La Petite Morte or A Little Death

By ranlynn ( )


Rating: PG13/may change (let me know it you don't agree)

Dislaimer: I own nothing and nothing owns me. Just heart felt thanks to the creators of two incredible worlds.

Summary: Crossover between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Anita Blake books by Laurell K Hamilton (if you haven't read any of these you ought to give them a try) Yes I suck at summaries. Just read the story.


BTVS: Set a couple or so months after S6 Entropy and will follow cannon up till then, with some minor revisions (Buffy's hair is long 'cause I like it that way and she is in a good place mentally and emotionally) after that it depends (Tara's alive because...well because, and there was NO B/S bathroom scene *the writers were sniffing glue that day*) and I will borrow elements thru the season finale.

Anita Blake: up thru "Narcissus In Chains".

Notes: Told in the first person, the POV will switch back and forth between Anita and Buffy. The first two chapters POV's will overlap a quite bit and so might some others. I've also made the two types of vampire's strength about the same based on how vamps have been portrayed on Angel the Series and how he (Angel) said Buffy was stronger than he was. I'm also making her resistant to the mental abilities of LKH vampires seeing she broke the mind control of the Master and Dracula. They might be able to *mind roll* her but they'll have to sweat for it and it won't happen casually. (would they be able to put the whammy on her before she can stake them??)

First chp: I know very little about police procedure or crime scene investigation so bear with me. I also do not have a beta reader so any grammar or spelling errors are also something to live with. Though I will try to keep them to a minimum.

Reviews: Email:   Please let me know what you think. I have written a handful of short fics but this is my first longer story.