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Chapter 24: Epilogue

Five years later, the thirty-year-old Rika Nonaka Wong was seen to be driving a sleek black convertible along the busy road as she was heading towards Tokyo Corporation where she used to work almost seven years ago. She came from a conference which was held at the eastern part of the city of Shinjuku because Henry sent her there as his proxy.

While driving, she was wearing her red blouse that extended to her elbows and black skirt with her black pumps. She was not afraid to use high-heeled shoes while driving because she got used to doing that whenever she and Henry drove to different places in Shinjuku.

In span of five years, my life definitely changed, she thought as her hand was on the steering wheel. But I'm still me. Rika Nonaka Wong version two point zero.

While driving around the busy highway, Rika heard her phone ring and she picked it up. This was what she saw on the screen: "Calling Henry Wong…"

Since she did not want to prolong the call, Rika instantly picked the phone up from the dashboard.

"Hello?" Rika asked with her left hand on the steering wheel while her right was on her phone.

"Hey, Honey," Henry said from the other line.

"Hmm. Looks like the tone of your voice doesn't indicate urgency, huh?" Rika jested.

"Not at all. I really wanted to see you. Where are you anyway?" Henry asked with a hint of longing in his voice.

"I just came from the conference downtown and I'm sort of driving around. But gosh! They're so insistent in buying our answers!" Rika answered with an annoyance evident in her voice.

"Give that to me and I'll see what I can do. I don't want to put you into much pressure," Henry assured.

"Pressure? That's ridiculous!" Rika chuckled. "I'm just really surprised with the way they want it immediately."

"Okay. At least, I know what's going to happen then!" Henry added. "Thanks, Rika!"

"You're welcome! By the way… I'm on my way to Tokyo Cor," Rika explained.

"Perfect. Maybe I could lay the plans out once you get here. Anyway I'm free tonight, what do you say?"

"If you're free tonight then I'm not free! Besides, we don't have a babysitter, you know?" Rika said with her joking tone.

"I know. What I mean is that I can go home before seven!" Henry kidded.

"I thought you're up to something else!" Rika chuckled. "But, I have to go. I'm still driving. See you at the office, Honey! I love you!"

"I love you more, Honey. Take care! Bye!" Henry chuckled from the other line.

Rika had hung up the phone with a smile on her face because of the thought that she would see her husband once again. She continued driving and going through the busy streets of Shinjuku so she could get to the office as immediately as possible.

Being the wife of the CEO is bad already! Rika thought as she also remembered why she got sent to the conference earlier. I don't want to repeat the time I replaced Henry for a week because he got down with a flu!

Not long after, Rika arrived at the office and pulled the car to a stop. After what happened to her and Henry five years ago, Henry told her to always watch her step and keep her senses up for suspicious persons. When she examined the surroundings, she deduced that it was safe to alight and eventually, she parked her car in front of the building since she was not going to stay for long.

"Good afternoon, Ma'am Rika!" the employees greeted as she passed by them in the lobby.

"Good afternoon!" she returned the greeting with the fake smile as usual.

Rika arrived at the elevators but all of them were not yet reaching the ground floor. She saw her former teammate Aimi Natsuke who just got out from a nearest room.

"Hey, Aimi!" Rika greeted.

"Rika!" Aimi squealed. "I mean, Ma'am Rika!"

Aimi looked at Rika from head to toe. She was still amazed with her friend's slender and sexy figure even if motherhood came to her already.

"Gosh, Ma'am! You look awesome!" Aimi exclaimed. "Are you into modeling now?"

"If I'm modeling then I won't have time for my baby, you know?" Rika pointed out.

"Oh right! How's my goddaughter, by the way?" Aimi asked.

Rika's daughter had Aimi as godmother. The auburn-haired woman kept her promise to Aimi.

"She's fine and she's with her grandma today because your boss tasked me to go to a conference somewhere out there in the East," Rika explained. "Well, who am I to refuse the job if I'm even the owner…"

"Wow! Sir's really lucky!" Aimi said in awe.

"I have to do it because we've got a little one who's depending on us," Rika said simply.

"Why don't you bring her to the office one time, Ma'am?" Aimi asked with thrill.

