect you…" She told him honestly.

"But is living just for yourself and not others a better way?" Shego looked at him sadly.

"I don't know but I least I respect myself enough to not suck up for every bit of affection." Ron nodded. They both finished their meal in silence that couldn't be described as comfortable or tense. They just both had lot on their minds. Shego looked at the watch.

"I'll be going Stoppable, it's getting late and Drakken is probably going nuts by now." Ron nodded and collected their plates.

He walked her to the front door.

"Shego…I'd like to thank you for your words." He told her honestly, "It gave me a lot to think on so…thank you Shego." She felt her face getting slightly hot; rarely anyone thanked her for anything, especially for such a minor thing as an advice.

"Don't sweat it Ron it was nothing." Ron looked at her surprised, then chuckled.

"What's so funny?"

"You just called me Ron." Stoppable made a gold fish expression.

"Don't get used to it buffoon." She snapped and marched out of his house.

"Bye" Ron told her softly.

"Yea see you later…" She flew away, and Ron returned to the kitchen just in time for Rufus to wake up.

"Uh uh!...Shego!...danger!" Rufus spluttered making Ron chuckled.

"It was just a bad dream buddy, so who wants a Naco!" The mole rat smiled and jumped quickly devouring the food.

"And from now on Ron Stoppable from this day stops taking shit from other people Boo-yah!"



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