Strawhat among Fairies

Chapter 1: From One World to the Next.

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It has been a calm sunny day in the New World today, with sea gulls flying, dolphins playing, and the water as clear as the sky. Ever since leaving Dressrosa and agreeing to meet up with Law, Kinemon, Momonosuke, and their friend at Zo to meet up with Law's crew.

Today, the Straw Hat Pirates are doing one of their most reoccurring activities to pass the time;





"Sink their ship and send them to the bowels of Hell!"

Battling the Marines...

"Keep firing! Don't let them out of your sight for even a second!" The Marine Captain yelled as his men were bombarded by their own cannonballs.

"But Sir, they keep sending back even faster than we ca..."



"Lieutenant Kamaji! Damn those Straw hats!" yelled the Marine Captain.

Meanwhile back on The Thousand Sunny...

"Man those Marines just don't know when to stop do they?" said Usopp, after shooting several cannonballs out of the air.

"Of course they don't." Zoro said as he brought out Sandai Kitetsu to prepare for his next attack.

"Sanbyakurokuju Pound Ho!"

The ascending air slash traveled through the sky, destroying six cannonballs, before it went out of eyesight.

"It'd be too boring if they did just decide to give up." Zoro said with dark smirk.

"R-right..." Usopp said with a sweat drop.

Before could continue with his "target practice", a large menacing shadow appeared behind him before he could react.

"WHO CARES THAT YOU WERE BORED!" Nami said as she punched Zoro in the back of the head,

"OWW!" "What the hell was that for, Nami!?" Zoro yelled at the bikini clad navigator.

"IT WAS FOR BEING A DUMBASS!" She yelled angrily,

"For god's sake, the one day we don't have to fight any of the strange things this sea throws at us, a couple of Marine warships decide to attack." She finished taking a breath, "Besides you and Luffy always make things worse by trying to fight them instead of running away."

Nami then blinked as if she had remembered one very important thing that could spell their doom. "W-where's Luffy?" She asked as if she was trying to find her reckless, and disaster prone captain.

"He left to go destroy the ships with Brook and Sanji." Robin said calmly while drinking some tea.

"Why the hell did they go!?" Nami asked her fellow female.

Robin turned her head to Nami and said with a calm smile on her face. "Because Luffy thought it would be fun to stop their pursuit by wrecking their ships and Brook and Sanji went along to make sure he didn't get lost."

Robin took a sip from her cup as one of the warships burst into flames and started sinking behind them. "If you're worried, they took one of the Baby Den Den Mushi with them."

"Thank you Robin, for letting me know. Franky! How long till were ready to escape?" Nami yelled as she went inside the Sunny's kitchen.

"It will take about seven minutes for the Sunny's SUPER Coup de Burst to be refilled." Franky yelled back as he struck his signature pose.

However, Nami wasn't paying attention and had a cold sweat going down her face with shocked/terrified look fixed onto it. "Oi, Nami are you alright, you're looking kind of spaced out for a moment." Franky asked curiously.

"I-it's nothing! Make sure we're ready and steer the Sunny towards the ship those morons are on so we can leave quickly. Something strange is happening here and I don't want us to be anywhere close to this place when it does happen." Nami said to him before turning her attention to a small tanuki like creature running around on deck panicking like there is no tomorrow.


"Yes Nami!" The reindeer answered back.

"Help Zoro with protecting the ship while I check on Luffy and the others." Nami ordered.

"Yes MAM!" Chopper answered back confidently before running to block more cannonballs. "Guard Point" Chopper yells as his body hair grew to a monstrous size, blocking the incoming attacks.

Turning back to the kitchen, Nami picked up the phone receiver and dialed the number...

Meanwhile, back at the Marine ships…

Luffy and Sanji were having a minor disagreement, "DAMMIT Luffy! How times do I have to tell you not to shoot yourself at the marines with your Rocket move with me on it?" Sanji yelled angrily kicking Luffy in the face.

"But Sanji, you didn't complain before when we got here?" Luffy whined.

"That's because I was trying to recover from the crash landing, you SHITTY RUBBER CAPTAIN!" Sanji yelled.

"Um, Luffy-san, Sanji-san?" Brook asked cautiously.

"What is it Brook?" Sanji asked exasperated from his lecture to Luffy.

"We're surrounded." Brook answered hesitantly. Sanji and Luffy looked around and saw several Marines had all three surrounded,

"Surrender Strawhat, you're surrounded." said one brave marine despite shaking in his boots with a very large visible stain slowly appearing on his pants.

Sanji looked back at the skeletal musician and asked with eyes shadowed over, "Why didn't you say anything earlier?"

"Oh it's because you looked like you were really into your speech and I didn't want to ruin the moment (or get kicked by you) but by the time you stopped there were so many Marines, my eyes popped out of my head. Even though I don't have eyes! Yohohoho SKULL JOKE!" Brook said.

