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Golden Kitsune




The board room was silent as they watched the video of the young energetic blond. The girl's azure eyes sparked with happiness as she danced and sang; bright blond hair swished from side to side. Tanned skin stretched over a toned belly with a black tattoo in the shape of swirl with designs circling around it.

She wore a burnt orange crop top with black lace over it; her black tutu skirt hung low on her hips. Well shaped and toned legs were encased in vertically stripped thigh high socks and petite feet danced around in high heeled ankle boots. The blonde's unique look was completed by three symmetrical back "whiskers" on both her cheeks. They added a vulpine flare that only added to her image as a mischief maker.

"Naru Kitsune seems the perfect candidate."

Sasuke Uchiha had to agree with his brother as he watched the glowing girl on screen. Perfect seemed to be the only way to describe her.


Naru stared at herself in the mirror with a small frown. Golden blond hair that had grown past her hips in silky uneven strands. It looked like someone had hacked at her hair with scissors and somehow produced a very attractive style that screamed "wild". She calmly brushed her hair with one hand and moved her choppy bangs from in front of her eyes.

Gazing at himself in the mirror in wonder Naruto wondered how this had all happened. How had his life changed so quickly and so drastically? Not too long ago he had been living his life as a normal teenage boy, who had unfortunately lost a bet and as punishment had to cross dress as a girl and sing on a street corner. Luckily (or maybe it was unluckily) his talent had been recognized by his future manager Jiraiya. Who had seen and heard him/her and been transfixed and had declared Naruto a sensation. His new manager had certainly been shocked to learn about the blonde's true sex but, had accepted it in stride, since Naruto was just that good. This was how all this madness had started.

Jiraiya thought Naruto would be more popular as a girl; unfortunately the blond had to agree with the older man in despair. He was 5'4, lightly toned and slender with extremely feminine and delicate features. Large cat shaped blue eyes surrounded by thick golden lashes gave him an innocently naive gaze, plump pink lips that were constantly being worked into a pout and perfectly shaped and arched golden eyebrows only added to his already overly feminine looks. Naruto sometimes wondered if God had chosen to give him a very deceiving image so he could learn patience and forgiveness when he had been mistaken for a girl quite often.

Two years later at the very emotionally tender age of 18, the blond singer had yet to grow and his voice had yet to mature so he always sounded like a slightly husky girl. On the bright side Jiraiya often said this worked with his image as a foxy, bombshell, who could seduce the any man with a saucy wink.

Getting up to put on a navy blue pleated miniskirt and white lace, layered crop top. Naruto slipped on his white thigh-high socks and blue kitten heels. Attaching a blue ribbon around his neck completed the professional but, cute look he was searching for. Watching in satisfaction as his reflection twist and turn prettily in the mirror. In that moment, Naru came alive again and Naruto gave up his position with relief. Naru was a pretty girl with a saddening flat chest. There were lines that Naruto hadn't been willing to cross and wearing fake boobs was one of those lines, while crossing dressing was still within respectful limits. Skipping into the room Naru smiled brightly at her manager and "nanny", "Hey I'm ready to go, Pervy-sage." Grunting the old man lumbered off of the couch, "Don't call me that brat." Jiraiya growled this with no real heat. The manager was a very tall man that absolutely towered Naru. His long white hair was in a ponytail that swung behind him like a tail as he walked towards the condo door.

They got in the back of their car and Jiraiya told the driver where they were heading before settling back in his seat to give Naruto a harsh stare. "Kid you have got to be good during this meeting. If we land this contract we'll be 15 million yen richer."

Naru nodded solemnly but, couldn't quite keep the grin off his face. Sharingan Company wanted Naru to represent their new woman's clothing line. This meant free clothing and the blond was ecstatic. One thing the blonde hated was spending ridiculous amounts of money on pieces of clothing. It was truly awe inspiring how one shirt could end up costing 20,000 yen. But, that was nothing compared to the price of the heels she loved to buy. The blue-eyed girl shuddered as she remembered the last credit card bill she had received; though, Naru always paid these bills on time so she was never in debt.

The young star was drawn from her despairing thoughts as the car stopped and the door was opened for them. Naru exited the car as elegantly as she could in a miniskirt and waited for the old man to get out. While waiting she studied the Sharingan Company building in wonder and awe. It was a tall, elegant structure seeming made completely covered in black that reflected the city around it. The building was imposing and a sliver of nervousness slipped down Naru's spine as she followed Jiraiya. She wondered what the owners of the building were like, surely they would be as imposing and awe inspiring as the building they ran. The blue-eyed girl blinked as she felt the Pervy Sage smack the back of her head lightly. "Pay attention Naru! Once we enter that room please stay focused."

