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Seamus Capricorn, District 7

"Hi!" I heard Luna shout gleefully when the district 1 girl came. When she said that I lost it because she has talked non-stop and I mean non-stop. I haven't heard 5 seconds of silence this whole day.

"Shut up already!" I scream frustrated, I put my hands to my ears my elbows on my thigh blocking out the sound of everything. I hope she dies first, I thought.

"What did I do, I was trying to make conversation. Unlike you who just slouches in the corner being anti social" She said putting her hands on her hips.

"What do you mean what did you do, you never stay quiet, your crazy!" I shouted at her. "No one likes you, I trying to keep quiet, not get too much attention, but that is practically impossible with the crazy District partner!" I said furiously.

"Where did she go?" She asked suddenly turning away from me.

"Who is 'she'?" I ask, even more mad for her ignoring what I was telling her.

"The girl from District 1, you know, Nyx" She said looking around for her.

"She probably left because she knows your crazy!" I shouted at her.

"I am not crazy!" She shouted out loudly. "You don't know me, what I'm like, who I am, you don't know anything!" She said grabbing me by my shoulders and looked into my eyes with pure hatred. "You don't think this could be an act, or did the great 'Axinator' didn't teach you anything? I wouldn't be surprised if you died in the blood bath, if you're so thick-headed!" She shouted at me digging her nails into my shoulders. I stare at her with a shock face, I wouldn't have expected short petite Luna to go from perky to a crazed pit bull.

"Okay, I'm sorry, just get let go already!" I said trying to take off Luna's fierce grip off of my shoulders. She let go with a new-found look, one of determination and hatred. She stomped away from me and left but before she did she shouted something "The alliance is off asshole!"

"What ever, you're a nut job anyway," I whispered to myself.

"Wave Kine" I heard the intercom call after 20 minutes of waiting. I get up and decide to start heading to the game makers session, since it's almost my turn. But a sudden thought strikes me, No one is in an alliance in District 8. I start to head their way, They both are talking to each-other like they knew already knew each other.

"Hey, wassup? I said once I got there. They both looked skinny, with a bit of meat in their bones. The girl tribute had glasses and dirty blond hair. The boy tribute to, in fact they looked a lot alike.

"Not much, you know being shipped off to my death. You know normal stuff," he said sarcastically. Time to make my permanent alliance!

Luna Maddox, District 7

That little piece of crap. Here I thought Seamus was smart and would figure out that I was acting but NOOO! He's being an ignorant little prick. I wonder what his dad taught him, probably nothing! When I left Seamus I headed to Zoe and Granger, to discuss about the alliance, to see if they accepted. When I got there, they were just sitting there. Zoe was playing with her nails looking bored and Granger had his eyes close, his lips moving rapidly.

"Hi Zoe, Hi Granger!" I said waving at them smiling from ear to ear. "So did you think about the alliance?" I asked. When Granger looked at me with confusion and Zoe slapped her forehead, I knew Zoe forgot about it completely, and forgot to tell Granger.

"I'm so sorry, I forgot!" She said.

"It's okay!" I said gleefully. I sit down on the floor sitting criss cross so I could look into their eyes better.. "Lets just talk about it now," I looked at Granger, he had a face that he didn't want to say yes or no. I looked at Zoe, she was not sure and looked close to say no. My smile fell.

"Who else is in the alliance?" Granger asked. " I mean is there more people or is it just us three?" He asked.

"Just us... Just us three." I said crestfallen. I knew what the answer was, it was obvious since the beginning. I instantly put my perky smile again and got up from when I was sitting criss cross on the floor. "Well nice talking to you, no need for answer. It's obvious, bye!" I said skipping away to no where in particular. I see the poor little District 6 girl standing in the middle of the room. She looks lost, probably is. I steer my direction towards her. I put my hand on her shoulder, she jumps from the sudden touch. She then whirls around with her hand in a fist and hits me right in the stomach.

"Hold up, I didn't do anything!" I said holding on to the blind girl, who is now throwing full-fledged punches into the air trying to hit me.

"Cant trust anybody!" She shouts. "Cant trust no one!" she would repeat over and over.

"I'm just trying to help, you seemed lost!" I said grabbing on to her hands. Her legs are now trying to kick me."STOP!" I shout loudly. She stops instantly, she goes limp and I see tears coming out her eyes. I let go of her hands. she then jumps on me and hugs me tight, I soon wrap my arms around her too.

"I'm scared" She said sobbing, shaking at the same time. "I want to go home"

"It's okay... you'll be home soon" I said hugging her tightly.

I lied.

Moric Avesarian, District 9

Alessane and I got into a fight. She kept complaining that I'm being to over protective, which I probably am. She says I've followed her too much, getting all up in her face; as she puts it. So that's why I'm walking around heading to no direction in particularly. I look to my left and see Luna hugging the little blind girl from District 6. Odd. I don't know what to think about her and her District partner. Luna seem to have split personality and Seamus I don't know but he just seems picky, stuck-up mostly. After walking around doing nothing I start to head back to Alessane after I heard the intercom call the District 8 girl, I would be next.

"Oh, so your back already" Alessane said rolling her eyes when I got back to where she was.

"Yup" I said feeling quite offended. "I just to a short stroll, to clear my minds off things"

"That's cool" Alessane said in a voice of fake excitement.

'So... What are you going to do in the game makers session?" I asked her trying to make conversation.

"I was thinking of doing gymnastics or maybe knot-tying maybe even-" She said but stopped suddenly at the last part. "Why do you want to know in the first place?" She asked me curiously, looking at me harshly.