As Brook laughed at his own joke, Sanji kicked him hard on the head leaving him with a large bump on his head,

"Warn us earlier dumbass!" Sanji yelled before turning to the Marines and started the counterattack by kicking the one closest to him out of sight before decimating the rest.

"Gomu Gomu no Gatling." Luffy shouted as he unleashed a powerful flurry of punches onto every marine in his path.

"Anti-Manner Kick Course!" Sanji shouted as he joined the fray while unleashing powerful kicks that sent large swaths of marines flying into the air.

"Hanauta Sancho: Yahazu Giri!" Brook called out as he sped past a large group of marines with his sword unsheathed but the moment he sheathed his sword, dozens of marine soldiers felt themselves be cut up suddenly as they were flung into the air by the power of the undead musician's slashes.

And before they knew it unconscious marine soldiers rained down around them.

"That was fun!" Luffy said with a smile, "Hey Sanji, when are we going to have lunch? I'm starving and I want a lot of meat!" Luffy declared hungrily.

Before Sanji could respond to, or punish, Luffy for his demand, the Baby Den Den Mushi began to ring in his pocket. He takes it out and presses its button, hearing Nami's voice come out, "Guys an incredibly horrible disaster is coming this way, you need to get back on the Thousand Sunny quickly, before it's too late!"

"Nami-swaan, we were on our way back already." Sanji answered in his "Love Cook Mode". "What is so terrible that we need to head back so quickly?"

"Yeah what is this incredibly horrible desert?" Luffy asked stupidly, driven by his stomach.

"Disaster, not desert, Luffy. This disaster is basically a…"


On another part of that ship, which was far larger than a normal war ship and had a large black scorpion with the Marine symbol painted on it, sitting in a white room there was a tall blue haired man who watched the battle unfold on his ship. He wore a red double-breasted, suit over an orange shirt with a green tie and a Marine coat with the kanji for "Justice" on the back.

Before he could get up to deal with the pirates, the Marine Captain from earlier barged into his office,

"Vice Admiral Hemlock, Sir, the Straw Hats captain Strawhat Luffy, and his two underlings Black Leg Sanji and Soul King Brook have invaded our ship and taken out fifty-five percent of our men!" The captain yelled, hyperventilating from the stress.

"I know Captain Cid," Hemlock answered in a cold metallic tone, "Send the rest of our men out to fight them and let them know I will be leading them into battle."

"But Sir," Captain Cid tried to explain, "that's not what I'm worried about. El Manowar is going to appear in the area! It's been forty years since anyone has seen it. We need to evacuate everyone off the ship and get all our ships out of range." Cid shouted out.

"All the animals are fleeing from these waters, hell even the rats and Den Den Mushi's abandoned ship. They just took one of the life boats and rowed away." Cid stated remembering the scene vividly.


Cid was ordering his men to get all the injured to the medical bays when he spotted a Den Den Mushi slithering a way undetected by the soldiers while carrying a large bag of food.

Cid and the Den Den Mushi's eyes met, where they stared each other down for an unknown amount of time.

Then using speeds though impossible for a snail, the AWOL Mushi slithered down the hall straight to the life rafts where its fellow mushi were set up with their rodent allies.

After Cid finally caught up after a few tense seconds, the Mushi cut the ropes and as soon as it hit the water they began to row their boat across the water at speeds fishmen would be jealous of.

The whole time Cid was left with his eyes bugged out.

End of Flashback

However, Hemlock was not persuaded by this story,

"CAPTAIN CID, are you telling me we are going to let the demonic spawn of Dragon escape due to a forty-year old myth and treacherous animals escaping our ship!" Hemlock yelled, smashing his wooden table into splinters with his fist, "Look at the kanji on your coat, what does it say Captain?"

"J-justice, sir." Cid answered hesitantly, knowing full well what stance on Justice Hemlock stands by.

"Yes, Justice, Captain." Vice-Admiral Hemlock stated, as he walked slowly towards Cid, "We Marines follow the doctrine of Absolute Justice set by our glorious and righteous Fleet Admiral Sakazuki, and..."

Cid then cried out in pain before being lifted off his feet, "Any marine who cannot see Justice through to the end cannot ever be called a Marine." Hemlock said as Cid was brought towards him.

Cid's eyes became dull and blood began to come out of his mouth, "Is that understood, Former Marine Captain Cid?" Hemlock asked his now deceased captain in his face.

A large black stinger pulled itself from where it impaled Cid and retreated under Hemlock's Justice Coat. "I will deal with the pirates myself."

With that statement, Hemlock proceeded to leave his office.

Back with Luffy and the gang…

"… and that is what El Manowar is."

Sanji and Brook were stunned silent by Nami's description of this monstrous event. Luffy was silent as well but for entirely different reasons.

