Military Memories

"Hey, Havoc. Want to get a drink?" The tall, mildly built solider tilted his head slightly and surveyed carefully at the person who asked. Havoc shook his head after two seconds, gave a mild grin before turning his back upon Kain. He showed a half raised hand and waved as he left. Kain looked simply bewildered; Havoc's is turning his back on alcohol? This I must tell everyone!

Meanwhile in the colonel's office, Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye was preparing for the next meeting when the door crashed open, to her dismay; the picture which hung beside it fell to the ground.

"Colonel, can't you ever open the door gently?" She asked without looking at the person who had just crossed the threshold, the newcomer scoffed as he flung his coat to the armchair nearby. The lieutenant went to pick up the picture ignoring the hint which the colonel had obviously thrown out that indicated he was upset and needed someone to rant on. She heard him stride noisy away towards his desk, pulling out the drawers one by one with considerable force; and by how panicky it sounded like…

"What happened?" She spoke finally after straightening out the frame and closing the door quietly at the same time.

The colonel heaved a large package from under his desk and with a satisfied grin, he proclaimed "We are going to have a photo shoot this Friday and I just found my suit!" The lieutenant stared unbelievably at him "Seriously, sir?"

She peered at the less than needed mess that littered around where the colonel had been and sighed mentally in her brain, and here she thought something bad happened…

The colonel was not sharing the moment of awkwardness which the lieutenant was feeling; instead he was pulling out the ribbon on the package while muttering excitedly to himself. Wow, look at that; I didn't know suits were supposed to look this way. Look at these buttons at the sleeves, how interesting. The lieutenant gazed on with a raised eyebrow, it was almost as though her superior had become a little kid and was going into a candy store for the first time. She watched as he examined the suit thoroughly, a muse came to her mind. Have she ever seen the colonel in a suit before?

The lieutenant pursed her lips discretely and racked her brain for a memory of the colonel wearing a formal black and white tie suit. Deciding that there was probably none, she moved across the room, ignoring the colonel excitable voice in the background as she poured herself a cup of tea. It would definitely be a weird thing to see the colonel in that… From the corners of her eyes, the colonel was fondling with the dark shiny buttons which was sewed on the pockets of the blazer. Her eyes gazed on what the colonel was dressed in today; it was the blue uniform she was so familiar with; and the white gloves which represented him and his specialty. And that messy head of black hair along with his overly polished boots; this was more like the colonel she knew and work with. Yes, this colonel in a suit was surely somewhere between odd and distressing.

"You know, for once; lieutenant. Can't you look less dead and be…I don't know…involved?" The lieutenant blinked rapidly, she had let her mind wonder off for a moment there and now the silence was starting to get to her superior. He held up the suit and showed it to her as though he was showing a royal degree. "So, how does it look?" He questioned in a tone that was also unfamiliar to the lieutenant. He never asked for her opinion for such things.

She put down the cup to its tray, and surveyed the suit plus the colonel who was next to it.

"It is nice." That is the truth, the suit is nice. The colonel frowned a little, "Just nice?"

The lieutenant felt a chill down her spine, she knew the colonel more then she understood herself and for him to rephrase her statement into a question just screamed red flag at her.

"Yes, colonel…The suit looks really nice." She said at last, though not entirely sure if that was what she was supposed to say.

The colonel took in her words and hovered a moment around his desk, before putting down the suit into the box which he unveiled it from. He tore his eyes away from the suit and found himself looking at the lieutenant again.

"Glad to know that you like it then." It was a hallowed empty voice and he looked just as dead as he sound. Colonel? I…

A louder crashing sound gave both the colonel and the lieutenant a scare, the door had swung open again but it was two soldiers who had entered. Both of them were talking loudly and seemed to be in a heated conversation so much so that they did not realize that they had walked into a standstill.

"I am telling you, there is something wrong with Havoc." The smaller one piped up confidently.

"No, there is nothing wrong with him; stop imagining already" Breda injected icily as he tried to pushed away the younger one from jumping on him.

Kain pulled Breda's collar, "Then why is he not joining us today?" Breda sighed heavily, "Well, he could have been busy…" The older solider paused so suddenly that caused Kain to recoil right behind him.

"Colonel…Lieutenant?" Kain peeped out from behind his colleague, realizing that his two superiors standing a foot away from each other; looking as though they had a terrible quarrel.

The colonel pushed the package away, and bent over to clear the mess on the floor; not bothering himself in explaining or acknowledging his two subordinates.

"Are you guys alright?" Kain perked up, Breda added a 'Tsk' right after his younger colleague had spoken, of course something is not alright…This is why you don't have a girl friend kain, you are too naïve. The lieutenant gave a half hearted nod without looking in their direction, before picking up the nearest pile of paper next to her. To her surprise, as she glanced at the document; it was not of work related content instead it was a list of…

"That is mine" His voice cold and sharp, as he grabbed the paper from her hands shocking both her and their subordinates. Without another word, the colonel swept passed all of them and left.

The lieutenant watched as he passed and gone, she had half the mind to chase after him but what would happen even if she did… think logical Riza, he is upset at something and I being there would not help the situation…

"Lieutenant? Did something happen between the two of you?" Breda and Kain approached her, at the same time they began putting most of the misplaced items back into place.

I'm not sure…Did something happen between us?