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AN: This is a little imagining of the aftermath of the episode 'Recipe for Heavy Bread' 2x02. Which dealt with character's from the guys past as POWs. The episode was kind of light like many A-Team episodes are I wanted to look at it a little more seriously. This isn't an action fic this is kind of a mental/ talking about things fic. If you haven't read any fics about the teams time as POWs I personally enjoyed PenntCent's 'Honor' and Sandilynn Petersen's 'Morale'.

Also I don't dislike Amy, she's just kind of used as a catalyst in this story.

Chapter 1: The Crash

The last couple of days had been an intense ride of stirred up emotions and very real danger.

Chasing down a drug lord who happened to be the former commander of the prisoner of war camp were they had been held prisoner and who was trying to kill the one man in the camp who had helped them had really made it a roller coaster for all of the team.

Now it was quiet in B.A.'s hotel room. The excitement and energy of the last two days seemed to have drained out of the team. Jobs always seemed more extreme when they were personal, this one had been one of the most extreme and most personal jobs they'd ever had. The highs were higher and the lows were definitely lower.

Coming down off the adrenaline of a job was different after each mission. Sometimes the crash was hard but when things went well it could be like sinking into a satisfied haze.

This time things had ended well; in fact it was a better ending to that period in their lives than any of them could have hoped for. But it had been such a reminder of their time in the POW camp that the stress of it all had taken a tole and it felt like they'd run a marathon now that it was done.

Hannibal said he 'loved it when a plan came together' and they'd all smiled then the realization that the job was over hit and the crash began. The muscles that had been wound up good and tight, tense for a fight, tense from the mental strain now uncoiled and ached.

Hannibal and Face sat at B.A.'s kitchen table nursing cups of black coffee talking softly about acting jobs and new scams and nothing. Meanwhile B.A. and Murdock lounged on the couch. Cartoons playing softly on the t.v.

Murdock had finally fallen asleep. It hadn't been easy to get him to relax even though he'd looked exhausted when it was all over. He'd still wanted to talk about the plight of the golf balls and continued to rattle on about their ill treatment.

Hannibal and Face had tried their best to humor him for a while hoping he'd calm down but B.A. got agitated with Murdock's ramblings pretty quick and let everyone know he wouldn't take much more. Finally Face assured Murdock that at least under their roof all golf balls were safe. That seemed to help.

Now he was sleeping peacefully if not comfortably His hat was cockeyed on his head, his jacket was draped over his shoulder like a blanket and he was kind of half slouched over leaning against B.A. as the other sat quietly flipping through an automotive magazine seemingly unfazed about being a pillow.

When an unexpected knock at the door sounded off like a gun shot in the small hotel room Hannibal and Face jump to the edges of their seats and B.A. looking up from his magazine and glared. They weren't expecting anyone and B.A. indicated that he didn't know who it could be knocking. Each of them eyed the door, their hearts beating hard in their chests.

B.A. started to move but Face gestured for him to stay put and not jostle Murdock. Face moved quietly to the peephole. After a moment of anticipation he sighed with relief and opened the door.

Amy was on the other side. "Hi guys I'm back!" She smiled cheerily and lifted up two large bags of sub sandwiches and chips as she strolled back into the hotel room.

"sshhh" Face quickly hushed her as he closed and locked the door behind them. She started to turn and ask him what was the matter when she noticed Murdock was sleeping on the couch. She completely missed Face's look of mild irritation.

"Oh sorry." She stage whispered a giggly apology, gave a sheepish shrug to B.A. who gave her a stern warning look as she moved to the kitchenette.

Hannibal took the bags from her and set them on the table. "We didn't expect you to be back tonight Kid." it was a statement but the question was implied.

Amy set her purse down on the counter and started to shrug off her coat. "I thought you'd be anxious to hear how everything went with Lin" Face took her coat for her. "and oh, I wrote a few paragraphs for Murdock, you know about the golf balls, it's cute. I thought it would make him happy." Amy pulled her notepad and pen out and started flipping to the right pages.

She chuckled at something clever she'd jotted down earlier and started to share it with the guys but stopped when she looked up. Her mouth hung open as the words she was about to say caught in her throat. She was shocked by the surprisingly somber expressions on their faces and taken aback by the total shift in mood from earlier.

"What's the matter?" she asked concerned. The big triumphant smile that she'd worn since that afternoon slid from her face as she tried to quickly assess the situation.

