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District 1 Nyx Thornrose

It's raining, water is dripping all over my face and the weird part is that it's only raining on my face only, not on my legs or arms just my face. I hear the thunder like it is right next to my ears, I look to my surroundings and see no one, everything is pitch black. I feel something scratching my stomach; the thunder is starting to sound like a dog barking. With that thought I opened my eyes seeing I was just dreaming. I put my finger to my face and confirmed my thoughts, Dog piss.

"Gross!" I shrieked. "Nacht what did you do you're in so much trouble!" I shouted at my dog that is now cowering in the corner. "I can't smell like piss for the reaping today!" I run into my bathroom and hop into the shower I start scrubbing my face to get the smell off until I thought I did a satisfactory job, I get out and see an avox setting a long gold silk dress on my bed "thank you" I said politely to the avox. She just smiled at me and left the room, I turn to my dog anger filling my eyes again "Nacht who left you out of your room!" I shouted at the dog. But I did a fatal mistake I looked into Nacht eyes and all of anger left me, I knew I couldn't stay mad at him. I turned to the dress start admiring it, beside it there is a note I quickly pick it up and see it is written by my father.

Dear Nyx,

I'm sorry I can't make it today I know it's a big day for you but job is always calling me. I still can't believe the Career Academy picked you for its top student for this year's girl tribute. To make it up to you I found your mothers old dress for you to put on, hope it fits

Love always your Father.

"Believe it because I'm going to win." I whisper to myself. I quickly put on my dress and go in front of the mirror. I put my wavy red hair into a little pink bow after I start putting mascara on my baby blue eyes. I turn to the clock to see how much time I have left, My heart froze and my fingers went numb. I was late for the reapings, I quickly put on some shoes and run downstairs to the living room and see my step mother already drunk.

"Where do you think you're going" she asked.

"It's the reaping today remember?" I told her in a hurry.

"Oh yeah," she hiccupped.

"Well are you coming or not!" I shouted getting mad "Today is the day I bring glory to our district and family -

"Yeah whatever" my step mother interrupted me. Groaning I went out the door I started sprinting to the town square and in the distance I hear the escort already talking with that my legs started going faster than I thought they could. I can't miss today this is my last reaping I repeated into my head hoping it would make my legs move faster. Just keep going I thought.

Draconias 'Draco' Warslayer

So what if I was the accident child, today I would prove I could be a true man, to show I can fight for my life if I needed to, show that the money that went into the Career Academy was paid off. Most people call this the day the reapings, but I call this day the proving. Sad part is I didn't get picked to be this year's tribute and if I did volunteer and survive the Hunger Games the Career Academy could punish me by death. But I always could bribe them when I come back also I wasn't that far off from being this year's tribute I was a runner up so I still have a big chance. My mother and father rarely pays attention to me my father says I'm too reckless and experiment too much. Why should I care what he says he is just as reckless as me getting people in a lifetime of debt and could be arrested if he messes around with the wrong person by accident?

"What's for breakfast" I said to my brother, Kateros

"Just some bacon and eggs" My brother responded

"Good I'm starving" I heard my younger brother, Ares say coming into the kitchen.

"So are you nervous" Kateros said to me and Ares

"No not really there is always people volunteering here, I say were lucky to live in this district" Ares said.

"I'm volunteering why would I, be nervous" next thing you know my brothers does a spit take on to my face.


"What's so bad about it?" I asked.

"I thought you got runner up, if you volunteer you'll be killed if you win and its if you win!" My brother responded

"I'll just bribe them" I said relaxed "I already got my mind set you can't change my mind" with those final words I walked out of the dreaded house. Don't get me wrong I love my brothers than anybody else in the world and will do anything to protect them, but I'm just mad that's it. I started walking to the town square might as well go early. When I passed my ex girlfriend neighborhood I kept a good look out for her. A week ago she told her friend someone called Nyx Thornrose that I hit her when we were going out and I told her to keep quiet about it when we broke up but there she went blabbering away to everyone. ever since that girl with the red hair kept bothering me and would trip me when she got the chance. I heard she is volunteering today she is going to be my first priority when the career pack breaks up

"Bree stop pinching me" I heard my ex girlfriend voice, Aphrodite say behind me.

"We'll look who we have here, if it isn't the most ditsy girls in the district" I told Aphrodite and her friend Bree.

"Shut up Draco what's your problem anyways we didn't say anything to you. Aphrodite said to me.

"Oh but you did do something you told that girl with the red hair about our secret" I told her.

