"What was the matter with that video?" David Rossi asked Spencer Reid. "Everyone looked – well – as though they were reminded of something. Except for you, that is."

Reid swallowed. "Dave – let's have a drink once this case is over, alright?"

Rossi raised an eyebrow. So there was a story there. "Alright," he said amiably.

Two days after that conversation, Rossi approached Reid. "Do you have time for that drink, then?" he asked.

Reid looked resigned. "There's a place down the street," he offered.

Rossi nodded. "Let's go, then."

Rossi ordered a scotch and Reid ordered a coffee.

"So, what's up with the video?" Rossi asked after their drinks had been served.

Reid looked thoughtful for a moment. "Have you ever heard of the Hankel case? It was in Georgia, a few years ago. The last Superbowl before you joined the team, in fact. It started right after the party."

Rossi nodded. "I've heard of that one. An agent was kidnapped, I think? There are all sorts of rumors about that case."

Reid looked interested. "Like what?"

"An agent got kidnapped and played two or three rounds of Russian Roulette, and had his foot whipped, or something. Some say – oh. There was a recording of the whole thing found after the fact, I think." Rossi started to realize the point.

Reid snorted. "Load of crap, that. It was streamed live. I'm the only one who hasn't watched those recordings, although I do know what happened." Reid was swearing uncharacteristically.

"That explains something, at least," Rossi said. "So they were reminded of the agent being held at the mercy of an unsub?"

"No," Reid corrected softly. "The agent was also killed and given CPR. The unsub had DID – one of his personalities, Tobias, was scared by the personality of his father, I guess, but sympathized with the agent who was also a victim of the personality of his father, so he gave him CPR."

"What else happened?" Rossi was interested now.

"The agent was held for three days – so I guess you could say he was starved – and was whipped, beaten, forced to play four rounds of Russian Roulette, had to choose who was going to be killed, had to choose one of his team members to be killed, and was drugged by Tobias, because according to him, it helped. CPR and the whipping broke a few bones." Reid gave a strange sort of shrug. "Not everything was streamed, though. Meanwhile, the agent told the BAU where he was being held through some clues. He was digging his own grave and managed to trick the unsub into giving him access to his gun. The cavalry stormed in about ten seconds after he had shot the unsub."

Rossi blinked. "I need another drink," he said signaling for the bartender. "Sure you don't want a beer?"

Reid gave Rossi a withering look. "I told you the agent was drugged, didn't I? Rossi, I'm in NA." He threw a coin on the table.

With that, Reid left the bar.

Rossi sat still for about half a minute, until the bartender shook him out of his shock. "Two scotch, please," he ordered. He really needed a drink.

He'd really fucked up, hadn't he? Reid had practically spelled it out for him – Reid was the only one who hadn't been watching those recordings, Reid knew exactly what had happened – even what wasn't in the recordings. Reid had never said 'we' when talking about what the BAU did during that case, yet Rossi knew that Reid had been on the team by then. And Rossi had always treated Reid as a high school kid who hadn't gotten blood on his hands – not that of another, and certainly not his own.

Rossi picked up the coin Reid had thrown. It was a bronze three year coin from NA.

"Crap," he uttered.