The Chronicles of Angel Book 1

By Jen

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Summary- Into every generation a slayer is born: one girl in all the world, a chosen one. She alone will wield the strength and skill to fight the vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness; to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their number. She is the Slayer.

That use to be the motto but it's changed. A new slayer has been called but it's a boy that now fights. He now stands against the vampires and the demons with some help of some unlikely people. He is Angel.

Disclaimer: I own nothing of this. All the plots and characters belong to Joss Whedon. This is for entertainment purposes only.

Rated T.

You are my angel
Come from way above
To bring me love

Her eyes
She's on the dark side
Every man in sight

Love you, love you, love you ...

You are my angel
Come from way above

Love you, love you, love you ...

Chapter 1 Welcome to Hell

This was a dream, it was always a dream but everything was blurry, muddled and fragmented. There was a white-faced man laughing at him. He knew to be afraid of this person, thing whatever he was but. But he also knew that he needed to fight him but felt helpless against him. The pale white face man charged at him.

The alarm went off and the young sixteen-year-old boy woke up. The sun hadn't quite come up yet but it was time to wake up. Just then he heard his mom call to him just to be sure he was awake.

"Angel, are you awake?" His mom asked through the door.

"Yeah!" Angel called out and rolled over wishing he had at least five more minutes.

"Don't want to be late on your first day." His mother reminded him that he needed to go to school. Angel sighed looking up to the blank ceiling and then sat up. His room was full of boxes that have yet to be emptied. He knew his mom would do it for him and as nice as that was he had things that she shouldn't see and things that needed to be placed properly. Angel threw the covers off of him and sighed and got up and went to a box of unpacked clothes.

Downstairs his mother was preparing breakfast for the big day. She sighed looking around the big house, it was nothing like the apartment in Los Angeles. Everything was open and carefree. She hoped to start over and give her son the fresh start he needed. She loved him to death but he was a handful, always was from the moment he was born. He was her angel, she almost lost him when he was born but he lived. So instead of giving him the name Liam she had planned she named him Angel. His middle name was Liam instead. No matter how big and old he got he'll always be her little Angel.

Angel left his room and went to the bathroom to run some gel through his hair before going downstairs. He looked in the mirror hoping he looked ok for his first day. He was in jeans, a Rolling Stones t-shirt and a pair of Converse. He was your typical all American teenage boy. Angel headed downstairs and saw his mom and she went to hug him. Angel sat at the counter while his mom set a plate before him and he began to eat.

It was just him and his mom Joyce. His father wasn't a deadbeat dad but he wasn't all there. His dad would rather work than anything so it was always him and his mom. So when the divorce happened it didn't phase him too much. Joyce went to her purse and grabbed some money and handed it to him for lunch. Angel was hoping in the next few weeks to find a job here because he wanted a car. He had one and it was enough to get him from point A to point B but he needed a new one. If he asked his mom she would get him one but he wanted to earn it.

After breakfast Angel grabbed his backpack and was out as his mom followed him. He got into his 1986 Mustang and he loved the car but it needed to get retired her soon. His mom bent over looking into the window as Angel got in grabbing his sunglasses and put them on.

"Have great time," Joyce said to her son and he nodded not looking thrilled about it. Angel wasn't a people person. He would usually have a few very close friends and that was it. "I know you'll make friends right away." Joyce assured him as he turned his car on and the engine buzzed on. "Just think positive," Angel nodded and his mom smiled at her and she leaned in giving him a kiss on the cheek. Angel grabbed the gear stick and put it in reverse and was out. "Oh honey," Joyce called to him and he stopped and poked his head out the window. "Try not to get kicked out." Angel sighed and gave a thumbs up out his window and continued out of the driveway.

Angel was his way and he was a little nervous but he'll get through the day. As he drove a good song came on as he drove through the quiet streets of Sunnydale. 'There is just enough Christ in me to make me feel almost guilty. Is that why God made us bleed
to make us see we're Humans Being?'
He turned the song up as he drove in the sunny morning. 'You break this, I'll break all that. You break my balls with all your crap. Spread your disease like lemmings breeding. That's what makes us Humans Being.'

