One Piece School Days

Moving in

"Whittney, time to get up." said a voice, the reply was a body turning around.

"Suit yourself, Mom made Pancakes, I was told to wake you up before Ace and Luffy."

The body sat up, it turn out to be a girl with Brown hair which went a little down to her shoulders, she wore blue pjs that match her blue eyes.

"Brittney please tell me you didn't just say what I thought you said." she looked over to her sister.

Brittney was the same age with brown hair cut to her chin, her eyes were dark brown. She wore a green sweater and a skirt, with green pumps. She smiled at her twin's antics, she then headed toward the second bedroom that housed her brothers.

Luffy was sound asleep, but Ace jumped awake when he heard a knock at their door. The voice of an 18 year old came from outside.

"Ace, Luffy, it's time to get up, Mom made pancakes."

"Thanks Britt, I'll get Luffy up."

Ace didn't have to wake up his brother at the sound of pancakes Luffy jumped out of bed and headed to the door. Ace stopped him and motion that Luffy was still in his night clothes.

"Come on Ace, I want food…"

"Luffy, have you forgotten it's pancakes, and that Whittney is in love with pancakes?"

"But Ace…"

"First we get dressed then we get breakfast."

In the kitchen Manko was making breakfast, while Shanks read the news paper. When they both heard footsteps running from the stairs. Manko smiled, as Shanks sighed, when the footsteps person came into the kitchen.

Whittney wore a blue t-shirt and blue jeans which had seen better days. Her hair was in a pony tail and in her hands was her blue I-Pod, and the "Hobbit" novel that was a little ruff around the edges.

"Pancakes, I love you mom."

Manko smiled, Whittney was the hardest of Shanks' daughters to warm up to her and the boys she adopted. But many years later they were like mother and daughter, and Whittney treated both Ace and Luffy and her brothers.

"Whittney, what have I said about running down the stairs?" Shanks asked as he looked at his eldest daughter.

"Dad, I'm not Brittney or Luffy."

"She's Right." Manko and Shanks looked to see their oldest son, and child, Ace.

Ace was two years older than Whittney and had black hair and eyes. His cheeks were freckled, and he was smiling. He wore a red t-shirt with blue jeans and sneakers.

"Oh, I don't know what I'm going to do without you two here." said Manko.

"Mom, don't cry, Brittney will start to cry and then we'll all end up crying." Whittney said as she went to hug Manko.

"Yea, you heard her don't cry mom, or Luffy would think something wrong."

"Their right Mei, their not leaving for long, and they'll come back on weekends."

She nodded and kissed Shanks on the lips, the moment was interrupted when music filled the air.

Fire burning, Fire burning on the dance floor.

Another sound was also heard

I want you to want me, I need you to need me, I want you to want me…

Shanks and Manko looked to their two eldest children. Whittney had taken out her blue cell phone as Ace got out his red cell phone with flames.

They both looked at their phones, Whittney smiled while Ace frowned, and type some on his key board.

"Ace what's wrong?" Manko ask she was worried.

"Well it seems that Mr. Flame boy has found out that Hatura is not going to be any of her classes." said Whittney.

"Why are so happy, Classic rock is my passion?" Ace asked to Whittney.

"Well this rock is going to roll with all her classes with the most rocking guy in this rock n roll world."

Manko and Shanks shook their heads, their two eldest already had a rivalry going. Now that they had respective others their rivalry became worse. Even though they both were alike in similar ways, their eldest children would always bicker.

"Food." came a voice from upstairs and then a gasp and a sound of bodies hitting the floor.

"Like I said." Whittney whispered to Ace who was laughing.

"Whittney, Ace you'll stop laughing at your siblings right now."

"Yes mom."

I want you to want me I need…

"Whittney your phone…"

"I got it." as she turned to find a quite place so she could talk.



"Yoi, how's it going?"

"Well what do you expect, mom is close to crying and Dad is trying to calm her down."

"How about you?"

"Well, lets see I get to go to one of best schools in state, and my sister is the same building, and get to spend my days with the most wonderful man in the world."

"So your moving in today?"

"Yep, all of are.."

"What time are you leaving?"

"Around 1 I think."

"I'll come over around then, and I'll bring Thatch."

"Sure, bring that old man."

