Chapter 14


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Drakken's mountain lair.

The mad blue scientist caressed the barrel of his newest super-high pollinator. He would usually gloat and cackle about his newest plot but one thing stopped him... or rather person.

Shego whose was now the very personification of the misery.

Instead or her usual behavior aka reading magazines, painting her nails, sunbathing or sitting in Jacuzzi, she sat gloomily at the monitoring station staring blankly into the screen with sigh escaping her mouth every ten minutes or so.

Drakken's tried to speak to her a few times, but she either brushed his off or glared at him in a way that made him stop speaking. So seeing that his main henchman or rather henchwoman was not in top shape, he decided to squeeze the last ounces of his funds to employ low-grade henchmen or rather his usual staff. If this planed failed then he would be broke… again. But with Shego's current state he needed additional muscle. He praised whatever god that existed for the fact that the henchmen walked around her like on eggshells, not pissing her off as usual.

Meanwhile another sigh escaped Shego's mouth as she stared into the snowing screen. The blizzard was dying out, but who cared, at least it had taken Shego's attention off other matters.

She shook her head chasing her thoughts about THAT man. She thought of him way too much and hadn't wanted to do it anymore.

Just another person to add to her hate list.

As on cue she saw something on the one of the screens. A flicker of red –!

'Princess,' she thought with venom.

She quickly typed a command for all cameras to change angle and as she predicted, the other person was following her. Shego hoped that he would take a sick day today and probably for the rest of his life with mission involving Drakken and her… because now Shego will probably… no she will murder him for sure… if the fact that she was seething just by seeing him was any indication.

"They're here," a growl came out of her throat as she started to tremble in fury. 'Wonder if he will gloat that he managed to fool the great Shego,' she thought sarcastically. 'Or that this poor stripper thought he loved her.'

At that, her heart ached painfully, but stopped that feeling with waves of fury.

Ron Stoppable will be in a world of pain… or will leave this world once and for all.

Shego wasn't even aware that she melted the control panel, scaring every single henchman to death.

'Poor soul, who crosses her wrath,' Drakken gulped, clenching his weapon tighter.

Outside Drakken's lair.

The blizzard started to die out the higher they climbed. Due to the bad weather the JG plane couldn't drop them closer so they had to climb for two hours. Dressed in their isothermal suits they did that daunting task in silence. From time to time they caught each other when one of them slipped but it felt mechanical – just out of duty to the other teammate – not friend.

The fact that they weren't even able to look into each other eyes made the climbing even more unbearable.

Finally Drakken's lair came to view. The best description of it would be a middle-age mad scientist castle with towers and dark aura around it.

'Another lair to blow up,' Kim thought tiredly. She hadn't slept well since the verbal onslaught from Ron, to tell the truth she hadn't slept at all and was deadly tired. But she was already in her mission mode and pushed the exhaustion away in favor of focusing on task at hand.

Ron on the other hand felt dread. With every meter he climbed his stomach sank. He knew exactly of Shego's temper and he could only suspect what she will do to him in her state.

'She'll try to murder me… that am sure of… God what do I do?' Ron felt shudder go down his spine, death by melting was very low on his list of ways to go. 'I need to calm her down somehow… Oh who am I kidding! I'm going to die,' Ron sighed. 'I knew that I should have wrote my will.'

He looked at Kim's back and felt a wave of sadness. Could he solve the situation differently? Maybe if he cooled down a bit instead of going straight to her? Begrudgingly he had to admit that such chip came in handy a few times especially last time when Shego and him were trapped under that ice.

'But she and Wade should've told me about it. Not keep me in the dark!' Ron felt annoyed again, but calmed himself down. He needed to somehow fix his relationship with Sheila, and then he will take care of the rest.

After few minutes the duo reached the foundations of the castle and shot their grappling hooks and went through the walls. They easily avoided henchmen who were huddled around small heaters and penetrated the castle via the conveniently human size vents. After a few minute of crawling they jumped on the footbridge below the vents.

They expected everything, Drakken's mad gloating, waves of henchmen, lasers, beams, spinning tops of doom; you name it, but not the silence – the deadly, deadly silence.