She knew from experience with the team that sometimes new jobs and new dangers popped up fast. If that was the case, she thought, it was a shame it had to come on the heals of such a happy win. She felt the guys really deserved to sit back and enjoy it.

"Hannibal you need to tell her." B.A. took some glasses out of a cabinet and placed them on the table and Face found some plates.

Amy noticed that Murdock was now laying down on the length of the couch and a thin blanket covered him, his hat and jacket carefully placed off to the side. It warmed her heart to see B.A.'s thoughtful side.

Her warm feeling didn't last long it was doused by the chilly tone Hannibal used to tell her to take a seat. She sat and was struck by the seriousness of what was going on when all three of the guys sat at the table with her and none of them touched the food she'd brought. She was glad for a second that she'd decided on cold subs rather than hot pizza.

"Is everything alright?" she asked nervously, all kinds of different scenarios raced through her mind.

"It's fine, fine." Face started in a comforting tone. "It's just about the little golf ball article..." Amy was again surprised. She was not expecting that this apparently serious conversation was going to be about the silly golf ball article. She tried to anticipate where the conversation must be going.

"Oh this, don't worry about it, it's no trouble. It won't take long and I really think that I might be able to pitch it to the paper as something for the funny pages. Do you think Murdock would be ok with that? Any press is good press right." She smiled at them and expected the mood to lighten. her smile was once again squashed and Amy was left confused.

"Ahh well no Amy," Face sputtered. "We think it was really great of you to play along with Murdock."

Amy had always liked Murdock, he was a nice man, certainly sweet if a little special. The odd ball things he did sometimes got weird or annoying or embarrassing but it all seemed mostly harmless. She'd seen Face and Hannibal play along so when she could and it brought a smile to Murdock's face it made her happy.

"But..." Face started and Hannibal finished. "We'd like you to not bring it up again." Hannibal words were stern. Amy was confused by them and the inexplicable sadness she could see in Hannibal's eyes.

"I don't understand. I thought..."

"Somebody just explain, so she can understand." B.A. prompted in a soft solemn uncharacteristic way. Amy saw as he looked quickly over his shoulder back towards the couch and the sleeping captain.

"We know what you thought Amy," Face looked at her with an apologetic expression. "and usually, you know, playing along when Murdock is being Murdock is perfectly fine."

Amy stared at them and she wished they'd just come out and say what they were getting at but they all seemed hesitant. "It's been invisible dogs and stuffed bears, what is so unusual about golf balls?"

"Sssshhh" Face hushed her for the second time since she'd been there. She bit her lip, she'd let her voice raise with her growing frustration. She felt bad about it but she was starting to feel like she was being lectured and she didn't know what she'd done wrong.

Face got up from his chair at the far end of the table. He moved to lean against the counter. He stood looking out into the living room. "Look it seems like the same old silliness, but believe me nothing about this job was usual for any of us."

"I can't believe Lin Duk Coo's safe in America." B.A.'s voice had an air of awe to it even as he spoke softly.

"and that sleaze Angel and can you believe General Chow are going to prison." Face mused behind her.

A low grumble came from B.A. "Anything those two get is too good for them." His look of utter disgust spoke volumes about just how strongly he felt on the subject.

Hannibal was more optimistic and he patted B.A.'s shoulder. "Yeah but it's more than we ever thought they'd get."

Amy started to feel like she was intruding.

It felt like the guys were finally reflecting on all that had happened the past couple days and so many years ago during the War. She had a strong feeling they didn't often sit around reflecting on this part of their lives, certainly not in front of her.

"I'm really happy for you guys, it must be a really great feeling to get closure like that."

Hannibal nodded. "Some of it was nice, real nice. But it didn't come without a price." he informed her and then looked up at Face and B.A. "I'm proud of him, he kept it together."

"Yeah really well." B.A. agreed. A small sad smile played briefly across his features.

"I really hope it doesn't cost him too much." Face looked guilty for some reason Amy couldn't follow.

"You did the right thing Lieutenant, it would have been wrong to exclude him." Hannibal tried to reassure the younger man and then they were all quiet for a minuet.

Amy watched as they all seemed to be deep in thought, she wondered what they were all thinking about. She assumed they had been speaking about Murdock. It seemed odd that they should with him sleeping in the next room.

She sat back and tried to make herself as small as possible, she really felt like she was witnessing something she didn't have a right to. When she spoke, she spoke softly and sincerely.

"I was really glad I got to help you with this one it was truly an honor, and if you don't want me to bring up the golf ball story again I won't."


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