Another day, another night.

Not knowing whether he's met his last fight.

What if he's reached the plight, of his life?

That'd be just another great blight on the sea of my crappy life, wouldn't it?

Flame Princess sighed, laying in bed at the house Finn had helped her build.


He'd been gone for three monthes now, and the last letter she'd gotten was two weeks ago.

Stupid war. Stupid Goblin Horde. And most of all, stupid 'Princess' Bubblegum' and her crummy missions.

Miss. Exactly. She missed Finn extremely, and Bubblegum would be lucky if the next fireball fired at her was a miss.

Actually, that'd probably upset Finn...

But what if he dies? Then I can burn her and avenge him...

She'd never truly desired anything until she met Finn. She'd lived a cycle of a life. Be evil, burn, destroy, etc. One stupid cycle laid out by her father.

Her father. Screw him, he'd kept whispering to her with his evil messages, and she'd been tempted. But now, with him gone, she'd been determined to stay off that path, for him.

"Letter! Letter for the Princess of Flames, from Finn the Human!" In less than a second her flame travel had took her outside, where'd she snatched the letter, ripped it open (careful to not burn) and shooed the humanoid messenger away. My glob, what would it say?

She took a deep breath and started out aloud to herself.