"Maybe I can," Rika said with a smile. "For now, I really need to report to your Sir."

Aimi chuckled because she saw her lady boss doing the same thing she did five years ago.

"Well, Ma'am Rika! I've got to go now! Say hi to Sir for me!" Aimi snickered. "And to your baby as well!"

"Sure!" Rika said as an empty elevator opened in front of her.

Ma'am Rika once again, Rika thought as she went inside the empty elevator and pressed "five".

Because she saw Aimi once again, Rika remembered the old times when she worked in the company as a finance analyst and a narrative report creator. Now, she was the wife of the president and she was the owner as well. Unfortunately, she could not work for longer times since she was also a mother now. It just happened that Henry was too busy to attend to a conference so the call was shifted to her.


Wow! The elevator had an even louder sound! Rika thought and the sound signaled the elevator to open. Improving!

When it opened, she immediately went outside and walked inside Henry's territory. She noticed that all of the employees in the territory were out except for the receptionist, the bubbly Mika Arashi who was dating Kenshin Jyun, Rika's former suitor in the office.

"Hi, Mika! Where's Henry?" Rika asked cheerfully.

"He's inside the room, Ma'am Rika!" Mika answered and noticed Rika's slender and beautiful figure. "Gosh, Ma'am! You're blooming!"

"Thanks, Mika!" Rika chuckled.

Rika went inside the door and found her husband who just finished a phone call. When he saw Rika that got inside, Henry looked delighted upon seeing his wife.

"Hey, Mrs. Wong!" Henry grinned. "Looking good, huh?"

"I know." Rika chuckled and gave Henry a quick hug.

"Always my good-looking wife." Henry grinned after he hugged her back.

When they broke apart from each other, Rika eventually looked in her bag for the letter she obtained when she attended the conference earlier.

"Well, Henry, this will be the last, okay?" she asked as she gave it to Henry. "Baby can't be left alone for long, you know!"

"It's baby again. I'm getting jealous because your attention's on her and not me!" Henry said as he accepted the paper and placed it on his desk while making a face playfully.

"Henry! Don't be jealous!" Rika smiled and kissed his left cheek.

"Why won't I get jealous if your mind's always on her?" Henry asked jokingly as Rika pulled away from him.

"Henry, don't worry about it!" Rika assured. "You're still my other baby, you know? Only bigger!"

"Alright. I'm convinced." Henry smiled.

"And mind you, Henry! You're the one who's always stealing the baby from me!" Rika chuckled. "Every time I get her, she's always looking for you!"

"Well, Rika… That's life!" Henry winked. "And it shows that even if I'm busy, I can spend time with our baby as well."

"Well I admire you for it," Rika said with a laugh and sat on the visitor's chair. "Where are your minions, by the way?"

"They're having a team building at fourth floor. But I'm glad they're not here!" Henry explained. "Anyway, I can escape already. I don't have other jobs to do!"

"You sure, Mr. Wong?" Rika asked.

"Of course, Mrs. Wong!" Henry assured.

Rika handed him the keys as Henry caught it. He dusted his black corporate attire and took his black suitcase with him.

"Shall we, Mrs. Wong?" Henry asked, offering his arm to Rika so they could go out.

Rika only smiled and slid her arm in Henry's. They happily walked arm-in-arm towards the lobby so they could get to an elevator.

The next day, Rika was sitting on a red cloth while her arms were holding her legs. She was under a large and leafy tree in Shinjuku Park. Because the sun was shining high in the afternoon sky, she moved to a place under the tree wherein there was shade and felt the cool breeze touch her fair skin.

"At least it isn't really hot unlike yesterday…" Rika mused as she looked at the green scenery in front of her and dusted her white shirt that had a blue heart in the middle and her pair of blue jean shorts.

I remember that this was the park where I met him eighteen years ago. How time flew and I indeed changed a lot, Rika thought as she returned to her sitting position.

Her violet eyes also saw the pink cherry blossoms that abound the entire park. It was ironic because she liked them yet she hated things which were pink in color.

A coldhearted girl can become a good person after all and it's all because of him. He really brought out the best in me.

Rika closed her eyes and felt the cool breeze blow towards her face once again. She smiled as she finally felt peace and tranquility with her family.