Drakken and the rest of his henchmen were squeezed in the corner of the room and were looking fearfully… but not because of Team Possible's arrival.

In the middle of the room, Shego was standing her eyes boring into Ron's very soul. Her hands were emitting a dim green glow with a faint trail of smoke coming from her clenched fists.

Ron could swear that her emerald eyes were glowing. Not a good sign… not to mention her face was eerily devoid of any emotions.

The duo jumped down and Ron stepped forward.

"Shego I –!" Ron dared to start.

"Follow me," she said in dangerously calm voice and turned back walking towards the nearest exist.

"To where," Ron gulped feeling the waves of aggression in her aura, but also a deep sadness, 'Maybe she still cares.'

"To a place where no one else will get hurt," she snapped and speeded up.

'Or not,' he felt a shiver go down his spine. 'Well I kind of expected that… God I really should have wrote my will.' Ron stiffly followed her out of the room.

Kim opened her mouth to stop him but she shut it tightly. She caused too much damage by now… so maybe they will solve this out.

"KIM POSSIBLE PREPEARE TO FACE MY GREATEST CREATION! PREPEARE FOR YOUR DOOM!" Drakken yelled and shot some green goo on the ground. Instantly, three large trees grew from below and then blossomed white and pink flowers.

If Kim was in better mood she would make a comment on how pretty it was.

"Why doesn't anything ever work out," Drakken whined. "Henchmen attack!"

Kim cracked her knuckles. She needed to vent really badly.

With Shego and Ron.

The pair walked through the grey steel corridors in total silence, only their steps echoing though the empty space.

Shego could almost feel his eyes on her back. She was barely holding it together; her instinct demanded his blood for hurting her. Her mind was screaming at her to not do it because she knew that she will kill him and she never wanted to have anyone's blood on her hands. And her heart…. it was what confused her the most.

Even now it still ached painfully with knowledge what she was about to do.

'And that damn apologetic look in his eyes… did he really lead her there .No fuck it… it's not the time to hesitate. That fucker crossed the line and I warned him what will happen then,' she hardened her resolve.

At the same time Ron could see the tension in his… ex-girlfriend's body. She walked straight like on a defilade with clenched fists. He really missed what they had just few days ago… what he would give to see her smile at him now.

Finally the two entered the room that looked eerily similar to the storage room where they had their first fight… but this time the fight would be much more serious, like deadly serious. The crates were everywhere but it looked like someone prepared this place since the middle of the room was clean of any crates.

Shego walked to the center of the room and stood still not turning back. Ron used the last opportunity to talk to her.

"Sheila please! Just listen to me," Ron pleaded. She was still silent so he took it as a good sign. "I hadn't let Kim there on purpose… they chipped me. I had a tracking chip in my neck and wasn't aware of that! Please believe me! I would never want to hurt you in any way! You're precious to me Sheila! Please… trust me!"

And in this instant he knew he used the wrong word.

Shego's hands lit like candles as she turned back facing him, her face twisted in primal snarl.

In an instant she lunged at him with a feral growl fully intending to end his miserable life. Just for a few seconds she believed him, somewhere inside she was aware that Ron wasn't a malicious person, but the word trust set off all her repressed feelings in one burst of fury, clouding her mind.

Ron barely side stepped her extended claw but he could feel the heat burning his skin. He quickly spun around to face her but gasped at the sight he had beheld.

A half meter thick iron wall was now nothing more than a puddle of melted slob. The angry red holes looked like giant claws marks.

'God so that's her true power?' Ron gulped.

Shego turned back and felt a sadistic pleasure at the fear in his eyes.

"I've told you what would happen if you betrayed me!," she hissed darkly.

"Sheila I'm telling the truth! I didn't know!" Ron desperately begged.

"LIAR!" She spat with murder written all over her face, and dashed at him, burring him under a hailstorm of punches and kicks.

Ron dodged, ducked, blocked, blocked so more, and parried but he knew that she would get past his guard, and she would do it very soon.

So he faced a dilemma.

Focusing on her legs and avoiding the stronger hits. Ron focused on her hands and avoided weaker ones, but due to her powers lethal ones…. On the other hand there wasn't much of a dilemma here. He blocked her every punch, but her kicks were a different story.

