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Chapter 1: Our first baby.

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I feel the lash of the whip on my side. I cry out in agony and fall to the ground. The stones are still wet with Gale's blood. My hand immediately goes to my swollen stomach. The peacekeeper raises his whip again.

"Hold it" A rough voice barks. I look up to see Haymitch. He comes to my side and helps me up. "What the hell do you think you're doing?!" Haymitch shouts at the peacekeeper.

"She interrupted a self confused punishment." The peacekeeper tells him.

"I don't care if she blew up the blasted justice building! Can't you see the girls eight months pregnant?!" Haymitch shouts at the peacekeeper.

"How was I supposed to know that?" The peacekeeper asks. Haymitch gently takes my hand away from my stomach and pushes my coat away from my stomach.

"That's how!" He shouts pointing at my belly. I suddenly feel a pain rip through my body. I cry out in agony and double over. "Katniss, what is it what happened?" Haymitch asks.

"I felt a contraction." I tell him. I see the furry in Haymitch's eyes grow. He turns back to the peacekeeper.

"If anything happens to Katniss and her baby you'll be sorry you ever set foot outside the Capitol! The first thing I'm doing when I make sure Katniss and her baby are ok is call the Capitol. See who sent you out here to send my victor into early labour!" Haymitch shouts. He turns back to me.
"Come on sweetheart let's get you home." He says. I nod and he helps me through the square back home. When we get inside I can see that Gale is already lying unconscious on the table with my mother and Prim tending to him. Peeta rushes over to me and Haymitch.

"Katniss! What happened?" He asks panicking. I'm about to answer him when another contraction hits me. I cry out in agony and double over.

"Get a chair!" Haymitch shouts. Peeta goes over to the table and grabs a chair and takes it back over to us. "Thank you boy." Haymitch says. Haymitch gently eases me down into the chair and stands behind me rubbing my shoulders.

"What happened?" Peeta asks.

"When Gale was getting whipped Katniss tried to block him with her body but the whip got her on the side and sent her into early labour." Haymitch tells Peeta.

"Well who's gonna deliver the baby I mean her mom's tending to Gale and Hazel's not going to want to leave Gale's side." Peeta says.

"I donno boy but someone's going to have to." Haymitch says.

Another contraction tears through my body. I cry out in agony and double over.

"She's getting closer I'm going to have to deliver the baby." Haymitch says.

"Is that ok with you Kat?" Peeta asks.

"Yeah juts get the baby out safely." I tell him.

"I will I promise." Haymitch says. He helps me up to one of the spare rooms and Peeta helps me sit down on the bed. Haymitch takes my pants off. He puts a towel across my legs. 8 hours later its 1:00am I'm still in labour and my contractions are extremely painful and only a few minutes apart. I suddenly feel the urge to push.

"Oh god Haymitch it feels like I need to push right now!" I tell him trying to resist pushing. Haymitch takes his jacket off and kneels on chest at the end of the bed.

"Ok Katniss, push!" Haymitch exclaims. I grip Peeta's hand and start pushing. This is agonising. I keep pushing as hard as I possibly can. Sweat is covering my hair, arms, face and legs.

"Keep pushing Katniss you're doing great!" Haymitch says rubbing my leg encouragingly. I nod and push harder. I scream so loud the whole district can probably hear me. "What a house. Gale downstairs almost dead and me. Upstairs giving birth." I think to myself.

"The baby's head is crowing Katniss push harder!" Haymitch exclaims. I do as he instructs scrunching my face up in effort. I feel an odd extremely uncomfortable pressure between my legs.

"Oh god what's that between my legs?!" I ask freaking out.

"That's just her head sweetheart, she's almost here let's get you past the shoulders!" Haymitch says. I nod and grip Peeta's hand harder and push as hard as I can without cracking a rib. Suddenly a feel a huge weight lift off of me. I give a cry of relief and collapse back into the pillows panting and sweating as my child's cries ring through the air, like music to my ears. A huge smile spreads across my face as Haymitch holds my baby up for Peeta and me to see. "It's a boy." He smiles. I smile, a boy, I have a son and he is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life. Haymitch cuts the umbilical cord and wraps my son in his jacket. "Congratulations Katniss he's beautiful." Haymitch says. I smile.

"Thank you." I say. I look down at my beautiful son. I see he has Peeta's beautiful blonde curls and my grey eyes.

"He's perfect." I say, tears of joy running down my face.

"Yeah, he is." Peeta says. I look up to see he has tears of joy in his eyes.

"I love you Peeta." I tell him.

"I love you more Katniss." He tells me and kisses me.

"What are we gonna call him?" Peeta asks.

"You chose." I tell him.

"What about Sam?"

"I love it." I smile. Peeta smiles and kisses me.

"Can his middle name be David that was dad's name?" I ask him.

"Of course." Peeta says. I look back down at Sam and smile.

"Hi Sam." I whisper. I lift him up slightly and kiss his forehead.

"Sam David Mellark." Peeta whispers. I smile and kiss him.

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