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Summary - What if the Fiore was a part of Elemental Nations? What if the Fiore was the home of Mages, and was the strongest country in Elemental Nations?

Naruto's Magic – Sky God Slayer Magic and Archive magic. Erza might be able to learn re-equip because of the special nature of her charka. She isn't condemned to live a miserable life so she won't have the same personality as the Erza we know, not that she will be completely OOC, just slightly out of character.

A/N: First of all, no, Erza (Naruto's sister) isn't Jinchuuriki of Kyuubi no Kitsuna. I am adding more mages in my world, Yatta! Yes, Gildarts, Ur, Makarov, Natsu, Grey, Acnologia, anyone you just name it!

Secondly, this is the first fic I have ever written so be careful before you read as some of the stuff is pretty old, but I think I have improved a lot, so don't concern yourself too much.

Third, I don't like to rely on the Shadow clone jutsu too much.

Read these explanations and Prologue at the end or just skip to Prologue if you are too impatient.

Four Jutsu in my Alternate Universe

1. Body Flicker Technique - There will be many types of Body Flicker in this pic, Its limit is that it can't be used for combat as it leaves the user dizzy.

2. Impure world Resurrection Technique - This Jutsu is simply too godly for my taste, so in my Fic, if one can disintegrate the entire body of the dead puppet than Jutsu will be canceled. There will be special requirements to do this certain technique and the souls of the dead person can't be called again at least for another 2 years. The living dead bodies can only maintain their form for 1 or 2 days.

3. Replacement Jutsu - Ninja can only replace their selves only with Logs and Rocks, but of decent size. Smaller the object greater the amount of chakra being consumed and it also requires greater focus on the object, person wants to replace with, so in high level combat it is rarely used.

4. Eight Inner Gates - Only Ninja with smaller and low chakra reserve can use it safely after the heavy training. For those who have a high level of chakra reserves this technique is dangerous as the flow of their chakra after opening the gates will increase so much that it can tear them apart. So, people with medium and high reserves can only open 1 or 2 gates at most without risking their lives

Ranking according To My Fic, but Explained in terms of Manga

Low to High D - this is the lowest level of strength for a ninja; standardize the rank of an academy student and a low level Genin. Low D is the strength that canon Naruto starts off with until he learns tree walking and raise his level low Genin, people who are also at this level are Ino and Sakura before they get trained by Tsunade.

Low C - this is the rank of a standard level genin to a higher level genin. At the start of the anime until the wave arc, this is the level Sasuke Uchiha was at. People who are also on this level were Choji, Shikamaru, Shino, Hinata and Kiba. Neji was the only Genin who is at a high Genin level as Lee was wearing his weights.

Mid C - This is the level of a low Chunin.

High C -This is the level for mid Chunin it is also the level of Rock Lee without his weights and level of Neji after learning Rotation and 128 palm technique.

Low B - This level is for a high Chunin level Nin. This is the level at which Naruto was after the 2 years.

Mid to High B - This rank is for ELITE CHUNIN.

Low to High A -This rank is for special Jonin, standard Jonin and Elite Jonin respectively (but there are higher level for elite Jonin, it is the lowest level for an elite Jonin).

Low S - This rank is the level of an Anbu. Any low S rank Shinobi is capable of taking on two or more A ranked ninja and defeating them with minimal injury.

Mid Level S Rank or S Rank - This rank is for a captain of an Anbu squad. (Itachi was at Low S rank when he was 13.)

High S Rank or S Rank - This is the level of a Low Kage level Shinobi. Shinobi with the same rank can be stronger than each other accordingly.

Low Level SS – This level is for Mid Kage level Shinobi. Kakashi will be at this level in my story, but not because of his battle strength, but because of shrewdness, knowledge of techniques and Sharingan eye. So, a stronger ninja of same level can beat him.

Mid SS or SS Rank - This level is for High Kage level Shinobi. Note; Orochimaru is High Kage level, but still weaker in comparison to Sarutobi (minus the impure world resurrection jutsu)

Higher SS (SS) - This Level is for the Shinboi of the highest caliber. SS Rank means that a Shinobi has surpassed the power of a High Kage level Shinobi. Kushina, Jiraiya, Minato, Hashirama, Tobirama, 3rd Raikage, Kinkaku, Ginkaku and Madara Uchiha were at this level.

Note; Hashirama and Madara were 3 or 4 times stronger than Tobirama. And Tobirama and Minato are stronger than any other SS Rank Shinobi except the very pinnacle of power, Madara and Hashirama.

X Rank - Sage of the Six Paths. Madara will be also at this level after he fully revives with both of his Rinnegan eyes. Yes, when Madara fully resurrects, he will be as powerful as Sage of the Six Paths.

I will also post an Mage ranking chart in my future chapters


This is it, huh?, thought the blonde young man as he saw the pretty redheaded girl advancing towards him at amazing speeds, her whole body glowing with lustrous silver colored charka, providing her an earthly glow along with extraordinary abilities.

This young man was about 12 or 13 years old, too young to be in such dire situation, but instead of fear there was only the determination in his blazing azure eyes as he regarded the gorgeous redheaded girl advancing towards him at alarming speeds.

Even though his life was in major peril, his expression remained unfazed, blank, defying any sings of any weakness. There was no trace of anxiousness, fear or even mild concern. His face was stoic, devoid of any emotion and completely hollow, just like a perfect Shinobi.

He knew he wasn't in the best of the shape to dodge such fast close range attack. He was panting pretty heavily. His body was covered in numerous bruises and the veil covering his face was tattered, barely hiding his face and some blonde locks were sticking out from here and there.

She seems pissed, he thought offhandedly as he saw her thrusting the gigantic orb of swirling silver mass charka on a collision course with his chest.

This charka is stronger than normal charka, Youth mused as he sensed that the sliver charka was indeed much more potent than anything he ever faced, even the almighty Raikage didn't have a chakra this potent.

I will kill him! I will kill him! I WILL KILL HIM!, was the only thought running through the head of the enraged red headed girl. She wanted nothing more than to see this monster dead. He took away her most important person and now he was threatening the life of her comrades.

He will pay for it. He will pay for his every crime, she thought menacingly. She was close, so very close to the sweet satisfaction known as revenge as she saw the seemingly invincible rogue nin bowing his head in submission as if he was accepting his approaching doom.

So, what you say? Like the changes I made? Mages are strong, but not invisible, any strong Shinobi can obliterate a weak image. Saint Wizards are on the same level of a Kage. Fiore is the strongest country only because it has more area compare to other countries and because they provide magic Lacrima to whole Elemental Nations.

Fiore has a population of 100 million people, which is equivalent to the rest of the population of whole Elemental Nations and 1 million out of 100 million are Mages.

Fiore doesn't meddle with Shinobi business unless they were directly involved, and all Shinobi Nations fear them, even the great 5 powers.

Written by: NarutoTheTrueLegend