Ron woke up feeling purely epic.

The head splitting headache, the burning in his chest, the uncountable bruises and scratches, not to mention psychical and metal exhaustion hadn't even began to deter that feeling.

During Sheila's service he felt like he happiest man in the world... For a full five minutes.

Embarrassment might have just a tiny bit dulled the feeling of epicenes, but after Sheila's reassurance that they will work hard on his endurance the feeling returned in full blow.

That is until his mother came to his room to wake him up to school. They had came back from the trip late into the night and apparently both Sheila and Ron were so tired that they even hadn't noticed them… until it was too late.

"Ron wake up or you will b–!" Ron's mother gasped when she saw the sight in front of her. Her only son was lying with a raven haired woman who was literally wrapped around him, not to mention the amount of bandages he had made him look like mummy, but that was a minor detail.

"RON DEAN STOPPABLE!" she bellowed startling them. Sheila jumped out of the bed with her hands ablaze ready to face the threat.

"Sheila! Calm down it's my mother," Ron said quickly rising up, only to stop and gasp at the sharp pain in his chest.

Both ladies broke their staring contest and ran to his side.

"Ron are you ok," his mother asked worryingly. "Did that happened on one of those missions?" She missed the look of guilt on Shego's face.

"Yeah I've got roughed a bit," he winded and pulled himself higher. "But it's nothing serious," he rubbed his neck awkwardly.

His mother eyed him for a few moments and then turned to Shego.

"I guess that introductions should be an order." She addressed the green skinned woman. "I'm Jane Stoppable."

"Sheila Go... it's a pleasure." Shego added after a moment of hesitation. 'So that's how it felts when parents catch you,' she thought.

"Ron," Jane said sternly. "Tell me why a internationally wanted criminal otherwise known as Shego is doing in your bed?"

"You know her?" Ron chocked stumped.

"Dear, I watch the news, and Kim and you are often there, and I saw a photo or two of Ms. Go too. Besides, green skin is kind off dead giveaway... now mind telling me what she was doing in your bed?" Jane asked impatiently.

"Sleeping?" Ron replied carefully.

"And why was she doing that," she pressed.

"What, I can't share a bed with my boyfriend?" Shego said defensively. She again felt like a teenager.

"Boyfriend? I thought you're going to date Kim?" Jane gasped.

Shego gritted her teeth, narrowing her eyes.

"Well things change," Ron said quickly, not wanting to piss off his raven girlfriend. "Now mom can you give us a little bit of privacy?"

"Breakfast is in fifteen minutes," she huffed and left the room.

"Well that was awkward." Shego mumbled but had a smile on her face. "So it's official now?"

"Yup... we just have to give some explanation on how the internationally wanted criminal became my GF and we should be fine," he smiled.

"You make it sound so easy," she chuckled. "I'm wanted in eleven countries you know."

"Make it twelve," he recalled his first comment on her ever. "Actually it was the first thing I said after I saw your photo."

"Oh, so you crushed on me for that long?" Shego raised her eyebrow. "Man that's some dedication."

"Well I can remember how quick you were to abandon Drakken for me when I went all Zorpox," he winked. "I can still remember the look on your face when I threaten to throw you into the pool filled with sharks."

"I'm dying with laugher here Stoppable," she replied dryly and eyed him. "You're not fit to go anywhere."

"Nah I'm fine, give me something to eat and I'll be as good as new," he declared and very carefully stood testing his legs. Shego's low kicks were lethal. "As soon as my power replenish, I'll move to heal myself... now come to think of, you don't look that roughed up anymore either."

"I too have a healing factor, now it's just a dull ache with is a compliment to your skills. Kimmie never gave me anything that hurt for more than a day." Shego trailed her finger on his chest avoiding the damaged areas.

"Not the way I want to get your respect ever again," he mumbled and moved to caress her cheek. "I would prefer to get it in other way... " he trailed off.

"Well look at him, got one blowjob and act like he's the main player here," she grinned when he blushed crimson. "But you have really good foundations to get my respect," she purred licking her lips. "And since we have about ten minutes–?"

