***Bella's Point of view***

I wasn't sure when I had managed to pull myself out of my house, but I was thankful for the scene change. The air made things easier to think straight, and for just a second, I could at least pretend that I was ok.

The hole in my chest remained however, and the tears, that I held back, were beginning to run down my cheeks.

"Bella," I heard a voice call out to me.

The voice was very familiar; in fact, I knew exactly who it was, before I even looked up.

And standing right there was my sister, standing tall and as beautiful as ever.

I felt my eyes widen as I took her in. "Alida, what are you doing here?"

"I'm here to see you," She said with a smile, and gently pulled me up and into her arms.

At this, I let the tears flow down my face freely, hugging her back.

This was exactly want I needed, someone who understands me, and Alida had to be the one and only person that I could always count on.

"Shh, it's ok Bella," She whispered, patting my back, sounding just as sad as I was.

"I can't believe you are here," I forced through my quivering lips.

"Of course I am, I promised that I'd always be here when you need me,"

With that it was quiet between us, and slowly she let me go, walking me back into the house, her suitcase in her hand.

Did this mean she was staying for a while? Oh god, I hoped so. This would make things so much more bearable, I might actually be able to be… happy again… well maybe a little more positive.

"Ch-Dad, I'm here," Alida called out, but kept her bright blue eyes on me, watching my expression close, looking worried.

At this Charlie came into the living room, looking relieved as he approached us.

"Alida, it's good to see you, did you find your way here fine," He asked, looking as though the answer to all our problems was solved.

"Yes, it was pretty easy, Forks isn't too big of a place,"

"That's great; I hoped Rene wouldn't mind me asking you to come out here,"

"No way, I had to come," She said with a small smile.

Charlie nodded seriously, and patted Alida's back before taking her suitcase, and heading out of the room.

Alida now pointed her eyes to me, giving me a warm smile.

"Well, what do you have planned to do today?" She wondered.

Come to think of it, I haven't made plans on doing anything for months now; it was like my life had stopped after… he… left.

"Nothing, I mean… I don't really have anything to do," I muttered, feeling self-conscious for just a second.

I'm sure Alida would get bored with me, she was probably used to being out and doing things, she would think I have absolutely no life, and I didn't want that, because then she would leave… and I don't think I could handle another person I care about to leave.

But she didn't seem to be surprised by my words, or disappointed at all, to my relief.

"Well, that's why I'm here, we have a lot of catching up to do, so let's get out of this house, and go hang out," She said with a hopeful smile.

I nodded eagerly, for once, there was a little tingle inside me, it was a feeling that I hadn't felt in a long time… what was it? Maybe happiness? No, I wouldn't go that far, maybe it just was something that I actually didn't mind the thought of doing.

It was a good first step for me; this was my chance to escape this… pain. And I wasn't going to pass this opportunity.

"Sounds good, I'm up for whatever," I nodded.

"I know you hate shopping, so how about we just take a walk to the woods, and then maybe grab a bite to eat with Charlie later?"

I had to admit, that actually sounded perfect.

"Let's do it," I said, with a tiny smile.

In that moment, Charlie came back into the room, noticing the smile on my face with surprise, and amazement.

"You girls making plans?" He said with a pleased look between us.

"Yep, we are going to take a walk, and when we get back, we wanted to go out and eat somewhere, if that's ok with you," Alida stated.

"That's good, there is a great new diner in La Push I wanted to try out, you two have fun," Charlie said, looking delighted, before he turned his attention to the TV, walking over and taking a seat on the couch.

Alida now turned to me, and grinned. "Well, let's get going,"

I nodded in agreement, and with that we both went walking out the door.

It didn't take too long to find a nice place to stop and talk. The forest in the back yard went on for miles, and it be truthful, it was a bit hard going back here… where he had… said goodbye.

But, we went farther into the woods then I have ever been.

It was beautiful here, so vast, and full of wild flowers. The light coming through the trees, the slight fog that rolled along close to the ground, the earthy smell, it was all such a beauty. The quietness and coolness of this place just put me at ease.

Following a small dirt back, I noticed moss growing on the trunks of the trees, droplets of water dripping from large leaves, making a trickling sound, that further put me into a good mood.

We seemed to talk forever, just on every little thing, from the time I had left Arizona, until now.

Life for her didn't seem to change too much. She still hung out with the small group of friends; that I had spent time with as well. They had taken a camping trip last year, in which Alida had gotten into a relationship, with an old friend during the outing. But it had ended in disaster when he had cheated on her.

This had been one more reason why she had wanted to come out here, to be with me. She felt she really didn't have anyone else to trust, and talk with her on things like this. Rene was too busy with Phil, to help her on these issues.

