This is my first Uta no Prince Sama fanfic. Some of the characters may be a little out of characters (sorry about that).

A knock on the door. The energetic Otoya leaps up from his seat to go answer the door. There stand his friends, Natsuki, Shou, and Haruka. "Great. Come on in." Otoya greets them with a smile. Everyone comes in the dorm.

"Welcome everyone." Ren welcomes everyone to his dorm. "We are going to play a little game. Let's make a circle on the floor."

Everyone joins Tokiya on the floor, making a circle, except Masato, who stays sitting on his bed. "So in the box is everyone's name. Otoya would you like to explain the game?" Ren leans back and let's Otoya take over.

"The game we are going to play is called seven minutes in heaven." Otoya smile beams.

"What is the point of this?" Tokiya asks as he puts his paper in the box.

"Entertainment." Ren winks at Haruka.

"This is how you play the game," Otoya continues. "someone will pull out a name and that is the person you have to be in the closet for seven minutes. What you guys in there is up to you."

"This is going to be fun." Ren says with a wink to his little lamb.

"Let's play!" Natsuki can't wait to see whom he will get, hoping that it will be his little Shou-chan.

"Wait, most of us are guys." Masato says with discuss.

"That's what is going make this game fun." Ren says cooly

"So everyone will pull out your name. If you get your name you have pick again. And you only have seven minutes in the closet." Otoya informs everyone.

"But," Haruka timid voice catches the attention of the boys. "there is an odd number of us." The boys look around at each other.

"I'm not playing." Masato lies down on his bed.

"Okay. That fixes that. Who is going to pick first?" Natsuki asks.

"I say let Otoya to pick. He did come up with this." Ren looks over to Otoya. No one else has a problem with that.

"Alright then." Otoya puts his hand into the box. The first piece of paper he touches, he grabbed.