I've Been To The Future

Chapter 1: Mistakes and Apologizes

This story is Torchwood/Criminal Minds crossover coz I love both programs. And I've always wanted to know what the BAU would do if aliens stepped onto theirjurisdictionso I came up with this.I'm afraid to say that bad things happen to good people but it is true.And that's what happens in this story. No, I won't tell you who to. The first few chapters are Torchwood but don't worry it does crossover about half way through.

Disclaimer:I don't own Torchwood or Criminal Minds. If I did own CM, I would make sure Reid found more love. He is so CUTE and SWEET. If I owned TW I would make sure Gwen would stop giving Jackgoogleyeyes and stop her fluttering her eyelashes at him, it is so annoying. And it is so unfair onIanto, he is so CUTE. Gwen hasRhys, why can't she letIantohave Jack. I'll just have to hope that RTD has 'mind-reader' on his list of talents. Probably not.

Again I've edited this story as there was a lot of bad reviews. Apologies and Enjoy xxx

Gwen arrived at the Hub on time but there was no sign of the usual atmosphere in which; Ianto was making coffee for everyone and Jack flirting with Ianto as he tried to do this, after which Jack asking Martha how Tom is, then wishing he hadn't and Donna chatting and, well being Donna. Instead, Gwen was greeted with Jack running around trying to answer three phone calls at the same time, Martha cleaning up an alien explosion that had happened in the autopsy bay. Not to mention Donna hitting the keys on the keyboard furiously, screaming 'You're kidding me!' and Ianto trying to calm down an overly stressed Jack; the usual bribe of a delicious coffee and possibly a kiss as well, wasn't working. How strange, Gwen thought, Jack could never resist a coffee and a kiss off Ianto, normally though he would skip the coffee and go straight for a kiss.

"Oh, hi Gwen." Ianto greeted her with a smile then promptly went back to trying to convince Jack to sit down.


Ianto stopped and tried to mask the hurt that was on his face. Everything went quiet, even Martha stopped what she was doing and looked at Jack. Jack had slipped up with his words and never meant to say that, what he meant was; as much as he wanted a kiss, he knew he'd slip up somewhere if Ianto gave him one. Jack just stood there, he felt like a monster. He watched as tears silently fell from Ianto's eyes, what had he done?

"I get it. You're stressed but getting worked up other a few phone calls doesn't warrant you yelling at me! We're all trying to help but you WON'T LET US! I'm going to the archives."

"Ianto, I didn't mean it. I screwed up my words. Yan, you know on a normal day, I wouldn't have said that. You know how I feel about you. Ianto, I'm sorry." Jack replied but Ianto had already left the room. Just on cue his mobile rung again.

Jack looked at Gwen and said, "Seeing as you're here, make yourself useful and take care of that will you."

Gwen didn't know if it was a question or an order, but she knew not to question Jack so she just nodded. He chucked the phone to her, clearly not caring if she caught it or not.

Jack made his way to the archives. He didn't care if Ianto screamed at him or threw something, he just had to apologise.

"Ianto," Jack walked into the dark archives, trying to decide which aisle to walk down first. He heard the shuffling of papers and followed the sound.


"Sod off, Jack!"

He stopped where he was in an attempt to give Ianto some breathing space.

"Ianto, please just listen. I mean you don't even have to forgive me if you don't want to because that's exactly what I deserve. I know I've never told you this but, the reason I didn't want... I didn't except a kiss was because every time we kiss, I can't think about anything else. I just want to … well you know what I'm like and you know what you do to me."

Jack closed his eyes and against his better judgement pictured Ianto's face but most importantly, his eyes. His eyes when they're blown wide with arousal. While Jack did this, Ianto got up and walked over to Jack. Jack was leaning with his hand on the cold wall of the archives, obviously the ability to stand failing him. Ianto believed Jack, he knew that he wouldn't lie to him about his feelings, not anymore.

Ianto loved Jack. He got close and tried to imagine what Jack was thinking about. He blushed almost immediately, the realisation coming to him when Jack whispered his name.

"Your hand on my cheek, when you lean in a little closer," Jack was mumbling.

"Then you..."

Jack smiled at the memory. Ianto did as Jack said, he brought his hand up to Jack's cheek, leaned in closer, Jack didn't have to say anymore. Ianto kissed Jack, he couldn't help himself. When he and Jack kissed, he felt like he could do anything, he felt special. Jack kissed back but he grabbed for Ianto, wishing it wasn't just a memory. Then he felt a gentle push and his back connected with the cold wall but Jack couldn't care in the least. Between the cold of the wall on his back and the warm of Ianto's body against his chest, Jack was slipping over the edge. And even Ianto didn't want the kiss to end. Even after Jack had said what he had said, Ianto knew he hadn't meant it, he was just frustrated. Jack gently pushed Ianto away, remembering that they both needed oxygen. Well Jack would be okay because he was immortal but Ianto wasn't.

