Riza found him in a playground three blocks away from the hospital, it was not hard to find him since it was the same playground which they used to play together during their younger days, it was also the place where he would spend a lot time alone when he was upset. After all, it was where she usually find him when Roy had arguments with Kcarl, Kcarl was their child hood friend who was involved in murders later in his life; and was hanged to death after being confronted by Roy. And she too, being inflicted with an illness then found herself to be the reason of his worry.

There was no one in the playground that late at night except a man who was sitting on the swing, Riza could recognize that back from anywhere.

"Colonel, it is getting late; shall we go home?" Riza said, when the latter did not reply; she shook him a little.

"What…" Roy answered with a gruff voice.

"You need to rest at home, not here." She said firmly, before supporting her superior up from the swing. He did not resist but instead shook himself awake in order to walk properly. "I'm sorry, for worrying you again." Riza stared at the messy dark hair and grimaced "Stay awake until you reach home." She had an arm over him and another supporting him as they walked down the street together.

"Are you still going to the photo shoot?" Breda did not answer and neither did Falman, Kain looked at both his friends and sighed. It was the Friday which they were due for an office photo taking session, but no one was in the mood. Though the colonel did arrive to the office with his suit, there was nothing on his face but sadness and unwillingness. Even when Kain compliment on his formal wear, his superior did not look any happier. Falman peered at Havoc's empty desk and so did Kain, it had been three days since his admission and things weren't looking any better according to Riza who had been doing daily visit. The colonel on the other hand refused to visit Havoc again, Kain suspects that his superior was unable to deal with the lost of his trusted soldier and being away from him was one way to keep him together.

The door to the office opened admitting the lieutenant and to Breda's horror, Black Hayate, Riza's pet Shiba Inu which she adopted from Kain a year ago.

"What is the dog doing here?" Breda yelped as Black Hayate ran forward to greet him, he rushed to the safety of his chair, making sure his legs were above ground. Breda was terrified of dogs, including the one Riza adopted and trained with a gun.

"Black Hayate is one of us; he has to take the photo shoot together." The colonel explained, not really amused by the irrational phobia Breda had. He peered at the clock hanging on the wall above the door, "Its time, we should go downstairs."

The color from Breda's face disappeared, "What…no way…" Black Hayate barked happily, while Breda shook uncontrollably on the chair. Riza deposited her bag in her drawers completely ignoring the pleas of Breda to call her dog somewhere else. "I will be arriving a little late" she told them, before taking a bag away to the bathroom. It was then Black Hayate followed her, to his upmost relief.

"Okay, colonel Mustang, please sit in the middle and second lieutenant Breda, please sit next to him." The photographer's assistant boomed loudly when Mustang's group arrived at the scene. Roy sat down the wooden bench and Breda took his seat next to him. They were in the trees which were blooming cherry flowers, every tree was in bloom and the wind carried the petals to the ground. It was a beautiful place, somewhere where Roy never thought could be found on headquarter grounds.

"Colonel, is that… the lieutenant?" Kain poked him in the shoulders, causing him to look in the direction which Kain was pointing to. He had to rub his eyes twice, it was indeed the lieutenant but what she was dressed in…

The assistant was flabbergasted as Riza approached the group; she was dressed in a traditional Hakuma, it was not red but light pink. The colonel could not find the right words as she sat down next to him; he needed to compliment her but her beauty had caused him to be severely tongue tied.

"You...look nice…" Roy said after getting his tongue untied, Kain sniggered while Breda rolled his eyes. he can't even compliment a girl of her dress properly.

Riza gave him a patronizing look but soon replaced it with a slight smile, "You look nice too."

Kain shouted out all of a sudden, scaring everyone who was in the group including the photographer and his assistant.

"First Lieutenant Havoc! Major Armstrong!" Roy turned around so quickly and at once, he broke into a large grin.

Falman went forward to receive the two men, and so did the colonel followed by Breda, kain and Riza.

"How did you know…?" Falman questioned,

"The lieutenant told me, that it was going to be here." Havoc smiled at the lieutenant who nodded back at him, "I can't believe the colonel did not invite me to our office photo shoot." He threw a distasteful look at his superior but Roy did not reprimand.

I am very happy that you are here…

The towering Major Armstrong moved forward into view and began to hug the other soldiers much to everyone disdain. "Oh, I am so so so glad to be here in the photo, I must show my gorgeous muscles to everyone!" And with that statement, Major Armstrong removed his shirt and began to pose for the camera. The photographer looked astounded and mostly speechless as he waited for the group to settle down.

They were almost ready when Havoc pulled out a stick of cigarette and lit his lighter, a movement which forced the team to shout out in horror.

"I was just going to pose with my signature cigarette! It is really nothing, I will not puff it!" Havoc exclaimed hurriedly and desperately as the colonel looked quite serious to set the lighter and his cigarette into ashes.

OKAY 1, 2 and… 3!

At that precious moment, Black Hayate jumped onto the colonel's head messing up the colonel's hair in addition scaring Breda out of his wits, kain being really amused with the situation sniggered loudly and audibly, causing Breda to swear that he would injure Kain if he gets his hands on him. Falman was distracted by the over posing and flashing by Major Armstrong.

Only lieutenant Hawkeye and first lieutenant Havoc looked most calm and photogenic at the end of the day.


The above is the link to the picture which Team Mustang took that summer's Friday.