A few hours later, Roderich woke up in a cold sweat. He looked over to the albino, watching him sleep. Gilbert may not have been having the most peaceful of sleep, but it was sleep never the less.

Roderich got up from the bed, placed a soft kiss on the other's forehead, pulled his boxers back on, and went back to the piano room, scanning for the box of letters.

Now that the box was in reach this time, he didn't make a mess as he pulled the box close to him, holding back tears. Roderich sat on the couch and pulled out a letter, reading what Gil had written.


I'm in Yalta right now. It's February 11th. Alfred, Arthur, and Ivan are sitting there in the room while I sit outside of it, listening to what they're talking about. I know they are planning to split up West and I. They're talking about what's going to happen to Poland and something called the United Nations too.

Do you know Alfred wants to divide Germany into five different parts? And Arthur he wants to divide us into Prussia and Austria-Bavaria; away from the rest of Germany. Even though Ludwig's so weak right now that the war is over, they still think he's a threat. Ivan doesn't like the thought of a section of Germany being put under Francis' control but I think it's the best decision they've made all day. Keskeskes. I love you and I'll write soon.


Roderich placed the letter down, remembering the news of the split of Germany into the east and west. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, picking up another letter.


I heard Ivan talking to his leader about cutting off supply shipments to West. He wants to starve out Berlin! Mien got what am I to do? Roderich, please keep Ludwig and his people safe.



Tears brimmed in his violet eyes as he set the letter down, remembering when the power went out in West Berlin and when the supplies weren't being sent. He had prayed long and hard for Ivan to stop that mess.


It's been 320 days since the Berlin blockade started. I've heard that Alfred and the Allies have send 1.5 million tons of food to West Berlin. I didn't think I would ever hear that news. Roderich, I'm so happy that something's finally going right for Ludwig that the awesome me is actually crying! I have a feeling this means the war will be over soon.

I can't wait to hold you again.



Looking at the old paper, it was easy to see where the albino's tears had fallen. Fresh tears joined them as the Austrian shook his head. How foolish the Prussian had been to think it would end that easily.


I started an uprising with the other East Germans on June 17th that'll surely make the history books! Keskeskes. It didn't last long though and I got in huge trouble with Ivan. He locked me away for a few days with no food. I'm okay though. I told him I'd be good and I was sorry.


Roderich put the letters down, unable to read them anymore. He shook his head and blinked back unshed tears. If only it had been a dream. If only it had never happened.

"Roderich?" He turned his head to see his adorably sleepy Prussian in his flag boxers, yawning.

"What are you doing?" He opened his drowsy crimson eyes wider in concern.

"I just . . . I wanted to read more," Roderich replied softly, sniffling as the tears he'd been able to hold back finally fell. "I wanted to know what you wrote to me," he sobbed. "I'm sorry liebe."

Gilbert sat down and pulled the stricken Austrian into his arms, holding him as he peppered kisses everywhere and murmured soothing words. "It's alright."

A small pause was announced as Gilbert soothed Roderich. "I tried to write to you about everything that happened." He whispered. "Everything I was hearing."

Roderich sat in his lap silently, listening intently to his beloved.

"When the wall fell and I got to see you and Ludwig, it was like a dream come true," Gilbert murmured. "I had missed you both so much," He swallowed slowly. "I was so afraid Ludwig wasn't going to be there," His voice dropped to a soft whisper. "I was afraid I wasn't going to make it."

Gilbert cleared his eyes before he actually let the tears fall, letting his gaze drop onto the box of letters.

The couple sat in silence, holding each other tightly like they'd never let go.

"Bruder? Roderich?" The voice of the West German brother echoed in the house.

"We're in the piano room, Lud," Gilbert called, standing and waiting for his younger brother to come into the room. When he did so, Gilbert attacked him into a hug.

Ludwig gave a shocked look, "Was is going on?"

"Ich liebe dich, kline bruder," Gilbert sobbed as he hugged Ludwig tightly.

Ludwig glanced at Roderich in confusion as he hugged Gilbert back, "Ich liebe dich, osten," He murmured. "But what's going on?" He asked slowly as Gilbert pulled away.

"We were reading letters Gilbert wrote to me during the Cold War," Roderich whispered as he stood up.

Ludwig looked at his older brother again before hugging him a little tighter as tears brimmed in the blue eyes of the German from those memories. "I was so happy to see you on the other side of the wall, East," He murmured softly,

"Me too, West," Gilbert replied as he gave a tender look to his Austrian lover, knowing he'd gotten the silent message of love. Roderich gave a soft smile back, violet eyes still slightly tearful as he let the brothers hug, wishing with them that history could have just been a nightmare.