"No! Not when my parents are downstairs!" Ron uttered instantly.

"Spoilsport," Shego pouted slightly.

"Ok... Now I need to get dressed," he moved to his wardrobe. "Do you have a spare suit in the hovercraft or do you want to borrow some of my clothes?"

"I have spare one, but your offer is tempting," she folded the material of his shirt.

'Again, why the hell does it never looked so good on me,' his eyes traveled to her legs again. "Err, I'll go to the bathroom then."

"Kay, I'll go fetch my spare suit."

The duo left the room, Ron via door and Shego via window. After ten minutes they both met downstairs and walked to the kitchen to eat breakfast.

They found Ron's parents sitting at the table while reading a newspaper. He looked at Shego and raised his eyebrows, and then he smirked at Ron and returned to reading.

Ugh at least Dad is ok with it,' Ron relaxed, one less person to convince. He saw that there was one additional serving of scrambled eggs and smiled.

Even if his mother disliked someone she wouldn't be petty enough to not make that person a meal while they were at her house.

Shego and Ron awkwardly sat at the table and began eating. But soon they realized that they were starving and devoured their meals in instant.

Ms. Stoppable shook her head and moved to make seconds and thirds servings, all in complete silence.

After the duo filled their bellies they looked at Jane awaiting her judgment.

"Dear, you start," she said sternly. Mr. Stoppable lowered his newspaper and stood.

"Hell my name's Daniel Stoppable and it's a pleasure to meet you." Daniel stood and shook Shego's hand. "Please take good care of my son since he can be handful at times, but he's a good man."

"Sheila Go and I try to keep him under control," she smiled back at the older man.

"Dear! What is the meaning of this?!" Jane exclaimed. "She's an internationally wanted criminal! How can you trust her so easily?"

"I trust in Ron's judgment," he shrugged. "He has proven able to gauge people's characters pretty well."

"But I don't accept it! Even if she's an angel in hiding the hard fact are that they can't even go to mall or on the walk together because the police might arrest you! Hell they can even arrest us all for having her sitting here!" She took a deep breath. " Ron... I'm not telling all this to spite you or because I don't like her," Shego sent her a disbelieving look. "I'm worried about your future; do you realize what it means to be together with her? You wouldn't even be able to have a normal life because you would have to be in hiding all the time, I even won't mention the fate of eventual children."

Shego hung her head. As much as she wanted to deny it, Ron's mother had many valid points. Her past was dragging behind her, promptly cutting off any chance to have a normal life. At best she would have to live in disguise for the rest of her life which in worst she will ruin Ron's life to since harboring a wanted criminal is a crime too.

"But I love her mom," Ron stated sternly taking Shego's hand into his. "I don't care about the law at that point." The green skinned villainess blushed slightly. She wasn't used to something like that.

"And does she love you?" Jane asked. "Is she willing to drop her criminal life style for you?"

Ron looked at Shego and saw the hesitant look on her face; he squeezed her hand letting her know that he was on her side regardless of her decision.

"She doesn't have to, I love her just like she is," Ron interjected. "There–!"

"Ron... it's, ok. Your mother has every right to be concerned... and those are valid points," Shego interrupted him but her voice was almost meek. She knew that her criminal life gave her thrills and adrenaline and she loved every minute of it... but then again she loved Ron too. She has never met a man who was willing to go so far for her. Any other would just drop her and look for an easier one. Yet Ron never strayed from his path and supported her in every way possible. "I can't make any promises because it's the life that I have known for almost half of my life... but I will try... that's the least that Ron's deserves..." Sheila cursed herself for stumbling at words. She was never good with emotional stuff.

"You only answered half of my question," Jane pressed mercilessly. "Do you love my son? Or it is just a fling to you?"

Ron was about to act, but Shego silenced him with one look.

"I do love your son... he's the best thing that's happened to me in really long time," she couldn't contain her blush. 'God, I act like a damn teenager!' Shego chastised herself. It seemed that the stern woman made her regress slightly. But then again she couldn't just snap at Ron's mother.

