The war in Westeros had been a disaster. The very foundation of the land had been corrupted with blood and death. Jon had felt it the moment it had all happened. No one was safe. The Lannisters now ruled, the Iron Throne belonging to them wholly. He had heard of so many deaths. His own father, his brother, Bran, Rickon, Arya, and even Catelyn. Other news reached him as well, of how the North was now overrun with Southern people who were desecrating those sacred lands with their new gods and customs. He shuddered to think of it, to think of the state of the Seven Kingdoms now, in the golden hands of the Lannisters. Had this always been the fate?

Castle Black had faired no better. They had tasted a bitter invasion. It had been passed around that Lord Snow, Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, had sworn allegiance to Stan is Baratheon. True or not it was believed and Tywin Lannister sent his troops in, his sigil flying high and had destroyed the already crumbling Castle Black. Jon saw more people die and he was glad that he had sent Sam away. He wouldn't have been able to carry his death on his shoulders as well.

Despite the massacre Jon had been able to get away, following the tunnels that led to the other side of the Wall and made it out to the icy and barren wasteland beyond the Wall. He had lived on his own, barely getting any good, Ghost by his side always. He saw things through his eyes, felt and tasted a bit of freedom. His dreams were haunted by the defeat that the Night's Watch had suffered. Had he been responsible? Was he the one to blame? And on top of all that he was haunted by the ghosts of his family. Northern blood still flowed through his veins and he felt a sense of the strength of the wolves, of his pack,that was now extinguished. He hadn't been able to help them. He had sworn the oath and yet he had also been unable to save his brothers in black. What use was he then?

He stumbled out of his small hut, the morning light glinting off the ivory snow. He looked back towards the direction he had decided the Wall was in. He couldn't really be sure. He had been traveling for so long that the Wall was merely a distant memory.

"Ghost." He called out, his voice wavering from both hunger and cold.

The direwolf came slinking up beside him, his white coat shiny and his eyes fierce as always. They walked for what seemed like hours and yet the sun never once faltered from its place in the sky. Jon was distraught and pulled apart by hopelessness. How could he survive like this? He had helped destroy his brothers and the wildlings with what he thought would be a smart plan. What a leader he was.

With relief he rested back against a tree. He closed his eyes, sitting down on the soft snow with a sigh. Ghost must have went elsewhere because he no longer felt him near as he let sleep take over. The sound of footsteps crushing the snow woke him up. He sucked in his breath and looked around for Ghost.

"Ghost!" He shouted but he didn't come.

He hid behind the tree, his gloved hands clutching the hilt of his sword.

"Who's there? A woman's voice called out. It was soft and yet so commanding he felt the obligation to show himself.

"Who are you?" Jon called out, his voice equally as commanding.

"My name is Daenerys Stormborn of house Targaryen" It seemed like she hesitated, like she wanted to continue but she did not.

Jon felt shock storm through him. His brows furrowed as he came out from behind the tree. He had heard what had happened to the Targaryen princess who had tried ton return to the Seven Kingdoms to regain her father's throne. She had also been defeated, a trick apparently had been made on her by the devious Tywin Lannister. Her dragons, the ones that she had been rumored to have, had been killed. Who had killed them? Who dared kill a dragon?

"THE Daenerys Targaryen?"

She looked at him, trying to look him over and decide on what kind of man he was. "I have found something. Come help me with it." She spoke like a queen. What was she doing beyond the Wall? Seeking an escape from her newly formed enemies in Westeros?

He didn't think twice. He only followed after her, Ghost would follow soon enough. They walked for awhile. She was weathered. Her silver hair was in a tangled mess and dampened by the recent snowfall. Her clothes seemed to be rags, her boots wet by her walking. Was this truly the Mother of Dragons?

Eventually she stopped. Jon looked up at where they were. It was a cave with a wide mouth.

"What is this place?" He questioned.

She turned to look at him, her beauty stunning him. She had a strength in her features, an unrelenting determination. This was a woman who had been through everything and had survived.

"I am not sure." She said. Before she walked inside.

Jon didn't hesitate, he just walked in after her. The cave was warm, brightly lit. It seemed almost unnatural.

"Here." She gestured towards the source of the light. It was bright, like a fire. "I am not afraid of fire but this…it's something else." Something flashed in her violet eyes. Curiosity? Fear?

Jon stepped closer to the fire, the heat warm and almost comforting. The patter of steps echoed from behind them. Daenerys gasped and Jon turned around. Ghost stood there, watching them.

"Don.'t be afraid. Ghost. Here." And just like that Ghost came to his side.

"Is that….?"

"A direwolf." Jon finished with a nod.

Daenerys made to say something but she stopped when Ghost went closer to the flames. They exchanged a look before the direwolf entered the flames and all but disappeared.

"Ghost!" Jon shouted. He turned to her, his eyes suddenly fierce. "What is this?" He demanded of her, daring to take hold of her shoulders.

"I don't know!" She cried without struggling.

He let her go, recognizing the look of truth in her perfect violet eyes. He turned to the flames and with a harsh swallow and a sudden awakening of bravery he strapped forward.

"We don't know what's in there." She said, nearly warned.

"But he did." He replied stepping through as well.

Daenerys took in a breath, glanced around before she went through as well. She met Jon, looked up at him with heightened confusion. It didn't feel as if anything had happened but when they looked around they saw that they were in a completely different world, one so unlike their own.