"And no Luffy, we are not staying to watch it." Nami said with some level of annoyance.

"Aw come on, why not?" Luffy pouted childishly. Nami sighed, annoyed by her captain.

"Because if we do stay we will all die." Nami stated bluntly to drive the point across.

"Anyway we are around the side of the warship, get over here we are ready to go."

"Sure thing Nami-san but I can I ask one important question," Brook asked, "May I see you're…"

Before he could finish that question, the deck of the warship exploded with something large heading towards the trio. Luffy and Sanji were able to sense the attack with their Kenbunshoku Haki and pushed Brook out-of-the-way of the attack.

All three stood ready to face the new threat, when it spoke towards them, "I'm impressed you pirate scum could dodge my Toxic Missile and have Haki." Hemlock spoke with some amusement.

"However, as Vice-Admiral Hemlock of the Marines, I will make sure all of you will die here."

Different thoughts went through the trios minds simultaneously,

"Damn it, he's the same rank as that bastard I fought at Punk Hazard." Sanji thought in anger.

"Why is a Vice Admiral here now?" Brook thought in fear of the Marine.

"Gomu Gomu no Jet Pistol."

Luffy didn't waste any time thinking as he shot Hemlock straight in the chest and sending him flying back to his ship. Sanji turned to him and said, "Nice Luffy, now let's hurry to the Thousand Sunny before he gets up."

All three ran to the side where the Sunny was. They were home free…

If it wasn't for the fact Hemlock suddenly appeared swinging at them with a large black right claw,

"Desolation Slash".

The attack produced blackish purple air slash that cut clean through the metal of the warship. Everyone was surprised by his recovery and speedyattack.

"Where the Hell did he come from?" Usopp yelled frantically from the Sunny as he thought they could get away without much trouble.

Hemlock spoke again "Strawhat Luffy, the fact you can force me to activate my Kumo Kumo no Mi: Model Fat-Tailed Scorpion is no small feat, but you and your crew will still die here."

Luffy gave Hemlock a determined look and was prepared to fight him when suddenly,

"Diable Jambe" Sanji ignited his right leg and rushed Hemlock who transformed his chest and left arm into a black scorpions pincer and thorax.

"Iron Body: Steel Exoskeleton"

"Bien Cuit Grill Shoot" Sanji yelled as he rapidly kicked Hemlock.

Sanji's attacks hits its mark, but Hemlock was still standing despite being grilled.

Before he can take another step, he was assaulted by Brook.

"Aubade Coup Droit"

The attack takes Hemlock by surprise and causes him to bleed from his wound.

"Brook! Sanji!" Luffy yelled out in surprise.

"LUFFY, we have to go NOW!" Nami yelled out. "EL MANOWAR IS HERE!"

In the distance there was a huge cyclone slowly heading towards them. What made this one different from all others was that it was twice as large as any of them and reached the same heights as the Knock-Up stream, but it glow an ominous pinkish purple with the very clouds shaped like a Manowars' crown.

But the most shocking thing was how it formed "tentacles" made up of miniature cyclones/waterspouts that extend from the crown and suck up anything unfortunate enough to be in range before crushing in the crown never to be seen again in this world. Sightings were rare because no one has ever been able to escape from it alive.

"We need to get out of here Luffy, before were in range," Nami yelled out to him, "If we're caught in it there we won't come out until were completely crushed by the cyclone's winds."

"Do you believe I will allow you pirates to continue to exist a second longer?" Hemlock stated uncaring of the natural disaster behind him. "Geppou!" Hemlock called out as he jumped into the air, kicking the air to gain height.

Gaining enough height Hemlock crossed his pincers over each other before using "Geppou" and "Soru" to set up his next attack.

"Cross Venom!" Hemlock shouted as he crossed his pincers over each other like an X.

However, his next attack was intercepted...

"Rengoku Onigiri!" Zoro yelled out as he rushed Hemlock.

Both attacks were equally matched and cancelled each other out.

"Franky Missile Launchers"

However, Hemlock was soon bombarded by Franky's surprise attack on him and was knocked down.

"What is wrong with that man?" Nami spoke about Hemlock,

"Doesn't he realize he will die too if he tries to capture us now." She tried to make sense but hoped Luffy would come to his senses and get out of here.

Luffy nodded his head in understanding,

"Ok Nami, we need to leave but first I need to beat this Crab guy, he won't let us leave."

Nami sighed in understanding at her captain's logic, which soon caused her to think of visiting a psychiatrist to check her mental health.

"Fine but make it quick." She then turned to Franky,"Franky get the Coup de Burst ready to launch at a moment's notice" "Right" Franky answered back.

Luffy began blowing air into his thumb entering gear third, before covering it with Haki. He then proceeded to unleash one of his strongest attacks;

"Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gun" Luffy shouted as he sent his enlarged fist towards Hemlock.