Jane looked at her with a calculating look and then sighed.

"Very well, I can see that you're being honest... I suppose that welcome to the family is the only thing left," she gave Shego a small smile. "Like my husband said, take good care of my son."

Both Ron and Shego let out the breath they were holding.

"Thank you Ms. Stoppable and you Mr. Stoppable," she said with gratitude. Ron's parents acceptance meant a lot to her, she couldn't even imagine how awkward it would be if they hadn't accepted her.

"Ron you are already late to school so maybe you can sit this day out, you're not in any condition to do anything," his mother said concerned looking at his swollen black eye.

"I can't, I have a math test today," he replied standing. After devouring a triple breakfast he already felt better as his power were slowly coming back and began to gently accelerate his healing.

"I'll give him a lift, I doubt that he's able to ride a bike in his state," Shego offered quickly.

"Ok then go... and I guess I'll see you around Sheila," Jane waved them off with a small smile.

Ron collected his books and went to the backyard and hopped into the hovercraft. Shego took off and not even five minutes later they were near Middleton high.

"Oh how I rather stay in bed," Ron whined.

"With me I guess?" Shego said slyly.

"You got that right," he returned her smile, "Its way more pleasant than school."

"I wouldn't expect any other answer," she kissed him briefly. "Now go or you will be late."

Ron left the craft and waved his girlfriend as she flew away to who knows where.

"Math I'm coming for you! I hope It end in better shape than my current one."

Probably not.

With Kim.

After Kim came back from Drakken's lair she felt drained both emotionally and psychically despite her only brief skirmish with the blue scientist men.

Saying those words to Shego left an ashy taste in her mouth. It was her fist and true loss. Every single time before she somehow came out on top, but this time she was aware that the battle for Ron's affection had been lost. The only thing that kept her going was the fact that she made a first step to salvage their now abysmal friendship. She hoped that Ron will forgive her some day and the things will return to how they used to be.

'No... ' she mentally chastised herself. The things will never return to how they were. All they had now was redefined and changed. Ron wasn't a sidekick anymore but a hero in his own right and Team Possible will be a true team with equal partners, not one standing in the shadow of the other.

The next day Kim went to school and noticed that Ron was missing the first lesson. She guessed it was given with the extent of his injuries. Yet the lack of info about him unsettled her. She hoped that everything was alright. She wanted to visit him, but it would just be awkward in the end.

Kim felt a pang of sadness since when did visiting her childhood friend become an awkward subject? She played with the slob on her dish absentmindedly.

Monique, Felix, and Zita were staring at her worriedly.

"Guys, I think we should do something," the dark skinned teen whispered.

"I agree. It can't go on like this." Zita nodded.

"But what can we do? It's a private matter between them after all; I don't think we should meddle." Felix pointed out.

"That's why the Mediation was invented," Monique stated, "To settle the disputes between two conflicting parties with the help of a third one."

"I know what Mediation is," Felix replied. "I meant that maybe we should let them settle it at their own pace... oh look Ron's coming here... ugh he looks a bit roughed up." Felix cringed at the sight of the large black eye on the left side of his face. Not to mention he saw the stiff way he was moving.

Both girls turned back and with a gasp ran to him asking if he was ok.

"I'm fine, I'm fine," Ron said quickly, walking away from the table, trying to pry them off him. He saw Kim and sent him a guilty look and returned to staring into the matter that was supposed to be their lunch.

"Hey Kim, Steel Legs," he greeted them.

The red-haired teen head shot up. Kim was surprised that he actually spoke to her.

'Maybe there's a chance... ' a flicker of hope appeared within her soul. "H-hey Ron."

Felix sent his triumphant look to the girls.

"Looks like you've got your ass kicked," Felix said. "Who got you dude?"

"Ah... it was Shego." Ron rubbed his neck sheepishly. "We had a kind of... disagreement."

"Ouch, I'm happy that Zita and mines disagreements aren't like that," he stated.

"No kidding, it would look so lame to get beaten by a girl," Ron nodded.