Shego saw through his plan and sent a straight kick to his unprotected stomach sending him flying and crashing into the nearby crates.

Ron felt a horrible pain in his midsection. It was completely different from their first part. With sadness he realized that she really truly tried to kill him. He stood and tried to reason with her for the last time.

"Sheila please… just, believe me." He slowly drew his powers making his eyes glow blue. "Or I'll have to fight you… don't make me do that," he said with despair.

Ron didn't want to do it but he also didn't wanted to die, 'I'll have to beat her up to make her listen to me'.

"You fucker, just stop fucking pretending!," Shego roared, "Stop pretending that you care! That I mean anything to you! Haven't you tormented me enough!? I'll even spare you fucking life if you tell me the fucking truth!" Shego's hands started to glow brighter and it looked like her plasma's glow slowly crept up to her elbow.

Shego's every word felt like a psychical slap to him. Her hateful eyes were boring into his and Ron wondered if anything could be salvaged from their relationship.

What he was about to do would weight on him for a long time but he had to force Shego to listen to him. There was no other option… and to do it he needed to go all out to have a chance to defeat her.

He extended his hand towards Shego.

"Lotus Blade," he uttered those words – barely as a whisper. But the blade heard his call and appeared in his hand.

Shego took her defense stance instantly; she knew that weapon was deadly in a hand of someone who could wield it. She was ready to pounce on him but the look in his eyes stopped her.

The look of desperation mixed with determination, the look of a man who had no options left.

He wanted to tell her that he loved her and that she meant everything to him. But he knew that she would take it as mocks and lies.

"I'm, so sorry Sheila," he muttered and jumped at her at insane speed morphing his sword into a staff.

Shego was surprised for a second but didn't lost her composure and ducked under the staff and swung her fist sending a lethal wave of plasma at Ron. He instantly changed the blade to a large shield and hid behind it praying that the magic sword wouldn't melt. Luckily for him the blade withheld the plasma onslaught despite him feeling the extreme heat. But as soon as the plasma wave passed over him he was knocked on his back by a strong kick that hit the shield.

Shego saw that her kick made him fall instantly and moved to stomp on his face, but before her feet connected, he rolled out of the way and jumped on his feet, his weapon changing to a staff again. He made a stab like movement and hit her unprotected side making her grunt in pain. But she endured and rebounded it to the side and threw a plasma bolt at Ron's chest. Having no time to dodge Ron gathered his power into his left hand and intercepted the blast.

Ron felt as if boiling water was spilled over his hand. He yelped in pain but saw that aside from fist degree burn, it was mostly ok.

But he hadn't had time to dwell on how lucky he was that he still had a hand. Bending back he avoided a nasty hook and managed to hit Shego's chin while doing a back flip. But that seemed to only enrage her more.

With a snarl, she charged at him swinging her left fist widely. Ron changed the blade into the police baton and blocked it. But she sent her other fist straight at his face and he had no choice but to block it with his hand. He awkwardly caught her arm just above her elbow.

Locked in a standoff they gazed into each other eyes – Emerald into Sapphire.

Shego broke the standoff by planting her knee into his solar plexus. Ron gasped feeling the air being kicked out of his lungs.

Seeing his stated, she went to the kill.

"GYAH!" Ron howled in pain as Shego plowed his chest with her claw like fingers.

He jumped back and felt agonizing pain coming from five deep gashes on his midsection. The blood was oozing from his chest like a river. He clutched his chest and immediately moved his powers to heal it or at the least stop the bleeding.

He looked up to Shego and saw that she was surprised too, like she expected him to dodge it.

'Good that will give me more time to heal,' he thought. 'I need to wear her off.'

He straightened his back and looked at her with fierce determination.

"I won't let it end like this," he muttered under his breath.

"What was that Stoppable? Giving up?" Shego hissed venomously, her previous… thoughts forgotten.

"Never," he growled feeling the MMP coursing through his veins. "I'll never give up!" Ron lunged at her changing his swords to a pair of twin baton.

Shego raised her hand in defense, but with every hit she blocked she felt her bones shaking. Ron's assault was merciless and precise making Shego really work for even minor hits.

'Why the hell he is fighting so hard,' she seethed. 'Wasn't playing my feelings enough?!'