After all that happened to us, I realized that everything would be fine if you face all the problems together! she thought while closing her violet eyes. But, Jeri. How I wished that you and Takato talked it out rather than leaving things hanging.

Suddenly, Rika's thoughts were interrupted when someone hugged her from her right side.

"Miyako!" Rika smiled as she saw her four-year-old daughter.

Miyako had blue hair that extended to her shoulders and violet eyes. She also had fair complexion and got the way how her father smiled. In other words, Miyako inherited her parents' traits equally.

"Mommy!" Miyako went beside Rika and hugged Rika happily. She was wearing her blue jumper and pink shirt as well as white rubber shoes.

Rika hugged her daughter tightly. She remembered that she almost lost her child during her pregnancy but she was fortunate that the baby bound to her strongly. But now, a bouncing and sweet little girl was the one she was seeing today. When she broke away from her daughter, she smiled at her while brushing the little girl's blue hair affectionately.

"Are you okay, Mommy?" Miyako asked her, noticing her mother's languid face. "You look sad."

"No, Baby! I'm not sad!" Rika protested and laughed because the way Miyako asked her reminded her of Henry's way of asking her. "I just remembered the days when Mommy was younger."

"Were you cute when you were like me, Mommy?" Miyako asked with an innocent smile.

"I don't know! Ask your grandmother, Baby!" Rika chuckled and kissed her daughter's cheek. "But definitely, I don't have blue hair!"

"Okay! Look, Mommy!" Miyako exclaimed and showed the pink cotton candy that she was holding for some time in her right hand.

"Wow! Looks yummy!" Rika replied sweetly. "Can I have a piece?"

"Sure, Mommy!" Miyako took a piece and spoon-fed her mother. "Mommy, say AH!"

"Ah!" Rika said as Miyako placed the cotton candy inside her mouth. "Mmm!"

"Daddy says he always buys you with this when you were still kids!" Miyako spoke while eating the cotton candy.

Rika laughed because of what Miyako said. Henry always bought her cotton candy when they were still young.

"Don't talk when your mouth is full, Baby! That's a bad manner!" Rika said with her tone gently disciplining her daughter because Miyako was already eating with her mouth full.

Suddenly, a blue-haired man wearing a black shirt and brown cargo pants placed his arm around her shoulder and sat beside her.

"Don't scold your daughter, Rika," he said with a smile.

"Henry! No wonder that's the reason why she's getting spoiled!" Rika exclaimed in amusement.

Henry laughed at his wife because of her reactions towards him.

"Just finish what you're eating, Miyako, okay?" Rika said gently.

"Okay, Mommy and Daddy!" Miyako said obediently and ate the cotton candy in her hand while she watched her parents sitting together.

Henry only smiled and held Rika only in the right hand since their daughter was watching them in joy.

"Henry," Rika said teasingly. "Your daughter's really watching us!"

"It's OUR daughter, not mine only, Rika." Henry smirked. "Come here, Miyako!"

"Daddy!" Miyako said joyfully while throwing her hands towards Henry.

"What do you wanna do now, Baby?" Henry asked her and held her.

"Let's play!" Miyako answered. "Please? Please?"

Henry only looked at Rika and grinned at her, leaving Rika to smirk at him because of his goofy grin.

"Go ahead, guys! I'll be here!" Rika assured and gave her thumb-up.

"Okay, Baby!" Henry replied and looked at Miyako. "Mommy says that it's okay to play!"

"Yaaaaaaaay!" the little girl cried in delight. "Come on, Daddy!"

Then, Henry and Miyako began running around the park, leaving Rika to watch them with contentment.

My father-daughter never changes! Rika thought with a smile. Maybe because they got the same color of hair so that's why they easily bonded with each other.


Four years ago in the hospital, Rika was at the bed while holding her sleeping baby girl and Henry was looking at his mother and daughter pair with love.

"Can I carry her again?" he asked.

"Sure!" Rika answered softly. "Careful, Henry."

Then, she handed to Henry their daughter carefully and tenderly as she could. Henry took the baby into his arms and smiled contentedly at her.

"Rika…" he mumbled to Rika softly.

"Yes?" Rika replied, looking at Henry.