"Hey! I don't like bullying the weak!" Zita protested. "Besides there are better ways to solve such situations than violence," she affectionately rubbed Felix chin.

"Cough... Whipped... Cough," Ron faked coughed.

Felix shot him a glare, but soon after, a smile.

"So guys, how about be all go somewhere to celebrate Ron's first official make up after fight!" Felix proposed.

"Bueno Nacho it is!" Ron exclaimed with smile a ignoring the groans of his friends. "After we survive math test," his excitement faltered.

With Shego.

The green skinned villainess returned to her secret lair and deiced to take a bath. She needed some relaxing after last night. Before she went to the bath room, Shego went to her gym to see how it looked like. She vaguely recalled venting off there.

Shego entered the room.

"Whoa..." she uttered. To keep the thing short the place looked like a particularly violent hurricane was set off inside with a nuke thrown in for a good measure. The deep scars covered the room that was supposed to be made with plasma resistant metal. All training equipment she had was broken or melted into slop. The whole place reeked burnt of ash making her nose crinkle. It will take her weeks to get rid of that smell.

But that was not the thing that occupied her mind now. The destroyed room made her faintly recall her fight with Ron, especially the moment when her clawed hand raked his chest. Shego would never forget the look of horror and pain on his face. Not to mention the fountain of blood that shot out of it. Her nose cringed again, while ignoring it during the fight the smell of burning blood was never pleasant.

And yet she used everything she had against the man that truly loved her. Her stomach sank. While she wouldn't cry like she did in Drakken's lair, but she was close.

Just because she couldn't bring herself to trust him she almost killed him for something that wasn't his fault.

She shook her head frantically, wallowing in grief wouldn't make things better.

'I'll make everything up to him,' she made a quiet promise with herself. With that thought she moved to the bath and filled it with hot water.

She moved in and sighed in pleasure as the water began to loosen her tensed body. To add the pleasure she turned the Jacuzzi mode on and let the bubbles do their magic. She rested her head on the bath edge and her thoughts traveled to the last evening.

She felt a sly smile crept on her face. Ron's reaction to her treatment was simply hilarious; she almost burst out laughing before it even started.

'I almost forgot how hilarious virgins are,' Shego chuckled. She preferred experienced men who usually know what to do to please her but this time she really looked forwards to teaching the young blonde. 'Oh, I can't wait for him to heal... then I will have some fun hehe.' Shego grinned, not knowing that about a hundred kilometers away a certain blonde boy felt like shouting Boo-yah out of blue.

After spending some time in the water Shego deiced to end the bath. She took out her green bathrobe and wrapped a green towel over her head. Then she walked to her computed and went to see if anything on the net. After surfing through it she decided to check the Black Network site only to be stunned.

A large photo of her and Ron KISSING was posted on the front of the site.

"Violent Romance! WHAT THE FUCK!" she bellowed clicking on the link. She saw that inside was a cam record of their whole fight, luckily mute, but in quality good enough to see their faces clearly and the emotions on them.

Shego felt her temper flare. She moved to the comments below and started reading.

"I don't know what the guy did, but hell Shego went ballistic on the poor sidekick, never in my life I've seen the plasma so intense from her! Drakken should really be worried LOL. But that is not even the main point! She frigging kissed the Sidekick… what his name was… Ah yes! Ron Stoppable, the sidekick of KIM POSSIBLE! The bane of all of our community! I don't know what the hell Shego was thinking but damn some folks will be out for blood… well most likely it will be theirs if that is the true extent of her powers, but nevertheless I don't think that Shego will have long before our community starts to reject her. Because fraternizing with enemy is against our unspoken rules!"

The green skinned couldn't believe what she just saw. 'How the hell did that recording get out?'

The idea immediately crossed off Drakken. He didn't even have an account on the site so maybe one of the henchmen did that. If there was one thing Shego knew was that there will be hell to pay for whoever did this! Now her reputation she worked so hard to maintain was ruined.

'But is that a bad thing?' Shego mussed, maybe it was a sign for her to start changing. She then moved to reading the comments below the article.

