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District 2, Matilda Goldline

I just have to put my sweet innocent voice on and I got them around my finger in a second. You might think I'm a sweet, innocent and adorable but I'm much more than that, I'm deadly. My Mother works as a secretary for the mayor; it has little pay so my Mother and I live in the middle class of District 1. I absolutely hate it; if my Father didn't leave when I was born then maybe I would have what the rich kids have! It's no fair whatsoever, but I found my way around to get the stuff I want.

"Good morning darling, had a good sleep?" My mother said coming into my room interrupting me from my thoughts, my Mother is the exact opposite of me she is sweet and nice. It is absolutely dreadful.

"Yeah," I said sitting up on my bed smiling.

"You should get ready the Career Academy is going to call who is going to be this year's tribute" My mother said walking towards my drawer. "Ooh this looks nice, why don't you wear this?" My mother said pulling out blue dress that had little sparkles on it and fluffed out at the bottom.

"Oh yes, I just love it! It's my favorite dress, I always wanted to wear it but never found the perfect occasion!" I said with fake happiness jumping and clapping at the same time. My mother looks at her digital watch, we didn't really buy it. My Mother thinks I 'found' it on the floor on the way home from the Career Academy, when in reality I persuaded a kid to give it to me.

"Oh no, I'm late, bye sweetie have a great day I will see you later!" My mother said in a rush running out the door dropping the dress on my bed.

"Bye!" I yelled loudly waving my hand even though she couldn't see me, then added "Bitch," I got up from my bed and went over to the dress and looked at it in disgust, I quickly put it on and look in the mirror. My red curly hair bounces carelessly on my shoulder and has a dark green ribbon tied around my head and is tied as a bow at the top of my red hair. I go to my drawer and pull out some mascara and start applying them to my big sweet innocent blue eyes, with a splatter of freckles on my face over my nose and cheek.

I walk downstairs and leave my house and outside to the high buildings of District 2 I start walking to the direction where they are going to call who is this year's tribute for the girls and boys. I start skipping my way there waving to strangers and so called 'friends' when I made it to the career academy I saw my friend waiting there, Timmie Watts she is just like me but the other way over, instead she tries to be tough and intimidating but she is just a little scared girl. In fact I think she is terrified of me, I smile and start running towards her and starts hugging her tightly, I thought I saw her flinch before I did though.

"Timmie how was your day!" I said with a fake smile making a big show getting people attention.

"Good so far, I guess" She replied keeping a strong composure. I start walking towards the Career Academy, Timmie soon follows. Once I walk in I see a lot of people eyes fall on me, a lot of hatred and others suspicion. I might a few times let an evil smirk or a crazy glint in my eyes few times here and there, but they had no proof that I did that or thought they imagined it.

"Sit down please! Sit by age order please!" I heard one of the trainer shout at everyone. I follow everybody else's lead and start to sit down by age While Timmie sits at the 16 year olds, there is still lot of chattering going on but stops instantly when the head of the Career Academy comes out.

"We are very proud to announce that these tributes we pick are the very best we had in a long time, I very proud of everyone here and don't feel bad about not being picked. Remember it only matters to bring honor to our district. So for our boy tribute this year will be..." I see a lot of 18 and 17 year olds cross their fingers and whisper to themselves. "Donovan Nixed," I see a 17 year old fist pump their hand into the air and whoop with glee. He soon saw all the people staring at him quietly a lot of them with hatred. "Now the girl tribute is interesting, she didn't do anything while she was here acting like she didn't know what to do," My eyes widened in shock. "But at night everyday she would come here at night and train harder than anyone I have ever seen, she had magnificent moves, so our girl tribute this year is Matilda Goldline," He said smiling broadly at me. I made a fake timid smile back pretending to shake with fright but in the inside I felt like shout with glee shouting at the top of my lungs telling everyone I Matilda Goldline will be going into the Hunger Games.

"What do you mean Matilda is going into the Hunger Games!" I heard a 18 year old girl protest. "She can't use any weapon, she... um... SUCKS!" she said finally finding the word she was looking for, after she said that all the girls started to protest and sneering insults to me. I couldn't care less I get up and start walking out the building and smirking as I passed the girl who protested.

"Peasants," I whispered to myself once I was outside by myself. Soon another person comes out of the building he has pure blonde hair that is tousled and wavy. His eyes are clear steel gray eyes that look piercing and intimidating. He isn't too tall or too muscular, He's huffing and kicking rocks while he walks his hands in his pocket he looks at me and notice I'm staring at him I quickly look away and start walking back to town square, not caring about a weakling like him. Why should I care anyway I'm going to the Hunger Games!

Leon Misthivel, 17

I passed the girl who was just picked to volunteer, I seen her before she acts all innocent and sweet but I saw right through it I seen her training at night at the Career Academy. That crazy glint in her eyes that cruel grin she does when she hurts someone by 'accident'. I kick a rock in fury, why is it, a retard like Donovan gets to be picked for the Hunger Games! He is just another arrogant fool; I mean come on that guy didn't even realize everyone was looking at him for 2 minutes because he was cheering like an idiot. You could say I hated everybody at the Career Academy, but I don't. I only hate the arrogant ones the ones that bullied me when I first started just for being shorter and less muscular, so everybody I guess. I could have been chosen, I'm not strong and good with most weapons but I have the most important weapon ever, my mind.