Angel pulled into the Sunnydale High School parking lot with his radio going as people looked at him. He had time before he had to see the principle so he waited for the song to be over and to gather himself 'Humans, humans being. We're just humans. (That's what makes us) Humans Being. (That's what makes us) we're just humans. (That's what makes us) Humans Being. (That's what makes us) we're just humans. (That's what makes us) Humans Being. (That's what makes us) Humans Being! We're just humans. (That's what makes us) humans being. (That's what makes us) Humans Being!'

The song ended and Angel took the keys out and grabbed his backpack and locked his car up and looked around. It was just like his old high school as he headed around to the doors. Just as he was walking a kid with headphones in on a skateboard was not paying attention to the stair rail in front of him and ran right into it. Angel just kept walking pretending he didn't see it.

While the boy was on the ground his friend came over and smiled at him as he grunted getting up. She held out her hand to help him up.

"Willow, the very person I wanted to see." The boy said to the small redhead as she smiled helping him up.

"Really Xander?" She asked as they walked together to the school.

"Yeah, it's the math," Xander started to explain and Willow nodded listening.

"Which part?" Willow asked.

"The math," Xander answered and Willow rolled her eyes. "Can you help me out tonight please?" He begged. "Please be my study buddy?"

"What's in it for me?" Willow asked making sure got something out of it other than just doing his homework.

"Shiny nickel," Xander offered and she laughed nodding.

"If you don't have Theories of Trig you should check it out." Willow explained as they got closer to the entrance of the school.

"Check it out?" Xander asked sounding confused and lost.

"You know Xander they have these secret places that hold infinite amounts of knowledge," Willow talked and Xander looked interested in this place. "It's called the library, check the book out." Xander scoffed as they walked into school. Then another one of their friends caught up to them.

"Hey, Jesse, what's up?" Xander asked as the two boys did a guy like hand shake.

"New kid in town," Jesse answered and Willow nodded remembering about a teacher explaining a new student was coming.

"Know anything about the new kid?" Xander asked Jesse as the three walked together and he shrugged. "You're useless."

Angel sat at the principle's desk waiting to get this over with. It was be nice, get his class schedule, parking decal, go to class then go home. Easy and simple as that and he hoped that this principle was one of those who meets you, says hi, now go type. But appeared not that way as he walked around his office with Angel's record in hand.

"Angel O'Brien," The principle said his name as Angel sat in his chair waiting. "Sophomore transferring from Hemery High School, Los Angeles," The principle sat down at his desk facing Angel. "Rather remarkable GPA I must say," Angel was smart, he didn't advertise it but he was pretty much a straight A student. "Interesting record," He then ripped the paper in front of Angel. That confused Angel a little as the principle smiled. "Welcome to Sunnydale Angel, a clean slate is what you get here. The past is past. We're not interested in what you did," The principle seemed ok. "Even if it says you," The principle put the two halves together and was a little shock at what he read.

"Mister Flutie," Angel began.

"All the students here call me Bob," The principle corrected Angel.

"Bob," Angel felt awkward saying it.

"But they don't." The principle added and Angel was a little confused for a moment but leaned forward to defend himself. He wasn't a bad person, not a troublemaker. In fact he stayed out of trouble and kept to himself most of his life.

"I know my transcripts are…a little different," Angel thought about how to say this as the principle taped Angel's records back up.

"We're not worried about being different. You think that is the word? Not dismal?" The principle asked and Angel shrugged leaning back in his chair.

"It wasn't that bad," Angel tried to play it off.

"You burned down the gym." The principle reminded Angel and he sighed nodding.

