It is time for Shou to pick a name from the box.
Warning: Yaoi

"So now what? It is Shou-chan's turn and everyone went." Natsuki still has his arms around his little Shou.

"Okay. There are still names in the box for Shou to pick." Otoya checks the box to make sure there are still names for Shou.

"Pick Shou-chan."

"Shut up. I picking." Shou reaches his hand into the box. There is no way to guess who he will have. Everyone's name is in there. Shou pulls out a piece of paper. He unfolds the paper and quickly crumples the paper into a ball. Shou stares at the floor.

"Who did you get Shou-chan?"

"Come on munchkin, who did you get?"

Shou can feel the heat going to face. "Natsuki." Shou mutters.

Natsuki holds Shou tighter and smiles. "Let's go then." Natsuki loosens his grip around Shou as he stands up. Natsuki takes Shou's hand and leads him to the closet.

Ren comes up behind them to close the door. Shou caught the smirk on Ren's face.

As soon as darkness closed around the two boys, Natsuki's arms were around Shou. Natsuki's face snuggles into Shou's neck. Natsuki's breath warms Shou's neck. "Stop it Natsuki."

Natsuki looks at Shou in the dark. "What am I doing?"

"You know."

Natsuki smiles. He gently presses his lips on Shou's neck. Shou sucks in a breath. "Like that?"

"Natsuki get off of me!" The smaller male pushes his friend away. Natsuki lets his arm leave his little Shou. "Wh-why did you do that?"

"What? Kiss you?" Natsuki giggles. "You know that I love small cute things." Natsuki pauses then adds, "You're on top of my list."

Shou's face heats up. He knows that his face is beat red.

Natsuki steps closer. He places his hands on the small waist of his friend and pulls him closer. Natsuki bends his head down to kiss Shou's lips. Shou's raises up on his toes to deepen the kiss a little. Shou can feel Natsuki's lips curve up in a smile.

Light burst into the closet and a laugh from Ren. Shou pushes Natsuki away with a deep blush on his face. Shou leaves the closet only to have Natsuki wrap his around him again.