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John Winchester was looking lovingly at his first born. Hardly a couple of months old. Dean was a fast learner. He was already sitting up without support.

Dean was laughing at John's face. Making silly faces and hearing his son laugh was like heaven to John.

"You like that huh, kiddo?" smiled John.

"Can you say something for me? Can you say Da-da?"

Dean looked up at John with innocent, sparkling green eyes.

"Can you say Da-ddy?"

Dean just started batting his tiny little fists against John's chest, urging him to make silly faces again.

"Oh well…maybe next time."

"John! Pie's ready." Yelled Mary Winchester from the kitchen, John's beautiful and equally loving wife.

"Great! Coming." Yelled John. "Come on soldier. Let's get us some pie. You love pie don't you?" smirked John, remembering last week when he had come into the kitchen to find Mary laughing at Dean whose face had been covered in pie, with a wide smile accompanying it. Apparently, Dean hadn't wanted to wait for Mary to find a spoon. He had thrust his face right into the pie sitting on his baby chair.

John settled Dean into the chair and sat down next to it. He put the plate of pie between himself and Dean and proceeded to make Dean eat it when he froze.

"Pie?" asked Dean.

"Oh my God. Mary did you hear that?"

Mary giggled in happiness. "Yes John! Hey my little cupcake. Can you say that again? Can you say pie?"

"Pie! Pie! Pie!" chanted Dean. Clearly ecstatic seeing the pie in front of him.

Mary looked over at John's face and burst out laughing.

"Are you jealous of the pie?" giggled Mary.

"What? No! Why would I be? Oh well. He is a Winchester after all. Always doing the unexpected. Dean's first word. Pie. Typical."


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