Most was the mocking/hate filled ones insulting her or Ron or both at the same time. Others were the ones that seemed to be written by those awed by their powers, especially Shego's. And the last category was the one that pissed her off the most.

It were those written by B-rank and lower villainesses... admiring HER Ron. She felt her blood boil as they wrote how tasty he was or what they would do to him instead of beating him.

"Fucking sluts," she growled and was about to write a thing or two to them but decided against it. It would just add oil to the fire. So she couldn't actively participate in the discussion. She also saw that her e-mail was filled to the brim with messages.

Varying from death threats to congratulations.

Shego sighed if she only knew who leaked that to the net that person would regret it. And not because she was ashamed of her relationship with Ron or the coming negative backslash, but the fact that it was meant to remain private, just between two of them.

Unknowingly to her the person who posted it was delighted, the plan surely will bring desired results.

Bueno Nacho.

"Ned! Five more Bueno Grande's!" Ron exclaimed stuffing his face with an ungodly amount of food. His healing factor finally kicked in full gear and he was starving. While his powers were mostly using his inner energy that hadn't had much to do with his psychical strength, things such as super speed or mentioned before accelerated healing were extremely energy consuming and required massive amount of calories to fuel the process.

Ron's friends were staring at him with their mouths agape. They knew that he could eat for two or three people but this was pushing it.

"Dude, I think that you're going to explode," Felix stated looked slightly worried.

"Nah, I just need a lot of food to get back to shape quickly. The fight with Shego took a toll on me," he took a large bite of his burrito.

"Sooo... what was that all about? I thought that you wanted to date her?" Monique asked. Kim's face immediately fell since it was her fault in the beginning.

"Let's just say that we had a little disagreement," Ron quickly said.

"Little disagreements don't make people barely walk," Zita deadpanned. "In the morning you looked like you went thought a war and back."

'It is not that far from truth,' Ron smirked. "You're exaggerating, but now's everything fine, even more than fine! My parents like her too!"

"When did she meet your parents?!" Kim spoke for the first time since they came here.

"During breakfast," Ron replied.

"Whoa, that indicates that she spent the night at your house," Felix said and looked at Ron who gave him conspiratorial look. Using their male telepathy, all that transpired was exchanged between two friends.

"Nice... " Felix gave him his thumbs up.

"What happened, I don't get it?" Monique voiced the thoughts of the other females present.

'Women,' boys thought in unison and gave themselves a high five.

The teen chattered for a little while longer before deciding to call it a day. The group parted with the exception of Kim and Ron who walked in the same direction. For few minutes they were walking in a somewhat awkward silence until.

"Ron/Kim," they said at the same time.

"You first," Ron offered.

"I wanted to apologize for what I've done to you... I won't make any excuses, I should've told you everything, I should have trusted you and supported you," she hung her head in shame. "I acted like I did because I was afraid and jealous, but mostly afraid." Kim admitted.

"I was afraid of your change, that you will became some stranger to me and the Ron I knew will disappear and this other one will push me away... but in the end it was me who pushed you away... I realized that I loved you when it was too late... I never appreciated you as much as I should," her voice slightly waved. "B-but I hope that one day you will forgive me and that we could be friends again... because even if you won't be my boyfriend, I want you to be present in my life."

Ron stayed silent during her confession. He had an urge to speak a few times, but he knew that she needed to get it off her chest. He guessed that he have already forgiven her. And Ron wasn't a spiteful person to hold a grudge, especially not against Kim.

But he also knew that it was his fault too. Like she said, he started to change too fast for her to adapt and never considered her feelings when he was doing this. He knew that he would freak out too if everything was changing at an ungodly pace.

"Kim I wanted to say that I'm sorry too... what I said that evening was out of the line and I acted on emotions... it was hard Kim and I wish I would never have to do something like that again... when I cooled down I realized that such things can be useful sometimes and despite everything, it saved me a few times... and I missed you too... I never meant to end our friendship... I was just so angry that time that those words just flew out of my mouth before I realized it." Ron rubbed his neck sheepishly. "But KP... I forgive you and I hope you will forgive me too."