She felt righteous fury overtake her.

With straight punch to the shield he created, she sent him flying. He hit the wall painfully, but he felt that her hits were weakening. During their numerous conversations she told him that her powers were extremely energy consuming. While she usually fought in the way to make the fight longer, emitting so much plasma as she did now surely had to take toll on her reserves.

Ignoring the burning pain in his whole body he stood again and braced himself.

During combat he decided that a round shield and baton were the most effective combination against her. He smacked her glowing hand aside with his shield and went for the stab with his baton but Shego foresaw his movement and caught the extended baton ripping it out of his hand.

She gave his a nasty smile which flattered quickly when Ron's weapon disappeared out of her hand and reappeared in his. He smirked at her and was rewarded with lighting fast kick to his side. He stumbled and chose to fall on his side to avoid a left hook to his face. He rolled and made some distance, shielding himself from the blasts of plasma.

Shego was breathing heavily by now. She used way too much power by now and was running on fumes. She saw that Ron was not in much better state, he was bloody and sweaty yet the determined look hadn't left his face for even a second.

'Why is he fighting so hard!?' She thought again with desperation, 'What had I done to make him hate me so much?!'

Ron saw the pained look on her face and almost broke. He knew he needed to exhaust her but doing it through beating her up was taking a heavy psychical toll on him. And to make matters worse, she started to look at him with… fear.

He gritted his teeth in anger. Somewhere in the dark corner of his mind a venomous thoughts towards Kim blossomed – 'If it wasn't for her and that damn chip'

Shego swallowed hard when she saw the fierce expression on Ron's face. She felt her stomach sank, somehow she knew that in her state she would lose to him. The lack of sleep and exhaustion had taken a sizeable portion of her fighting abilities as a fallout of Ron's betrayal. Her stomach sank further when his eyes started to glow more intensely.

He took a step forward and she in spite of herself took a step back, filching.

Ron saw that and felt his heart ached painfully… he much more preferred the hate in her eyes, rather than fear.

Shego gathered what was left of her powers to her right hand and charged forward in one last charge.

"RON!" Shego roared with desperation. 'If this fails he will…' she hadn't dared to finish that thought.

The blonde saw through her attempt to defeat him. He simply blocked her right hand with his baton and bashed her with shield. The hit sent her flying on the nearby crate. She collided with it denting the surface.

She looked at Ron with mouth agape as she slowly slid down the metal crate until she hit the ground, unable to stand.

'It's over.' Ron thought tiredly and took a step forward. Shego seemed to push herself against the crate in vain attempt to distance herself from him.

She felt her throat was dry as she looked at approaching Ron. Fear clenched her heart as she looked into those cold blue eyes of his. She saw how he morphed his weapon back to sword.

'I'm going to die.' Shego felt her chin started to quiver and eyes water. But she wasn't going to beg – she would die with dignity.

"Just make it quick," she mumbled, not looking at him.

"Why?" Ron asked not being able to bear the she thought that he will kill her.

She chuckled bitterly.

"Because I'm tired Ronnie…" she used his nickname. "I'm tired of being betrayed by people I trust and care about… I've had enough," her voice broke as her emotions could not be withheld anymore. "I don't know what I did to you to made you hate me so much but… the time I spent with you was the happiest time in my life in a really long while… even if it wasn't real." She hung her head in defeat, "Now do what you have to do… I'm done."

If Shego was looking at Ron she would the impact her words made on him.

Tears were sliding down his cheeks. The sight of the woman he loved being so broken shook him to the very core. He de-materialized the blade and kneeled in front of her. He saw that she closed her eyes and had a resigned look on her face.

He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close to him. He could feel her flinch at the sudden contact.

"Idiot, it was real… everything was real," he choked. "I never hated you."

Shego stiffened feeling his arms around her battered form. She was confused why he was acting like that? He wanted to hurt her... right? She felt something wet hit her face and noticed that he was trembling slightly.

"How can I trust you?" she mumbled to his chest. "I have had enough Ronnie."

Ron gently lifted her chin making her looking into his now normal brown eyes.

"Don't give up Sheila; there are still things worth living for in this world." Ron added gently and took her hand into his.