I of course, was more than willing to sit and listen, sharing some tears with her as well. And she did the same for me, as I took my turn telling her everything about Forks, and the Cullen's, and… him. Of course, I didn't tell her that he was a vampire, nothing like that needed to be known, I didn't want her to get in the middle of anything, or think I'm crazy.

By the end of it though, she was watching me with a calculating look, seeming to have trouble understanding what had gone wrong.

"It doesn't sound like he possibly could just… get up and go, and tell you, he doesn't love you, it's very obvious that he did…"

I shook my head, looking down at my feet, listening to the crunches of sticks under them.

"Look, it just doesn't matter anymore, I'm going to move on," I sighed.

She shook her head, patting my shoulder.

"I know that's going to be hard, but I know you can do it, and I'll be at your side the whole time,"

"I don't know if this is going to be a short-time thing Alida, this will probably take a very long time, and I don't want to trap you here or anything,"

For a moment, my eyes went on looking at the forest around me, taking in the ferns, and tall grasses that stuck out in a wild disarray around a stream.

"Don't worry about that sis, I'm staying here, I decided before I leave Arizona, that Forks was going to be my new home," Alida spoke seriously.

I turned looking at her shocked, ending our slow pace to a stop.

"Really, I thought you hated Forks," I said.

"I don't hate Forks, I'm just not a fan of small little towns like this, I'm so used to things being constantly moving, you know, the faster the better, Forks is so slow, and calm, it's a hard adjustment, but it's worth it,"

"But why, why do you want to live here?"

"I want to be close to my sister, I missed you so much Bella, you are like the only person in this whole world that I can count on, so it only makes sense that I stick around," She smiled.

I smiled back; it was my first, genuine smile; that had been on my face for months.

Now I knew that I would be ok, I had Alida, and Charlie, they both where here for me, and cared for me, what else could I possibly need anyway…

I forced myself not to think about him, I knew if I did, it would ruin this feeling inside of me right now, and that I would lose this little piece of happiness.

"You're the best, do you know that,"

Alida grinned at that, and shook her head, but as she was about to say something, a strange sound from the distance made both of us pause.

"Did you hear that?" I muttered, turning in the direction of the sound, my heart racing just slightly in nervousness.

"Yeah, maybe it wasn't such a good idea to head this far into the woods," Alida said, but not a hint of fear was on her face.

I had to agree with her on this one. I was getting a little creeped out.

"Should we get back," I said, taking a few cautious glances around.

The sound was heard once more, this time louder, and I was able to make a guess on what it could possibly be. It was close to… a growl, along with furious snaps of tree limbs, and sticks.

"We should, like right now, this is getting scary,"

Quickly we began to make our way back the way had come from, moving much faster than we had on the way here.

But the noise continued behind us, getting louder and louder. It was really beginning to scare me, so I urged Alida on to go faster, until we were running through the woods.

This had been a horrible idea, I kept tripping, and stumbling over every little stick, or rock that got in my way, until I finally managed to fall to the ground.

I gasped as I landed on my knees, groaning at the uncomfortable scratches that not bit at my legs.

"Bella, are you ok?" Alida stopped, looking at me concerned, as she began to help me get up.

"Yeah, I'm good, let's just get out of here," I said nervously, jumping as the noise began again, now just a foot away.

We both froze now as huge wolves came running from behind his, running at a speed that didn't seem possible.

My heart was now racing as fast as my head was, trying to think of a way to get out of here without getting killed.

Alida gasped in horror, freezing in her place, not moving an inch.

My hands shook now as the wolves where now in front of us, each of them where huge, and each was a different color. My eyes moved through each of them, until I made contact with one of them.

As soon as the dark animal eyes locked on mine, I to could not move, a feeling of heat rushed down through my body. Filling me with this feeling, it was like… taking a big breath of liveliness. Every cell of my body screamed with feelings, and emotions. It was like my insides were turning on, coming back to life. The feeling was amazing, and spiked my adrenaline up, but at the same time, I found myself trapped in a daze.

The wolf that had awakened this feeling in me was still standing as still as a stone, watching me, but just as soon as they had showed up, they were gone, running past us without another look.

I swallowed hard watching them disappear into the distance, before slowly looking to Alida, who was still frozen in her place.
"Are you ok?" I breathed after a few seconds of silence.

"They were huge," She stuttered.

It was obvious that she was a bit shaken from this event, maybe I wasn't too fearful because of the feeling that was now glowing bright inside me, or maybe it was because of my experience with weird supernatural creatures.

Big wolves were nothing compared to a vampire.

I now was distracted as I realized that the hole in my chest was no longer there, it was replaced by a steady beat, beat, beat.

I was alive. I was back.

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