Pouting, Naru turned to look at the door that led to a conference room. Jiriaya opened the door with a wide smile. "Hello young Uchihas and Kakashi-san!" The blonde followed timidly after her manager as the three men in the room nodded but, otherwise didn't acknowledge the older man's presence. With a forced smile Jiraiya gestured to the men in the room. "This is Itachi Uchiha," a man with pale skin, black hair in an elegant ponytail, and burgundy eyes smiled slightly in greeting.

"Sasuke Uchiha." Onyx eyes studied Naru critically but, otherwise his expression stayed blank. The brothers were similar in looks except that Sasuke's hair framed his face and stuck up in the back. The singer blinked, both were incredibly handsome with chiseled feature and tall,lean builds. Even their tailored black suits couldn't hide the fact they were both muscular.

The world was so unfair. Why did they both simply ooze testosterone and authority while Naruto just looked like a girl.

"And this is Kakashi-san, the Uchiha's partner." Jiraiya finished with a smile as he sat down leaving Naru by the door. Smiling quickly at the strange but, handsome man with grey hair wearing a eye-patch, and mask; the young star bowed deeply to the imposing men in the room.

"I'm Naru, thank you for your consideration."

Smiling brightly Naru skipped to the table to sit next to her manager. Itachi smiled, "Well-Naru-chan we would like for you to represent our company's new female clothing line." Pushing forward a stack of papers towards then he continued, "Here is the contract we would like you to sign if you choose to accept our offer. It outlines your payment and percent of the profit you will receive for every purchase of the items you promote. In addition, it outlines the behaviour required of you if you are to represent our company."

Naru smiled, she enjoyed how direct they were. Most people would try to avoid focusing on the contract and rather spend a good check of their meeting convincing her that signing would be the greatest thing she would ever do for her career. "Of course but, there is one thing that Jiraiya and I would like to inform you of that might affect this offer. Thought to inform you we would need you to sign this disclosure that will carentee your discretion about what is discussed here won't be repeated outside of the office." Ignoring their startled looks, Naru turned to Jiraiya who sighed before pulling out the forms. The blonde girl never represented anyone without first telling them out her true gender. If her secret ever got out the company's image may suffer and she believed they deserved a chance to back out if they didn't want to take the risks. Naru had lost a few contracts because of her honesty but, at least with the disclosures there would be no leaks.

After everyone had signed the sheets her manager quickly gathered them up. Naruto paused before continuing; the same dread and regret washing over him. He truly hated how this lie affected everything in his life.

"I am a boy." Short and sweet is just how the blonde liked it.

Doubt was written across all of their faces; a spark of annoyance swept through the singer. Was it so hard to believe he was truly male? Standing up Naruto quickly whipped off his crop top to reveal his flat chest; reaching for her skirt zipper the blue-eyed boy stopped when he felt a hand on his arm stopping him. Looking up into Jiraiya's exhausted face, the blonde laughed. "I'm sorry but, it actually pisses me off when people don't believe I'm a boy." Pouting he sat done and picked up his top while looking at them with wide eyes, "I mean, why would I lie?"

As Naruto waited for an answer Jiraiya hit him on the back of the head. It would seem that he was angrier than the blond expected and his head was forced forward.

"Nobody wants to see your skinny chest! Put your top back on you stupid brat." His manager growled at him in frustration. The blond knew that he had wanted this contract to be handled more delicately to increase their chances of landing the contract even with his secret.

Naruto quickly forced tears into eyes and pouted pitifully as he turned to his manager with and injured expression. "Waah-but, you told me I was beautiful." Jiraiya glared at him and the blonde laughed while putting his top back on. Jumping up he bowed to the Sharingan Company presidents. "I really hope you will still consider me for the position." Naruto let a genuine smile spread across his face. Patting his manager's shoulder he smiled, "I'll be in the car, when you are finished we'll go out for dinner. My treat, of course."

The old man grumbled but, smiled, "Trying to bribe me now, eh?"

"Of course." Naruto cooed in response while giving him a quick hug. Bowing one last time to the Uchihas and Kakashi, the blonde turned and left the room.


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