Then he shocked her by placing it on his throat.

"W-What are you doing?" She cursed herself for shuttering.

"Proving you that I'm honest with you," he stated looking into his eyes. "I didn't know about the tracking chip Sheila… I would never hurt you… Sheila I love you." Ron moved his other hand to caress her cheek.

"Please believe me."

Shego was floored by his confession. He now willingly placed his life in her hands… literally. She could still emit plasma that would burn through his throat. Hundreds thought races through her mind every second.

Was he telling the truth all this time? Could he be that good of an actor to fake the pain in his eyes to such degree? Was that a trick? How possibly?

And so the rives of doubts crossed her mind.

"I don't know…" Shego flexed her finger on his throat. "How can I believe in anything now?"

Ron sighed looking deep into her sad eyes.

"Have faith Sheila…" Ron whispered pressing his forehead to hers not breaking eye contact.

"Ron…" she mumbled, feeling her eyes were watering. 'Since when do I cry so much?'

"He's telling the truth," a voice sounded through the devastated room. Both of their heads snapped to the direction of the doors and they saw Kim.

'Please not now.' Ron begged.

"What?" Shego spat.

"Ron's telling the truth. Wade and me chipped him without his knowledge… how do you think we always found him no matter where he was?" She looked at him with guilt.

"Why should I believe you? Why should I believe any word you say?!" Shego exclaimed and tightened the hold on Ron's throat.

"Because he loves you," Kim said with tight throat. "And I owe him that much for the pain I caused…" A silence fell on the room as Kim uttered those words with hurt on her face. "He broke our friendship because of what I did."

Shego turned her attention back to Ron and saw the deep saddens on his face when he looked at Kim.

"Is that true?" Shego felt like her voice hadn't belonged to her.

"Yes..." Ron muttered. Kim sighed and took her leave what happened next wasn't for her to witness.

"Oh Ronnie," she released his throat and wrapped her arms around him. She couldn't even imagine the pain of breaking a friendship like that… and he did it because she got hurt in process. She felt like a true whore for not trusting him.

"Sheila…" Ron breached and captured her lips with his. Surprised for a second she eagerly returned the kiss. It felt like a whole eternity passed since they kissed. And they both felt content like never before.

After a few minutes they broke the kiss and Ron sat next to Shego holing her hand. The green skinned villainess rested her head on his shoulder.

"We had to be most dysfunctional couple ever Ronnie," she stated with a small smile.

"Yeah beating each other up to make up," he chuckled but quickly stopped and clutched his chest.

Shego looked worryingly at his and only then she fully realized the extent of his injuries. The worst part was his chest, the blood coming from the gashes almost painted his chest red. His face was swollen and she was pretty sure that some on his hair were burned off. Aside from that he had a dozens upon dozens cuts and burns, even second degree burns.

Then it hit Shego what she was about to do… she was about to kill him. She wanted him dead.

She let the tears she held fall.

"God, what have I done?' She covered her face with her free hand. Ron saw her action and looked at her concerned.

"Sheila what's wrong? Are you in pain?" Ron asked frantically making her sob harder. Even in his state he was worried for her wellbeing.

"N-No," Shego shuttered. "It's just… I'm so sorry Ron," she choked squeezing his hand tighter. "I tried to kill you… I really did… how could I?!"

"It's ok Sheila, it's not your fault," he rubbed her hand.

"STOP BEING SO UNDERSTANDING!" Shego shouted with agony. "Just be angry with me! Shout at me! Hit me! Call me names! Anything but that damn understanding… I don't deserve it… I tried to kill the only person who ever loved me… I don't deserv– mmpph!"

Ron silenced her with a kiss.

"Just shut up you idiot," he breached and then kissed her senseless.

With Kim.

With every step Kim felt her heart aching more and more painfully. With full awareness she left her… her former best friend in her arch-nemesis arms. But she was also aware that she made a first step to somehow fix their now abysmal relationship. She screwed up badly and needed to make things right… even if it meant for Ron to be with Shego.

'Maybe it's for the best,' she sighed mentally returning back to the room where Drakken and his henchmen were and as predicted, they were still here nursing their wounds with the former ripping off yellow flakes off his neck.