As Hemlock was getting up from the missile bombardment, he began to say "You scum think you've got me beat but you will die here no matter what you will do." He was then struck by Elephant gun but was still left standing to everyone's shock. "Now let me show you true power."

"Whole Body Armament" Hemlock's body proceeded to be completely covered in Haki, before scraping himself all over with his pincers, causing enough friction to set himself ablaze.

"Blazing Demon"

He then lunged at Luffy with speed's rivaling Gear Second and proceeded to slash and burn him with Luffy unable to react.

He tried to hit Hemlock with his haki-infused hand but the Marine was too fast to land a hit on.

But Hemlock stopped after beating Luffy ragged and appeared on the opposite side of the ship, only to gloat "I will end your life the same way Akainu ended your worthless brother's life Strawhat with my burning claw piercing your beating heart!".

Luffy, however, became completely pissed off at the mocking of Ace's death and proceeded to enter Gear Second, which caused his armament hand to become searing red as setup for his finishing attack.


"Gomu Gomu no…"



Both attacks collided and appeared evenly matched until Luffy's attack proceeded to break through Hemlock's attack and hit him straight on. APOLLO GUN proceeded to burn through the Marine's haki, and several internal organs, and sent Hemlock's scorched, unconscious body into the incoming El Manowar.

Zoro and Sanji proceeded to grab the exhausted Luffy and jumped on the Sunny.

"Franky get the Coup de Burst ready NOW!" Nami yelled.

"Were all ready to go Coup de Burst!"

The Thousand Sunny proceeded to burst through the air away from the cyclone as Hemlock's marine warship was sucked into the cyclone. However, the Sunny was still not safe from the weather abomination's tentacles.

"Everyone keep a steady grip!" Nami yelled to the others. But saw in the corner of her eye someone being pulled away.

"LUFFY!" Everyone yelled as their Captain was sucked into the vortex tentacle.

"Luffy throw your arm over here!" Zoro yelled as he ran to the back of the Sunny. Luffy tried to make the mark but he missed by a few inches.

"ROBIN!" He yelled over to the archeologist,

"On it," She said, proceeding to use her to form a chain to Luffy.

Unfortunately, Luffy was out of range before he could be grabbed and was sucked into the vortex.

"LUFFY!" everyone yelled as the Thousand Sunny flew over the distance.

In another place, early morning…

The city of Magnolia was in its morning hours with people walking about, enjoying the peace in their lives, well about as much as you can get in a city that serves as the base for a guild very famous for causing property damage to the places its guild members goes. Due to this, Magnolia's Citizens were use to strange sights, such as their entire town remodeling itself due to the arrival of one man, often times linking it to mages of their city's guild trying out the magic they are learning.

Basically, when some people saw a bright light appear in the sky and saw something shoot towards the East Forest, they just believed it was spell by one of the guild mages and just let it be.

However, two people recognized this wasn't the work of the mage guild went towards the crash site.

One was a brown-haired seven-year old girl, who saw the object from the guilds very entrance and ran to see what this "meteorite" was.

The other was a tall orange haired man in his thirties walking home to his guild from another long journey, decided to check it out, by running straight towards it destroying anything in his way with his magic, trees, rock, and a carriage, which he forgot to go back to apologize for.

At the crash site….

The girl, known as Cana Alberona in these parts, arrived first at the crash site, curious to see what came to from the light in the sky. What she found shocked her completely.

There was a boy a year older than her wearing a red cardigan shirt with short blue jeans and sandals. On his back there was a simple straw hat with a red bow tied around his neck.

But what shocked her the most was the amount of burns and cut wounds found strewn all over his body.

She immediately ran towards the boy to check on him,

"Hey are you alrig…" She spoke to him, before taking a step back due to the blood covering him.

Being as young as she was, Cana had never seen anyone in this kind of state or blood in large amounts, except in Lacrima documentaries on various animals in the world.

She was about to run to the guild and get help, when she collided with someone tall and rough,

Cana looked up at the person she collided with and was surprised by who it was,

"G-G-Gildarts!?" Cana spoke with shock at the man's sudden appearance.

Gildarts looked down and was a little surprised to see the girl. Crouching down he said, "Oh Cana, what are you doing here?"

"Gildarts!" Cana yelled frantically, "There's a boy over there who looks really hurt and he's bleeding all over and-and…"

Gildarts stopped her with one hand and looked over to the injured boy.

"I can see that Cana," He said to the girl.

He then walked over to the boy and picked up,

"It's a good thing you found or else something would have," Gildarts said reassuringly to her. "Let's get him back to the guild so we can help him and find out what happened to him."

"O-okay." Cana said shaking her head a bit, before running back with Gildarts to the guild.

Every few seconds, Cana would steal a glance at the boy in Gildarts' arms and hoped they weren't too late.

To Be Continued…

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