Hey guys! FINALLY got around to writing a sequel to "Christmas in District 12"! For those of you who didn't read the prequel, here's a summary of it: It's Christmas and Peeta takes Katniss' pearl he gave her. He makes it into a ring, and then proposes as his Christmas present! This story will be their wedding! Hope you guys enjoy!

Chapter 1: Wedding Plans

Katniss' POV

The date is December 26th. One day after Christmas. Yesterday Peeta gave me the best present he could've given. A wedding ring. I look at my silver pearl wedding ring, and begin to smile like an idiot. Peeta comes downstairs in his pajamas with messy blonde hair.

"You like it?" He asks and snuggles up against me on the couch.

"I love it." I say and kiss him. "So do you wanna start planning?"

"So soon Katniss?" He asks.

"Sorry..." I say. "I'm just so excited!"

"Alright, let's start at the guest list." Peeta suggests.

"Good idea." I say. "I just want it a small wedding. Just family and friends."

He looks down at me with those big blue eyes. It makes me wonder how I never even noticed him as a kid. It's weird... Only 3 years ago everything was normal. Peeta was just another guy at school.

"Peeta..." I say. "Do you think we're kind of young to get married?"

"Why?" He asks with a frown. "Do you think you'll find someone else later?"

"No of course not!" I say quickly. "Just most people wait until their at least 20... When we get married we'll both be 18. Both of our birthdays are in March."

"So you want to have the wedding after March?" Says Peeta.

I think about that for a second. When do I want the wedding? I feel like I making too many decisions... After all, Peeta is way more into this stuff than I am.

"When do you want it?" I ask him.

"I was thinking when the Primroses are fully in bloom... So... May?" Peeta suggests.

"I know why we're getting married." I say out of nowhere.

"Why?" He asks.

"We think just alike." I say and kiss him on the lips.

"So... May?" He asks.

"Of course. My bouquet of flowers can be Primroses." I say.

I imagine a small wedding outside somewhere, and me holding a beautiful bouquet of pink and blue Primroses. Prims favorite colors. A few years ago, I wouldn't even have dreamed of a wedding. I would've thought it was a stupid idea. I never wanted to get married and have kids.

"Okay, so here's who I want to invite. Gale, Hazelle, Rory, Vick, Posy, My mother, Annie, Finnick and Annie's son John, and Madge with her parents. Oh, and of course Haymitch and Effie." I say.

"Madge? I thought that she..." Peeta begins.

"She survived. She moved over to District 1." I say.

"Alright, that's a good guest list. I want to invite Delly and her parents. Is that okay?" Peeta asks.

"Of course that's okay!" I say. "Where do they live now?"

"They still live in 13." Peeta says sadly. "I'm not sure why..."

"Yeah. You'd really think they would want to move somewhere else." I say.

"After she sees 12, she might wanna come back." Peeta says. "It's so nice here now."

District 12 has really changed since the rebellion. Lots of people actually did come back. They started to rebuild, and now we even have a smaller version of the Hob here. We always have electricity now, which is really nice. Haymitch ordered the Capitol to come tear down the electric fence though. Of course they came, and they did. Peeta and I were offered to rule this place, but we turned it down. District 12 has so few people now; we don't need to be ruled. It's just a small village. Nobody ever causes any trouble here. Who would? What is there to cause trouble about? Nothing now. The war is over. We won. Everything seems to be at a perfect state of ease. Everyone is happy now. In District 12 anyway.

"Let's start to make invitations. I have some leftover envelopes and cardstock in my gallery room upstairs." Peeta says.

Peeta runs upstairs real quick and comes back with white card stock and some envelopes.

"Okay, sort out who lives in each District. You write that down here." Peeta says and hands me a piece of paper and a pencil.

I begin to write that down.

Gale, Hazelle, Rory, Vick, and Posy: District 2

My Mother: District 8

Annie and John: District 4

Madge and he parents: District 1

Effie: The Capitol

Haymitch: District 12

Delly and her parents: District 13

"That looks about right." Peeta says with a smile. "Now who do you want in the wedding?"

"In the wedding?" I question.

"Yeah Katniss. In other Districts they have 2 or 3 people stand next to the bride and groom. Usually the closest friends or siblings. The one right next to the bride is the maid of honor, and the one right next to the groom is the best man." Peeta says.

"Oh... I didn't know that. I guess that'd be kinda cool. I want Madge as my maid of honor and Delly next to her." I say.

I guess I do consider Madge my best friend. Before the Quell, we did a lot of stuff together. I took her out in the woods, and she played piano a lot for me. We stayed at each other's houses for dinner sometimes even. That's what normal best friends usually do.

"Okay, I want Gale as my best man and Haymitch next to him." Peeta says.

"Gale!" I say and the words seem to choke the air out of my mouth. "Peeta... You barely know him."

"I know but... You guys were so close. I mean, you barely know Delly and you're having her be in the wedding." Peeta says.

"Okay I guess so..." I say.

"Then, also there are always ring bearers who carry the rings, and a flower girl." Peeta says.

Wow, I never knew so much was involved in a wedding. In District 12 we just... Toast some bread in nice clothes. But this is what Peeta wants. He's always been the romantic kind of guy. And I won't ruin this for him. It actually does sound kind of fun.

"Okay, let's have Rory and Vick be the ring people, and Posy be the flower girl. John is just a baby. He's too young to be a ring person." I say.

"Here they are!" Peeta says and holds up the invitations. Then he begins to read them out loud. "We welcome you to Mr. Peeta Mellark and Ms. Katniss Everdeen's wedding on May 30th. The wedding will be held in the backyard of their house, located in the Victor's Village of District 12. No gifts will be accepted."

"Sounds good to me!" I say and kiss him. "Make sure to add on Madge's, Gale's, Haymitch's, and Delly's that they're in the wedding."

"Now most importantly..." Peeta says. "Your dress. And your bridesmaids dresses."

"I'll pick that out later..." I say with a sad expression. "I don't want it to be like the one I had before..."

"I understand." He says and kisses my forehead. "For the bridesmaids though... I was thinking forest green dresses?"

"Perfect." I say and kiss him on the lips. "I can't wait."

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