"Don't you dare," Kim said darkly, startling all the beaten up men present. Not that it was that difficult, they were even worse than usual so she was finished in less than fifteen minutes. "They are not to be interrupted by anyone… got it?"

"Y-Yes," Drakken shuttered. "But what they are doing!"

"None of your business Drakken. Now scram before I decide to call GJ," she spat. All of them left the room in hurry. Kim sighed and moved towards an exit a JG plane should be at in few minutes and pick her up… Ron will probably go with Shego anyways.

She left the building and was hit by the wave of fresh mountain air. The weather already cleared and the sun was shining brightly.

She pondered on when exactly the situation went downhill for Ron and her. Skimming through her memories she pin pointed the first crack in their relationship… It was the time when she called him a loser at Drakken's Carrabin lair all those months ago. From then the things slowly started to go downhill for them. Ron started to change, becoming more focused and competent starting to take things little more seriously.

But at the same time he started to become more distant and secretive. With every passing day Kim felt like he was pushing her out of his life… not that she hadn't given him reasons too.

For past few days she had a lot of time to think about it. Looking back she realized how childish she had acted towards him. At the slightest sign of abnormal behavior she almost flipped out acting like an idiot or not believing a word he said.

Worse she thought of herself as omnipotent, thinking that she knew what was best for Ron never taking into consideration his feelings or opinion.

The only thing that could justify that behavior in her mind was fear. She was afraid that she would lose him, that he would become some stranger, and leave her life for good. He changed to much in short period of time and she was unable to adapt.

She missed the moment when Ron changed from boy to a man.

She cursed herself for unkempt time. Maybe if she was more understanding and supportive, she would've been the one lying below Ron in that bar.

At that thought her cheeks flared red matching her hair but then it quickly returned to normal.

She realized that her fantasies remain fantasies forever.

Ron's home – late evening.

After Ron and Shego finished their kissing session, they decided that it was time to go home. Shego offered a lift which Ron gladly accepted. He already got the message from Kim that the GJ plane picked her up.

He was relieved that Kim and Shego interacted only for few seconds that day. It would surely end in bloodbath if they were allowed to be close to each other.

Shego parked the hovercraft in his yard and helped him to get to his house. Her low kicks proved too much for his legs after all. During the flight he focused his remaining powers to heal the worst of his wounds. Yet the whole process left him exhausted.

So that's why Shego helped him in getting upstairs.

"Are you sure that you don't want to take shower with me? You know just for your safety," Shego purred.

"I don't need a nosebleed too… and I guess in my state it will hurt too much," he said quickly.

"Spoilsport," she sighed and carefully let him go. "Where is the first aid kit?"

"In the bathroom," Ron replied. Both of them went inside. "And no Sheila, I don't want to take shower with you… this time," he quickly added quietly, but she caught it.

"I'll hold you to it," she smirked, taking the kit. "Now wash yourself and I'll patch you up later."

"Kay mom," he chuckled and closed the doors. Soon Shego heard the sound of water running.

She returned to Ron's room and sat on his bed waiting for him.

"Sheila –! You're back!" Rufus exclaimed startling her. He climbed to her shoulder and hugged to her face.

"Yeah, yeah, chill rodent," she gently pried him from her face. "Besides, why are you so happy?"

"Ron… sad… when you… gone," Rufus squealed. "He hurt… alone… no Kim too… all alone here," Rufus added.

For few seconds Shego didn't know what to say, the guilt was just too much.

"W-Well you were with him right?" she choked.

"Yes! Rufus… helped," he exclaimed, earning a petting session from Shego.

"Of course you helped, it seems that sometimes you're much more intelligent that some humans," she smiled. "He's lucky to have such a friend."

"You're friend… too!" Rufus gave her thumbs up. Shego looked at the floor ashamed.

"Why the long face, it's true" Ron's voice almost made her jump. She looked at him and again felt shame. The five long scratch marks were going from the left shoulder to his right side at all length of his chest. She had little doubt that she marked him for life.

Ron saw her state and smiled gently. He closed the gap and lovingly caressed her cheek.

"I've told you that it's ok."