"Thank you," he answered.

"For what?" Rika said with her left eyebrow raised.

"Thank you for giving life to this beautiful thing. Thank you for giving her to me as our daughter," Henry said while rocking the baby gently with his two arms.

Rika smiled as she saw Henry rocking the little baby. "No, Henry. If it wasn't for you, she wouldn't be here. But we nearly lost her and I was afraid because of that."

After holding it for some time, Henry returned the baby carefully to Rika and smiled at her.

"It doesn't matter now, Rika. She's already here and we're blessed to have her," He assured.


And until now, Henry's so happy because of our baby! Rika thought with a chuckle. Even if she's now four years old, she'll always be our precious baby girl.

Laughter and merriment coming from the father and daughter pair distracted Rika from reflecting. When she looked to where the sound came from, she saw that Henry and Miyako were running like mad.

I'm envious! Rika thought as she watched her loved ones. If it wasn't for the things here, I could have joined them!

"Miyako!" Rika heard Henry call their daughter. "I got you!"

"Mommy! Daddy's chasing me! I'm getting tired!" the girl said while giggling and running.

Miyako slowed down and eventually reached Rika's spot while resting herself. Henry went also to Rika's direction and stopped. The father and daughter were totally tired from all the running.

"Oh! Here you go, baby!" Rika said to her daughter and gave a bottle of water so Miyako could drink. "What about you, Honey?"

"Sure!" Henry answered while sweating profusely. He wiped his face with a face towel.

Eventually, Rika gave him a cup with cold water so he could drink.

"Thanks, Rika!" Henry answered and sat with Rika.

"Sure!" Rika smiled reassuringly.

After drinking from the bottle, Miyako stood for a moment and walked away. Rika eventually sat on the original spot where she was earlier.

"Miyako?" Rika called her daughter. "Where are you going?"

"I'm just going to see the flowers, Mommy!" Miyako said. "I'm not going to run because I'm tired!"

"Don't go far, okay?" Rika called out.

"Okay!" Miyako replied as she walked away.

While they were resting, the blue-haired man sat beside his auburn-haired wife as their daughter walked just meters away from them.

"Kids nowadays are always the adventurous type!" Rika mused.

"She got it from you," Henry replied as he kissed Rika's cheek once again.

"Fine. I guess I really created a mini version of myself," Rika replied in amusement as she saw Miyako meandering around.

"Yes. I have to agree with that. She looks exactly like you," Henry agreed. "Beautiful."

"Don't pull my leg, Henry Wong!" Rika protested but deep inside, she was already turning red.

"I'm not! You're really beautiful!" Henry replied good-naturedly.

Rika's cheeks did not stop from blushing and this amused Henry so much.

"Anyway, Rika, do you still remember this park?" he asked her.

"Yes. Is this the park where we first met? Around eighteen years ago?" Rika chuckled while pretending to make sure that her answer was correct.

"Correct! I even thought that you'd answer this as the park that had the cherry blossoms five years ago." Henry winked.

"Very funny, Wong!" Rika said playfully.

"Remember that you're also a Wong, Rika!" Henry grinned.

"Of course!" Rika agreed.

"But could you believe this all happened so fast?"

"I know, Henry. It seemed like yesterday when you found me at the office because I brought some important documents to you… and now, we have a little girl!" Rika stated while they saw their daughter meandering around the park.

"I'm happy because everything turned out the way they are supposed to be, Ri!" Henry smiled. "We got falsely married, argued, dated, married again and had a child."

"Yes, I know." Rika returned the smile. "I couldn't ask for more!"

"Glad to know!" Henry replied good-naturedly.

With that, Henry instantly remembered something and looked at Rika with love. Their eyes seemed to be speaking for each other until Henry smiled at Rika.

"Happy wedding anniversary, Sweetheart!" he greeted and followed it with a kiss on her forehead. "It's been five years!"

"Technically… It's eight, Henry!" Rika corrected.

"Oh right! That's another reason why I brought you and Miyako here." He winked. "Can you believe that we're eight years married?

"I know and I still can't believe it," Rika answered. "What could've happened if we didn't have the set-up before?"

"Most likely, I became an old bachelor." Henry chuckled.