"What secret" Bree asked.

"Nothing it's just nothing come on lets go" she told her friend.

"You can't leave without a punishment" I smirked.

"What are you going to do hit a girl, your dad must be so proud" she said sarcastically. Anger filled my eyes when she said that and fears filled her eyes when I raised my fist and brought it down to her face.

"What the hell is your problem" Bree said jumping on me and scratch me on my face.

I felt drops of blood fall off my cheek "Get off me" I said pushing her off of me. I get up to see there already running away. I go to a little puddle and check to see my reflection on my left cheek there is three scratch marks red with fresh blood. I fix my hair into a fohawk, I see one of my brown eyes red, like it popped a vessel when we were fighting. I look at my watch and see I'm almost late to the reapings. I walked up to the Peace Keeper when I made it to town square he drew some blood he didn't ask for my name he knew me already. I walked to the 17 year old group's high fiving people on the way.

"Hello citizens and future Tributes of District 1!" The escort yelled. She was dressed oddly her hair was an afro and it was dyed purple. Her skin was a light blue and there was tattoos going down her arms like scales. Her outfit was the weirdest it was a shiny purple box dress. "Let's do boys first this year" the escort giggled.

Nyx Thornrose

"I'm here I'm here!" I yelled to the Peace Keeper who was starting to get up from his post.

"Your late tell me your name, hurry there already calling the boy tribute for this year" he said irritated.

"Nyx Thornrose" he drew some blood and I ran right to the 18 year old group.

"Carter Woods" our escort said loudly on to the microphone.

"I volunteer" I heard Draco's voice go loud and clear throughout the town square. He walked up on to the stage looking smug. He just got added to my priority list when we get to the games. Ever since Aphrodite told me that Draco would hit her when they were dating I hated him ever since.

"What's your name" the escort asked Draco.

"Draconias Warslayer" he said proudly.

"Now to the girls" the escort said while she did a little weird walk to the girls bowl.

"I volunteer" I said before she even said a name. I walked up the stairs confidently and brave look, when I was on the stage I stood proudly.

"Hello District 1 I am Nyx Thornrose and a proud tribute, I want to say that I am happy to say I am going to come back here and bring glory to district 1!" Most people clapped but some people had grim faces but I saw one in the 18 year old group for boys looking furious I recognized him as Morgan the one that was supposed to be this year's tribute.

"Now shake hands" our escort said. "And that is your tributes this year!" she shouted to no in particularly, probably the camera I thought. The peacekeeper heads me to the visiting room. I sat on the sofa waiting for my first visitor. The door swung open and came in the person I was least expecting.

"Priscilla the visiting room is only for humans no pets allowed." I said to the girl who just came in.

"Shut up I just wanted to say one final insult to you before you died in the games." She smirked.

"Doesn't worry when I come back you'll be begging me not to pound you" I said.

"Times up" said the Peace Keeper who was guarding the door.

"Good" I said "I'm tired of looking at this thing I hissed."I might miss her though; I won't be able to get her humiliated no more" When she walked out the door my two best friend came in, Bree and Aphrodite.

"What happened to your eye?" I said getting up from my chair "Who did it?"

"It was that Draco idiot I can't wait to see him die in the Hunger Games." Bree said.

"I'm going to miss you so much" Aphrodite said hugging me, Bree soon followed.

"Don't worry I'm going to come back soon." I tried reassuring them.

"Draco is going to be my first priority I swear" I smiled the games couldn't have been more interesting

Draconias 'Draco' Warslayer

"What the hell Draco!" Morgan yelled. "What were you thinking you were a runner up I was supposed to be this year's tribute couldn't you wait until next year." Morgan shouted at me louder this time

"I needed to prove myself get out hurry the hell up before I make you" I challenged.

"I want to see you try" said getting close to my face I was at least 2 inches taller, towering over him.

"I push him and he stumbles a little and comes back tackling me we get into a fist fight we stop when the peacekeeper comes to tell us times up but when he sees us he tries to break us up. in the end i have bruises all over me and Morgan only leave with a couple of scratches. As Morgan leave the room my two brother's come in my little brother, Ares eyes are Bloodshot from crying my old brother is relaxed and calm.

"I still think this wrong but I can't change the past You need a strategy an ally anything that can keep you alive just you have to come back" that is all he said before he left without a goodbye. Ares just sat there awkwardly not sure what to say, he just kept crying and crying silently I hugged him goodbye when the peacekeeper came back in.

"Let the games begin" I said aloud to myself.

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