"Yeah, yeah I did," Angel wasn't going to lie about it. It was one heck of night from what he remembered. Lothos, a very powerful vampire attacked the school dance and Angel killed him and burned down the gym in the process. "But that gym was full of…asbestos," Angel had to be careful and caught himself from saying vampires. If he told anyone what really happened they would slap a straight jacket on him and put him the nuthouse.

"Angel, don't worry," The principle assured Angel as he put Angel's file away neatly. "Any other school might say watch your step, we'll be watching you. But not here. We want to service your needs and help us respect our needs. And if your needs and our needs don't mesh then well you know." The principle finished and Angel nodded.

Angel left the principle's office with his schedule in his hand. As he looked down to where his first class was and started walking someone bumped into him.

"Oh, sorry, sorry," The boy repeated looking at Angel and sort of backed off. Angel stood a little taller than the boy, was bigger too. Ever since Angel was called it was like he grew in size with muscle. But his age in number didn't quite match his age in size. He was sort of like a puppy with big paws that he hadn't grown into yet and was still a little awkward. Angel didn't say anything as he kept walking. "Ok, have a nice day." Xander whispered to himself.

Angel found his history class, his favorite subject. He had no idea why he liked history so much but he did. Maybe because nothing will change once a day goes by or a year or a hundred years. He liked to read about it and study it. He always found history a way of learning who you were and where you came from. If you want to know the future then you need to know the past.

Angel sat in the back corner already taking notes as the teacher spoke. He was a little loss without books but until he got his class schedule he didn't know what books to get. So he'll just have to catch up later. As he was taking notes he noticed a brunette was looking at him. She was cute that much was true. She looked nice, no heavy make up, clean. But that was the thing with girls they can look good but some when they open their mouths it didn't match. Some girls were just nice to look at but nothing more. The bell rang and class was over and Angel packed up. The girl smiled as he packed up and was going to introduce herself.

"Hi, I'm Cordelia," She introduced herself and Angel decided to be nice, maybe try and make a friend or two.

"Angel," He said as they got up from their desks and headed out. Angel needed to head to library for the books so he wasn't so lost.

"So you're from LA?" Cordelia asked as they walked together and Angel nodded. "I'd kill to live in LA, that close to that many shoes." And that last statement turned Angel off. She was going to be one of those girls that it was ok to look at but nothing more. He had to ditch her some how as they walked through the hallway. Cordelia liked him, he was cute and tall. "You'll be ok if you hang out with me and mine. You'll be accepted in no time." Angel was already having plans not to.

Cordelia was rambling on about something but it was going in one ear and out the other for Angel as they walked. But then they stopped in front of the water fountain as some one was drinking.

"Willow," Cordelia started and the redhead looked up and stood there. "Nice dress," Cordelia mocked the young redhead and Angel was not impressed if this was supposed to impress him. Cordelia was just one of those superficial people. "It's great that you found the softer side of Sears."

"Well, well my mom picked it out." Willow stuttered but she was turning red as Cordelia was making fun of her.

"No wonder you're such a guy magnet." Cordelia smiled as Angel stood there not knowing if he should defend Willow. Cordelia was a fake, superficial bully to Angel. Willow then just walked away as Cordelia scoffed. "You want to fit in here," Cordelia looked to Angel. "Know your losers. Once you spot them then you can avoid them." Angel nodded but wasn't going to take anything she said seriously and kept walking. He hoped she would not follow him but she did. "Hey, if you're not too busy with homework you should come to the Bronze tonight."

"The Bronze?" Angel asked and Cordelia nodded.

"Hottest club in town, actually the only club in town." Cordelia explained and Angel already in his mind said no. A club meant people and he wasn't a people person.

"Maybe," Angel answered and then saw that they were at the library.

"Then I'll see you later." Cordelia smiled and walked away and Angel rolled his eyes. Yeah today was going just fine…not. Angel walked into the empty library looking around. For a small school it had lots of books and he might end up taking refuge here. Angel looked around as he pulled out his schedule to get his books.