"Impossible! A handsome guy like you will become an old bachelor?" Rika exclaimed with wide eyes. "Oh come on, Henry!"

"Yeah!" Henry said. "Believe me. Or better yet, I won't have two beautiful girls in my life. Happy eighth anniversary, Rika!"

"Happy eighth anniversary, Henry!" Rika returned. "Who would have thought that we could last longer than we expected?"

"Because relationships last longer when two people try their best to maintain and keep it," Henry assured as his left hand held Rika's right hand once again.

Rika already knew the motive behind Henry's sweet move so she giggled. "And we're one of them!"

At that very moment, their blue-haired daughter returned to their side while bringing eight pink cherry blossoms to them.

"Mommy! Daddy!" Miyako said cheerfully and gave her parents the cherry blossoms that she picked up. "For you!"

"What's this?" Henry asked dubiously while holding the cherry blossoms.

"My anniversary gift to you, Mommy and Daddy!" Miyako answered. "Daddy also told me that it's your special day today!"

"Aww! Thanks, Miyako!" Rika smiled. "You're so sweet! Just like Daddy!"

"Thanks too, Baby!" Henry smiled as well.

"You're welcome, Mommy and Daddy!" Miyako said sweetly.

Henry faced Rika and gave the cherry blossoms to her while Miyako saw this.

"Mommy? Daddy?" she said.

The couple simultaneously turned to face Miyako.

"What is it?" they asked simultaneously.

"You won't do this?" Miyako said and puckered her lips.

The couple was totally amused with what Miyako just did and laughed.

"You know?" Miyako asked and repeated her puckering of lips.

Rika bent forward and whispered something in Henry's ear. "What are you teaching Miyako this time, Henry Wong?"

"Nothing!" Henry stifled a laugh. "I guess she wants us to kiss like what she sees in the movies."

Rika shrugged and relented. She was already settling with a peck on Henry's cheek when she saw Miyako seated on the red cloth watching at them for a couple of minutes.

"Okay, Mommy! I'll leave you and Daddy alone!" Miyako giggled.

When their daughter stood up and left them, Henry and Rika laughed in amusement. They did not expect that Miyako could pick up things so easily.

"She's so funny!" Rika remarked and looked at Henry. "Just like you, Henry!"

"I know!" Henry chuckled and looked at Rika. "And I'm proud she got that!"

Eventually, Henry moved his face to meet Rika's and gently pressed his lips on hers. Rika's heartbeat started to quicken with love as their lips were now sealed over each other. Their lips brushed gently against each other for a few moments which sent a warm feeling throughout their bodies. Henry's right arm snaked around Rika's neck as he deepened the kiss while Rika slowly parted her lips to invite his tongue into her mouth and her right arm traveled on Henry's back. The couple sat on the grass kissing, both savoring their love on their eighth wedding anniversary. They both did not want to stop but the need for air forced them to do so and they broke away from each other slowly.

Now that both of them were apart, the two were already blushing like mad.

Maybe it was destined that he became my new boss in order for us to become happy with each other for real and forever! Rika thought as she looked at Henry who was now smiling at her.

"I love you, Mr. Henry Wong," Rika said to her husband. "Aishite imasu."

"I love you and you alone, Mrs. Rika Wong," Henry said to his wife. "Wo ai ni."

With this, the couple stood up and hugged each other for a few minutes. When they broke apart from each other, it happened that their blue-haired daughter was watching them already.

"Mommy! Daddy! You two are so cute!" she exclaimed in joy as she ran towards her parents.

"Really?" Henry asked as he scooped his daughter with his arms. He eventually carried her with Miyako near his left shoulder.

"Yeah!" Miyako said in glee.

"Come on, Miyako!" Rika smiled. "Let's go home now so you can play with your dolls! I think you're getting dirty now!"

"Your mommy's right, Miyako." Henry smiled.

"Okay." Miyako smiled. "But you have to play with me, Mommy!"

"Sure! Why not?" Rika chuckled.

Eventually, Henry put down Miyako on the ground while Rika took the red cloth as well as the picnic basket and placed it on her left arm. Miyako held Henry's left hand with her right hand while she held Rika's right hand with her left hand and the happy family walked hand-in-hand towards their car.