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Of all the horrors and sorrows of the universe, slavery was one to get lots out of itself. It was all well and good for the slave traders, going about their daily business, passing slaves from cage to master or from master to cage and making their daily wages from it. Slave traders were often grubby, selfish and greedy men who always had an eye for a bargain.

Some slaves were treated adequately, you could say, while others were treated like they were worth less and dirt, depending on the individual slave trader. All slaves were punished for any kind of disobedience, but others were hurt for fun.

Out of all the slave trading companies, S.O.A.K was the largest and most infamous. It stood for Slaves Of All Kinds. Out of that, humans were the most common. They were fragile and easily broken, even the ones with fighting spirit, and they were the easiest to get hold of and look after. 'Of All Kinds' didn't just mean all kinds of people, it also meant all kinds of slave. There were labour slaves, domestic slaves, pleasure slaves, even torture slaves.

Life for slaves was made worse still by the Binding Law.

When a slave was purchased, their soul was bound partially to their master's, adapting the slave's lifespan to that of their owner and at the same time, halting their fertility so they could bear their possessors a bastard child, but the mistress or master could lift that any time they wished. The Binding Law also meant that the slave was legally their property and they had the power to do whatever they wished with them. If the master died, the slave died too, but not the other way around. The Binding Law could only be broken if a slave was returned to the market. But even worse, a slave could never be free. If a slave was not in a market or in the possession of another, they would waste away within days and die.

Harmony had been a slave since birth. She was born a slave and she didn't know anything else. Once she had had a large family with three sisters and three brothers. But she had never even met some of them, only heard of them through other slaves or slave traders. She wasn't even sure how many of them were still alive. Harmony was a domestic slave and had had one owner. From the ages of six to fifteen, she had been possessed by a woman and her husband. She did not know what species they were.

The woman had been firm but fair and never caused Harmony any harm. She had even been generous enough to educate her, teaching her how to read and write and use numbers. Harmony had been very good at her job, even at a young age and over the years, Harmony and her mistress became rather fond of each other. Her husband however, was a violent man. He did cause Harmony harm, and scarred her mentally and emotionally afterwards. The reason she was taken back to the slave market was because the beatings were becoming too serious. Harmony was only human, and even amongst her own kind, she was considered to be fragile. She spent every moment that she could trying to bury the darkness of her past, finding ways to detach herself, to feel numb and forget the memories.

She was a small girl of 5"3, very thin and malnourished after such a long time of poor treatment. She had long curly red chestnut hair, constantly untamed, and big dark brown eyes, complimented by long dark eyelashes. She was somehow able to maintain a certain, strange kind beauty covered in dirt and grime, having become suited to a look of rugged wildness after such a long time. One would think such a pretty face would be among the pleasure slaves but Harmony was not considered to be alluring enough, and much too timid and fearful to make even a half decent lover. Pleasure slaves tended to have more womanly figures, with wider hips, fuller thighs and breasts. Harmony had seen some of the pleasure slaves behave shamelessly seeming to be always lustful and hungry, even animalistic in their primal yearning. They were also required to be able to be confident and alluring in the ways of love, qualities Harmony could not have lacked more. The girl had never even seen a man in his natural state, let alone been with one.

Since she had been brought back from her first home, Harmony had been stuck there for just under a year. She was now sixteen years of age and she knew her birthday but it's not like anyone cared. She had a cage to herself. It wasn't tall enough for even her to stand up in but at least she had it to herself. Harmony often stayed curled up in the corner, only moving to stop herself getting cramp or when she had to get up to use the facilities with other slaves.

The system worked in a rotor. Once a day, or every other day, slaves would be taken out of their cages in groups to use the basic facilities and get a small meal. Once a week they were allowed to bathe and clean themselves, and every now and again, a change of clothes.

Harmony didn't talk to other people, she was much too timid, nor was there anything to talk about. She often tried to look out for her family though whenever she was taken out of her cage. One time, she saw her younger brother, Arro, about ten years ago when he was a baby, and another time she saw her twin brother, Kistain, who was a labour slave like their father. Harmony didn't know where the rest of her family were. She wished she could find them someday.

But for most of the time, she sat alone, huddled in a ball with only a flimsy blanket to keep her warm. Her head often hurt from leaning against the metal bars, and she was often cold. Harmony watched a guard walk past her cage with eyes like a hawk. In his hand was a beating stick, and although she knew he was just patrolling, her nerves seized with fear and her heart began to pound, hammering like a drum in her ears.

When the guard was out of sight, did she finally start to calm down. Her thin arms constricted around her knees and her cold feet fidgeted uncomfortably. And while her dark eyes remained fixed on the floor, she listened to the whispers of the other slaves around her. She then heard the sound of a girl crying and another voice trying to comfort her. Harmony had cried before too but for a different reason. New slaves often cried mourning the loss of their freedom; Harmony had never had freedom. Her tears were wept over wishing she could have freedom but knowing that was not possible.

As long as there was a Binding Law, there was no freedom.

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