"Hello?" Angel asked looking around as he leaned against the counter top and then noticed the newspaper and saw a strange title 'Local Boy Still Missing'. Angel was about to read when he saw a shadow and looked up.

"Can I help you?" The man asked in a British accent all dressed up and in glasses.

"Uh yeah, uh I was looking for some books for class. I'm new." Angel explained and then the man studied him.

"Mister O'Brien?" The man asked and Angel nodded slowly.

"Yeah," Angel answered but it threw him off. He's new how did the librarian of all people know his name?

"I'm mister Giles, the librarian and I was told you were coming." Giles then started to look for something. Angel looked at his schedule so the man can get his schoolbooks for him.

"Ok, well here's," Angel was about to hand him his schedule but was cut off.

"I know what you're looking for," Giles grabbed a huge book and set it before Angel. The book said 'Vampyre.' Angel then looked up to the man and took a step back.

"That's not what I'm looking for." Angel sounded serious as he looked to Giles.

"Are you sure?" Giles asked but the look Angel gave him meant that was a stupid question to ask. Angel didn't say a word and just left leaving Giles standing there.

Lunchtime came around and Angel saw the redhead from earlier as she sat on a ledge getting her lunch out to eat. Angel made his way over to her mostly to tell her that he wasn't anything like Cordelia and to set the record straight. Willow then looked up as she saw Angel coming to her. Her heart started to race not out of fear but he was drop dead gorgeous and there was no way someone that good looking would want to talk to her. Unless her luck was turning around.

"Willow? Right?" Angel asked and she nodded as he stood before her. "I'm Angel," He introduced himself. "About this morning I just met Cordelia and no I don't want to be friends with her."

"It's ok," Willow said smiling but the moment was taken over.

"Hey, you guys busy?" Xander asked with Jesse following him.

"Nope," Willow answered and Angel wanted to walk away but he knew he needed to meet people. But this group he got the vibe that this was your geek crowd. Then Angel recognized Xander as the boy he bumped into earlier. "Angel this is Jesse and Xander."

"Ah now I can put a face to you." Xander commented meaning the run in this morning.

"Welcome to Sunnydale." Jesse jumped in and Angel decided to stay a little longer. So he sat down as everyone got comfortable.

"So what do you do for fun? What's your hopes and dreams, deep darkest fears?" Xander asked and Willow smiled rolling her eyes. "What brings you to this one Starbucks kind of town?" Angel shrugged he couldn't really tell them.

"Parent's divorced." Angel answered and for them that made sense. Just then Cordelia showed up and that was dampening Angel's day.

"Uh Angel," Cordelia looked around to the people he was with. "Anyways you won't be meeting the gym teacher, gym has been canceled due to the extreme dead guy in the locker." Angel's heart started to race after hearing that. The group talked amongst themselves but Angel needed answered and got up.

"Uh, I'll see you guys around." Angel left the group and headed back to the library. He opened the doors looking around for this Giles person. The place seemed empty but Angel knew well enough that people like Giles knew how to hide.

"Ok, you know what's going," Angel stated while standing in the library. And then Giles came out. The two stood in front of each other as Angel waited for a response.

"Yes I do." Giles answered.

"You're from the Watcher's Council aren't you." Angel stated not asked and Giles nodded. "I'm not doing this again. I did it once and my first Watcher was killed because of me. Not going to let anyone else die."

"Someone just did." Giles added and Angel sighed.

"Look Geeves," Angel started.

"Giles," The man corrected Angel.

"Whatever," Angel wasn't concerned. "I'm sixteen and just want to go about my life not killing vampires. Beside isn't a girl supposed to be doing this?" Angel asked.

"Usually yes but you're the first." Giles answered.

"And now the last," Which meant Angel was going to leave.

"You know why you're here right?" Giles chased after Angel.

"Because I am delinquent and burned down my old school's gym that's why." Angel answered sarcastically.

"You are the slayer." Giles stated and Angel turned around. "Into each generation a slayer is born," Angel rolled his eyes knowing the creepy poem. "One girl in all the world, a chosen one."