"Ianto?" Jack asked breathlessly, he still didn't know if that was actually Ianto or not.

"Yeah, it's me Jack." Ianto replied, equally as breathless.

Jack was about to leave, when he felt a hand gently pushing him back to the wall. Ianto leaned in closer to Jack and as he did this, ran his fingers through Ianto's hair and then one down his cheek. Ianto kissed Jack softly then perched himself on the desk, pulling Jack to stand in front of him. As soon as he did, Jack ran his fingers from Ianto's cheek, heading right down to Ianto's very ticklish mid-section. As soon as Jack got there, Ianto's face began to crack until he couldn't take it anymore and began to laugh uncontrollably.

Jack looked up at Ianto in surprise, "That's a first, Ianto."

Once Ianto had stopped laughing, he asked, "What?"

"You, laughing!"

Ianto slapped him playfully, "Course I laugh, Jack."

There was the sound of footsteps heading to archives and Jack had a wicked thought. He pulled Ianto down to sit on the floor behind the desk were Martha wouldn't see them.

"Jack!" Ianto exclaimed.

"Ssssh, you don't want her to find out, do you?" Jack said.

"Jack, we're not a couple of teenagers about to get in trouble for doing something we shouldn't, you know." Ianto said, giggling slightly.

"We could pretend though couldn't we, Ianto?" Jack asked, sitting next to Ianto on the cold floor.

Ianto could just make out that cheeky smile and the glint in Jack's eye. Ianto chuckled to himself.

"Jack?" Martha's shouted into the archives but only her echo came back in reply.

"Jack?" She tried again but still there was no reply.

Martha turned and headed back to the main Hub.

"Gwen, do you know where Jack is?"

Gwen looked up at Martha and said, "Don't worry Martha, I'll find him."

Gwen went to the archives and noticing the papers in disarray on the desk, walked to it. "Jack, Ianto, we need you guys now!"

Ianto and Jack decided Gwen was right, they were in work now. Fun and games could wait until later.

"Right, here's the deal, Jack if you help sort out all this crap with the calls, I won't tell Martha that you two were just messin' about."

Ianto took a step towards Gwen and said, "Gwen, you're not exactly in a place to make orders and you don't have to defend us, we're not kids, okay."

Jack took a step forward so that he was next to Ianto and said, "Yeah, it's just we all had to come in at five am today."

Gwen looked shocked; she had only come in at 8am.

"Jack, why didn't you call me?"

Jack placed a gentle hand on Gwen's shoulder and replied, "Gwen, you barely spend time with Rhys as it is, I wasn't gonna make you come in early as well."

"Thanks, Jack!" Gwen replied gratefully.

"Come on, let's go."

Jack pointed in the direction of the door.

Jack ran back through to the main Hub, where he spotted Martha juggling three calls in between of which listening to Donna's ranting and raving, and Donna typing even more furiously on the keyboard. Jack ran to one of the ringing phones, passed it to Ianto and grabbed another.

"Hi, this is Captain Jack Harkness. What can I do for you?"

Jack always tried to sound professional.

"Okay, thanks we'll get on it ASAP."

Jack hung up and turned to the team, "There's been a couple of Weevil sightings in the area."

"What? We'd only be there by tomorrow. Is that okay?" Ianto said over the phone. "Okay, thanks, bye."

"Ianto, what's going on, and where will we be by tomorrow?" Jack asked, looking very surprised.

"There have been a series of murders in New York. Alien related of course. Plenty of Rift spikes." Ianto said, equally as professional.

Jack looked at Ianto and remembered why he hired him; professional, witty, flirty, clever, and he looks really good in a suit.

"Jack, we've got Weevils on the loose in Cardiff. Can't New York sort out its own aliens?" Gwen asked Jack, knowing Rhys would not be happy with her running off to New York.

"Gwen, how long does it take for us to catch a Weevil? Probably about half an hour, so we catch the Weevils and jump on the next plane to New York. They don't exactly have an alien team over there, I should know." Jack replied.

"Gwen, Jack's right, and the BAU only specialise in human murderers, rapists etc." Ianto pointed out.

Gwen gave him a very dirty look.

"We're going to New York?" Donna screamed, stopping typing and looking up from her computer screen.

"We'll have to see, Donna." Jack said gently, not wanting to get Donna's hopes up too earlier.

"Oh, okay." replied a disappointed Donna.

"Come on then boys and girls. Let's go catch us some Weevils." said Jack cheerfully.

"Jack, I thought Weevils lived mostly in the sewers. There's a high number out in the city." Gwen pointed out.

"I don't know why loads of the Weevils are coming out into the city but we're going to have to find out."

"Right, into the SUV you lot. Ianto, got the spray?" Jack ordered.

"Plenty for everyone."

"Ianto Jones, what would we do without you?"

Jack smiled and allowing Ianto to enter the lift first.