AN: Here's chapter 4! There's no interaction between Kagami and Aomine in this chapter, but maybe there will be in chapter 5! ;D (Who knows! :9)

'He's absent today too..' Aomine thought annoyed, sighing in frustration as he stared at the empty table next to him. Ever since that incident, Kagami never came to school and a week has already passed. 'It should be me the one who is absent you dumbass! I am the victim here!' Starting at the empty desk from the corner of his eyes for a few seconds before averting in to the window. Not noticing the hard stare directed at him from a certain pink head.

"This is completely ridiculous! He's just a mere human who I can kill easily if I wanted to!" Kagami yelled in the empty apartment, as he sat down in his bed. 'But you can never kill your mate!' His conscious replied back, making Kagami scream in frustration. Every morning Kagami would always get ready to go to school, however, the moment he opens the door, he stands frozen in his place. Thoughts stop him from moving forward, thoughts that Aomine would look at him in rejection or hate him. That's why Kagami didn't appear in school for a whole week.

"Tetsu-kun! Glad you could make it!" Momoi said happily as she waved at Kuroko who just arrived at their meeting place – Maji Burger. Kuroko nodded his head in greeting, "Hello Momoi-san." After settling down, they ordered their desired food, Momoi a caesar salad while Kuroko a large vanilla shake. Until their orders arrived Momoi explained everything that was bothering her, how Aomine was acting differently recently after their new classmate, Kagami Taiga, arrived. All the while Kuroko nodded his head in understanding before replying, "I'll do my best to solve this so don't worry about it Momoi-san.." Momoi smiled brightly, thanking Kuroko then both enjoyed the rest of their 'date' according to her.

Aomine dribbled the ball, running across the outside court before shooting the ball using one of his formless shots. "That was a good shot Aomine-kun." Said Kuroko, causing Aomine to jump slightly. "Dammit Tetsu! When did you come here?!" Kuroko shook his head, "You should have gotten used to me right now. I've been here for a while." Aomine sighed in annoyance before reaching for the ball on the ground. "You should have said something.. So what brings you here?" Asked Aomine , taking a sip from his water bottle after sitting on the bench. Kuroko moved to sit next to him then said, "I heard from a little birdy that Aomine-kun is having a problem with a certain new student.." Aomine glared at the other, "Don't tell me Satsuki told you! It's nothing important.. We just had a fight!" Kuroko stared at Aomine for a few seconds, before saying something that shocked the other bluenette. "The new student, Kagami-kun, is a vampire, right?" Aomine stared at the shorter one in shock, before quickly questioning, "H-how did you know!?" Aomine knew that the bite mark was already gone, so there's no way he could have seen it! Kuroko only smiled that small knowing smile. "I suggest you go see him Aomine-kun.. You'd be surprised about what you'll know.." That was the only thing Kuroko said before leaving the court with a courtesy good bye, leaving Aomine with many questions that still need answers.