Laughter filled the other line.

"Whittney he might be your uncle but he's the same age as Ace."

"Well sorry that my mother was older than her brother but he's still older than me."

"Then what do you think about me?"

"Well, I think you're the one that I love."

"Yoi, your sounding more like Brittney."

"Not very funny Marco."

"I'm sorry, Whitt, see you in a few hours."

"See you soon, Mar."

They both hung up.


"So how's the Pineapple head?" Whittney looked up to see that Ace had come over.

"He's doing fine, and have you heard of private space?"

"Have you heard, protective older brother, who has Thatch on speed dial?"

A tick mark appeared on Whittney's forehead, she didn't like it when Ace pulled her Uncle card. Every one knew that Marco and Whittney were together and kept it secret from Thatch.

I'm to sexy for my shirt, to sexy for my shirt, it hurts…

"Speak of the devil."

"You just had to say his name didn't you?"

"Don't look at me, I didn't call him."

I'm to sexy for Mallon, New York and Japan..

"Are you going to let it ring?"

"I don't know."

"Why did you have to chose that song for Thatch?"

"I didn't he chose it."

"In other words he took your phone when you weren't looking."

"At least he only edited his ring tone."

"Well I'll leave you to this."

Whittney sighed only her luck that her and her brother were in the same circle of friends.

She let the phone ring and let uncle Thatch leave a message. She didn't want to talk to him right now, she had to get her things ready for her and Marco to move to the dorm.


To state the obvious, Thatch was mad, he wanted to call to make sure that Whittney was ready for them. When he got the message for her voice mail:

Hey this is Whittney sorry I miss ya. Please leave your message at the beep.

"Hey, Whitt this is your uncle Thatch. Calling to confirm to meet you at 1, and I got Marco with me. So will you call me back."

The brunette turned to the blond beside him, Marco was a man of 20 with blond hair which's look gave him the nickname Pineapple head. He wore a navy blue shirt with blue jeans. His skin was tan because of the summer work that he did at the beach. He was driving Thatch in his blue civic.

Thatch was also 20 close to 21 though with his brunette hair in a pompadour style, and a black beard. He wore a light blue shirt with cargo pants. He was putting his phone back into one of his pants pockets.

"Yoi, still got her voice message?"

"Yea, I don't know why she isn't answering. You don't think anything wrong do you?"

"Thatch she's 18 not a little kid anymore."

"I know but I made a promise to Elle before she died that I would help Shanks look after the girls."

"Thatch how long are you going to worry, I mean both of them are going to the same school…"

"One piece Academy don't remind me, that school is full of bad influences for both of them."

"Yoi, we go to that school."

"That's what I mean."

Marco felt a sweat dropped coming on. His friend was always the he had to watch, but when it came to girls Thatch didn't act the child. Sometimes he was worried what Thatch would do if he found out that Whittney and himself were dating.

He still remembered when Whittney, Ace, Thatch, and himself were on the beach. They were waiting on Hatura who was working at a drift shop who's shift was about to end. They were sitting on one of the plant pots which was just on the other side of the road where the drift shop was. Thatch was making fun of Ace who had a few flowers Hatura.

Whittney was reading the Hobbit for the hundredth time and also listing to her I-pod which one ear phone in Marco's ear. Marco was looking around, he and Whittney loved the same music but he also like watching.

Then a car came and stopped, it parked and the door opened. Which cause Marco to look at who it was. It was a good looking man the same age as Thatch and himself. He flicked his bleached long hair and then gave a bleach smile to Whittney. He had had a smirk when Whittney didn't even look up.

"Your blocking my light." said Whittney.

"Oh, such a beauty what's your name?" ask the guy.

"Back away while you still can."

"Oh, I mean no harm…"

"I'm not going to kick your butt, but the guy on my left side is my Uncle and he's not too keen on guys hitting on me."


That was when Thatch started to beat up the guy, Marco sighed while Whittney sighed and said to both him and Ace.

"I told him not hit on me."

Marco shivered, then he saw which caused his eyebrow to raise. Whittney was outside and was yelling at Ace, which was normal what wasn't that both Shanks and Manko holding back the two.

"I wonder what happened?" Marco pulled over and looked at Thatch.

"Yoi, lets find out."

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