"I don't know, I'm just asking" I responded.

"If I didn't know any better I think you are trying to get as much information about me, just to kill me!"She shouted at me, rising up out of her chair.

"No It's not like that, it's-"

"How could I have been so dense, I swear I'm such an idiot. Here I thought that we were allies, going to become great friends. But that's practically impossible in here isn't!" She shouted, interrupting me.

"LISTEN!" I shouted loudly. "It's not like that, It's the opposite actually. I'm trying to protect you!" I said trying to prove my innocence

"Whatever Moric, say what you want but I know all your saying is fake" She said crossing her arms. "I trusted you! But now I know you're a lying little prick!" She said before storming of to who knows where.

"Moric Avesarian, may you please come" The intercom said loudly. I got up and started to trudge to the private session with the game makers.

This day went great! I thought sarcastically

Alessane Larch

How could I have been so stupid! I knew it was too good to be true, a strong and loyal ally. YEAH RIGHT! Stuff like that doesn't happen in the Hunger Games. I start to think about Moric, I don't get why it took me so long to find out about Moric. It was bloody obvious! He would follow me, ask about what I'm good and bad at. I'm surprised I didn't find out earlier, I'm usually a quick learner and very observant. Well that's what I think.

I head to no direction in particular, just walking, walking away from Moric. I kept walking, not really paying attention where I was going, or doing. Lost in my thoughts I crash into a pole.


My hand instantly reaches for my forehead and I end up smacking myself by accident. Again, slowly this time. I reach for my forehead and start to rub it. Wow, way to look professional I thought. I hear someone laugh at the distance. When I look I see the District 10 girl laughing, she turns her head away when I look at her. She tries to stop laughing but fails horribly.

I never really paid attention to this girl, or her District partner. I knew her District partner was a little crazy, or that's what I think. I look at the District 10 girl, Zoe I think her name is. Her hair doesn't look natural for her District, bleach blond hair, and pale skin. Which is weird I always thought the sun would be burning bright in the day. She looks completely different from her District partner whose skin looks like it's scorched by the sun. I decide to walk over, to have some small talk. When Zoe saw me walking to her direction she stopped laughing immediately, thinking I might say something mean or stand up to her.

"Hey" I said

"Hi" she said timidly.

"Having fun?" I asked, not sure what to say.

"Yeah, I'm sure having fun! Being sent to your death! Woo, how awesome is that!" She said sarcastically.

"Hi!" The District 10 boy said, Granger shouted. Looking like he just noticed me. "Am I in trouble?" He asked confused.

"What are you talking about?" I ask confused too.

"I was found in the Victors Village, I haven't been caught. I haven't been punished or whipped. Why is that?" He asked like he is still in District 10.

"You can't get in trouble here, anyway there is something much worse that's going to happen soon" Zoe said to Granger with a hint of fear in her voice.

"Why can't it happen now? He's telling me I must be punished. I talked back. I must be punished. I talked back. I must be punished. I talked back I must be punished!" He started to repeat over and over. Zoe clamps her hand over his mouth. She looks at me with a face saying sorry.

"Who's he?" I asked curious.

"What do you mean?" Granger said as soon as Zoe let her hand fall loose from his mouth. "I never said he? Are you okay? Maybe you should go, you don't look well" he said trying to make me leave.

"Alessane Larch, may you please come" I heard the intercom say. Looks like Granger got his wish. I say a quick bye to Zoe and walk away when I turn my head back I see Granger muttering words to himself and Zoe is picking her nails, looking bored. Sucks for them!

Granger Croft, District 10

You IDIOT! She thinks you're crazy! How are you going to make allies if you keep acting like this! What I tell you stays here, in your head, our head!

"Didn't know what I was saying, It's your fault anyways," I mutter to myself quietly.

How is this my fault! You're the one whose blubbering like a dumb ass! Now shut up and listen closely. I want you to make an ally, doesn't matter who just as long they're not a weakling.

"Yeah, yeah what ever" I murmur. "How about Zoe? She's pretty strong," I ask the voice.

ABSOLUTELY NOT! It doesn't take an idiot to know that she doesn't want you for an ally! She thinks you're a nut job! Look for someone else. Now get up and start walking you idiot!

"What ever" I said as I start to get up from my seat. Zoe glances at me but then gets back to picking her nails. As I walk I think about who could become my ally for the games. The Careers is a big no, District 3 and 5 looks weak,same with District 8, There is the blind girl, I doubt that would be a good choice. Luna and Seamus, Seamus is obviously say no I don't know about Luna though she might say yes. Moric and Alessane, HAH! They're stuck to each other like glue, they're never apart from each other and plus after that little show that just happened I don't think she want's to become my ally! Zoe is already off the list. That leaves the District 11 girl and District 12 boy, a 13-year-old and a 12-year-old. That is a big NO!

Luna seems like a good choice, but I'm not sure she will accept my offer. So I decide to look for her, I checked were Seamus was sitting but she wasn't there. I make up my mind and decide to ask Seamus.

"Hey, do you know where Luna is?" I ask Seamus when I get there

"I don't know she stormed off to who knows where, but she went in that direction" He said pointing to the right.

"Thank's" I say but don't really mean it. He didn't really help me at all. It's like I ask for something and someone responds 'its over there' Do you expect me to know where it is now because you said that! No. I wonder for a couple of minutes and I finally see Luna on the floor talking to the District 6 girl. They were on the floor there laps crossed and they were talking to each-other.

"Allies then?" I hear Luna ask Skye.

"Allies" Skye said shaking Luna's hand. Well to late now for allies. Just what I need!

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