"One girl," Angel explained. "I'm a boy last I checked."

"You're the first boy and it means something," Giles began. "We don't know how or why but it means something. You've accepted it and have killed vampires already."

"Yeah," Angel didn't sound enthusiastic about it.

"What do you know about this town?" Giles asked as he went into his office and Angel threw up his hands with a sigh.

"It's really small." Angel stated being very dry and sarcastic. For Giles this was going to be a long process as a Watcher and slayer relationship.

"If you dig into the history of this place you'll find a stream of odd occurrences," Giles found a book and brought it over as Angel dragged his feet to the counter. "I believe this whole area is a center of mystic energy and things gravitate towards it that you wouldn't find anywhere else." Giles opened the book as Angel stood there.

"You mean vampires." Angel said and Giles shook his head no.

"I mean like zombies, werewolves," Giles corrected him but Angel didn't look amused by it.

"Look," Angel began. "I'm not doing this again ok. Find someone else." Angel started to walk away.

"There is no one else," Giles reminded Angel and Angel stopped in his tracks and turned to Giles. "You're it, only you have the strength to fight." Angel then turned away and left and Giles went after him. "Angel," He followed him around the corner. "Please listen," Angel stopped and looked to Giles. "Something will happen soon I've done the research and it's no coincidence that you're here." Angel didn't want to believe it but his gut was telling him something.

"Give me a night." Angel asked and Giles nodded and Angel left for class.

Night was here and Angel changed his Rolling Stones shirt to a nice black button up one. Why was he going to the Bronze? Mostly to walk the streets and scout and see what was here. Angel headed downstairs where his mom was.

"Have fun," Joyce said smiling watching him leave.

Angel could drive but he needed to walk and see what he felt around him and it didn't take long to get that feeling that someone was stalking him. He played it off and was going to lead whoever or whatever it was to an ally and confront them there. He found the perfect spot and jumped up grabbing a pole and lifted himself up so his feet were in the air. That was one thing he did like about being a slayer, he was incredibly strong. He waited and then found the person or thing. He waited for the person to pass and then he swung down and kicked them to the ground and landed gracefully on his feet.

"That was rude," A woman's voice said and Angel started to panic, did he just kick a girl? He walked over to her as she got up. She was this tiny little blonde as she dusted herself off. "I don't bite," She informed Angel as he stood there just a little tense.

"Why are you following me?" Angel asked her as she smiled a little. He wasn't going to lie she had a great smile.

"You're taller than I thought." The woman said in a bubbly voice as Angel stood there. "But they were right, you're kinda cute, broody but cute." Angel wasn't sure how react to that. He could tell she was a little older than him.

"What do you want?" Angel asked and she shrugged.

"Same thing you do." She answered and Angel nodded but looked confused. "Kill them all." Angel wasn't sure if he should trust and believe this person. "Welcome to Hell, you're standing on it's mouth and guess what it's about to open."

"And what happens when it does?" Angel asked and she got closer to him.

"Then we all die." She answered and then he felt something and looked down as she handed him a box. "Be ready, we'll need you." She added.

"Be ready for what?" Angel asked her as she backed away.

"The Harvest." She answered.

"Who are you?" Angel asked another question and she smiled still backing away.

"Let's just say I'm a friend." She answered but that wasn't enough for him.

"What if I don't want to a friend?" Angel asked which only made her smile grow.

"Didn't say I was yours." She added and she walked away. Angel couldn't help but stare at her butt as she disappeared into the night. Angel looked down at the box she gave him and opened it. Inside were a small golden cross and a medal and a note. He picked up the note to read it. 'Both are blessed like you, wear them for safety.' The medal was of the Arch Angel Michael and it was gold as well.

Angel made it to the Bronze thinking about the woman he met. Angel walked into the club and it was like any other club. He spotted Willow and headed to her and they started to talk for a bit. But as they talked Angel noticed something and thought to himself 'you've got to be kidding.' Angel excused himself and headed up into the rafters.