He looked at Kim and saw that she was hiccuping quietly and her chin quivered. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into a hug.

She then burst into full blow tears and buried her face into his chest causing him minor pain, but he ignored it and petted her long red hair.

After ten minutes or so she calmed to the point that she managed to choke the response.

"Forgiven... God knows why, but I'm forgiven," she wiped her eyes. "I'm so happy Ron."

"Me too, I missed you KP." Ron smiled

The next morning – Graduation!

"What do you mean Drakken's a pansy?" Wade asked via kimmunicator.

"Or a marigold... well just around his head, shouldn't be hard to spot," Kim smirked.

"I'll put out feelers hahaha," Wade laughed but stopped when Kim looked at him blankly. "It's kind of a botany pun?"

"Very limited audience," she smiled.

"I'll keep you posted," Wade muttered and disconnected. Kim shook her head but with the corner of her eye caught the sight of her brothers trying to sneak past her.

"Hold it!" Kim snapped, "What are you doing?"

"Ughhh... nothing?" Jim mumbled

"That's my stereo! And my computer," she gasped.

"We need it to create an ion shield to the satellite guidance system!" Jim explained.

"And the bike helmet?" Kim asked.

"Extra padding," Tim added.

"Tweebs!" Kim roared and jumped on their feet chasing them.

"Hicka-bicka-boo!" They shouted running out of the house.

"You got away this time, but I'll find you! I always do!" She waved her fist menacingly.

"Looks like the Tweebs are getting under your skin as always," Ron said smirking at her.

"As always... so to Bueno Nacho I guess?"

"You read my mind, after I'm done with work we're good to go." Ron replied.

"Hello Ronald," Mr. Possible said. He was dressed in his golf Attire." How's your day been?" he asked.

After Kim came back to home all giggly and happy he decided to cut Ron some slack, albeit he will have a talk about his earlier behavior later.

"Good, we're going to Bueno Nacho after I'm done with work," Ron replied.

"Have fun then, I'll be playing golf," he waved them and marched towards the car, driving towards the golf field unaware that something will interrupt his playing plans today.

Meanwhile Ron went to work at Smarty Mart and after he was done he went back to Kim's house.

"KP! Ready for some Nacos at Bueno – whoa!" Ron gasped at the sight of a literal mountain of letters, which Kim was skimming though. "Early Christmas cards?"

"College acceptance letter," she pulled a few envelopes.

"I've got just few," Ron mumbled. His grades got better in last few months but it was still nothing compared to the years of neglect of his past studies. 'Looks like offering Betty myself wasn't such bad deal after all?'

"I sure you will get more, come on I could use some... Nacho- liciousness!" Kim exclaimed dragging him to the car. After a pleasant two hours of idle chatter that both of them missed so much they returned to their home to prepare for the coming graduation. Well until Kim saw the report about strange markings on the golf fields all over the world, that left only one suspect.

Duff Killigan's island.

Everything in the mad golfer's life and his whole island was dedicated to golf, except the castle in the middle. Ron and Kim were currently hiding behind a grassy hill observing the castle.

Be Beep Be Beep

"Go Wade," Kim said, but saw only static on her Kimmunicator."Wade?"

"Sor-ry Kim," deformed Wade appeared on the screen. "But I'm getting interference on all frequencies, might be sun spots but I can't get a clear read on anything, but I managed to get a rough scan Killigan's island and it seems that he boosted the security so be careful." As soon as she said that the alarm sounds throughout the island and dozens of explosive gold balls cannons shot out of the ground.

"Another day in work," Ron sighed.

After five minutes of speed running with explosions around the duo, they reached the castle doors, through which Killigan ran inside.

They pushed the door open, running into a room filled with golf trophies, paintings, and tapestries.

"He couldn't just vanish," Kim said walking deeper inside while Ron moved to examine of the paintings that showed a man that could go for Duff if not for his thick grey bread.