"No it's not and I know that, restrain your white knight streak… I'll make it up to you Ronnie, I promise you I will." She looked into his eyes with determination. Ron smiled under his nose and shook his head. He knew better than argue when her mind was set.

"Ok Ronnie, it's time to patch you up. Sit and lift your arms," she instructed and Ron followed. He winced a few times but other than that he had to say that Shego was quite skilled at what she was doing and soon every single wound on Ron's body was covered.

"On I'm done Ron, I've got to go now I need a shower too," she dusted her hands moving towards doors.

"You can take a shower here," Ron shot instantly making her turn back with one eyebrow risen.

"But that would mean my prolonged stay here," she said slyly.

"Exactly, I want you back here with me. I've just got you back… and I'm not intending to let you go." Ron added with a blush.

"Then who am I do deny you," her smile widened. "But you will have to share with me some clothes to sleep in… or you prefer me naked?"

"T-Shirt and pants are in wardrobe… I doubt that I would be able to sleep otherwise." Ron said avoiding her amused stare.

"Just till you heal Ronnie – Then your virginity is mine," she said bluntly, making his mouth hung agape with a fierce blush on his face.

Giggling she took the clothes and went to the shower, but not before adding a sensual sway to her hips.

"Well at least she knows what she wants." Ron muttered embarrassed. After few minutes Shego came back dressed in his way too big T-shit and his pants.

'Why the hell it never looked so good on me?' Ron thought savoring the sight, especially her legs, long and slender with perfectly smooth skin.

"Like what you see?" the lack of response was the best answer. "Ronnie? Earth to Ronnie?" Shego chuckled and moved to the bed. She put her hands on his shoulder and gently pushed him down, while climbing at top of him.

So now Ron found himself below Shego feeling his throat went dry. Shego was just too sexy right now.

"You know I meant what I said before… you belong to me now Ronnie," she purred. "I'm all yours."

'Screw the wounds!'

Before he could even finish that thought, his lips slammed against Shego's locking them in pleasant battle of tongues. Shego smirked in content and pressed her body against his wanting to feel more of him.

They both felt excitement rising; now nothing would interrupt them. Ron recalled the sensation from that bar and felt that all his restraints were gone. His hands traveled up Shego's toned thighs and stopped at her butt squeezing it tightly making her moan quietly. She deepened the kiss wanting more and more feeling hot. All would be perfect if not for the bruises she received from him, they stung like hell. But she was more than willing to endure it for him.

He deserved some reward after all his hard work.

But Ron continued to face similar problems. With every move his chest screamed in pain as his whole body complied. But he was simply afraid to let it finish, somewhere he was afraid that such occasion won't happen again.

But sadly for him Shego's elbow pressed the rib that almost cracked and made him hiss in pain. Shego instantly broke the kiss and looked at him worryingly.

"Are you ok?" she looked at his chest.

"I'm fine we can continue," he said quickly.

"I guess someone's impatient," Shego moved her hips, rubbing his waist and by some extension the bulge below his pants as well. "But we can continue tomorrow when you're better."

Ron made a disappointed expression.

"Ok tell me what's wrong?" Shego said looking demandingly at him.

"No, it nothing." Ron mumbled.

"Want to play Ron-go-ouch?" she threatened.

"I thought we played that enough today," he joked, but stopped when he saw her guilty expression. "Sorry."

"No, I deserved that; now tell me what's wrong?" Shego asked again.

"Fine… I'm little afraid that we won't have a chance to do anything like that after today… I know it's stupid but maybe because of what happened I'm little paranoid and I don't want to let you go so I need –!" Ron paused when Shego put a finger on his lips, stopping his ramble.

"It's ok Ron, I'm not going anywhere in the near future… so you don't have to crush my ass with your hands," she gave him sultry smile. Ron immediately lessened his hold but did not let go.

"Promise," he grinned.

"Promise. Now let's go to sleep, I'm beat," she went down and looked thoughtfully at his pants again or precisely the still swollen bulge.

"Sheila?" Ron asked, noticing her stare.

"On the other hand you deserve some special reward for today Ronnie… and I have just the idea of one that doesn't require moving on your part."

She licked her lips lustfully and moved her head to his waist.

"Sheila? What are you –! WOAH!" Ron yelped when she pulled his pants down.



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