"Come here often?" Angel asked startling Giles for a second.

"Yes because I find this music fun." Giles was being sarcastic as the latest pop, techno and rap songs played. Angel didn't lie he wasn't into this kind of music he was into the classic rock such as your ACDC and Led Zeppelin. Angel looked down to the crowds of dancing people and wished he was a people person but he didn't connect with them. Was it because of the slayer in him? When he started his research on slayers they were often isolated no matter what. Did he isolate himself in order to protect them as natural thing? He has a Watcher now that could give him some answers. He did have one question and sounded like it needed to be addressed.

"So what do you know about The Harvest?" Angel asked as he sipped on his coke and Giles looked shocked.

"How do you know about The Harvest?" Giles asked and Angel looked confused.

"The girl I met in the ally you don't know her?" Angel asked and Giles was confused. "Short, small, blonde, blues eyes, kinda cute anyways she mentioned it. She said get ready for it and gave me these." Angel pulled the chain around his neck from under his clothes and showed Giles the cross and medal.

"The Arch Angel Michael, he's the protector of all." Giles explained and then fixed his glasses a little while Angel let the cross and medal fall and hang around him. Whoever this woman was that Angel met knew her medals. "The Harvest, anything else?"

"She said we were on the mouth of hell." Angel answered and Giles made a note to look all this up.

"I'm sorry for your first day here wasn't what you wanted." Giles sighed.

"I have no idea what I wanted." Angel added as he looked to the dancing people.

"Angel do you realize how important you are?" Giles asked leaning against the rail with Angel and the boy shrugged. "There has never been a male slayer ever. The Council is researching how this happened. No one in your blood line dating back three hundred years has had a slayer in their family." Angel looked to Giles.

"My last Watcher thought I might have been a twin and before any doctor could detect my sister and she died leaving the power to me." Angel explained and Giles nodded accepting that idea it could be it. But because Angel was born an only child they would never know.

"I see this as something very profound." Giles admitted. "This didn't happen on the wimp." Then Giles noticed Angel was staring at something. He quickly moved because Willow was in danger. He wasn't going to lose his first friend here to a vampire. Giles knew he sensed a vampire and didn't have to teach him that ability. Angel followed them and found some old wooden crates and broke a piece. Of course they were heading to the cemetery. Xander saw Angel heading out and he decided to follow knowing something was up.

As Angel neared the place in the graveyard he saw two more people, Jesse and a woman. He knew Jesse wasn't a vampire but the woman was he could sense it. Two friends were in trouble but someone was following him and he quickly turned around, grabbed the person by the throat, pinned them against the tree and lifted them up.

"Wow, you're strong." Xander commented and Angel dropped him. "Ow," Xander grunted as he fell to the floor. "What's going on?"

"Shut up," Angel silenced him and Xander got up as Angel turned around but Jesse and the woman were gone but he had an idea where they were going. Angel took off and Xander's eyes widen as Angel had lightening speed.

"He's a super hero." Xander commented and then Xander ran after him.

Willow screamed as the woman's face turned into a monster and she smiled.

"Hey," A voice said and the woman turned around seeing Angel. "Stop that," Angel demanded. Xander caught up huffing and puffing.

"Who the hell are you?" The woman asked and then Angel jumped into the air and landed in front of the man and staked him. The woman looked shocked as did Willow, Jesse and Xander. Xander ran to Willow and Jesse to get him out as the woman roared and charged at Angel and threw a punch but Angel blocked it. He wanted to kill the girl but he could sense more vampires that his friends were running into.

Angel ran out and saw his friends in the distance and vampires in front of them. Angel took off running to them knowing they won't last two seconds. Just as he ran something stopped him and he fell on his back and felt the air get kicked from him. He looked up seeing a huge vampire staring at him smiling. The vampire lunged at him ready to feed.

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