"Yeesh, look at all those painting this guy cre – AH!" Ron shouted when suddenly the man on the painting came to life and grabbed his nose.

"Creepy? Who are you insulating little –!" Duff started.

Acting fast Ron caught his arm and threw him in to the large vase next to the window.

"It's over Duff! You're done ruining golf courses!" Kim exclaimed pointing her finger at him.

"No you daft! I haven't ruined any golf courses," he said, struggling to pull himself out of the vase. "Someone's been ruining mine!" Duff yelled pointing to his golf field which bared the strange mark too.

A few minutes later all of them were standing before the strange mark with Kim examining it.

"I put up the traps to keep whoever was doing it out," Duff said.

"Wade we've got a sitch, can you get a scan of this?" Kim asked.

"With all that static it's gonna be tough," he replied typing on his keyboard. "Maybe if you move closer?"

Kim did as instructed leaving both males behind... after a few seconds of awkward silence Duff coughed.

"So, are you and Shego... Ehhh?" Duff hesitated.

"Dating? Yeah," Ron replied narrowing his eyes.

"Really? How did you do that? Aren't the lass tired of your pants loosing antics," he grinned.

"No things are fine!" Ron growled.

"Ok Ok! Don't go all William Wales on me," he raised his hands. "It's just the video showed different things."

"What video?" Ron asked dumbfounded.

"The one where you beat her up! Just between us it's kind of pathetic to beat up your girlfriend," he leaned to Ron.

"I didn't want to! But there wasn't much choice!" Ron exclaimed defensively.

"Sure... everyone says that," Duff shrugged.

"Wait? Who the hell posted it?! And why do you know of it?" Ron pressed.

"It's an absolute hit on the dark network!" He pulled his tabled and showed him the site. "It already has sixty thousands hits! And that's almost third of all of the users –hey!" Duff protested when Ron took the tabled out of his hands and started to read comments.

His emotions varied from anger when he read ones calling Sheila a slut to embarrassment when he read what various other villainesses would to do him. Some descriptions were very graphic and few truly disturbing.

"I was happier without this knowledge," he shyly returned the tabled to its owner. "God Shego will go ballistic when she sees this." Ron lamented.

"Ok Ron, we're done here. Let's go home." Kim said.

Drakken's Hawaii lair.

"Ok Shego, how about now?" Drakken asked.

"Nope they're back." Shego replied with no small amount of satisfaction.

"UGH!" Drakken grunted, ripping the flower petals for the unkempt time. "Ok... what about now?"


"Back and hehe brighter," she pointed out.

"Not helping," he growled.

"Face it, your flower bazooka –" Shego stared.

"Super high pollinator," he yelled.

"Yeah I call it abject failure... ugh, again."

"Why don't you start unpacking the lair?" Drakken asked, ripping the flower petals, but they grew back again making his shoulder slump.

"Note the beach chair? I'm unpacked." She stated sitting on it. After she said that the lights stated to flicker and then went out.

"Shego I need lights!" Soon the whole room was filled with crimson light. "Much better, thank you."

"Wasn't me," She said walking to the window. "Dr. D, I think we have a problem."

The duo let the lair and soon found themselves in front of something that looked like a giant beacon.

"Oh, that's a big light." Drakken mumbled and once again the flower grew all around his head. "This is very bad Shego."

"You think?" Shego asked in a mocking tone. "A giant blinking beacon is not exactly the best way to keep the secret lair secret."She put her hand on her hips.

"Hmm maybe we can cover it?" Drakken mussed unaware that he was enveloped in green light. Some of his flower pelts separated from his neck and started to fly upwards. "We'll need a very large cloth I'll call mother! The woman can sew like no one!" Drakken realized that something was wrong about three meters in air "Wha? Floating? AHHHHHH!" he screamed when he saw what he was flying towards.

Shego on the other hand stayed on the ground with her mouth agape, staring at something taken out of a bad science fiction flick.

'Need to get Ron and the Princess,' she thought running towards the hovercraft.

Middleton High.

