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Katniss' POV

Peeta and I straighten ourselves out in the hot tub as Madge, Delly and Effie approach us from the outsides of the garden.

"Oh I'm sorry, are we interrupting something?" Delly asks with a laugh.

"You guys have a habit of walking in on us. Good thing you guys don't live in 12." Peeta says jokingly.

"Katniss! Peeta!" Effie says as she clicks forward to us in her tall high heels. "What a disgrace. There are cameras everywhere!"

It's actually funny to me because of how much I was oblivious to this. I look over the fence and behind tall plants in the garden and notice lenses of cameras sticking out. I just laugh.

"Peeta and I don't really care about the cameras so much anymore." I say. "What did you guys come get us for?"

"We just thought you guys might want to come in and get some dinner, plus dancing starts soon." Madge says.

Now that I think about it, I am kind of hungry.

"Alright, we'll be there in a minute." I say.

"Your stylists are waiting for you in the first two rooms on the right as you walk in." Effie says.

Peeta steals one last kiss from me in the hot tub, and then we go to the rooms we we're directed to go into.

"Oh your makeup!" Venia squeals.

"And that hair!" Octavia joins in.

"Oh hush up you two. Did you have fun dear?" Flavius asks.

"More fun than I could've imagined!" I say to amuse them.

"Oh, then that's all that matters." Octavia concludes.

I dry myself off with warm towels, and then wrap myself in a soft, white robe. I sit down on a chair in front of mirror, and my prep team quickly gets to work on my soaking wet hair and makeup-less face. Octavia dries my hair and puts it in a gorgeous up do with braids and twists galore. Venia covers my face with a tan liquid, pink blush, eye makeup that brings out striking features of my eyes, and finishes me off with a soft pink lipstick. While Octavia and Venia do this, Flavius examines their work and suggests a few things. This time I don't look much like myself with the intricate hair and large sums of makeup on my face. After my head is done, I'm helped into a long, forest green dress. It's strapless, gathers and poofs out at my waist, and is covered in green sparkles. Usually I don't appreciate these kind of clothes, but there's no doubt that I look beautiful. Flavius completes my look with silver heels, and a matching set of diamond earrings, a diamond necklace and a diamond tiara. I spin around and look in the mirror.

"Thank you so much, it looks wonderful." I say and give each of them a short hug.

I go out the door, and see a large staircase that goes up to a balcony. I walk up the staircase being careful not to trip over the poofy dress. When I finally get to the top, I see the main outdoor courtyard where the dance floor and many tables are with people sitting and chatting away. Two curved staircases on the left and right lead down to it all. I choose the left staircase and begin my way down the stairs. As I make my way down the stairs, everyone remains seated other than a few photographers. But then, I see Peeta stop in the middle of a conversation with Effie and Plutarch, get up and walk over to the bottom of the staircase in his white tuxedo jacket and black tuxedo pants. He actually just stands there and stares at me while I walk down the stairs. When I reach the bottom, he bows to me, and I curtsy to him. He takes my right hand, and kisses the top of it.

"You look like a princess Katniss." He whispers.

To my surprise, he doesn't let go of my hand and the band starts a song with a slow, steady beat in three quarter time. His free hand now rests on my lower back, and my free hand finds my way to his upper back. He starts to lead me in a waltz, and before I know it we're already across the room. I fixate my eyes on his, and get completely lost in dancing. He spins me under his arm, and then pulls me back close to him. After what seems like forever, the music finally comes to a stop and I'm left there still holding him, breathless.

"I can do other things than just paint and bake, you know." He whispers.

"And I can do more things than just be stubborn and be good with a bow." I whisper back.

The feeling of the dance with Peeta seemed so magical, that I feel like I'm now in a trance. I'm just standing here staring at him now, breathing deeply with my cheeks as hot as a stove. Peeta bows to me one last time. I curtsy to him. Then he locks my arm with his and takes us to our table where he pulls out my chair and helps me sit down. Around our table is me, Peeta, Plutarch, Effie, Madge and Delly.

"Looks like Octavia and Venia put a little too much blush on you!" Madge says with a giggle.

Embarrassed, I immediately cover up my cheeks.

"No, that's just my face." I say.

Delly and Madge laugh.

"I didn't know you we're so good at dancing, Peeta." Delly comments.

"I have a lot of spare time when Katniss goes out hunting." He says.

"Yeah, and now hunting isn't illegal." Plutarch says.

"That didn't stop her even when it was." Peeta says and rolls his eyes.

"Watch out, we have a criminal at the table!" Delly says and we all laugh.

After a few minutes, chef's come out carrying platters of steaming hot food. One chef sets a plate of food in front of me and even throws in a "congrats" while he walks away. What I see in front of me and everyone else is a plate of my favorite Capitol dish; lamb stew.

"Guess they remembered." I say and smile.

I almost dig into the food like Peeta and I did in the cave, but then I remember in the presence of the President and even worse, Effie. Instead, I take small forkfuls of the stew and join in with the chatter around the table.

"That was pretty funny when Caesar brought up you and Peeta having kids." Delly says with a laugh that Madge joins into.

"You should've seen both of your faces!" Madge says giggling.

Even Effie and Plutarch join in with the laughter.

"It was quite funny." Effie says.

Peeta and I both turn beet red and stare at our almost empty plates.

"We're still teenagers, we have a lot of time." Peeta stammers out and quickly goes back to his food.

When we're done eating, more chef's bring out even more platters of food. But this time, the platters are filled with chocolates, ice creams, cakes, cookies and other sweets. I grab a piece of rich chocolate cake that melts in your mouth with each bite. When everyone is done with dessert, they get up to join in dancing with the crowd.

"Do you want to dance again?" Peeta asks me.

Dancing was a lot of fun and very mesmerizing, but I have something else in mind. Ever since we finished that dance, I haven't been able to keep my eyes off Peeta's lips. And all through dinner that feeling for wanting Peeta has grown stronger and stronger.

"Maybe a little later. Is there somewhere we could be alone? I kind of want to…" I start.

Peeta cuts me off with a laugh and a smile.

"Yeah there is, follow me." He says and takes my hand.

Peeta leads me through a series of hallways, corridors, and a few flights of stairs. Finally he opens a door to an empty bedroom with a large king size bed.

"How did you know about this?" I ask.

"This whole hallway is full of guest bedrooms. My prep team let me explore a little bit while you we're still getting ready." He replies as he closes and then locks the door. "So what is it you wanted to do?"

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