Don't get me wrong I'm not like all the other Careers who only volunteer because they want the money; I have a good reason why. My sister, Selene is nice and caring, Too nice she accepted my father back into the family after he made our mother left, I don't know how but he did somehow, now he just waste all of his money on beer and other methods of self harm. But before I get into that let me tell you what happened before; I was spoiled when I was kid up until I was seven, which was when my mother left. Being the smart kid I was I knew it was my father's fault that she left so after that I found a place where I knew where my father would never look, The library. That made me the person I am today I would stay up for hours reading all the books. Then my father wanted to sell my sister, to a rich Capitol person willing to pay a large amount of money for her. When I found out I went ballistic and furious saying in a rush without thinking that I would volunteer and give him all the money if I would win, if I win.

I quickly go back to my house and go to pick up my sister who is waiting for me at the doorsteps; she looks pretty much like me with blond hair and grey eyes. She looked a lot like our mother for being a 13 year old.

"Hey, are nervous?" I asked her.

"Not really, I mean someone is going to volunteer right? I don't even know why they hold the reapings, and the people who volunteer are idiots in the first place. There are 23 other people who can kill them, who think they will survive out of all them?" My sister said.

"Yeah" I said not looking at her eyes. "Selene?" I asked.

"Yes," She said facing towards me. I stopped walking and grabbed on to her shoulder looking straight into her grey piercing eyes.

"I'm going to Volunteer and when I-"

"What do you mean you will Volunteer!" She interrupted.

"And when I Volunteer I want you to run away, take as much thing as you can and run, run away from home, away from dad." I continued.

"Why do I have to run away? Why are you volunteering! What are you thinking are you some kind of idiot or something, and here I thought you were smartest person I know!" My sister shouted.

"Dad tried to sell you..." I said regretting it right when the words came out of my mouth.

"He...what... the hell, that little drunk pig, idiot, I hate him!" She said starting to cry. I knew she took it harder than I did because she accepted him and probably loved him more than I did. I stood there hugging my little sister crying her heart out, after a while she stopped and started wiping her eyes looking determined of something.

"Come on," I said starting to walk to Town Square, grabbing onto my sister hand.

"Leon... Promise you won't volunteer," My sister said pleadingly tears threatening to come out again.

"I'm sorry but I can't promise you that," Once we made it to the Town Square I saw it full of children playing around without a worry in the world. We drew our blood and headed to different groups. I knew if I volunteered and if I won I would be punished by death if I came back to this District, it's either that or my sister being sold to the capitol.

"Welcome, Welcome! I am Haku and I will be you're new escort this year! Well, lets cut to the chase and pull out a name already!" She said moving her arms while talking. "Hmm who should we do boys or girl first?" She said putting her finger on her mouth. "Ooh lets do Ini Mini Miny mo!(1)" She said starting to sing this ridiculous song. "Girls it is" she dipped her hand in the bowl and took out a piece of paper "Jillian Lorro."

"I volunteer!" I heard a timid voice coming from the 15 year old girl group. Matilda walked up to the stage shaking the whole time and with fright in her eyes. But I knew better, if you looked closely or if you knew her well you could tell she was excited or had a crazy glint in her eyes.

"What's your name?" Haku asked Matilda when she got up on stage.

"Matilda Goldline" she said while her voice cracked.

"OK now for the boys! Mike Nutria" She said happily

"I Volunteer!" I shouted at the top of my lungs, I look at Donavon and see his face that was filled with excitement was now flooded with shock.

"What's your name?" Haku asked once I got up to the stage.

"Leon Misthivel" I answered confidently. I shook hands with Matilda and she looked at me with an expression that I could not identify. The peacekeeper took us to the Justice Building. There I waited and excepted Selene comes first but the person who came was Donavan.

"What the hell were you thinking? That was my spot I was supposed to volunteer, you didn't get chosen for a reason! You're weak you suck with weapons and everything else! You won't even survive the bloodbath!" Donavan said grabbing the collar of my shirt holding me against a wall; he stood a height of 6'1 while I was 5'8.

"Consider yourself lucky, I practically saved your life I bet you can't even think of a strategy when you're in the games" I spat at his face. Then all of the sudden Donavan was knocked down to the ground dragging me with him because he still had a firm grip of my collar. Then I see the peacekeeper dragging Donavan back while him thrashing in his arms. I sat up and rubbed my neck and sat at the sofa waiting for Selene. I waited and waited but she never came, at least she took my advice.

Matilda Goldline, 15

Timmie came in first; she walked in slowly looking around like she can't believe what's happening. She looked at me grinning from ear to ear jumping up and down on the sofa chair, I just couldn't help it was so excited. I saw Timmie smile a little and laugh.

"Well, you seem excited, poor old Matilda the sweet and innocent" Timmie said jokingly.

"Oh, shut up" I said smiling not being able at be mad at her. We hugged and said a goodbyes and the peacekeeper came in and told Timmie to leave. After she left my Mother came in crying her eyes out. I instantly put a sad look on my face and start crying I run towards her and start 'crying' with her.

"Oh honey why did you volunteer, why did this have to happen, you are so sweet and innocent" My mother said holding on to me tight.

"Mother, I could do this and I won't let you leave until I'm sure you put your faith in me" I said trying act like a loving daughter.

"Honey, I can't I don't know what might happen" My mother said blubbering. She said something after that but I couldn't understand her at all. I slapped her across her face.


It wasn't necessary but I just felt like doing it and at least I had a good reason to do it.

"What was that for?" My mother said grabbing her now red cheek.

"So you could stop blubbering like a whale!" I lied. "I just wanted to tell you I'm coming back and I love you." I forced myself to say at the last part.

"Times up," The peacekeeper said motioning my mother out of the room she hugged me one last time before she left me alone... It's my chance to shine

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