Ron was currently adjusting his hat in the man's bath room when a spiritual image of Sensei appeared behind him. He would have been startled, but the extensive training allowed him to sense Sensei's energy before he appeared.

"Hey Sensei... " Ron added half-heartily, he knew what the presence of age man meant something serious.

"Ron-san," Sensei greeted him.

"Oh no... you never pop in like this with good news." Ron face-palmed.

"Indeed, there have been disturbing signs. I feel that soon you will face your challenge," he said.

"Great! Just when things started to look good," he sighed.

"You have the ferocity of the ancients within, never forget that." Sensei said.

"But what is this challenge?" Ron asked.

"Your mystical skills will blossom in adversity," he told Ron dodging his question.

"Blossom? Hmm oh the Drakken flower plot!" Ron realized with relief. "Been there, done that. It's over, now I have a few questions about the future, you know graduation and college and stuff you know. The future is kind of scary," Ron admitted.

"Yes, the only constant is change, you will soon discover that you are ready to face It." And with those parting words, Sensei disappeared.

"Great another cryptic warning, why for once he can't be precise," he looked at his watch. "Shit! I'll be late!" Ron dashed out of the batch room towards the school's stadium.

Kim was waiting for him at the entry looking with nostalgia at the banner with the word ConGRADulations. Dozens of students and their families were going in, filling the seats below the stage (students) and stands (Families).

The red-head cheerleader recalled all her precious memories from this school and how her life dramatically changed from ordinary teen to world hero. She knew that she would miss it, those idle times when everything was easy. She was very aware that the next step will be only more challenging.

She caressed the folds of her black gown. She wondered when those three years passed by.

'Those were fun times, despite everything,' she felt slight lump in her throat. 'Come on calm down, it's not the end of the world.'

But that did little to help her.

Kim was startled when an arm wrapped around her shoulders.

"Hey KP, why the long face?" Ron asked with concern.

"It's just I'm recalling all of our memories from this school... I will miss those days." Kim admitted with a faint blush.

"Yeah me too... it was fun." Ron said with nostalgia.

"Then let's go towards the future." Kim said. "I think it will be bright!"

As on cue, the lights started to flicker.

"Totally not an omen," Ron said and moved forward.

"Attention seniors! Take your seats!" Barkin's voice sounded though the speakers. "Alphabetical order... now!"

The freshly baked adults moved to their seats accompanied by the official music.

Felix has been tasked with the opening speech and moved to the podium on his own legs with still caused many emotions.

"Welcome graduating seniors," he started. "We gathered here to receive our diplomas and finally go to college after three years of hardships. But who can better describe how to reach your dreams that the girl that can do anything. Our one and only, Kim Possible!" Felix exclaimed.

Kim stood with her back straight and walked towards the stage.

"Kim is the best reminder to us all WE CAN DO ANYTHING!" Felix shouted and gave her the microphone. The crowd cheered when Kim stood in front of them.

"Ahem... As I stand before you tonight, I see the faces of friends," she started. "Friends who have become family and like all families we had our ups and down." Suddenly a beam of green light fell on her causing a nervous murmurs among the people.

"But we will rise above out fear of the unknown road that lies ahead," Kim continued undeterred even if her hat already flew off her head, the people started to gasp. "Knowing that it's not the end of the world," by now Kim was in the air.

"KP NOOO!" Ron shouted running like madman to her. He reached the stage in just in time to jump and catch her hand and dangle in midair with her.

He managed to look in her eyes and saw hits of fear. Sadly her hand slipped out of his hold and he fell hitting the ground painfully.

"RON!" Kim screamed as she was taken by green light. People looked up and froze. Out of nowhere a giant ship appeared changing directly above them. Then the ship flew away with defeating noise making people panic.

"IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!" Barkin screamed unleashing pandemonium. Everyone started to run in every direction creating massive chaos.

Among all that disorder Ron stood still with a scowl on his face.

"OH! AND I'M THE ONLY ONE THAT SAW THIS COMING!" Ron waved his fist frantically at the sky.

"Dude," Felix said walking to him. "I think we're fucked?"

"No shit!"

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