AN: I am glad people like my first story and this encouraged me to write more so I hope you like this as well! This is my first time to write a multi-chaptered story and I'll try my best to make this work!

This srory is based on an RP I did with my friend! (I was Kagami while she was Aomine! :D)

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Kagami sighed while walking to his new school Tōō High School. It has been four days since he moved from America and came back to Japan. He has been sleeping and eating properly yet he was still feeling tired. He knew the reason for his tiredness; he needed blood, as it has been nearly three weeks since he did. 'After school I'll head out and hunt..' Although Kagami is a vampire who needed human blood, drinking from them made his feel guilty and disgusted by himself so he tends to hunt for animals instead. He went to the office to get his schedule after he reached the school and looked at his class number before he went to search for it, 'Where is class 1-B?' It took him a while to find it, as he wasn't familiar with Japanese schools.

The class of 1-B was being noisy as usual; talking voices and laughters were heard in the room. But it soon came to a stop when the teacher entered the room smiling, "Class! We have a returnee from America!" At that time, Kagami knocked the door. "That might be him! Please enter Kagami-kun!" Kagami took a deep breath before opening the door, he introduced himself with a smile before bowing down slightly. "Alright Kagami! You can sit next to Aomine-kun! Aomine-kun can you please raise your hand for Kagami-kun? Aomine-kun?" The teacher looked at the empty desk which was usually occupied by the bluenette. "Where did that boy go?!" The teacher yelled annoyed. Kagami couldn't help feeling slightly curious about this 'Aomine-kun'

'Geez, this is place is really wonderful..' Aomine liked to skip class and instead spend his day on the rooftop, staring at the sky alone. This day was no exception, he sighed calmly and closed his eyes. He wanted to sleep, since he spent the night on his laptop, watching vidoes about Mai-chan rather than going to sleep. "Booo~red" he mumbled tiredly and then he moved and made a little pillow with his jacket, placing his head on it. He took out his phone, noticing the 10 messages from Satsuki, asking her usual questions like, "Where are you Dai-chan?!" "None of your business and you're not my mom." he replied to her before throwing the phone in his bag and started thinking about what he'll do after. "Maybe I'll play some basketball.." He liked the idea, smiling to himself before closing his eyes.

"Class! Does anyone know where Aomine-kun is?!" A delicate hand was raised, Momoi volunteered to go and get him back. "Please be quick Momoi-san!" The teacher turned his head towards Kagami, an apologetic smile on his face, "Sorry about all this mess Kagami-kun! You can sit there, near the empty chair next to the window." Kagami nodded his head after stating that its fine, moving to his place and sat down.

Meanwhile with Aomine, stomping sounds were heard before suddenly the door opened with a bang. "Dai-chan! So this where you've been! You better come back to class mister or you'll get in trouble later!" Momoi was fuming, glaring at her childhood friend. "Plus a new guy came to the class! He's from America so there's a chance he's' good at basketball!" Momoi only said this knowing that Aomine might feel interested.

"Hmm.." At first, he didn't listen to her lecture since he was used to it, but when Momoi said that the new guy was good at basketball, he opened his eyes and slowly stood up. "If it's a lie you'll regret it!" he yawned before glaring slightly at the pink head and then they went back in the classroom. Kagami stared at Aomine when he entered, surprised to see a tanned Japanese person. The minute Aomine came to the room, the teacher started to scold him. However, Aomine just stared at him with boredom, before he Kagami's red hair attracted him. When their eyes met, Kagami coulldn't help feel amazed as he stared at the dark blue eyes of Aomine, before he quickly averted his eyes to the top of his desk. 'So this is Aomine?' A small smile was on his face, as he thought the guy was really interesting. Aomine moved to his seat and started yawning, "I'm fucking tired.." he mumbled, then he looked at the redhead, "So you're the new guy?" But Kagami couldn't reply, something changed in him. His breaths increased, he could also feel his heart beating quickly while his body was trembling a little. All of this was happening because of Aomine's scent. 'W-why am I having an attack right now? It's too early for it!' He took deep breaths to calm himself, and then answered the question, hopping Aomine won't notice the slight shakiness in the reply. "Y-yea, got a problem with it?"

Aomine noticed that something was wrong with Kagami, though he wasn't really sure. So he asked, "Are you alright?" Suddenly feeling embarrassed, he placed his hand on his neck and rubbed it slowly. "Wanna go to the infirmary?" he added after a few seconds. "I-I am fine! I don't need your help!" Replied Kagami before turning his head the other way and closed his eyes. He was feeling agitated for some reason. He started to feel guilty about the way he acted with Aomine, who never did anything to deserve being treated like that. Though the teacher already started the lesson so he took out his note book and his pencil. Tearing a piece of paper before writing, Sorry! I was feeling nervous since it's the first day for me here.. So you don't need to worry! With a small smiling face at the end before closing it and throwing it to Aomine's table. Aomine noticed the small folded piece of paper, turning his head to look at Kagami who was staring at the board. Opening it, he couldn't help sighing in relief before catching himself, 'Why did I feel like that?' Ruffling his hair in confusion, he took out his pen and wrote down No problem. If you feel bad just tell and I'll lead you to the infirmary! He threw it back at Kagami, then looked at the teacher. He didn't want to listen the boring lecture so he just put his head between his arms and used an open book to hide himself.